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Constitution of the United States of America

The Picture of Souls Burning In Hell!
Not for the self-righteous or squeamish!
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19 March 2017STOP the Convention of States DISASTER!  The Deliberate DESTRUCTION of the United States!
02 November 2015War of Restoration full text!  What won't work What to do How to do it!
15,000+ Blocked & Edited emails published.
31 May 2015CERN Impending GLOBAL Disaster Without Accountability!
04 May 2015HYPOCRITE Pamela Geller Exposed!
12 February 2015Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Members Names, Places, Phone Numbers!
19 February 2015MASSIVE RIGHT TO PEACEFULLY ASSEMBLE VIOLATED! National Liberty Alliance
21 January 2015Court Criminals Charged! National Liberty Alliance
11 December 2014The Guardian joins Disqus-Google - BLOCKING Aku Press, LLC.!
17 October 2014War of Restoration - Sovereign Restorers!
10 October 2014Last Warning to an Idiotic World! - BEWARE!
05 October 2014A Second Spirit Body of Your Own! - Details!
30 September 2014The Lies and The Liars! - Recognize them all!
17 September 2014Source of the Stalking-Murder Epidemic? - Irrefutable!
15 September 2014TRUTH! Nothing Else Works! - Never did, never will!
01 September 2014Clear and Present Danger! - Here and Now!
30 August 2014These People are Dangerous! - And need to be!
15 August 2014Credibility! - Is There Such a Thing?
05 August 2014A Mighty Prince Has Fallen In Israel! - Peter K. Shams-Avari, 01 AUG 14
29 July 2014The Most High Summons His War Commanders - Harrowing.
25 July 2014Ancient Secrets Are There Any? - The TRUTH!
14 July 2014Why Can't Christianity Deliver Promised Miracles? - The Answer!
02 July 2014Instant Clairvoyance! - How to do it!
27 June 2014Experiencing Your Own Spirit Body! - Exact Instructions!
11 June 2014Some Underground Bases by State! - Guess WHO?
10 June 2014Destruction of King Coal, Other Natural Energy Sources! - The Solution!
07 June 2014Death and Immediately After! - In Memory of Wally Dow!
20 May 2014How to STOP Voter Fraud! - The ONE and ONLY Solution!
14 May 2014Susan Riedel (R-NM)! - Questions she dare NOT answer!
11 May 2014How to Discern! - Spiritual Power for Everyone!
30 April 2014Righteous Decree Before The Great Veil! - 2014
24 April 2014Take Our Country Back! - Two who WILL, FOUR who won't!
12 April 2014Bundy Ranch, Nevada! - Stand Your Ground WORKS! temporarily
12 April 2014217 US House Reps who Voted To Keep NSA Spying On YOU! - THROW THE BASTARDS OUT!
31 March 2014Malaysian Flight 370! - Wholesale MURDER cover-up!
24 March 2014Calling Up Spirits! - Good ones Bad ones!
03 March 20142014 Republican State Party Convention! - Allen Weh won the game!
22 February 2014Climate Change! - HAARP, ChemTrails!
17 February 2014In Defense of Ted Nugent! - Presented before The Most High!
15 February 2014Disqus-Google+ BLOCK! - They can't stand TRUTH either!
01 February 2014Citizen Restorers! - The United States Last Hope!
11 January 2014Project Blue Beam! - Exposed!
23 December 2013Follow-Up on Complaint That Is Still Being Ignored! - Orly Taitz, Esquire calls 'court' into account!
23 December 2013Request For Information Under Freedom of Information Act! - Orly Taitz, Esquire about Obama's illegalities!
13 December 2013SNOWSTORM - Jerusalem to Cairo! - God-Players-On-Government-Payroll at HAARP!
01 December 2013TRAIN WRECKS - A Clear and Present Pattern: - Critical railway infrastructure being destroyed by deliberate design!
