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13th AUG 2008


Ask any True Proven Knower who has been in my presence over the past FOUR (4) months.  Anytime since May 2008.  They'll tell you that I clearly informed them of the coming, and now accomplished, phony assassination attempts on Barack Obama and/or John McCain - both for the news coverage that advertising can't buy - and to elect the One World Government (OWG) puppet on a wave of media hyped 'sympathy' and 'fear'.  Get that, quote - media hyped 'sympathy' and 'fear - unquote.  And it's nothing new.

The Kak Jew OWG socialists who murdered and covered up the both Kennedy's and King assassinations did the same thing to separate the Rockefeller CHOICE candidate between James Earl Carter and Gerald R. Ford with phony assassination attempts against Gerald Ford.  Take a look at the so-called perpetrators:  

Gerald Ford . Shot at in two separate incidents in San Francisco in September 1975. On September 5, Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme, follower of murderous cult leader Charles Manson, got close to the President with a loaded pistol, and squeezed the trigger at close range; the gun misfired. On September 22, Sara Jane Moore, a known mental deficient, fired a shot at him, but a bystander deflected her aim. Both women were convicted and sentenced to life in prison.  Got any idea "what" these two boneheaded women were 'promised' in exchange for their 'participation' and especially Lynette "Ninny" Fromme?

James Earl Carter ..May 5, 1979, Raymond Lee Harvey was an Ohio-born unemployed drifter who was arrested by the Secret Service after found to be carrying a starter pistol loaded with blanks, some ten minutes before President Jimmy Carter was to give a speech at the Los Angeles Civic Center Mall.  Breaking media deadlines in 1979 were ten minutes to set and roll.

Ronald Wilson Reagan . March 30, 1981, outside the Washington Hilton hotel, he and three others were shot and wounded by John Hinkley, Jr.;  whose father was a "retired OIL company executive" if THAT doesn't ring a bell then I suggest you have your clapper repaired.

William Jefferson Clinton On October 29, 1994, Francisco Duran fired 27 shots from the sidewalk at the White House in an apparent assassination attempt against President Clinton.  And he missed!  He missed the entire White House!  Now "who" would take someone knowingly THAT incompetent, provide him with a rifle of equal incapacitance and "why"?  Do you suppose the mid-term house-cleaning that was in order had anything to do with it since the Republican's 'contract with america' reputedly had an assault weapons ban in it ?

And the list continues
And the phony Marxist scams never end

Now that we have a dedicated Marxist in the White House, the internet is alive with such nonsense, and I suspect most of it from government provocateur and misinformation agencies.  I have ordered all Pathfinders, and all Akurians, to immediately report any suspected intentions of violent harm against any and all elected and appointed officials to appropriate law enforcement authorities.  The government does a far better job of these atrocities than anyone else; they have the logistics; they have the information; and all necessary resources for cover up.
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