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05 November 2010
Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
Aku Press, LLC.
The Akurians,


ALBUQUERQUE, NM, 05 November 2010 – We can't THROW ALL THE BASTARDS OUT in one election – but we can damned sure start the process and guarantee the outcome.

Our mutual objective is to RESTORE the Constitution and all its Rights, Privileges and Blessings.  RESTORING the Constitution alone –by making government at all levels OBEY it to the letter – will very quickly change our status in the world and return us to the Global Power of Freedom and Liberty we were BEFORE the institution and toleration of soSCAMt (socialists by their true colors) brought us down to this current morally-bereft sewer.

SoSCAMts have spared nothing:  lies, bribery, thievery, blackmail, conspiracy, intimidation, evidence manufacturing, information suppression, illegal railroading of innocents, treason, wholesale murder, ad infinitum, to infest and infect every facet of our Culture and Nation.  NOTHING of their destroy-America agenda is by accident or happenstance; all of it was – and still is – by deliberate design.  And where do we find the greatest power base of infestation and support for all these damnations?  Politically, in the Democratic Party, but that does NOT excuse the Republicans who have contributed more than their share; nor any of the other leftist-come-soSCAMt-come-communist organizations, ACORN being a prime example.

The Main Stream Media, news, entertainment networks and cable services, are by and large openly COMMUNIST despite their claims of 'fairness,' and lack of religious and political bias.  It isn't hidden, it's in plain sight 24/7/365, their misinformation propaganda being prima facie testimony against them.  US Educational Systems have degenerated to incapable, drug-infested war zones or nests of Marxist vermin, with very few exceptions.  High Finance Institutions, Disease Control and Food and Drug agencies and their governmental 'oversight' agencies are corrupt thieves and conspirators at best.  Illegal Immigration is NOT a right, although the current administration is attempting to make it so, on the backs of United States taxpayers to financially support and uphold the failed MARXIST ECONOMY OF MEXICO in open and blatant Acts of Economic Espionage.  This list of deviations and the deviates who man and support them is all-but endless.


We, the People, WHILE WE STILL CAN, have the final word and the ultimate power to not only UNDO all these soSCAMt damnations, but to hold those responsible into full account.  NO!  We cannot trust 'the government' to do it; government IS the problem and can NEVER be the solution, until We, the People are again the government, armed, dedicated and dangerous to a Citizen.

Our first consideration for anyone seeking National elective office in 2010 is:  "Where is the Birth Certificate?"  They waffle on that, VOTE AGAINST THEM and make damned sure they KNOW you're going to do it!  It's a Constitutional matter showing clearly where they stand on the Constitution.  To impeach Obastard, will take months and even if successful will leave everything he's done intact.  The proper Criminal Charges of this magnitude takes hours and puts his every decision OFF THE BOOKS including his Supreme Court nominees!  At the same time we need to indict ALL his accessories to and after the fact, Pelosi, Reid, Hell-ary and Bill Clinton, the Emmanuels, the Cabinet, the Czars, who ALL had to know.  Failing that, and the pusswillies are going to cause that failure.

It's an UP-HILL fight all the way due to abject STUPIDITY of and by the Voting Electorate.  Thousands turned out to cheer Hell-ary Clinton in front of hundreds of CLOSED factories and businesses in the Akron/Canton area, Ohio.  ALL OF THEM TOO STUPID TO COMPREHEND IT WAS THE CLINTON NAFTA LEGISLATION THAT CLOSED ALL THOSE FACTORIES AND BUSINESSES!  Such blatant stupidity cannot be called 'ignorance' even in polite company, but it does define a vital part of the nature of our endeavor to RESTORE the Constitution and the Nation.

We need to REPEAL virtually everything this COMMUNIST-CONTROLLED Congress has enacted into law:  Health Care Reform, IRS-FED-FBI-CIA expansions, all bailouts and stimulus packages, Homeland Security in its entirety, warrantless intrusions, searches and confiscations, any and all new agencies regardless of under-what authority they were created or are supposed to be administered; and that list is extensive.