03 November 2013Audience of the New Moon - Required presence before The Most High!
25 October 2013Independent American Party Special Convention! - Alliance of Independent American Parties
25 October 2013TRUTH Behind Obamacare Computer Bomb! - 2,500 pages now over 20,000 and growing!
15 October 2013STOP TRASHING OBAMA! - 36 'accomplishments' still in effect!
24 September 2013Ultimate Height Of Infinite Stupidity - Rahm's 'gun-free' Chicago requires ARMED National Guard!
26 August 2013FALSE FLAG! - Syrian Chemical Weapons Use by Assad - Have aged into worthless!!
10 July 2013GENERAL BOBBY FARRELL on NEWS STALKER Radio! - The HELL-RAISER on an open microphone!
16 April 2013IRS ABUSE Decades of it! - Nothing done then, nothing done now!
12 April 2013MENTAL HEALTH GUN-GRAB! - And you don't have to be 'mentally disturbed'!
17 March 2013Conservative Political Action Conference = POPPYCOCK! - As phony as it gets!
15 March 2013NEW FALSE FLAG TO PREVENT! - None are actually WORTH saving!
14 March 201346 Senators who voted your Rights to the UN! - THROW ALL THE BASTARDS OUT!
26 February 2013OWG Bastards Have a LOT of Evil Plans! - All Include You!
25 February 2013PREVENTING A FALSE FLAG! - OWG extermination of Obama & Kommrades preempted!
10 February 2013TRAYVON MARTIN The Truth MSM Deliberately Lied About! - Photo: The PUNK killed in self-defense!
03 February 2013PAST LIFE RECALL! - How to do it! Works for everybody who isn't jackass!
30 January 2013THE CLINTONS! - SCUM of the Earth!
23 January 2013Fall of the United States! - Part, the Seventh, cont'd: One and Only Escape - Epilog The Anointed and The Akurians
16 January 2013Fall of the United States! - Part, the Seventh: One and Only Escape
14 January 2013Exchange with a Communist 'reporter'! - Response of TRUTH to an article!
09 January 2013Fall of the United States! - Part, the Sixth: Irrevocable Evidences
02 January 2013Fall of the United States! - Part, the Fifth: Remedies Despised
19 December 2012Fall of the United States! - Part, the Fourth: The Abominations
13 December 2012Fall of the United States! - Part, the Third: Warnings Ignored
08 December 2012Fall of the United States! - Part, the First: Initial Clarification!- Part, the Second: Beginning of the Prophecy
29 November 201212/21/12  END OF THE WORLD? - Not even close!
27 November 2012County Seeks Input On Strategic Con-Job! - Bernalillo County, New Mexico
07 November 2012Republican Loss, Temporary Communist Gain - Marxist Jackassing has its price!
30 October 2012HOW TO STOP VOTER FRAUD! - Before it stops you!
29 September 2012United Nations to 'observe' US ELECTIONS? - Are we now a 3rd World 'democracy'?
07 September 2012INFINITELY ACCURATE INFORMATION - Only a fool would ignore!
15 August 2012Open Letter To The Secessionists - At least to those who can read!
15 July 2011Audience of the Full Moon! - Rare, Harrowing Documentation!
20 June 2012Hold All Elected And Appointed Officials Personally Liable - While you can!
25 April 2012Open Letter To All Religions - DELIVER or admit your Demonisms!
28 March 2012AKURIANS RELEASE SEVEN FILMS - Harrowing and Documented!
01 February 2012War of Restoration - Sovereigns restoring Constitutional Law!
15July 2011Audience of the Full Moon! - The Anointed before The Most High!
03 May 2011Audience of the New Moon! - The Anointed before The Most High!
30 January 2011Spiritual Binding and Loosening! - The EXACT Invocation!
04 January 2011Audience of the New Moon! - The Anointed before The Most High!
2014Site being updated following government hack!
