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SECOND BATCH OF 600 either in Hell or going there!

In Presence of the Revelation Moon. August 19th, 2009 (GCAD) – 29 Av 5769

       Due to overflow requests for additional in-hell-or-going-there names, I took the liberty of taking each of the spirits (or soulless consciousness) of each of those listed below before The Great Veil to confirm their current status of Righteousness, if any, and whatever causes might exist for the lack thereof.

       As before, the deceased are identified by (+), the nearest thing keyboards have to represent the Emblem of Death (cross).  For them, the game is over except for their horrendous suffering.  They will burn until Final Judgment and then be returned to Hell to continue burning forever.  If you want to see for yourself, complete HOW TO DO IT instructions are contained in "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" – free online – or in print at all bookstores.

       Unlike those 600 from the July 22nd, 2009 (GCAD) – 2 Av 5769 – some of those below are not possessed with Demons, only deceived by them.  Deception be damned, disobedience of Holy Law is a sure and certain BURN penalty!  Hailing Mary, praising Jesus, bowing toward Mecca, burning candles and incense, rubbing oils and 'holy' water and all other like deeds DO NOT and CANNOT change disobedience of Holy Law into a rescue from the penalties of disobedient abominations.  Period.

       The Most High despises all unrighteousness, but keeps His Hand out that all may repent.  The primary cause of all unrighteousness is disobedience of Holy Law.  Being high and mighty in the sight of men doesn't buy Righteousness, nor even the appearance of Righteousness, in Judgment.  Being a bright star on the horizon comes with responsibility.  Those who are influenced by you, your comments and your actions:  and choose to emulate you; are accounted upon your head as well as their own.  And it gets worse with generations as they pass such things on.

       Most of all, The Most High despises pretenders of Righteousness, starting with religions.  He gave us Holy Law, still intact in the Torah (first five books of the Bible).  He has not changed one letter, one word, one directive or one regulation!  NONE!  NOTHING!  Nor has The Most High changed Himself.  What He said THEN He is still saying TODAY; and His Judgments upon and against the bastards is as severe today as it was ages ago.  And so it will remain all of the tomorrows.

       Prudent minds will observe the pattern of SOCIALISM being among the most prominent cause of condemnation; making it clear The Most High despises any and all forms of socialism, and burns without mercy all who associate themselves with it in any manner other than to resist with whatever means are available or necessary.  Able bodied multi-generational welfare recipients burn the same agony as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels who started the nonsense of wholly supporting the worthless on the backs of the producers.

       A few names below will bring some degree of comfort to their victims, friends and families of their victims.  From US Supreme Court Justices who ruled AGAINST the Constitution and the Citizenry to gutter morality murderers, including drug advocates, Hell has plenty of room and no energy bills to contend with.  Eventually, at Final Judgment, all those who aren't already there will be transferred to the lowest, hottest and most agonizing Depth, Perditon (Perdition in English).  And from Perditon, nobody ever returns.

       To all the rest who are still living, the Akurians advise them to WAKE UP while you still can!  Once the body drops to await the funeral director, all chance and hope are gone forever:  regardless of WHAT 'the preacher said.'  In any of the Judgments, The Most High isn't going to ask 'the preacher,' He is going to ask YOU!  Therefore, the choice is yours, and yours alone.  FYI, the Akurians don’t give a damn one way or the other.  We don't have to, we're simply the Testimony of whichever way you call it.