We need to AUDIT each and every government Department and Agency.  Research, Police, Law Enforcement, Clandestine and Covert – including Congress.

We need to ABOLISH each and every stranglehold government Department and Agency.  That list is too long to print here.

We need to ENACT Term Limits on ALL Judgeships and REPEAL the must-be-a-lawyer requirement.  That would return ONE THIRD of our government – the Judicial Branch – to some degree of Citizen control, rather than being under the thumb of one 'educated' class!  We're building more prisons than schools keeping that GRAFT MACHINE in operation.

We must put a STOP to any and all FOREIGN AID, especially to our enemies.  The current WikiLEAKS exposure clearly documents thousands of "whys" this must be a First Congressional Term project.

We must BRING ALL OUR MILITARY HOME, the sole exceptions being Embassy and Consulate Military Staff.  At best, we need only Garrison Operations staff at airfields, sea ports and intercept communications centers.  The REST should be home – and stationed along our open borders!

We must START rebuilding our own infrastructure, roads, railroads, water/sewage treatment and waste disposal plants, bridges, airports, sea ports, and communications.  Were we to refurbish our now-abandoned airfields and military posts into COMMERCIAL facilities, our economy would again go through the roof.  First, in the jobs of doing the refurbishing; and second, in the investments and jobs provided by that commerce.  Hard on the heels of this undertaking we MUST have all our 'trade' and 'tirade' treaties RE-NEGOTIATED to a level playing field or RESCIND them completely.  DAMN the world's 'opinions' about us looking out for ourselves to our own best interests; the rest of the world doesn't give a damn what WE think – unless they're after our money!

We must RETURN the United States to a HEAVY INDUSTRIAL Nation rather than an information-handling economy.  Example:  During WWII, we built FOUR Bismark-class Battleships:  the Iowa, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Missouri.  When the Iowa's Number Two gun turret exploded, all the cover-up and infighting as to the cause had NOTHING to do with the actual explosion, but to distract the public from the FACT the United States NO LONGER POSSESSED THE INDUSTRIAL CAPABILITY NECESSARY TO REPAIR THE DAMAGE!  Between her date of commission, 22 February 1943, and the date of her disaster 19 April 1989 – 46 years, including War time - the United States had exported our HEAVY INDUSTRIAL capabilities to the point we not only could not, and cannot, duplicate the USS Iowa, we can't even repair her!  The fact such Battleships are obsolete is beside the point:  HEAVY INDUSTRY IS NOT OBSOLETE!

We need to ESTABLISH geo and thermo energy production – we have the technology, and every step of it loaded to the eyebrows with BLOCKING SOSCAMTS!  There is no such thing as "clean coal" or "clean oil" – but the GRAFTERS are spoiling the land/seascape, cutting off entire mountain tops in Appalachia as 'overburden' to strip mine, and permitting FOREIGN companies to drill for oil off our coasts, when we can't!  If utilized:  Solar, Wind, Geo, Thermo and Hydro electrical production is more than sufficient for all stationary usages, homes, factories, businesses, et cetera, and come with their own detriments; but combined they will REDUCE the need for fossil fuels EXCEPT for MOBILE energy requirements.  And THAT we can handle.

As for all the TAX THIS-TAX-THAT nonsense, our officials can start with the ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-PLUS TAXES in a loaf of bread!

This is the SHORT list, and it's an absolute ZERO tolerance factor!  No exceptions, no excuses and no compromises!  NONE!  Get it done, get it ALL done, or get prepared to be THROWN OUT with the rest of the Bastards.


1. --- The first time ANY candidate, incumbent or otherwise, cuts you off short, talks down their nose, or FAILS to answer the question ASKED – VOTE AGAINST THE BASTARD!  Elected Officials WORK FOR US and the sooner we show ALL of them WHO is really the boss, their attitude and competence at getting OUR demands met will change and improve accordingly.