05 November 2010Inconvenient Political Reality! - TRUTH! It's only a matter of time!
27 June 2010More Than ONE Anointed (Messiah)! - TRUTH! In Spite of all Lies!
13 June 2010The First Great Element! - Creation's Room to Exist!
07 June 2010Off the Grid News! - Australia's Crash into Socialism - more!
26 April 2010Criminal Conspiracy by US Government Contirmed! -
05 March 2010Invitation to the Most Powerful Invocations ever Spoken! - MORE!
12 February 2010Removal of Demonic Spirits from Washington, D.C.! - Exact Invocation!
07 February 2010D.C. Court Demands Obama explain Eligibility! - One More Socialist Run-A-Round!
03 February 2010We, The People: - Here and Now Demand of our Government!
21 January 2010Directive to all Akurians and interested Citizens!
07 January 2010Citizen's Demand of all Elected Officials! - WE'RE NOT ASKING!
03 January 2010Open Letter to all Political Parties! - PAY ATTENTION, OR ELSE!
01 January 2010150+ Questions answered! - The TRUTH, warts and all!
17 December 2009Audience of the New Moon! - US House, US Senate Cursed!
11 November 2009SIGNS OF THE TIMES! - That cannnot be ignored!
12 November 2009OVERTHROW THE SOCIALISTS! - Updated Warning from July 4th, 2007!
08 November 2009PROPHECY FULFILLED! - Exactly as Originally Given!
04 November 2009Of Death, The Judgments, Heaven and Hell! - The TRUTH!
03 November 2009Edgar J. Steele's Expose' - Global Flu Pandemic Conspiracy! - A MUST READ!
29 October 2009ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT - Remove Barack Hussein Obama from Office!
21 October 2009INVOCATIONS OF POWER! - A First-Hand HOW TO DO IT!
19 October 2009Invocation of the AIR! - On Direct Orders of The Most High!
18 October 2009Audience of the New Moon - 18 October 2009/1 Cheshvan 5770!
15 October 2009Invocation of the MOON! - Verbatim Transcript! - Harrowing!
10 October 2009SLAVERY AND RACISM! - THE TRUTH! - The TRUE story from Day One!
03 October 2009The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 - Courtesy, Citizens for Legitimate Government!
24 September 2009Invocation of the SUN! - On Direct Orders of The Most High!
24 September 2009RACISM! - The TRUTH for a Change!
18 September 2009Audience of the New Moon - 18 September 2009/29 Elul 5769!
15 September 2009HELL'S LEGION! - All 1,800 Either in Hell or Headed There!
15 September 2009THIRD BATCH of 600 - Either in Hell or Headed There!
04 September 2009FULL TRANSCRIPT! - Council of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse!
30 August 2009OF DEATH, - The Judgments, Heaven And Hell!
20 August 2009Audience of the New Moon - 20 August 2009/1 Elul 5769!
20 August 2009SPIRITS - and How To Discern Them!
19 August 2009SECOND BATCH of 600 - either in Hell or Headed There!
02 August 2009THE GRAND HAMMER! - Invocations of Testimony against the socialists!
22 July 2009FIRST BATCH of 600 - either in Hell or Headed There!
15 July 2009Audience before The Most High at the Full Moon!
14 July 2009SOCIALISM! - The TRUTH!
08 June 2009SCRIPT OF CLARIFICATION! - Word of The Anointed of This Generation of Fire!
01 June 2009HOLY SEAL OF GOD vs "MARK OF THE BEAST" - The Choice is Yours!
21 May 2009Another SOCIALIST Gun Control Act - Toward TOTAL Enslavement!
29 April 2009PANDEMIC! - To enact Martial Law!
11 April 2009Desecration of El Aku's Blessings - condemned!
20 January 2009CONFIRMED! - Curse Of Canaan Upon United States!
16 January 2009The Order and Orders of angels! - Who they are, What they do.
28 December 2008NORTH AMERICAN UNION - (NAU) - Another Socialist Disaster!
24 December 2008WANT A TRUE SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE? - Try The Most High, Himself!
07 December 2008BAILOUT! - Economic Espionage - WHO is actually responsible!
26 November 2008McCain-Obama: The Bailout, The Truth! - AGAIN!
07 November 2008The Republican Party Shambles! - WHO DID IT!
04 November 2008OBAMA Election! - Clear and Present DISASTER!
24 October 2008Canaanite Curse Upon The United States! - Part 1
24 October 2008Canaanite Curse Upon The United States! - Part 2
24 October 2008Canaanite Curse Upon The United States! - Part 3
24 October 2008Canaanite Curse Upon The United States! - Part 4
19 October 2008Canada's KAK JEW Marxists! - Indian Treaties Violated!
09 October 2008No Marxist In The White House! - Warning to a STUPID Nation.
03 October 2008H R 1424 - The Curse Upon The Traitors! - How to do it!
The same file in Word.doc format!
