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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

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       True and Righteous Akurians are a people of tremendous power and equal wrath.  We are slow to anger against the ignorant and will not tolerate anything against Holy Law; and we answer to no other.  True and Righteous Akurians are required by The Most High, Himself, to be a testimony of their respective generations and to proclaim all the deeds of those generations to all the Heavens, all the Earths, all the Depths beneath all the Earths and all the inhabitants of Creation, both the good and the evil.  We have been given the Divine Knowledge of Righteous Power and Holy Authority to present Invocations of Testimony of binding and loosening as we deem necessary, and to Bless and to Curse accordingly.  We are required to call all the world's Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Priests, Financiers, Manipulators and even the low and destitute into full account.  Not even the greatest of Demons nor any of their servants and minions can deny or ignore the Judgment of the Akurians, nor can any escape the Invocations of Testimony by the Akurians against them.

       Holding the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States as Holy Documents requires us to act without exception against any and all forms of socialism and any and all socialists, regardless of how minor the instance.

       Do not neglect even the slightest detail of these scripts lest the unbound demons catch you unaware and use your own life forces to create all manner of harm against you.  The knowledge of surrounding life cannot be a pick and choose buffet for True and Righteous Akurians.  That which is hidden today becomes known when its effects or end results manifest; and those involved are instantly uncovered, their deeds being revealed along with their true honor, trustworthiness, righteousness or their lies, treason, desecration and evil as the case may be.  A knowing lie carried by all the media, blessed and expounded by all the high and the mighty is still a knowing lie; and the world is filled with them by deliberate design.  True and Righteous Akurians cannot be so deceived and dare not risk a lie upon their souls before The Most High.

       The entire United States Government Administration, Cabinet, House, Senate and Supreme Court are all demon-possessed of their own choosing.  Their constant clandestine abominations of rape, murder, incest, adultery, homosexuality, child sacrifice, thievery, treason, conspiracy, collusion and wholesale demon worship are all of their own free will as recorded in the Akashic Records (of every state Capital, 2nd, 3rd and 4th largest cities and exclusive resort orgies, Bohemian Grove, et cetera).  Individual State and Territorial Governments are little, if any, improvement and must suffer the same penalties in Judgment.  Do not let anybody's pretense deceive you; they know what they do and they do it with all deliberate intent and expediency.

       Therefore, it is incumbent upon all True and Righteous Akurians, and especially those of The Great Testimony, to speak to every ear that will hear and not be discouraged at the deaf fools and knowing socialists of whatsoever stripe and calling.  Do not concern yourself for those who will not abandon the path of their own destruction.  Marxists, Communists, Fascists, Socialists, Catholics, Protestant Christians, Moslems, Judaists, Baha'ists, Rastafarists, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jainists, Taoists, Shinto, Ahl-e Haqq, Yazidist and all other such faiths are more doomed than most atheists due to their disobedience to Holy Law.  It is also incumbent upon all True and Righteous Akurians, and especially those of The Great Testimony, to be a testimony against all the above, bringing down Hell and all its Furies upon them as a Testimony against them in the Sight of The Most High.

       Socialists and socialism are ravenous cancers, never ceasing to increase their infestation and infection until the death and destruction of the very host that accords them life.  Such is one of their many terminal stupidities.  The current and all other forms of the reputed "Health Care Reform" bills are knowing, damned lies by all parties of the Administration, House of Representatives, Senate, State Governors and Legislatures.  No exceptions.  All are hell bent on "passing" something; none are even honest enough to attempt abolishment of the whole abomination.  To the True and Righteous Akurians, and all intelligent people, that none dare stand to throw the entire proposal of communist-run health care and medical industry control into the Pits of Hell where it originated, is purely and undeniably deliberate economic espionage against the Constitution and the United States by all parties involved.

       To the True and Righteous Akurians being Proven Knowers of The Great Testimony, that undeniably deliberate economic espionage is pure and simple High Treason against the Constitution and the United States and will be testified to as such in the Judgments.  And nobody escapes either the Judgments or the Testimonies of the Akurians.

       Akurians, do not fear that you will harm any innocent, for The Most High will protect the Righteous.

       Begin with those in the various levels of United States Government, Federal, State and Local elected, appointed and cronied and include all religious 'leaders' and their congregations, the Levites, Judaists, Catholics, Protestant Christians and Moslems.  Include all lesser religions without exception as your Invocations of Testimony continue.  Once you've covered those elements you deem the highest priority, spare not those others in and out of government who manipulate legislation, media, economy, commerce, health care, education and the general infrastructure of the nation.  Do not forget to include the vote frauders and all those who prevent a paper trail of cast ballots; gun controllers; price fixers; corrupt courts, law enforcement agencies and personnel and all their ilk.

       Now, hear me very carefully.  There are many Planes and many places; many suns and burning spheres; many sewers and many pools; water has an eternally changeable memory; smoke is no less an essence than its source; justified anger is a stronger force than the most desired love; unjustified anger is a self-destructive; emotionalism is not love, and jealousy is an absolute that only the True Righteous can abide; discretion is for the fearless; your creations are as viable as the most ancient creations, knowing what is involved is the only requirement; justice bought in the streets is criminality worse than the offense; truth and darkness have a like attribute, the vile and evil fear them both; all powers have limitations, the application of power does not; True Spirit is devoid of all violation of Holy Law, Holy Law is the only path to True Spirit.  Within these few words are all that is necessary for the acquisition of Righteous Power and Holy Authority and all the necessary resources and wisdom to apply them properly.

