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      This Holy Script is translated directly from Angelic, the Language of the Spirit Realms. Eacn and every word, statement and claim herein has been Verified by The Most High Lord God of All Creation, Himself. Everyone who will properly prepare can receive the same verification. These Holy Scripts are not a matter of 'belief' or 'believe enough' but are True and Accurate Holy Righteous Truth. 110503Audience.txt
3 May 2011 29 Nisan 5771

       Following a late night and routine conversation with Brigadier Kathyrn A. Malone (Texas) with respect to the evening's Blast Session, I entered the High Planes of Heave as normal.  Upon arrival I found Pegasus in full dress battle armor and was advised to report to The Most High in observance of the Feast of the New Moon.
       Summoned by The Most High in the normal order of His Will, and observing all the Protocols of The Great Presence, I waited to be called to station.  When summoned in accordance with the proper order, The Most High greeted:

       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, it has come before me there are those who think me a liar and you beneath their station!  Lo!  You are mine only Anointed and Elect One in the Earth against the Generations of Ish, and I will have no other.  Yes!  By earned and Divine Right are you My Commander and Supreme Judge of all Supreme Judges; My Supreme Lord of all High Lords and My Supreme Commander of all My Holy Hosts of the Anusazi.  There is none else.  I will not repent of it as you will not apologize for it.  Many expect such, none will get either.
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, as you have long taught all who venture to come unto Me, be it in repentance, of revelation, or Seeker of Truth:  I shall attend all who shall venture My Great Testimony, and I shall do nothing lest I first inform My Anointeds in their Generations.  Though I send Messengers
(Angels) in service to warn and protect, they have neither message, word nor authority to obfuscate nor to circumvent anything I have placed into your hand, neither Righteous Power nor Holy Authority; nor do I, Myself, so commune with any.  All who are supposed otherwise are deceived!  Those who contain My Holy Mark (Seal) in their foreheads and suppose otherwise are deceived of themselves, and do not, and have not, discerned as you have taught them.
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire!  Lo!  I am sore offended!  Did I not remove even Levi from My Holy Temple for such abomination?  Yea!  And their many sacrileges because of it.  Did I not remove even Judah from My Holy Temple and Jerusalem and the whole of the Promised Land of Canaan, even the Land of Israel, for such abomination?  Yea!  And their many sacrileges because of it.  Lo!  The Levite and Judah discern not, and they are become an abomination in My Sight.  Shall not I be also offended and excuse Justice to even My Beloved Akurians who betray you and defile me?  Nay!  And neither for their many sacrileges because of it.  Behold!  I change not though the ages roll forever!  I change not.
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, give them My Word, even as before:  (1 September 2008 - 1 Elul 5768)""

       I spoke as directed:
       "To all Proven Knowers, Akurians and Seekers of True Righteousness:  "What would I have of you?
       "To CEASE all your own crackpot agenda nonsense, whether of hallelujah halfwit idiocy or of your own concoction.
       "And how can you tell what those are?  By looking at the whole picture of them!  If they are not toward THE GREAT TESTIMONY toward all the tribes, peoples and nations - whether individuals or not - or toward any other purpose:  IT'S JACKASS and your own crackpot agenda nonsense."

