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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

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        That I would not have you ignorant concerning Marxism, Communism, Fascism and all other versions of Socialism, the following information is critical to all who wish to escape and otherwise avoid the deliberate destructions of socialism regardless of its presentation or appearance.  The whole world has seen for generations the damnations, atrocities, injustices, knowing damned lies and totally unavoidable failures of socialism, and yet the Kak Jews, perpetual welfarers, god-players-on-government-payroll and their morally bereft ilk never cease to hammer one socialist program after another toward the Grand Plan of Total Global Enslavement; presenting them as all-curing panaceas against which it is unlawful to even speak.
        Be that as it is, I dare to speak.  I dare to speak loudly and in testimony against all the bastards who advocate, protect and defend any and all socialists and all their equally damnable socialist presentations.  And thus I require of all True and Righteous Akurians until Shiloh.

        There are only two kinds of socialists.  One takes another's property and substance by force.  The other takes another's property by deceit and subterfuge.  Neither are moral in any degree, neither are honest in any degree.  Both are advocates of absolute power and control over everything and everyone.  That absolute power and control being vested only in themselves and elevating themselves above all law, including their own as they deem convenient.
        The socialist who takes by force is the common brute.  The common brute should immediately encounter a brutal end.  There is no other cure.  Brutality must be met with superior brutality, letting the violence beget violence - turned upon the brute - and thus the extermination of the brute is an enacting of justice without further contamination.
        Contamination of truth is the supreme tool of the deceiver.  Any part of a lie or any other deception instantly changes what was the truth into a lie.  There are no exceptions to that fact.  Regardless of which or how many politicians, bureaucrats, priests, preachers and other liars claim, or enforce by law to the contrary, a damned lie is a damned lie, and a contaminated truth is a damned lie.
        The deceiving socialist always proclaims the 'great good' that will come of their endeavors.  There is no such thing as even any good in socialism, because there is never an end to the 'additional needs' required to reputedly 'perfect' the 'great good' of the endeavor.  The knowing lie is, there is no real intent of good, great or otherwise, there is only the intent of expanding socialism until there is nothing anywhere but socialism with the instigating socialist having absolute power.
        Once in power, all socialists set all standards for their own benefit, empowering themselves to silence, incarcerate and murder any and as many - with or without cause - and especially those who are even suspected or accused of 'impropriety' against the 'people' cum 'government'.  And in the name of the 'people,' individuals are not considered as people, when and if considered at all.
        Once infested, there is no difference between the brute socialist and the deception socialist.  Either will not only stoop to anything, they will both stoop to everything to advance their enslavement over all others and their substance.  Thus is the necessity to remove them, to remove them immediately, and to remove them permanently.  To permit them any continuance whatsoever is to guarantee your own destruction by them.  There are no exceptions to that fact either.
        Prevention is the same as the cure:  sure and certain instant extermination.  The extent of contamination will be instantly revealed upon the extermination of any socialist.  Note the whiners, the bawlers, the 'outraged' flag wavers and perpetual glorification of the exterminated.  Note them well, for all who do such are collaborators with the socialists and knowing parties to the socialist damnations.  Note too all those who show terror and hold their peace, for they may have understood the message, but watch them well, for socialists continue their damnations through retaliation and violence.


        Should there be any doubts whatsoever, look carefully at the current set of COMMUNIST proposals:  the bailouts, the stimulus packages, the governmental takeovers, the LACK of investigations into the CREATORS and PERPETRATORS of the financial 'failures' of the U.S. Economy, and all those reputed 'anti-terrorist' laws, statutes and 'departments' of government.  NONE are in the public's or the world's best interests, and ALL are Marxist, Communist or Fascist socialist; whichever suits the situation at the time.
        One of the biggest lies to know and understand is, "Republican core values" as touted by the same lousy bastards who conspired, colluded, instigated and enacted the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, Senate Bill 1959 (Thought Police) and Senate Bill 2099, hard on the heels of decades of COMMUNIST intrusions into every facet of private life and untold layers of gun controls.
        The only cure for these treasonous bastards if ZERO TOLERANCE!  If any elected or appointed official has voted for even ONE socialist proposal, including those of taxes, perpetual welfare and economy, VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!  Start letting them know your displeasure immediately, a simple postcard will do, and YES, YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN!  Just be sure to get the required measurements from the Post Office and apply the correct postage.
        Since True and Righteous Akurians do not have to resort to any kind of direct violence, I should not need to caution against such threats.  Telling a lousy bastard you are working, supporting and voting against them - and WHY - is not against the law, and it serves a damned good warning.  Make sure they know the only way you will reconsider is IF they make sincere and honest proposals and have them presented ON THE HOUSE AND SENATE FLOOR - immediately - while still in office.  Those bills and proposals MUST  include the elimination of some socialist portion and the abolishment of any and all enforcement of the removed damnation forever.
        These things are simple and to the point.  Make it your way of life to understand them, do them, apply them, promote them, teach them and enforce them until Shiloh.


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