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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

General Bobby Farrell
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Happy New Year, Komrades!
28 DECEMBER 2008


And what is the North American Union (NAU) proposal?  A FORCED MARXIST economic plan WITHOUT citizen approval that is well advanced, totally unconstitutional, and deliberately designed to destroy the sovereignty of already-socialist Canada, long-Marxist Mexico and what little remains of the United States as a free-enterprise Constitutionally Capitalist Nation.

We'll barely skim the surface, as there isn't enough budget space to contain all the documentations.

Remember that court 'precedent' of Kelo et al. v. City of New London et al. No. 04-108 Certiorari to the Supreme Court of Connecticut, argued February 22nd, 2005, and decided June 23rd, 2005, by the United States Supreme Court that upheld the right of EMINENT DOMAIN for any government, literally at any level, to take any private property for any other use?  That Communist Court shenanigan is now set to be cited as precedent for history's greatest land-grab and one of history's greatest acts of High Treason via economic and civil espionage = the North American Union and NAFTA Superhighway linking Canada and Mexico through the United States.

Those Black Robed Bastards, knowingly, and with malice and treason aforethought, made a huge pretense of showcasing virtually every other case with even a modicum of 'relevance' toward this One World Government (OWG) end.  They were lying, treasonous Bastards then and they are lying, treasonous Bastards now, as are all those other like-minded Black Robed Bastards who will force this Marxist OWG Agenda down the throats of all Canadian, United States and Mexican citizens.  And the courts are not alone.

The layers of un-Constitutional Damnations to permit this fiscal and civil atrocity have taken decades of Marxist dedication by Canadian and Mexican politicians; and Marxist socialism disguised as 'liberalism', conspiracy, collusion, cronyism and outright High Treason by Rockefeller, Rothchild, Bilderberger and their bought-and-paid-for puppet State and local Legislators, State Supreme and United States Supreme Courts.  The Federal Reserve System BLACKMAIL of the nation via the "bailouts" of every criminal kak Wall Street can accord, being the latest layer to enforce the coming economic 'necessity'.  All the above could always depend on the full cooperation of the Marxist Media to cram the one-sided 'news' down everybody else's throats and poo-poo and stifle both TRUTH and dissent.

The next steps in Socialist Globalization, painted with as many layers of damned and documentable lies of "like-the-European-Common-Market" fiasco as necessary, are the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" 'treaty/agreement' followed immediately by the already-in-progress institution of 'new' North American currency the "americo" (amero for short) printed by the Treasury at least 15 years ago, and construction of the NAFTA Superhighway, in which ever order deemed most expedient to the Marxists in all three governments.  In the U.S. the Kelo et al. v. City of New London et al. case as 'precedent' will legally permit all, land grabs included, to be railroaded into existence by 2010.  Unless the citizenry wake up to the CLEAR AND PRESENT DISASTER and act accordingly.

All duly 'precedented', the 1,200 foot () land grab to construct the NAFTA Superhighway is in addition to the super secret North America SuperCorridor Coalition (NASCO) nearly quarter-billion dollar 'upgrade' of US 35, 29 and 94 already approved by Congress.  The planned tri-national highway is not a solitary road, but several as required to ensure as much economic stranglehold over the American Citizens and Nation as possible.  Part of the "good-for-America" paint job is the planned Texas and Arizona legislatures are already under threat of "withholding federal funds" should they in any manner resist the already 'precedented' tri-national land grab toward construction of the NAFTA Superhighway.  State Legislatures along the planned routes who aren't already hyping the Marxist Agenda, await their turn.

A reputed "customs center" located in Kansas City, Missouri, 1,000 miles deep inside the U.S. would provide some 4,000 additional accesses to illegal immigration, illegal narcotics and terrorists.  The planned give-away to all those 'foreign' parties include:  'free' healthcare paid by U.S. taxpayers, criminal immunity across the board without legal recourse to any U.S. victims, and a complete raid on our Social Security and other such entitlement programs.  With their current Marxist administration they aren't going to pay off anyway so that point is a bit moot.

The 2008 elections are all-but over; even if the question of Barack Obama's non-existent U.S. birth certificate debate never reaches daylight via our Communist Courts; but legal RECALL procedures and petitions are NOT!  WARNING!  They need to be administered by NON-SOCIALISTS!  Sitting back an permitting this LAST HOPE to be handled by those of the same mindset that created this CLEAR AND PRESENT DISASTER will weld in steel the atrocities upon a fully deserving population and nation.

The General.

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