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02 January 2013
Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
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Part, the Fifth:  Remedies Despised
Prophesied Friday, April 2nd, 1965 (GCAD)

Words of The Most High are in double quotes (""), numbers are paragraphs in "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!".

2029       ""Then I will restore the House of Joseph and restore all My Blessings unto Israel, even those Blessings ordained of Joseph to be shared unto all the heathen!  And when you know the meaning of this, for it is a sign of confirmation unto you:  when you see the deed of February become the deed of April [Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City], know the Enslaver has done those deeds and there is rejoicing in Babylon!  Therefore, rejoice:  for war within the very households of the whole of the land of Joseph is at the very door, and the horrors of the Holocaust are cast in new iron!  Therefore, be exceeding glad, for the redemption of My Holy Elect is nigh!  Yea! and in That Day, Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush shall tremble because of their desecrations!
2030       ""Yea, but if Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush will cease their pollutions and mongrelizations from themselves and My Holy People, I will restore the pure blood of Accursed Cush and remove the pollutions from Accursed Canaan, and in That Day remove the Curse of Noah from them that they might serve Me in My Holy Mountain!
2031       ""Yea!  If Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush will repent of their filth and their degeneracies and cease the vile abominations among their own people, I will raise Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush from servitude, and they shall again become a Pure and Holy People unto me, and they shall no more be a servant of servants!
2032       ""But they will not:  for of such are Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush!
2033       ""I have spoken it, by Mine Own Self have I sworn it, and if I am obeyed, I will bring it to pass!
2034       ""Son of Man, Aku, Mine Own Anointed, Holy Son of Fire of Israel, Holy Son of Fire of Ishmael, it will not be so for the House of Joseph, for the traitors [socialists] in the governments must first be removed, Judah must be restrained within the exchanges of the nations, the high merchants must be restricted in their usury.  And the Muscovites [socialists] must be removed from the media, from the schools, from the governments, from the organizations, from the churches, from the companies, from the militia, and from every place where they have infiltered, infested, fortified, and planted inefficiency, liberalism and destruction!  For the unrestrained Muscovites [socialists] alone can bring down the House of Joseph!
2035       ""Beware My Son, for the excuses of the profane shall be, 'Judah does not do such', 'such treasons are not', 'such conspiracies do not exist', 'there is no plan of a New World Order of One World Government', 'there is no Grand Plan of TOTAL Global Enslavement', 'electronic eyes and monitoring will not enslave', 'there are no financial treasons', 'reducing educational standards will do no harm', 'there are no blood pollutions as result of racemixing', 'we'll be at peace when we are all of one mixed blood', 'soulless children are not so', 'there is no need to fear for your rights or the nation', 'before all these things Jesus will come', 'there are no degeneracies taught in our schools', 'forced bussing is right because it is the law', 'forced racemixing will establish the Black People', 'forced racemixing will not destroy the Black People', 'it is their rights as guaranteed', 'gun control laws will eventually prevent all crime', 'The Anointed is not!', 'there is nothing to this warning of Holocaust', 'The Anointed is a Prophet of Doom!'
2036       ""And it is well that they should say such of you, for your prophecy is true and shall unveil their foolishness and their demonic practices!  Even so, these are the whinings of the socialists that will lead the House of Joseph to their own destruction!
2037       ""Beware My Son, for those who say:  that had they been alive in the time of the Messiah's ministry they would not have rejected the Son of God of Israel are the very people who will resist you the most!  It is of these fanatical, closed-minded and spiritually bereft liars that the Holocaust shall consume Israel!  And such shall the Tribulation bury in horrors unspeakable and terrors beyond their imagination!
2038       ""Lo!  Did such as these in the Reign of John, The Baptist, and Immanuel reject both of Mine Own Messiahs:  one of them even Mine Own Begotten Son of My Own Loins?  They will moreso reject you, for you are of me and not of their father, the Devil, even Lucifer!
2039       ""I, even I, have spoken it!  I, Myself, have declared it true!  And except the nations repent:  it will come to pass upon this, the most evil of all generations!
2040       ""Beware My Son, for even in this day are the voices of idiocy loud and long in the ears of the people of the House of Joseph!  And unto whomsoever will not turn a deaf ear unto the socialist idiots of the media:  gold shall be dear, but not a good purchase!  Silver shall be sought, but it shall buy nothing!  The vast majority of violence shall be from Accursed Canaan and Profaned Accursed Cush, making victims of themselves and the defenseless children of Joseph even unto Judah!  And the filthy and profane shall make their cities to become but sectors of fear, even unto the inhabitants thereof, for such is the culture of Accursed Canaan and Polluted Cush!  And the voices of idiocy expound and glorify such without ceasing.
2041       ""Beware My Son, for these 'crises upon crises' are but destructions incited by the Muscovites [socialists] among you, financed by the traitors within your own gates, even the House of Judah!  And are but lies expounded by the media controlled by the socialists of the House of Judah, and the products and manufacturings of the exchange houses also controlled by the socialists of the House of Judah:  that they can enforce disarmament upon the people, that the people may be enslaved by law!  Incited by the Muscovites [socialists] and much published by the House of Judah, violence shall prevail upon the land because the House of Joseph shall be made to surrender their arms and are without courage to speak against Accursed Canaan and Polluted Cush because the municipalities shall deal harshly with anyone who so speaks the truth!  And the House of Joseph shall be denied the right and means to defend that which is theirs, even for the ravishings of their wives and their daughters and sodomizing of their sons in their own homes, and the senseless slaughtering of their children at play!
2042       ""And when the halls of education are filled with the violence and the filths of Accursed Canaan and Polluted Cush:  know that deprivation by law of everything held sacred by the House of Joseph, even that bought and paid by the blood and bones of your forefathers, is at the very gates and must be resisted by fire, even the slaying weapons in the hands of the free of the House of Joseph!

- 30 -

If the TESTIMONY of The Most High, Himself, to you personally isn't sufficient,

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