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26 August 2013
Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
Post Office Box 3456
Albuquerque  NM  87190
505 796 4651

Saddam Hussein's 'weapons of mass destruction' have aged into worthless!

Albuquerque, NM - The current hype and knowing outright lies by Obama and his Administration, including former-hero-and-now-TRAITOR Senator John McCain and fellow Kommrades with respect to Syrian chemical weapons use and the deaths of hundreds, including noncombatant men, women and children is another gold-plated FALSE FLAG PHONY!

Reporting a death toll between 500 and 1,300 men women and innocent children, Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad who is also the Regional Secretary of the Syrian-led branch of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, has been patsied by the Bankster-Controlled United Nations, using the United States (and 'selected' allies) as the front-line warriors to 'intervene' in another Middle East war. Neither the al-Assad government nor the Syrian Civil War rebels had anything to do with the chemical detonations! Yes, there was a previous reported chemical attack: http://www.itv.com/news/2013-08-05/syrian-rebels-claim-assad-regime-using-chemical-weapons/ - 05 August 2013.

REPEAT: SYRIAN CHEMICAL WEAPONS USE BY ASSAD IS A OWG-MANUFACTURED FALSE FLAG! The Akurians called this kind of atrocity, then to be perpetrated on U.S. soil, to the attention of the Akurians: 07:17 PM 4/27/2013 Saturday = 27 APRIL 2013; Documentation:

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To: The Akurians
From: El Aku
Subject: CALL TO DUTY!
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[Excerpt from CALL TO DUTY - http://www.theakurians.com/CALLTODUTY-27APR2013.pdf - duly illegally monitored by illegal agencies in/of the United States Government that TEMPORARILY pre-empted a U.S.A. strike by the OWG!]


" Current discernment energies reveal that in 153 Major U.S. Cities there are 'suitcase' nuclear devices, and an additional 96 Cities - for a total of 249 - with plague, epidemic disease and/or chemical bombs, put there by operatives of and by the U.S. Government, to be detonated or released at any opportune moment the Bastards That Be determine. How many cities will be razed and over what time frame is an ever-changing scenario and will be adapted at the latest possible moment by said Bastards That Be.

"Present discernment energies reveal, all 153 nuclear units and are mobile, via government transportation, to prevent their discovery as would be probable were they stationary. All are tracked as common sense would require; although some actual carriers may not be aware of the nature of their cargo. Most carriers are just ordinary working citizens going about their respective labors under the monitored control of programmed psychopath handlers.

"The 249 Cities with pre-planned plague, epidemic disease and/or chemical bombs can be targeted just like West, Texas without needing a specific shipping container. Blowing up a fertilizer plant doesn't raise much suspicion; but blowing up a facility that doesn't exist with some sort of volatility endangerment is another situation. Thus the plague, epidemic disease or chemical truck or train-car haulers. In short, thanks to the Bastards That Be on government payroll and their manipulators, virtually any - or every - Major Market in the nation can, and will, be devastated.

"Think. Let's look at the Nuclear option. How many citizens do you know that carry their own handy-dandy incoming missile detector - the "A" model of which also reveals the launch location (who did it!) - in time to take shelter in the ever-present Nuclear Attack Survival Chambers brought to you by the Bastards That Be on government payroll?

"Name a city that's outlived its SOCIALIST usefulness as a properly programmed ghetto, war zone, dope area or 'ethnic' neighborhood; detonate a nuke therein; claim attack by FILL_IN_THE_BLANK: and you have all the great and truthful news 'coverage' banging every drum to 'retaliate while we still can' .. The airwaves will be flooded with photos of the horrors and, of course, all the previously manufactured 'truth' news releases that can be spewed within the time frame." [End of Excerpt.]

Quoting DON HANK:

"Obama is now weighing military options against Syria. McCain is his lapdog in this endeavor. He may send cruise missiles. (Will the cruise missiles ONLY kill Assad forces?)

"There is now a team of UN weapons inspectors in Syria. According to this article, the weapons inspectors were to find out whether gas was used, not who used them.
Now who would have a motive to use chemical weapons while the inspectors were present?

"Not Assad, because he doesn't need Western intervention at a time like this.

"Further, Assad has never been caught using chemical weapons.

"The US-backed terrorists have been caught with them, by the Turks http://rt.com/news/sarin-gas-turkey-al-nusra-021/.

"Looks like the West wants to launch an attack before people have a chance to think about this.

"Earlier, when Assad suspected the rebels of using chemical weapons, he asked the UN team to investigate. They did not.

"Now that HE is being accused, they have gone to Damascus to investigate.

"One sided, wouldn't you say? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f72BwoQmzxA"
[End of quote.]


Each and every U.S. Citizen must contact their respective U.S. House Representative and both U.S. Senators and DEMAND an end to these globalist insanities under pain of recall and electoral removal.

Do NOT waste any time, effort, energy or monetary resources with local political party organizations as THEY are the entities who instigated and permitted these HIGH TREASONS at the outset. All TEA Party organizations and candidates have proven to be equally as worthless evidenced by their abject failure to vet the last election for voter fraud.

Then put some teeth into it. Flood all local media, broadcast or print, with your concerns. Expect to be talked-down to as that is the norm by all Socialist Editors and Talk Masters for all non-socialists who dare call communists by their correct title. Should that happen, contact ALL that Publication's and Talk Master's advertisers and lodge a complaint. The best way to exterminate anti-capitalists is to DEPRIVE them of money!

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