A.J. Goodwin (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Aaron David Gordon (+) – Marxist, Zionist
Abba Shaul Geisinovich Ahimeir (+) – Marxist, Zionist
Abraham Isaac Kook (+) – Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, Zionist
Agatha Barbara (+) – President, Republic of Malta, Democratic Socialist
Aimee Semple McPherson (+) – Christian Minister
Aisha N. Tyler – Actress, Comedian, Writer
Akira Muto (+) – Japanese War Criminal
Albert Einstein (+) – Theoretical Physicist, Zionist
Albert Sydney Herlong (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Alberto Espinoza Barron – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Alexander Claud Cockburn – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Alexander Gavrilovich Shliapnikov (+) – Communist
Alexandra Mikhailovna Domontovich-Kollontai (+) – Communist
Ali Ahsan Mujahid – Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh, War Criminal
Alpha Rex Emmanuel Humbard (+) – Christian Minister
Alphonse Adam Sommer, Jr. (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Amado Carrillo Fuentes (+) – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Amos Kenan (+) – Israeli Columnist, Painter, Sculptor, Playwright, Novelist, Socialist
Anatoly Vasilyevich Lunacharsky (+) – Communist
Andreas Georgios Papandreou (+) – Prime Minister, Greece, Democratic Socialist
Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo (+) – Serial Murderer
Andrei Sergeyevich Bubnov (+) – Communist
Andrew Cockburn – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Andrew Downey Orrick (+) – Acting Chair, SEC San Francisco; OWG Socialist
Andrija Artukovic (+) – Croatian Ustasha, "the Himmler of the Balkans"
Ann Hart Coulter – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Anne-Marie Slaughter – Director of Policy Planning, US State Department (CFR)
Annette LaPorte Nazareth – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Annie Wood Besant (+) – Theosophist, activist, Democratic Socialist
Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn – UK Minister of Technology, Democratic Socialist
Antoni Sawoniuk (+) – Polish Traitor, Nazi War Criminal
Arthur Augustus Calwell (+) – Australian Labor politician, Democratic Socialist
Arthur Hertzberg (+) – Rabbi, Marxist, Zionist
Arthur Levitt, Jr. – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Arthur Ruppin (+) – One of the Founders of Tel Aviv, Zionist
Arturo Beltran Leyva – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Asa A. Allen (+) – Christian Minister
Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginsberg (+) – Marxist, Zionist
Aubrey Solomon Meir Eban (+) – Vice President, UN General Assembly, Zionist
Aulana L. Peters – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Avraham (Yair) Stern (+) – Jewish Urban Revolutionary, Zionist
Avraham Menachem Mendel Ussishkin (+) – Hebrew Secretary, First Zionist Congress
Avram Noam Chomsky – Journalist, Socialist
Barbara Anne Betts-Castle (+) – MP, British politician, Democratic Socialist
Barbara S. Thomas Judge – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Bela vitez Imredy de Omoravicza (+) – Prime Minister, Hungary, War Criminal
Benjamin Richard Civiletti – US Attorney General
Berl Katznelson (+) – Co-founder of Labor Zionism
Bevis Longstreth – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Billy Joe Daugherty – Christian Minister
Bob Larson – Christian Minister
Brockman "Brock" Adams – US Secretary of Transportation
Bruno Ludke (+) – Serial Murderer
Byron D. Woodside (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Carla Anderson Hills – US Secretary of HUD
Carlos Alberto Renteria Man – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Carlos Eduardo Robledo Puch – Serial Murderer
Caspar Willard "Cap" Weinberger (+) US Secretary of HEW
Cecil Dale Andrus – US Secretary of the Interior
Chaim Azriel Weizmann (+) – President, State of Israel, Zionist
Charlene Barshefsky – Council on Foreign Relations
Charles Christopher Cox – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Charles Denton "Tex" Watson – Manson Family Murderer
Charles Edward Coughlin (+) – Catholic Priest
Charles Edward Fuller (+) – Christian Minister
Charles Frazier Stanley – Christian Minister
Charles Graham Boyd – Council on Foreign Relations
Charles L. Marinaccio – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Charles Louis Schultze – Chairman, US Council of Economic Advisors
Charles Milles Manson – Head of the Manson Family of Murderers
Charles William Duncan, Jr. – US Secretary of Energy
Chaz Hammelsmith – Attorney
Chris Ivery – Record Producer
Christian Rakovsky (+) – Communist
Clarence H. Adams (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Claude Stout Brinegar (+) – US Secretary of Transportation
Clement Richard Attlee (+) Prime Minister, UK, Democratic Socialist
Clifford Morris Hardin – US Secretary of Agriculture
Clifford Robert Olson, Jr. – Serial Child Murderer
Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr. – Christian Minister
Cuba Gooding, Jr. – Academy Award-winning Actor