       Do not use your own strengths and energies except for you and yours.  Use the offenders' strengths and energies to accomplish their destruction.  They are vile and evil and thus they are replete with vile and evil strengths and energies most of which they are totally ignorant about, especially with respect to use, except physical violence.  Then always enforce your Invocations of Testimony as you deem necessary from all the other Heavenly, Earthly and Infernal sources.  Remember, you as a True and Righteous Akurian have the Holy Seal of The Most High, Himself, in your forehead; and regardless of the bluff and bluster, even the Main Gates of Hell tremble on their hinges at your very existence.  And so do the wise and prudent at your presence.

       That all should know the nature of the Last Days:

       There will be a duly legislated or murdered into reality One World Socialist Government.  Whether in our generation or a generation of fools to come is beside the point.  We can prevent it in our generation by applying Holy Law.  Future generations may not be so intelligent, just like past generations haven't.  But that does not excuse any Akurian (or citizen, for that matter) from taking responsibility to resist and derail as much socialism and as many socialists as we encounter.  Any True and Righteous Akurian can raise the hackles of any individual (preferably a Kak Jew), a group (two or more) or an entire Nation.  It is our Righteous Duty to raise all the hackles against Marxism, Communism, Fascism, Socialism, hallelujah halfwit 'religions' and Demonic Damnations of every intended victim.  Whether the intended victims will stand up and be counted is upon their own heads to freedom or enslavement of themselves and their generations after them.

       There is no "set" date for the end of mankind, the world we live in nor the planet we live on.  The Most High has not made that determination, and therefore all 'predictions' and 'suppositions' about it are as bogus as the 'name' of "Jesus."  That does not infer the world is dripping with honey and headed for a bright and peaceful future where everybody can achieve their life's goals.  Far from it.  There are dangers in the world and to the planet itself that cannot be ignored, and the longer they persist, the greater the danger becomes and the more certain the implementation of those dangers.  That The Most High has given the Akurians sure and certain knowledge and long-predicted signs and wonders was not and is not intended to entice self-inflicted fools, 'gee-sus' praisers, perpetual welfarers and socialists to stampede into the nearest building with an emblem of death on it, whining worthless promises and bellowing hymns, thinking they might escape the Wrath and Destructions they have brought down on their own heads.  They were and still are intended to inform the True and Righteous of the present and impending state of the destructive forces of man's own making by his continuing disobedience to Holy Law.

       Presently, 2009 (GCAD) 5769 Hebrew the world is in a near state of Total Global Socialism via legislation where possible, and governmental violence where necessary.  The collapse of the United States (Ephraim) will trigger the collapse of all free world nations virtually overnight.  THAT and THAT alone is the agenda of the current Barack Hussein Obama and Democrat Party controlled Congress.  There are none in any political party daring to stand and resist, or to even inform their constituents of this knowing and obvious treason.  However, such an abominable situation does not guarantee total success for the socialists, nor the idiot 'christians' who will not stand with any but Lucifer and his minions.

       The Akurians are here!  In accordance with the Great Promise of The Most High, we are empowered to not only call the socialist and demonic-deluded bastards into full account, we are empowered to stick socialism back in their asses and all their generations after them hallelujah halfwits included until Shiloh!  And THAT means the One World Socialist Government is doomed of itself to its own extinction.  The first good news is that all those hallelujah halfwit 'churches' and 'religions' are equally as doomed; destined to be abandoned by all when Hell boils over the entire landscape the 'rapture' doesn't happen and 'praying' doesn't work.  The second good news is that all Levi and all Judah will have BOTH stuck in their asses, along with all the penalties for their own failure to preempt these damnations as they were instructed to do ages ago.

       Due to the Invocations of Testimony by True and Righteous Akurians against the damnables, there will be consistent removals and replacements of intended personnel.  Add the dead to the burn list and note the name and position of replacements.  Begin Invocations of Testimony against them at the earliest moment being on a long or short list, selected for the position or direct appointment.  This shall be the Way of the Wrath through all the generations until Shiloh.  Should repentance happen and the repenters or their replacements attempt to undo all the evils they have done, abide them not beyond their first endeavor.  True and Righteous Akurians must set an absolute standard of zero tolerance for all those who claim to repent and do not, and the first failure of all such is as deliberate as all their past abominations.  Do not be deceived.  You will know them by their actions as you do a tree by its fruit.  And when you see nothing of substance:  know they are deliberate liars, and spare them not.

       Our Righteous Powers are magnified each time we apply them, and our Holy Authority is infinite for howsoever long we maintain ourselves in Holy Law.  Nobody else AS IN NOBODY ELSE has either!  Therefore, if we fail in our Blessings, Curses, Protections, Damnations, et cetera, the fault is upon our own heads to the same degree that the atrocities are upon the Marxists, Communists, Fascists, Socialists and hallelujah halfwits of all manner and stripe.

       There is a great, long and effective shopping list of dose-of-their-own-medicine 'cures' and infinite power to deliver all of them.  I suggest all Akurians start applying both immediately.  Then advise us of the handprints as they happen.  Log the WHEN of your Invocations of Testimony, making sure to establish the time and date, and once it's manifest, we will publish it as widely as possible.


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