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12 NOVEMBER 2009
All 1,990 pages of it!

       [QUOTING]    US President George Bush's suspension of I. Lewis Libby's prison time is prima facie evidence that this Administration is still out of control and out of touch with the consent of the governed. That they are also well above the law is common knowledge.[UNQUOTE]
       The Communist Team of:
Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States;
Joseph R. Biden, Vice President of the United States;
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State;
Timothy F. Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury;
Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense;
Eric H. Holder, Jr., Attorney General;
Kenneth L. Salazar, Secretary of the Interior;
Thomas J. Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture;
Gary F. Locke, Secretary of Commerce;
Hilda L. Solis, Secretary of Labor;
Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services;
Shaun L.S. Donovan, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development;
Raymond L. LaHood, Secretary of Transportation;
Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy;
Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education;
Eric K. Shinseki, Secretary of Veteran's Affairs;
Janet A. Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security;
Rahm I. Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff;
Christina Romer, Chair, Council of Economic Advisers;
Nancy Patricia D'alesandro Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives;
Robert C. Byrd, Senate President Pro Tempore;
Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader;
Steny H. Hoyer, House Majority Leader;
Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader;
James E. Clyburn, House Majority Whip;
Richard Durbin, Senate Assistant Majority Leader;
John Boehner, House Minority Leader;
Jon Kyl, Senate Assistant Minority Leader;
Eric Cantor, House Minority Whip;
Jim Messina, Deputy Chiefs of Staff, White House;
Mona Sutphen, Deputy Chiefs of Staff, White House;
David Axelrod, Senior Advisor to the President;
Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President;
Pete Rouse, Senior Advisor to the President;
Ezekiel Emanuel, Senior Advisor to the President;
all of whom are headed for burning in Hell Eternal, have spared neither effort, treason, economic espionage nor taxpayer's (most aren't even born yet) money to legislate One World Government TOTAL Global Enslavement the HR 3962 'health care' bill being but one, but very Prime Example.

       Sec. 59b (pp. 297-299) says that when you file your taxes, you must include proof that you are in a 'qualified' plan. If not, you will be fined thousands of dollars. Illegal immigrants are exempt from this requirement.  Clearly showing HR 3962 has absolutely nothing to do with 'health care' and is intended to legislate TOTAL CONTROL over US Citizens in favor of anybody and everybody else!  Former Presidents Bush were both amateurs compared to the Infernal Trinity of Obama, Pelosi and Reid, especially when it comes to being above the Law.

       It gets worse

       Sec. 224 (p. 118) provides that 18 months after the bill becomes law, the Secretary of Health and Human Services will decide what a "qualified plan" covers and how much you'll be legally required to pay for it.  That's like a junk-car dealer telling you to sign the loan agreement now, then filling in the interest rate and repayment terms 18 months later whether they deliver the junker or not.
       Codification of the Economic Substance Doctrine (Page 349):  Empowers the IRS to disallow a perfectly legal tax deduction or other tax relief merely because the IRS deems that the motive of the taxpayer was not primarily business-related.  Now what in the Eternally Burning and Boiling Hell does THAT have to do with 'health care' ???  It does assist in making those of us with more brains than a brick sick within our souls knowing the only remedy of removal of these damnations will be huge numbers of dead and destroyed bodies.
       And WHY that alternative?  Because all these things are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and all these COMMUNIST TRAITOROUS BASTARDS know it, and have no intention of ever restoring any part of the Constitution of the United States of America.  That GREAT and HOLY Document will have to be restored the same way it was established.  Only the caliber and powder formula have changed.

       [QUOTING]    The US House and Senate have no room to talk since they were and still are part and party to both Socialist Damnations of the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act which effectively exterminates what remained of the Constitution of the United States.  War is NEITHER a license nor an excuse to destroy the Constitution![UNQUOTE]

       To paraphrase,  Health Care is NEITHER a license nor an excuse to destroy the Constitution!
       But THAT, and THAT alone, is its sole and exclusive intent and purpose.

       [QUOTING]    How many bodies will it take to restore the US Government, the Constitution, and Consent of the Governed?  Unfortunately, we estimate nearly as many as it took to establish them in the first place. Replacing the incumbent is a totally useless endeavor unless we also replace their Socialist Handlers.[UNQUOTE]

       That means replacing each and every one of the SOCIALIST BASTARDS!  And how can we tell who is, and who is not, a SOCIALIST BASTARD?  The process is simple, direct and infallible and it works at all levels of elective office!  WHILE THEY ARE STILL IN OFFICE:  require them to present properly worded legislation to ABOLISH all these socialist damnations, Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, Senate Bills S.1959 THOUGHT POLICE and S.2099 making the IRS the official Firearm-Confiscation Agency, and anything in favor of the North American Union socialization of Canada, United States and Mexico into ONE SOCIALIST COUNTRY!
       If they fail during THIS incumbency, THEY ARE SOCIALISTS and thereby TRAITORS to the United States regardless of what level of government, Federal, State, County City or local.  THE ONLY SURE AND CERTAIN REMEDY IS TO VOTE THE SOCIALIST BASTARDS OUT WITHOUT EXCEPTION OR FURTHER ADIEU!  PERIOD.  Leaving even ONE of those SOCIALIST BASTARDS in office is but a ticking time-bomb toward open and violent Civil War here in these United States against the communists on government payroll and Freedom Fighter Citizens.
       Vote all the SOCIALIST BASTARDS out of office and perhaps we can prevent that otherwise sure and certain Civil War.  That doesn't mean replacing Democrats with Republicans, Liberals/Progressives with Conservatives, or vise versa in either instance; it means throwing ALL THE SOCIALIST BASTARDS OUT regardless of branding or stripe.  And it means NOT replacing them with anybody who spews the same sewerage.  Don't be suckered in, listen to the 'promises' and if they don't ring absolutely true, VOTE FOR SOMEBODY ELSE!

       [QUOTING]    Nevertheless, because all these Right and Good things must be restored the same way they were established, let us begin. It's time to overthrow the socialists and restore the Constitution while we still have even a memory of its contents.[UNQUOTE]
       And that clock is ticking too, HR 3962 will enter the Senate with January 2010's first snow storms.

General Bobby Farrell

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