Cynthia Aaron Glassman – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Cynthia Tucker – Pulitzer Prize winning socialist
Daniel B. Prieto – Council on Foreign Relations
Daniel Cohn-Bendit – European Parliament, Democratic Socialist
Daniel H. Mudd – CEO, Fannie Mae
Daniel Joseph McCauley, Jr. (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
David Baazov (+) – Marxist, Zionist
David Ben-Gurion (+) Prime Minister, Israel, Democratic Socialist
David Bowie (Robert Hayward-Jones) – Musician, Recording Artist
David Brooks – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
David G. Victor – Council on Foreign Relations
David J. Frum – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
David Joel Stern – Commissioner, National Basketball Association (CFR)
David Letterman – CBS Television Host
David McClure Brinkley (+) – Journalist, Newscaster
David Owen Brooks – Serial Murderer
David P. Jeremiah – Christian Minister
David R. Reagan – Christian Minister
David Ryazanov (+) – Communist
David Sturtevant Ruder – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Dean Arnold Corll (+) – Serial Murderer
Dennis James Kennedy (+) – Christian Minister
Dennis Joe Reimer – Council on Foreign Relations
Diego Leon Montoya SAnchez – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Dilip Hiro – Playwright, Journalist, Syndicated Columnis
Don Stewart – Christian Minister
Donald C. Cook (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Donald Henry Rumsfeld – US Secretary of Defense
Dong Biwu (+) Chinese Communist fellow of Mao Zedong
Douglas Brian "Pete" Peterson – US House Representative
Dov Ber Borochov (+) – Marxist, Labor Zionist
Dov Gruner (+) – Hungarian Jewish Zionist
E.R. Shipp – Pulitzer Prize winning socialist
Earl F. Hastings (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Earl Lauer Butz (+) – US Secretary of Agriculture
Earl Pearly Paulk, Jr. (+) – Christian Minister
Eddie L. Long – Christian Minister
Edgar Eusebio Millan Gomez (+) – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Edgar Guzman Beltran (+) – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Edmond M. Hanrahan (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Edmund Burke, Jr. (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Edmund Sixtus "Ed" Muskie (+) – US Secretary of State
Eduardo Arellano Felix – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Edward C. Eicher (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Edward H. Fleischman – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Edward Hirsch Levi (+) – US Attorney General
Edward N. Gadsby (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Edward T. McCormick (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods – Professional Golfer
Eleanor "Tussy" Marx (+) – Daughter of Karl Marx, Utopian Socialist
Elena Stasova (+) – Communist
Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren – Swedish Model
Eliot Pauline Sumner – Musician, Model, Actress
Elisse B. Walter – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Ellen Kathleen Pompeo – Actress
Ellen Lee DeGeneres – Television Hostess, Actress, Lesbian Activist
Elliot Lee Richardson (+) – US Secretary of Defense
Elmer Wayne Henley – Serial Murderer
Emma Lee Bunton – Actress, Singer, Songwriter
Ernest Angley – Christian Minister
Ernest Milmore Stires (+) – Episcopal Bishop
Ernesto "Che" Guevara (+) – Marxist Revolutionary
Eugene H. Robinson – Pulitzer Prize winning socialist
Eunice Mary Kennedy Shriver (+) – Founder, Special Olympics
Eva Jacqueline Parker – Model, Actress
Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky (+) – Communist
Felix Weltsch (+) – One of the most important Zionists in Bohemia
Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos (+) – President, Philippines
Ferdinand J. Pecora (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz – Cuba Communist Dictator
Forrest David Mathews – US Secretary of HEW
Francis Claud Cockburn (+) – Journalist, Socialist
Francis M. Wheat (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Frank Davidson Fraser – Murderer, criminal
Freddie Ray Marshall – US Secretary of Labor
Frederick Baily Dent – US Secretary of Commerce
Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II (+) – Christian Minister
Frederick K.C. Price – Christian Minister
Fulton John Sheen (+) – Catholic Bishop
Fyodor Ilyich Dan (+) – Communist
G. Bradford Cook – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Gabriel Aubry – Male Model
Ganson Purcell (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon – Model, Actress
Gary Leon Ridgway – Serial Murderer
Gelila Assefa – High-End Clothier
George Alexander Heard (+) – Chancellor, Vanderbilt University, socialist
George Bernard Shaw (+) – Playwright, Utopian Socialist
George Brown (+) – Labour Secretary of State, Foreign Affairs, Democratic Socialist
George C. Mathews (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
George Edward Vandeman – Christian Minister
George Elmer Pataki – Council on Foreign Relations
George Gordon Battle Liddy – Chief Operative, White House Plumbers, Talk Show Host