2. --- At the ballot box.  Sounds simple, actually it's anything but!  As far as the electorate goes, we MUST convince them to VOTE THE ISSUES rather than any party or can't-possibly-win candidate regardless of how much we prefer them.  This is NOT an election to "send a message" unless you're hell-bent on electing/re-electing the very Bastards who created this current National/Global mess!  Splitting the vote is a sure and certain DISASTER that will only elect/re-elect the very COMMUNISTS who created the current and untenable situation.  Permit that to happen and you might very well NEVER get to vote again!  We came close to a no-future-election situation during the Rockefeller-Puppet James Earl Carter Reign; we dare not let that happen in 2010 or forever.

3. --- It isn't as simple as just voting.  IT'S WHO COUNTS THE VOTES THAT MATTERS MOST!  And the only way to protect against wholesale voter fraud like 2008 is to become an Election Official for the day.  Contact the County/Parish/Borough Clerk, Bureau of Elections, and VOLUNTEER to work the polls.  Several laws kick in, an equal number of PARTY Registered Voters as Officials in each precinct, et cetera.  It's usually a PAID (minimum wage) position for a very-long day, and most districts provide FREE training.  Not only can you be a Poll Worker (Clerk, Judge, Presiding Judge) there are also positions with the Election Staff and CANVASSING Boards.  In any of these positions YOU are in-place to raise hell at any impropriety whatsoever!  Should there not be any openings with the Election Board (investigate that) then contact your Party Headquarters and volunteer to be a Poll Watcher or Challenger.  There's training and some are paid positions pending sufficient funds.  Don't bust your guts to elect a worthy candidate and then GIVE the election away behind closed doors – be there and raise all the hell necessary – as there are some severe penalties for voting improprieties.

4. --- Be prepared to handle any intimidation efforts that law enforcement can't or won't handle for you.  The Black Panther episode and the WHITEwash it got in the 'judicial' system could, and should, have ended in a hospital or morgue as necessary.  YES!  I'M ADVOCATING THREAT OF VIOLENCE AGAINST THREAT OF VIOLENCE!  This series of remaining Primaries and General Election is so critical to our Nation's survival that IF law enforcement can't or won't handle voter intimidation, THE CITIZENS MUST!  And especially against law enforcement openly in-league with the intimidators.  Be prepared for that too.

5. --- With respect to Religion, there can be no compromise nor any double standard.  We simply cannot vote on a religious or doctrinal basis.  We've all witnessed sufficient abominations from all religions to know that a faith or 'professed' faith isn't any qualification whatsoever for Public Office.  And we must NEVER forget, the same Constitution that guarantees Freedom OF Religion, in the same words also guarantees Freedom FROM Religion; specifically but not limited to the current Muslim attempt in enact Sharia Law in this Country over and above any and all standing statutes.  There are those in Public Office who support this Muslim cause in direct defiance of our separation of church and state provisions – and those advocates MUST be removed without exception.


Despite our best efforts, we will have elected worthless, treasonous, lying bastards to some offices.  We cannot, we dare not, permit them to endorse, support or vote FOR anything we elected them to vote AGAINST; or to permit continuance in whole or in part those bills and soSCAMt damnations we elected them to REPEAL!  And it's an absolute ZERO tolerance factor!  No exceptions, no excuses and no compromises!  NONE!

Some states and legislative districts DO NOT HAVE provision for re-call, some are specific to given offices and legally cannot be applied to others.  DEMAND such legislation – during the immediate session – not later and not pusswilly and signed into law, effective immediately.  RE-CALL is your first option to remove anyone who fails the Grand Test of Patriotism FOR the United States and/or its Sovereigns.

If RE-CALL is not an immediate option, remember, IT'S AGAINST THE LAW TO LIE and political promises are NOT exempt!  Immediately start a publicity campaign AGAINST the traitor/liar and all law enforcement and judicial agencies that refuse to investigate and/or prosecute; and continue it until someone WHO CAN AND WILL replace them throws their hat into the electoral ring.  Start early, make the register deadlines, have the fees in-hand, and once more


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