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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

The Akurians
Only El Aku has The Personal Testimony of The Most High!
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The hard and irrevocable fact is that only Republican John McCain or Democrat Marxist Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States.  Marxist Barack Obama in the White House will dispose of what is left of our Constitution and with Marxist Hillary Clinton on the Supreme Court, that disposition will stand.  Neither the United States nor the rest of the world can afford - nor economically survive - Marxist Barack Obama in the White House.

Personal Freedom and Liberty will evaporate like morning mist in the desert.
Marxist Barack Obama's tax increases guarantee a TOTAL Economic Depression just like it did under President Hoover.
He will institute Legislated Enslavement under already-prepared Martial Law to be enacted at the slightest pretext, even if government perpetrated.
This is Marxist One World Government SOCIALISM and the immediate future of the United States should Marxist Barack Obama be elected President.

Therefore, The Akurians have approached all the third-party Candidates and Organizations:

Boston Tea Party:  Charles Jay;
Constitution Party:  Chuck Baldwin;
Green Party:  Cynthia McKinney;
Libertarian Party:  Bob Barr;
New American Independent Party:  Frank McEnulty;
Party for Socialism and Liberation:  Gloria La Riva;
Prohibition Party:  Gene Amondson;
Reform Party:  Ted Weill;
Socialist Party USA:  Brian Moore;
Socialist Workers Party:  R๓ger Calero;
Independents:  Alan Keyes, Frank Moore, Ralph Nader, Kelcey Wilson, Donald K. Allen, Richard H. Clark, Jon Greenspon, Steve Kissing, Brad Lord-Leutwyler, Tom Millican and Ruth Bryant White; requesting them to withdraw from the Presidential General Election and put their support behind John McCain to prevent putting Marxist Barack Obama in the White House.  His policies and record are clear:  he is a dedicated Marxist fully knowing the many murders and atrocities Marxism has brought upon the world to deprive the planet of even the vestiges of true freedom or true liberty.

Examples To Wit:  The Mexican illegal emigration problem is because Mexico has a Marxist economy!  The recent bailout of Wall Street wasn't the failure of Capitalism, but a failure of Bill Clinton's Marxist policies:  NAFTA that sent millions of jobs out of the country; Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac being required to make insolvent loans; and Sallie Mae to apply extortion level interest rates on Student Loans and KGB tactics (reputed private funding) using the IRS to collect!  Marxism, pure and simple.  And Barack Obama is a documented Marxist.

The Akurians.

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Just don't waste our time with
porn, pills, gambling & crapola!

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The Akurians.