George Myers Cornell (+) – Murderer, criminal
George Pratt Shultz – US Secretary of State, Labor, Treasury
George Richard "Rick" Wagoner, Jr. – Chairman, CEO, General Motors
George Walton Lucas, Jr. – Academy Award-winning Film Producer, Screenwriter, Director
George Wilcken Romney (+) – US Secretary of the HUD
Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov (+) – Communist
Gerald (Scire) Brosseau Gardner (+) – Father of Modern Wicca
Gerald Eugene Stano (+) – Serial Murderer
Gerald Gardner (+) – Scientist, social activist
Gerard Adams, Jr. – President, Sinn Fein, Democratic Socialist
Gerhard Fritz Kurt Schroder – Chancellor of Germany, Democratic Socialist
Ghaith Abdul-Ahad – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Giorgos Andreas Papandreou – Foreign Minister of Greece, Democratic Socialist
Gladys Maud Longbridge Bustamante (+) – Widow of Jamaica's first Prime Minister, Socialist
Glenda May Jackson – Actress, Democratic Socialist
Golda Mabovitch Meir (+) – Prime Minister, Israel, Labor Zionist, Socialist
Grace Hightower – Coordinator, People's Emergency Center
Grantley Herbert Adams (+) Prime Minister, Barbados, Democratic Socialist
Granville Oral Roberts – Christian Minister
Gregory Allyn Palast – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Griffin Boyette Bell (+) – US Attorney General
Grigory Yakovlevich Sokolnikov (+) – Communist
Halle Berry – Actress
Hamer Harold Budge (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Harold Brown – US Secretary of Defense
Harold C. Patterson (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Harold Egbert Camping – Christian Minister
Harold Elliot Varmus – Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (CFR)
Harold M. Williams – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Harry A. McDonald (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Harvey J. Goldschmid – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Harvey L. Pitt – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Helen Elizabeth Clark – Prime Minister, New Zealand, Democratic Socialist
Helmut Heinrich Waldemar Schmidt – Chancellor of West Germany, Democratic Socialist
Henry Louis "H. L." Mencken (+) – Journalist
Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm (Willy Brandt) (+) – Chancellor, West Germany, Democratic Socialist
Hilary James Wedgwood Benn – UK Secretary of State, Environment, Democratic Socialist
Hiroshi Oshima (+) – Japanese Ambassador to Germany, War Criminal
Howard Schultz – Chairman, CEO, Starbucks
Hu Jintao – General Secretary of the Communist Party of China
Hugh F. Owens (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Hugo Chavez Frias – President, Venezuela, Communist
Idi Amin Dada (+) – Ugandan military dictator
Idina Kim Menzel – Actress, Singer, Songwriter
Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid – Model, Actress
Imelda Remedios Visitacion Trinidad Romualdez Marcos (+) – Wife of Philippines President
Ion Victor Antonescu (+) – Romanian War Criminal
Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili (Joseph Stalin) (+) – Communist Dictator of Russia
Irakli (Kaki) Tsereteli (+) – Communist
Irving M. Pollack – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Isaac C. Hunt, Jr. – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Isaac Yitzak Rulf (+) – Rabbi, Teacher, Journalist, Philosopher, Zionist
Israel Scheib Eldad (+) – Revisionist Zionist
Israel Zangwill (+) – Playwright, Zionist
J. Carter Beese, Jr. (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
J. Howard Rossbach (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Jack (The Hat) McVitie (+) – Murderer, criminal
Jack Leo Van Impe – Christian Minister
Jack M. Whitney II (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Jade Jones – Singer, Recording Artist
James C. Sargent (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
James C. Treadway, Jr. – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
James Day Hodgson – US Secretary of Labor
James E. "Jim" King, Jr. (+) – Senator, Florida State Legislature, Socialist
James Ford Cairns (+) – Australian Politician, Democratic Socialist
James Gordon Brown – Chancellor of the Exchequer, Democratic Socialist
James Harold Wilson (+) – Prime Minister, UK, Democratic Socialist
James J. Caffrey (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
James J. Needham (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
James K. Kallstrom – FBI, Council on Foreign Relations
James McCauley Landis (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
James Orsen Bakker – Christian Minister
James Robison – Christian Minister
James Rodney Schlesinger – US Secretary of Defense
James Sinclair Armstrong (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
James T. McIntyre – Director, US Office of Management and Budget
James Thomas Hill – Council on Foreign Relations
James Thomas Lynn – US Secretary of HUD
Jamie F. Metzl – Council on Foreign Relations
Javier Arellano-Felix – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Jawaharlal Nehru (+) – Prime Minister, India, Democratic Socialist
