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Proven Knower
Only The Akurians have The Testimony of The Most High!
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       Every wannabe metaphysician, novice psychic and newcomer spiritual searcher has heard of the famed ancient Temple of The Sages, where vast amounts of esoteric knowledge is supposed to be available - once you can get to the place.  Long the main source of reputed 'secret' information 'reserved for only the deserving few' and other such nonsense, the place supposedly maintained such data from before history and outsourced to earth lessons, how tos, and the required trappings to all the 'mystery schools' of the ancients from Mesopotamia to Egypt to India and Tibet.

       Whatever its history, real or imagined, the place is no more.  Hasn't been anything but a vast field of broken and burned rubble since June 27th, 1962, when it was brought down to its proper level of hell by then Prince El Aku; the same day The Most High, Himself, Named His Own Name, "ALIHA ASUR HIGH" upon him, elevating him to the Highest Holy Office, Ordination and Commission ever accorded a human being.  "He That Is Called By The Name Of God."

       The current 'temple' is nothing more than a Luciferian light-image (not an Etheric image) illusion concoction that really doesn't exist when nobody is trying the place.  And, that same light-image is almost instantly available to anybody who wants to fool themselves into thinking they've achieved access to all of creation's most ancient and vital secrets.  Lucifer and his minions are very good at what they do - mainly deception - and the 'new' temple is a masterpiece, appearing to each individual as they suppose such a place would look:  like a church, funeral parlor, carved cave, take your choice.  As for the 'lessons' and 'teachings' found there, they're nothing more than vague generalizations, great sounding with important high-brow words, and without a grain of firepower or spiritual substance.  In short, a grand nothing taught in a nowhere.

       The account of the destruction of the ancient Temple of The Sages is given in Chapter Two, beginning in Paragraph 0337 of "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" (AED) along with some history readers will find of great interest.  A few of the more honored guests were Karl Marx, Nicolai Lenin, Joseph Vissarionovich Djugasvili (Joseph Stalin), Adolf Hitler, Alexi Rykov, Benito Mussolini, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Hideki Tojo and Thomas Jefferson, there for the sin of having children by his slave mistresses, Sally Hemming.  Politicians, bureaucrats, corrupters, manipulators, police officers, court judges, supremacists, socialists, communists, fascists, marxists, liberals, false prophets, phony psychics, preachers and other liars were rampant.  Even Abraham (Avraham Avinu) was here for a season because of Hagar and Ishmael!  Ishmael, beloved of The Most High, should have been born of Sarah (Sarai), and because he was not, Abraham had to bear the punishment for his lack of trust!  He never made the mistake of mistrust again.

       The truth of the matter is, that 'temple' was only a front for Lucifer's scam 'spiritual guidance' teachings.  The entire hierarchy of the Egyptian and Babylonian Priesthoods from Ptah (Enki) through Marduk were taught here.  Akhenaton refused to obey the damnations coming out of that temple, and attempted to rid mankind of a pantheon of 'gods' - mostly Nefilim - and the satanic doctrines they lived and ruled by.  Stripping any 'church' or 'religion' of its control over their ignorant masses is cause for those so deprived of their wealth and influence to commit the most ignominious crimes they can create 'in the name of god' as a lesson to all others.  It was at this temple, before its destruction at the hands of El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH, the plans, schemes, intrigues and murders of the Anointeds in their generations were conspired and ultimately accomplished, including the Crucifixion of Immanuel (whom the pagans call "Jesus").  It was from this Den of Damnations that Ish (Adam) was targeted that mankind might be totally exterminated.  Yes, its age goes back farther than that; in fact it was planned and constructed in the 180th Creation, long before our Galaxy even existed.  Constantly added to, over the ages it became an educational facility of great recognition throughout Creation even though its output was only evil.

       Its iniquity came full just before El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH was Anointed as Holy Witness of This Generation of Fire.  In less than two hours earth time, it was a pile of burning rubble, worthy only of its fall.  There was no counting of the slain nor numbering of those moved from the site to places in hell itself.  That not one priest or teacher nor any of their assistants survived is a matter of record even though their dead were not counted either.

       Good riddance.  The day of its destruction marked the Day of Deliverance and the First Day of the Days of Redemption and Freedom for those who will rid themselves of programmed evil.  Its smoldering trash being prima facie evidence of the beginning Days of Holocaust and Years of Tribulation brought upon the whole world by KAK JEWS enforcing their One World Socialist Government - with THEM in total control.

       That there are still many who can, and are, being deceived by Lucifer's light-image of the temple does not change either the facts nor the eventual horrors upon the landscape.  That there are still many fools who dare not question the high-and-mighty entities, socialists, marxists, communists, fascists, politicians, legislators, elected officials, bureaucrats, traitors; conspirators, manipulators, war mongerers, profiteers, corrupters, accountants; railroaders, judges, prosecutors, attorneys, police officers; child abusers, child molesters, child rapists; journalists, physicians, pharmacists; entertainers, smugglers, drug addicts, manufacturers, dealers, financiers, importers, exporters, money launderers; thieves, murderers, adulterers, racial supremacists, bullies, street punks, pimps, harlots, racemixers, homosexual perpetrators; hallelujah halfwits, Christians, Muslims, Canaanites, Cushites, Levites, Jews, Gentiles, Infidels, Heathen, Pagans, blasphemers, false prophets, deceivers, braying spiritualists, sorcerers, witches, satanists, the evil, the vile, the wicked, the corrupt, the vain, the fellow fools, the ignorant, the stupid, the demonic deluded, the demon possessed, demon worshipers along side 'holier than thou' sidewalk-arm-grabbers, members of false churches, storefront religions, programmed idiots, crackpot healers, phony psychics, teachers, instructors, theologians, rabbis, imams, clerics, ministers, priests, preachers and other liars of all manner of calling; will not excuse, prevent, nor even delay the hell this world and mankind so richly deserve.

       Good riddance to them too.

       Are you among that deservedly damned congregation?  If so, this post is a warning to you and the likes of you.  If not, then you can resort to KNOWLEDGE instead of 'belief' in your religious endeavors - and learn more Truth and True Spirit in one reading than a lifetime of 'practice' of fake rituals that never-did-work.  The ancient Temple of the Sages no longer exists to spread it viles and Doctrines of Death.  The man who destroyed it is still alive (August, 2008) and is the only human being of whom The Most High, Himself will Testify:  of The Most High's Anointing upon him, also known as The Great Testimony; and that each and every word, statement and claim in the AED is absolute, irrevocable, consistently verifiable TRUTH!  Even in its best days the Temple of the Sages didn't have anything close to that!  And neither did anybody or anything else with the possible exception of the Ark of the Testimony/Covenant (which ever you prefer).

       Want to be a PROVEN KNOWER rather than a 'believing' fool?  Everything required is free-to-read online at - http://www.theakurians.com - just follow the links.

Proven Knower

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