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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

The Akurians
Only El Aku has The Personal Testimony of The Most High!
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13 MAY 2008

       ALBUQUERQUE, NM -- The Most High is reported and 'believed' to know all things and be aware of all things in advance of manifestation, so we might limp-wristedly assume that is about the business of observing this current U.S. socialist fiasco we call an election.  The TRUTH is far more alarming, evidence of which is free on-line at http://www.theakurians.com!

       The Akurians KNOW for a fact The Most High has all the details; past, present and future; including what mankind is doing right and wrong today and the eventual outcome at its own appointed time in the future.  The Akurians have always KNOWN the impending socialist disaster all three main party candidates offer as 'solutions' whether called 'change' or 'stay the course' or 'new hope' for America.  They are knowing lies and they are knowing death traps.

       It doesn't take a Revelation from The Most High to see the socialist damnations advocated by Marxist Hillary Clinton in addition to her inexcusable damned lies.  Nothing divine is required to see that Socialist Barack Obama doesn't have a clue about the Great Curse he would bring to the White House just like he already has the Illinois Senate seat.  And any fool can see that John McCain has sold out the Constitution to the socialist agenda in spite of his military record.  The Akurians. KNOW all these things by direct TESTIMONY of The Most High, Himself.

       With the TESTIMONY direct from The Most High, Himself, verifying all the above points, where does that leave the electorate? where does that leave the bread winners without jobs the Clinton's NAFTA sent out of the country? and where does that leave the individuals in the Eye of The Most High who will vote another layer of high treason, economic famine, Curse of Canaan and legislated enslavement upon themselves and their families by supporting any of these three candidates?

       Fully accountable.  That's where.

       Is God Watching This U.S. Election?  YES HE IS!  And that can be verified by any individual who really wants to know, free on line http://www.theakurians.com  Just follow the links.  No sales pitches, no email cum subscription requirements, no intrusions or follow up of any kind.  We will reply to legitimate questions posed by readers.

The Akurians.

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Just don't waste our time with
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