Jay Alan Sekulow – Chief Counsel, American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)
JD Ross (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Jeffrey Charles Tietjens – Attorney
Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer (+) – Serial Murderer, Cannibal
Jeffrey Robert "Jeff" Immelt – Chairman, CEO, General Electric
Jerome New Frank (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Jerry Lamon Falwell, Sr. (+) – Christian Minister
Jerry Yang – Co-founder, CEO, Yahoo
Jesse Duplantis – Christian Minister
Jiang Zemin – General Secretary of the Communist Party of China
Jim Whittington – Christian Minister
Jimmy Lee Swaggart – Christian Minister
Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Joel C. Rosenberg – Christian Evangelist
Joel S. Marcus – Chairman, President, CEO, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc
Joel Scott Hayley Osteen – Christian Minister
John Albert Knebel – US Secretary of Agriculture
John Alexander Thain – CEO, Merrill Lynch
John Ankerberg – Christian Minister
John Anthony Corapi – Catholic Priest
John Anthony Volpe (+) – US Secretary of Transportation
John Avanzini – Christian Minister
John Bowden Connally, Jr. (+) – US Secretary of the Treasury
John Charles Hagee – Christian Minister
John Foster Dulles (+) – US Secretary of State
John Newton Mitchell (+) – US Attorney General
John Robert Evans – Chairman, Rockefeller Foundation; OWG Socialist
John S.R. Shad (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
John Thomas Dunlop (+) – US Secretary of Labor
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (+) – Serial Murderer
John Wayne Glover (+) – Serial Murderer
John Wesley Hanes, Sr. (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
John William Vessey, Jr. – Council on Foreign Relations
Jonah Jacob Goldberg – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Jonathan Bernis – Rabbi
Jonathan Chait – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Jose Daniel Gonzalez Galeana (+) – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Joseph A. Grundfest – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Joseph Allen Frear, Jr. (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Joseph Anthony Califano, Jr. – US Secretary of HEW
Joseph Lincoln Steffens (+) – Journalist, Socialist
Joseph Patrick "Joe" Kennedy, Sr. (+) – Chairman, SEC; Kennedy Family Patriarch
Joseph Prince – Christian Minister
Joseph Robert "Bob" Kerrey – US Senator
Joseph Trumpeldor (+) – Co-founder, Zionist Socialist movement
Joshua Lederberg (+) – American molecular biologist (CFR)
Juanita Bynum – Christian Minister
Juanita Morris Kreps – US Secretary of Commerce
Julia E. Sweig – Council on Foreign Relations
Karl Berngardovich Radek (+) – Communist
Karl Heinrich Marx (+) – Co-Founder of Communism
Karla Leanne Homolka – Serial Murderer
Karl-August Fagerholm (+) – Prime Minister, Finland, Democratic Socialist
Kathleen L. Casey – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman (+) – Christian Minister
Kenneth Anthony – Prime Minister, Saint Lucia, Democratic Socialist
Kenneth Copeland – Christian Minister
Kenneth D. "Ken" Lewis – Chairman, Bank of America
Kenneth Erwin Hagin (+) – Christian Minister
Kenneth J. Bacon (+) – Deputy Secretary of State, Vice Chairman, Fannie Mae Foundation
Kerney Thomas, Jr. – Christian Minister
Kerry K Killinger – CEO, Washington Mutual
Kerry Shook – Christian Minister
Kim Christian Beazley – Chancellor, Australian National University, Democratic Socialist
Kim Edward Beazley – Australian Education Minister, Democratic Socialist
Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian – Socialite, Model, Actress, Businesswoman
Kirk Thomas Cameron – Christian Minister
Kirt Schneider – Messianic Rabbi
Kurt Schumacher (+) – Social Democratic Party of Germany
Laszlo Baky (+) – Hungarian Nazi, War Criminal
Laszlo Endre (+) – Hungarian Nazi, War Criminal
Laura Methe Simone Unger – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Lawrence Henry Summers – US National Economic Council
Lenard Pitts, Jr. – Pulitzer Prize winning socialist
Leon Henderson (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Leon Pinsker (+) – Founder, Hovevei Zion
Leonard James Callaghan (+) – Prime Minister, UK, Democratic Socialist
Leroy Jenkins – Christian Minister
Les Feldick – Christian Minister
Leslie (Les) Howard Gelb – Council on Foreign Relations
Leslie Louise Van Houten – Manson Family Murderer
Lev Borisovich Kamenev (+) – Communist
Lev Davidovich Bronstein Trotsky (+) – Communist
Levi Eshkol Shkolnik (+) – Prime Minister, Israel, Democratic Socialist
Li Xiannian (+) – Communist Dictator of China
Linda Darlene Drouin-Kasabian – Manson Family Member
Liu Shaoqi (+) – Communist Dictator of China
Liz Balmaseda – Pulitzer Prize winning socialist
Lorne Albert Calvert – Premier, province of Saskatchewan, Democratic Socialist
Louis "Studs" Terkel (+) – Broadcaster, Author, Socialist
Lucius Morris Beebe (+) – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Ludwik ?azarz Zamenhof (+) – Ophthalmologist, Zionist
