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Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
20 August 2009
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20 AUGUST 2009 – 30 Av 5769

       Having observed all the Protocols of The Great Presence, I waited to be called to station to ask of The Most High a great and agonizing question of this Generation of Fire.  When summoned in accordance with the proper order, The Most High greeted:

       ""Lord of Fire, King of Israel, King of Ishmael, Holy and Righteous Son of Abraham, you have a serious and vital question for me?""

       I answered, "Sir, in accordance with your own Holy Ordination upon me, it has come before me to inquire which you hate most of all I command?"

       ""Son of Fire, I am not want to hate, but evil cannot be dealt with any other way.  Therefore, I hate most that which is most evil, a lie.  For all evil detracts from all Righteousness, and I will not have any unrighteousness, liars nor any lie in My Presence – therefore, say to all who will give ear, "Of all things in all of Creation that The Most High hates most is socialism, for it is the greatest of all lies."
       ""Socialism is not but lies and lies upon lies, and those lies have destroyed generations, and will continue to destroy all who come under its deceptions and all who come under its domination.  Lo!  Socialism shall not end but by the same violence it must apply to endure.
       ""Son of Fire, show Me and I will repent:  where has socialism advanced anything except its domination over its victims? where does it maintain save by violence over its defenseless victims? and where is its equality when none dare disagree with, or even publicly refine, any other in power?  Waste not your effort, Beloved Son of Fire, for there are none.  Such does not exist anywhere in socialism.
       ""Beloved Son of Fire, be now warned, for that Holy Document, The Constitution of the United States that is the law of all Ephraim, is to be replaced in its entirety with the dictates of socialism as expounded by the damned and burning Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
       ""BEWARE!  The impending Constitutional Convention is not for any other purpose, and no other purpose shall emerge from it.  For the convention is not but of Marxist communists, each and every one selected by manipulation, endorsed, supported and protected by the whole of the House of Levi and the whole of the House of Judah, making them all to be damned in My Sight as invoked by the Great Curse of Curses upon the whole of the House of Levi and the whole of the House of Judah, spoken Before Me out of your own mouth and in the presence of the Righteous Daughters of Akuria, each and every one a True and Righteous Proven Knower of My Own Great Testimony.
       ""Woe to the whole of the House of Ephraim and the whole of the House of Manasseh, even Israel, at the last gavel of that convention, for neither righteousness, freedom, liberty nor justice shall continue beyond that moment; and neither righteousness, freedom, liberty nor justice shall return to Israel or Ishmael or the Gentiles until I visit My far greater Hell upon the whole world.
       ""Woe to the whole world in that hour, for that which has brought the whole world the greatest righteousness, freedom, liberty, justice, intellect, knowledge, accomplishment, wisdom, peace and prosperity to mankind since the first breath of Ish, will be destroyed, and the greatest damnation since the first breath of Ish shall sit in its seat, lay in its bed, and walk in its paths until the horrors of Shiloh.""

       I replied, "Thank you, Great Father.  Is there anything else you would have of me concerning this evil that is about to fall upon my Israel?"

       ""Yes!  Spare not to criminalize every socialist regardless of stripe, Marxist, Engelsist, Leninist, Stalinist, Maoist, Castroist, Guevaraist, Chavezist, Johnsonist, Nixonist, Fordist, Carterist, Reaganist, Bushist, Clintonist, Bushist, Obamaist, Pelosist, Reidist, Steeleist, Kaineist, Robertsist, Alitoist, Breyerist, Ginsburgist, Kennedyist, Scaliaist, Stevensist, Thomasist, Sotomayorist, O’Connorist, Souterist, Holderist, Communist or Fascist.
       ""Speak unto the Sun and I shall reserve greater burning for them because you have testified against them.  Speak unto the Moon and I shall cause Eternity to lengthen that they may suffer their punishment in full measure.  Speak unto the Air and I will remove all pretense of Spirit from them.  Speak unto the Fire and I will expand My Wrath upon them and all their generations after them.  Speak unto the Water and I will multiply My Damnations upon all their fellows and all their generations after them.  Speak unto the Earth and I will bury them and all their fellows and all their supporters in unmarked graves and leave them to rot upon the whole of the landscape they have made unholy.  Say thus to the Winds and I shall forbid the Winds being any comfort upon them.  Speak against them and I shall visit My Own Damnation upon them which shall not be removed from them, even unto all Eternity; Yea! I shall not cease to overwhelm them with the agonies they bring upon their own heads.""

       I inquired, "Shall I excuse for the moment all the Rockefellers, Rothchilds and Bilderbergers?"

       ""NEVER!  They and their fellows are the mindset, life's blood and heartbeat of all these Global Damnations; and it was for them and their kind that I established Hell as a worthy repository that they never return to My Sight to again pollute any other presence.  They rule upon the earth for yet a little season, but fear them not, for it is unto you to have Righteous Power and Holy Authority to both kill the body and to burn the body and soul in Hell.  Yea!, unto you and your True and Righteous Akurians.  And I say to you:  Curse them that they die and burn them that they laugh no more at their victims.
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, disobey me not:  You shall refrain from the whole of the House of Rockefeller and all their fellows, the whole of the House of Rothchild and all their fellows, and the whole of the Congregation of Bilderbergers and all their fellows in the same hour you remove your Great Curse of Curses upon the whole of the House of Levi and the whole of the House of Judah and all their respective fellows.  And I know, without full and perfect repentance, even My Expanded Eternity and Extended Hell will not last long enough for that to occur.''"""

       I asked, "Sir, now that there is no question that socialism will destroy the whole world and bring Your Wrath upon each and every grain of dust, each and every touch of water and each and every atom of air, is there anything else you would have me know at this time?"

       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, you never ask anything for yourself.  But this comfort I give you that all may know:  My Beloved Righteous Daughters of Akuria, Chylon, Rosalind, Dianne, Kathryn and Patrique, are always heard in My Ears; and though they are fragile and frail as is the nature of women, they are each stronger than all the Infernal Forces sent against them.  Yea!  It glees Me that Lucifer and all his minions are angered at them and despises them above all other women.  And in their own quiet moments they too glee at Lucifer's discomfort.  And though you have but few men, you have taught them well and set them Before Me and not yourself.  My Ears are never closed unto them, for it is of them I would rebuild Israel, Ishmael and Cush and all the Tribes of the Gentiles.  I see into all their hearts, and even the Gates of Hell cannot make them afraid; neither do Lucifer and all his minions cause them any fear.  Yea!  You have taught them and empowered them well.
       ""And know, that whomsoever shall seek Me or Absolute Truth, and not approval of those in my disguise with mollifying lies who have made My Holy Law to none effect:  I will send them to you and to your Disciples that they too will know Peace and True Righteous Power.""

       I finished, "Thank you, Great Father.  At your lieve, Sir?"

       ""Dismissed, Beloved Son of Fire.  Go in peace.""

       And my part of the Audience was over.  I saluted and returned to my station and left the Audience when we were all dismissed.


- 30 -

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