21 September 2008U.S. Government Bailout of Kak Jews by Kak Jews! - The Truth!
13 September 2008Thus Saith The Most High: - True Knowledge of Power.
08 September 2008Thus Saith The Most High: - McCain/Palin & Obama/Biden.
03 September 2008Thus Saith The Most High: - KNOWLEDGE vs 'belief'.
01 September 2008To All Proven Knowers: - What Would I Have Of You?
22 August 2008El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH - Supreme Judge Of Supreme Judges.
22 August 2008Temple Of The Sages - DESTROYED!
21 August 2008Messiah? Believe Them Not!
13 August 2008Stop the Phony Assassination Attempts! - Election Trick!
11 August 2008Prophecy! - Fact or Fiction? Hosea & Amos.
09 August 2008Prophecy! - Fact or Fiction? Ezekiel.
06 August 2008Does God Exist? - The Absolute Proof!
29 July 2008TRUTH! - Why ""KAK JEWS" Can't Stand It.
20 July 2008The National And Global Situation. - Nowhere to run!
17 July 2008The Great Curse Of Noah Upon Canaan! - Black Races Condemned!
17 July 2008The Great Curse Of The Most High Upon Cush (Kush)! - Second Layer of Hell!
17 July 2008Mercy For All Mixed Race People. - What and How to do it!
09 July 2008Secret Mysteries - of the Akurians!
08 July 2008AKURIANS! - Who Are The Akurians?
07 July 2008Yahoo Guilty - Of Religious Discrimination.
18 June 2008The Anointeds/Messiahs - Who/What Are They?
13 May 2008Is God Watching This U.S. Election?
12 May 2008Can You Spell ">W-H-I-C-H M-A-R-X-I-S-T?
09 May 2008 National Security Presidential Directives - NSPDS.
07 May 2008World's Greatest Book Of Answers - Free Online.
05 January 2008DAMNED WELL SAID! - The Famed "I DON'T CARE!" Letter.
12 December 2007Clay Douglas - The Free American.
28 November 2007Senate Bill S.1959 - THOUGHT POLICE!
18 November 2007Washington D.C. Gun Control - Another Socialist Failure.
17 November 2007The latest railroading - of O.J. Simpson.
06 November 2007Media Liars, Political Traitors - = Socialist Disaster.
22 October 2007The Internet "SPAM SCAM" - Who And Why.
13 October 2007GREAT CURSES, - By Whom, Upon Whom.
04 October 2007Comrade Senior Senator Peter V. Domenici - to Retire?
30 September 2007National Rifle Association - Bogus Gun Lobby.
29 September 2007Governor Bill Richardson (D) New Mexico.
29 September 2007Student Loans - vs Socialist Racism!
23 September 2007When Is It Going To Stop? - NEVER!
15 September 2007Who Has Murdered The Most People? - SURPRISE!
12 September 2007Finally, The Truth About Bobby Farrell!
01 September 2007US Election - Global Political Disaster
24 August 2007Truth So Pure - The Most High, Himself, Testifies To It!
14 July 2007Open Letter - To The Attorney General Of New Hampshire.
11 July 2007WARNING! - Set Up For Martial Law!
08 July 2007You Want My Vote? - Then read this!
04 July 2007WARNING! - It's Time To Overthrow The Socialists!
27 June 2007Israelite Tribes Of Levi And Judah Cursed!
22 May 2007Can You Spell ">M-A-R-X-I-S-T?
12 May 2007Major Media Religion Kick
10 May 2007United States' Real Iraqi Question.
24 April 2007Indiana Prison Riot.
13 April 2007Media Liars and Hypocrites!

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