Luis A. Aguilar – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Luis Enrique Aguilar Leon (+) – Cuban Journalist, Professor, Historian, Socialist
Lynette Alice "Squeaky" Fromme – Manson Family Member
Mamoru Shigemitsu (+) – Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, War Criminal
Manuel F. Cohen (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Mao Zedong (+) – Communist Dictator of China
Margaret Bush Wilson (+) – African-American Activist, Socialist
Marilyn Clement (+) – National Coordinator of Healthcare-NOW, Socialist
Marilyn Hickey – Christian Minister
Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson – Christian Minister
Mary Jo White – US Attorney, Southern District of New York (CFR)
Mary L. Schapiro – SEC Chairperson; OWG Socialist
Mary Theresa Brunner – Manson Family Member
Mary Tyler "Molly" Ivins (+) – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Maureen Dowd – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Maurice Edwin "Moon" Landrieu – US Secretary of HUD
Maurice Hubert Stans (+) – US Secretary of Commerce
Max Boot – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Max Brod (+) – Marxist, German Zionist
Max Isidor Bodenheimer (+) – Marxist, German Zionist
Maxim Maximovich Litvinov (+) – Communist
Medgar Wiley Evers (+) – Activist, Socialist
Meir (Berlin) Bar-Ilan (+) – Marxist, Zionist
Meir David Kahane (+) – Rabbi, Zionist
Melissa Scott – Christian Minister
Mellody Hobson – President, Ariel Investments, LLC, contributor ABC's Good Morning America
Melvin Alan "Mel" Karmazin – CEO, CBS, Sirius XM Radio
Melvin Robert (Bom) Laird – US Secretary of Defense
Menachem Begin (+) – Marxist, Zionist
Michael A. Levi – Council on Foreign Relations
Michael D. Evans – Christian Pro-Hebrew Advocate
Miguel Caro Quintero – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Mikhail Efremov Pavlovich Tomsky (+) – Communist
Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin (+) – Communist
Milan Babi? (+) – President, Republic of Serbian Krajina, War Criminal
Moses (Moshe) Hess (+) – Jewish Philosopher, Co-founder of socialism
Moses Sithole – Serial Murderer
Moshe Leib Lilienblum (+) Jewish Scholar, Zionist
Moshe Shertok Sharett(+) – Prime Minister, Israel, Zionist
Motiur Rahman Nizami – Ameer of the Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh, War Criminal
Nachman Syrkin (+) – Co-founder, Labor Zionism
Nadezhda Konstantinovna "Nadya" Krupskaya (+) – Communist
Nahum Goldmann (+) – Founder, World Jewish Congress, Zionist
Naomi Klein – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Natalia Ivanovna Sedova (+) – Communist
Nathan Irving "Nat" Hentoff – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Neil Edward Goldschmidt – US Secretary of Transportation
Nelson Garcia Lozano – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela – President, South Africa, Communist
Niall Ferguson – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Nicholas D. Kristof – Pulitzer Prize winning socialist
Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin (+) – Communist
Nikolaos Makarezos (+) – One of the masterminds of the Greek military junta
Noel Debroy Jones – Bishop of Sodor and Man
Norman J. Ornstein – Council on Foreign Relations
Norman S. Johnson (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Olga A. Mendez (+) – Senator, New York State Legislature, Socialist
Oprah Gail Winfrey – Television Hostess, Actress, Producer, Literary Critic, Publisher
Orde Charles Wingate (+) – British Major-General, Zionist
Osiel Cardenas Guillen – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Ottis Elwood Toole (+) – Serial Murderer
Otto Adolf Eichmann (+) – German Nazi War Criminal
Otto Bradfisch (+) – Gestapo, Nazi War Criminal
Ovsei-Gershon Aronovich Radomyslsky (+) – Communist
Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria (+) – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Park Chung-hee (+) – President, South Korea
Patrice Emery Lumumba (+) – Prime Minister. Democratic Republic of the Congo, Communist
Patricia Dianne Krenwinkel – Manson Family Murderer
Patrick Cockburn – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Paul Alan Watkins (+) – Manson Family Member
Paul John Tagliabue – Commissioner of the National Football League
Paul Kenneth Bernardo – Serial Murderer
Paul R. Rowen (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Paul Rader – Salvation Army Christian Minister
Paul Raymond Berenger – Prime Minister, Mauritius, Democratic Socialist
Paul Robert Carey (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Paul Robin Krugman – Pulitzer Prize winning socialist
Paul S. Atkins – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Paula Michelle White – Christian Minister
Paula Patton – Actress
Pauline Joyce Hutchison Meyer – Christian Minister
Pedro "El Tigre" Sanchez – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Pedro Alonso Lopez – Serial Murderer
Peter Fraser (+) – Prime Minister, New Zealand, Democratic Socialist
Peter George Peterson – US Secretary of Commerce
Peter Joseph Brennan (+) – US Secretary of Labor