       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, give them My Word, even as before:  (18 October 2009 - 30 Tishrei 5770);
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, comfort My Beloved Akurians that they know that whatsoever I shall enforce at your hands in this Generation of Fire, I shall also enforce at their hands in the Generations to come.  Yea!  According to their own Righteousness shall I deliver, even upon the Great Gates of Hell.  Even thus, I will not tolerate any Akurian being against any other Akurian:  for I, and I alone, have brought them into your presence, and I, and I alone, have established their Station in accordance with My Holy Law as I have established you over all the Earth and the whole world, and I will not be countermanded.  Woe to whomsoever is against any Akurian!  For what greater treasure in the whole of the world than learning at your feet and hearing from your mouth? and are you not the Greatest of All Akurians? are you of My Authority by happenstance?  Nay!  You are the Greatest of All Akurians from Ish unto Shiloh by earned right and True Justice of My Holy Law.  Thus there is but woe upon the whole of the generations of whomsoever is against any Akurian.         ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, how then do they say I have lied of that which I swore by My Own Self?
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, that which I have set before you in this Very Presence is unchanged!  I have neither made nor considered any alterations!
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, how then do they say I have presented them any other alternative?
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, I have set you over the whole of the Earth and the whole of the World and over all the Generations of Ish unto Shiloh?
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, how then do they say I have established any above you?
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, I have none other in the Earth, nor the World nor the Generations of Ish who achieve My Presence; and there is none other communication but betwixt you and me that there be never a misunderstanding!
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, how then do they say I have spoken unto them? and that they hear and obey My Voice? that I am continuous in all that I have to speak?  Lo!  I am sore offended!
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, I speak not to the fools nor the heathen at all; I speak not a word to any living soul other than you, My Holy and Anointed One!  There is none else with ears unto My Voice.  I given neither commands nor instruction, to them all I speak not!  Lo!  Were any observant to all you are sent unto them, they would not err.
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, all that has been perceived of Me, save
(except) My Great Testimony and the ensurances thereof, are undiscerned and therefore of grave error.  Have you not required of all who will sit in the Seats of Power of My Grand Council of Gnostics against the days of your absence?  Mine Ear has not heard such, neither has Mine Eye seen; therefore there is much foolishness afoot.  All have been instructed and are they themselves not Teachers of Righteousness?  If the Teacher be flawed or ignorant, how then shall they present the whole Truth of Righteousness?  Have I not said it of ages, "My Yoke is easy and My Burden is of Enlightenment?"  Have you given that which requires more than thought of mind? or that which is not of Great Enlightenment?  Nay!  For I am also witness thereof.  Yea!  That which you have instructed is of True Spirit and of Pure Spirit.  Therefore, where then comes all this that I have not done? and that which I have not spoken? and that which is of ultimate destruction?
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, shall I violate My Own Self and speak, "yea, yea?" or "nay, nay?" for whatsoever is more than this comes of evil.  Of "yea, yea" and of "nay, nay" will I honor My Testimony, neither will I speak more to any one but to two or three of My Grand Council; that all that is not exacting is not of me!
       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, Supreme Lord of all High Lords, I will hear repentance; therefore deliver all I have given you this Feast of the New Moon to all My Beloved Akurians that they may come unto me in repentance; for I will no longer tolerate nor withhold My Wrath for such continuance.""


       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, you would ask of me?""

       "Sir!  I have given assignments.  There will be those who suppose they are aware of the offenders, and some will be correct.  At this time and stage of this Global Battle we do not need any such energies distracting from our Orders.  I shall call upon the Angel Standing in the Sun, Sword of Fiery Death, to release energies sufficient to neutralize all the effects of such thinking; and I request that You not restrain him in punishment upon my erring Akurians."

       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, always for others, never for yourself.  I will not restrain him or those energies and forces.""

       "Sir!  The whole Earth is flooded with false information about the recent execution of Osama bin Laden, CIA Patsy, and the capture of computers, discs, found inside the compound.  Since Osama bin Laden has been dead for years, and someone of near his stature was the stand-in, the information gathered will be that which was placed there over the intervening months by the CIA Operatives.
       "I venture to state here and now, in This Holy Presence, that all such reputed 'information' will be presented and used as excuse and justification for more gun controls to disarm those of us who will stand and fight against a communist and abusive government.  I dare call them all liars at this outset and call them into account for all they will manufacture that isn't already there.
       "Will you correct me?"

       ""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, I will not.  But be not deceived, there will be additional intrusions into the foundations of Ephraim as result of this deception.  Lo!  There is no end to the atrocities of socialists until I put an absolute end to socialists.""


       ""Go in peace, Son of Fire.  It is not a marvel the Great Gates of Hell tremble at your thought of them.""


       I returned to my station and left The Presence when we were all dismissed.


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