Peter Popoff – Christian Minister
Phil A. Odeen – US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (CFR)
Philip Albert Loomis, Jr. (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Philip Morris Klutznick (+) – US Secretary of Commerce
Philip R. Lochner, Jr. – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Philip Snowden (+) – Chancellor of the Exchequer, Democratic Socialist
Phillip John "Phil" Donahue – Television Host, Socialist
Pinhas Rutenberg (+) – Russian Socialist and Zionist leader
R.W. Schamback – Christian Minister
Ralph H. Demmler (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Ralph Washington Sockman (+) – Christian Minister
Randy Morrison – Christian Minister
Raϊl Modesto Castro Ruz – Communist President, Cuba
Ray Comfort – Christian Minister
Ray Garrett Jr (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Regina Brett – Pulitzer Prize winning socialist
Reginald ("Reggie") Kray (+) – Murderer, criminal
Reginald Alfred "Reggie" Bush II – Professional Football Player
Richard Alan Clarke – US National Security Council
Richard B. McEntire (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Richard B. Smith (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Richard C. Breeden – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Richard F. Syron – CEO, Freddie Mac
Richard Gordon Kleindienst (+) – US Attorney General
Richard Nathan Haass – Council on Foreign Relations
Richard Rossi – Entertainment Oriented Christian Minister
Richard Severin Fuld, Jr. – CEO, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc
Richard W. Dortch – Christian Minister
Richard Y. Roberts – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Rita Antoinette Rizzo – Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation
Robert Anthony "Tony" Snow (+) – Journalist
Robert Anthony Schuller – Christian Minister
Robert E. Healy (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Robert Fisk – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Robert G. Grant – Christian Minister
Robert H. O'Brien (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Robert Harold Schuller – Christian Minister
Robert Hutchison Finch (+) US Secretary of HEW
Robert I. Millonzi (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Robert K. McConnaughey (+) – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Robert Kenneth "Bobby" Beausoleil – Manson Family Murderer
Robert Mario De Niro, Jr. – Actor, Director, Producer
Robert Mitsuhiro Takasugi (+) – United States Federal Judge
Robert Owen (+) – Co-Founder of Communism, Utopian Socialist
Robert Selmer Bergland – US Secretary of Agriculture
Robert Tilton – Christian Minister
Robert Weltsch (+) – Journalist, Editor, Zionist
Roberta S. Karmel – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Roberto Velasco Bravo (+) – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Robin Charles Thicke – Musician, Recording Artist
Roderick M. Hills – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
Rodney Lee Parsley – Christian Minister
Rodney Webb (+) – US District Judge
Roel Clark Campos – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Roger Joseph Ebert – Film Critic, Screenwriter
Rogers Clark Ballard Morton (+) – US Secretary of the Interior
Ronald ("Ronnie") Kray (+) – Murderer, criminal
Ronald Harmon Brown (+) – US Secretary of Commerce
Rosa Brooks – Senior Advisor to Michele Flournoy, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
Roseann "Rosie" O'Donnell – Television Host, Socialist
Ruben Rodriguez Dorado – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Rudolf Walter Richard Hess (+) – Deputy Fuhrer, German Nazi Party
Ruth Allyn Marcus – Pulitzer Prize winning socialist
Sally (Jessy Raphael) Angeline Lowenthal – Television Host, Socialist
Salvador Isabelino Allende Gossens (+) – President, Chili, Democratic Socialist
Samuel P. Huntington – Council on Foreign Relations
Sara Gooding – Wife of Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Schmuel (Samuel) Hugo Bergman (+) – Marxist, Zionist
Scott L. "Taye" Diggs – Actor
Seishir? Itagaki (+) – Japanese War Criminal
Seymour (Sy) Myron Hersh – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Shafik Hout (+) – PLO spokesman, Socialist
Shannon K. O’Neil – Council on Foreign Relations
Shirley Mount Hufstedler – US Secretary of Education
Shirley Vivian Teresa Brittain Catlin-Williams – UK Advisor, Nuclear Proliferation, Socialist
Shmuel (Samuel) Mohilever (+) – Co-founder, Hovevei Zion Movement
Sid Roth – Messianic Jew
Simon Maximilian Sudfeld (Max Simon Nordau) (+) – Co-founder, World Zionist Organization
Simon Phillip Cowell – Television Host, A&R Executive, producer
Sister Paula (Larry) Nielsen – Trangender Christian Minister
Slobodan Milosevic – President, Socialist Republic of Serbia/Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Solomon Schechter (+) – Rabbi, Founder, United Synagogue of America, Zionist
Soong Ch'ing-ling (+) – Co-Leader, Communist China
Stanley Knapp Hathaway (+) – US Secretary of the Interior
Stephen J. Friedman – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Steve K. Munsey – Christian Minister
Steven Pearlstein – Pulitzer Prize winning socialist
Steven Wallman – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Steven Weinberg – Council on Foreign Relations
Stuart Goldman – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Sumner T. Pike(+) – Acting Chair, US Atomic Energy Commission; OWG Socialist
Susan Denise (Sadie Mae Glutz) Atkins – Manson Family Murderer
Szymon (Shimon Peres) Perski – President, State of Israel, Democratic Socialist
Taha Mohiuddin Marouf (+) – Iraq Revolutionary Command Council
Takejiro Onishi (+) – Japanese Vice Admiral, War Criminal
Tamara "Tammy" Faye Bakker Messner – Christian Minister
Theodor Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl (+) – Austrian journalist, Father of Political Zionism
Theodore Robert Cowell "Ted" Bunday – Serial Murderer
Theresa Helene "Terri" Seymour – Model, Actress
Thomas Bertram Lance – Director, US Office of Management and Budget
Thomas Dexter "T. D." Jakes, Sr. – Christian Minister
Thomas James "Tom" Vilsack – US Secretary of Agriculture
Thomas Lauren Friedman – Pulitzer Prize winning socialist
Thomas Reeve "Tom" Pickering – US Ambassador to the United Nations
Thomas Savig Kleppe (+) – US Secretary of the Interior
Tihomir Blaskic – Yugoslavian War Criminal
Tony (Bernie LaZar Hoffman) Alamo – Minister, Singer, Evangelist, Child Sex Offender
Toufik Benedictus "Benny" Hinn – Christian Minister
Tracy Marrow – American Rapper, Actor, Author
Troy A. Paredes – SEC Commissioner; OWG Socialist
Tubal Uriah Butler (+) – Jamaican Socialist
Tupac Amaru Shakur (+) – Murdered Rapper, Socialist Activist
Upton Sinclair, Jr. (+) – Journalist, Socialist
Uri Zvi Grinberg (+) – Israeli Poet, Zionist
Usamah bin Muhammad bin Awad bin Ladin – International Islamic Terrorist
Vaino Tanner (+) – Prime Minister, Finland, Socialist, War Criminal
Vanessa Griffin Long – Christian Minister
Vicente "El Vicentillo" Zambada – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Vicente Carrillo Leyva – International Illegal Narcotics Cartel Leader
Vitaly Viktor Haim Arlosoroff (+) – Marxist, Zionist
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (+) – Communist Dictator of Russia
Vladimir Yevgenyevich Zhabotinsky (+) – Revisionist Zionist
Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov (+) – Communist
Wade L. Hopping (+) – Florida Supreme Court Justice
Wallace L. Pannier (+) – US Germ Warfare Scientist
Walter A. Maier – Christian Minister
Walter Joseph "Wally" Hickel – US Secretary of the Interior
Walter Vinson Grant, Jr. – Christian Minister
Walter Winchell (+) – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Warren Bruce Rudman – US Senator
Warren Eastman Hearnes (+) – Governor of Missouri, Socialist
Wayne Bertram Williams – Serial Murderer
Werner Michael Blumenthal – US Secretary of the Treasury
William Alexander Clarke Bustamante (+) – Prime Minister, Jamaica, Democratic Socialist
William Anthony "Tony" Parker – Professional Basketball Player
William Bart Saxbe – US Attorney General
William Carroll Quigley (+) – Council on Foreign Relations
William Charles Hill (+) – Mastermind Criminal
William Edward Simon (+) – US Secretary of Treasury
William Eugene Scott (+) – Christian Minister
William Franklin "Billy" Graham, Jr. – Christian Minister
William Franklin Graham III – Christian Minister
William Hedgcock Webster – Council on Foreign Relations
William Henry Donaldson – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
William Herbert Keller – Christian Minister
William James Crowe, Jr. (+) – Council on Foreign Relations
William Joseph Casey (+) – Director, Central Intelligence Agency; OWG Socialist
William Lucius Cary (+) – Chairman, SEC; OWG Socialist
William Morris (+) – Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Utopian Socialist
William Orville Douglas (+) – US Supreme Court Associate Justice; OWG Socialist
William Pfaff – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
William Thaddeus Coleman, Jr. – US Secretary of Transportation
Willie Julian Usery, Jr. – US Secretary of Labor
Wolfgang Johannes Topfschnig (Puck) – Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur
Yakov Mikhaylovich Sverdlov (+) – Communist
Yang Shangkun (+) – Communist Dictator of China
Yasmin Damji Alibhai-Brown – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Yi Syngman Rhee (+) – President, South Korea
Yitzhak Ben-Zvi (+) – President, Israel, Labor Zionist, Democratic Socialist
Yitzhak Rabin (+) – Prime Minister, Israel, Democratic Socialist
Yoshihiro Francis Fukuyama – Journalist, Syndicated Columnist
Yuli Osipovich Zederbaum (Julius Martov) (+) – Communist
Yuri Pyatikov (+) – Communist
Zachery Tims – Christian Minister
Zhuo Lin (+) – Widow of Chinese paramount leader Deng Xiaoping, Communist
Zola Levitt (+) – Christian Minister

       1,200 and counting.  Imagine, Hell has room for many more billions.

       Take a look at THE PICTURE OF SOULS BURNING IN HELL and see if there's anybody you recognize .....


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