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Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
08 November 2009
Aku Press LLC

08 November 2009 21 Cheshvan 5770

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (USA) Forty seven years ago a prophecy began to make the rounds of the few true spiritualists and metaphysicians of the day.  HR 3962 passed the US House of Representatives, November 7th, 2009, and fulfilled the beginning of all FORTY-FIVE prophetic references contained in "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" (AED) ( 1962-2006) Free Online and available at all book outlets and major libraries world wide.  The World's Greatest Book of Answers, in its second printing, the AED is filled with commentaries translated directly out of Angelic, the language of the Heavens and Hell.

       The AED contains hundreds of prophecies about the immediate and long-term future of the United States and the world along with ancient and modern Blessings and Curses, who is responsible and how to deal with the sure and certain effects.  HR 3962 legislated enslavement is but one point of coverage in the 500-page volume.

       The two main officers in authority of the AED, Bobby Farrell and D. Chylon Budagher, were involved in a Nostradamus prophecy fulfillment, Century 10, Quadrant 74, 10th April 2007:
       "The year the Great Seventh Number is accomplished;
       Appearing at the time of the Games of Slaughter;
       Not far from the Age of the Great Millennium,
       When the dead will come out of their graves."

       The pair released uncounted millions of souls, some who had been trapped by demonic ritual since before the ancient Biblical accounts of the Nefilim, later called Watchers in Daniel, Chapter 4.  The event happened at Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, and was fully documented by the Akurians who test everything in direct, two-way, infallible communication with The Most High Lord God of All Creation.


       That life is and is removed by death is a far too-common situation for any prudent mind to need either explanation or reminder.
       But where does life come from? and what is the true nature of death?
       Age old questions still unanswered by all the world's great religions, philosophers and spiritual leaders.  The answers lie not in any religion, for all religions promise much and deliver nothing.  Philosophers concoct grand theories they themselves cannot live by, and self-appointed spiritual leaders are only a pretense of anything viable in Real Creation except their own knowing damned lies.
       First, we must question each and every source of information, including this one.  Nothing must be accepted blindly.  Nothing, especially our previous programming, must be permitted to contaminate our evidence, infest our research nor infect our conclusions.  Nothing.  Only hard facts, examinable evidence, consistent verification and infallible delivery can be considered AFTER they have been proven to be immaculate.  Anything less and we're back on square one with hallelujah halfwits, day-dreaming philosophical wish-lists and outright fraudulent psychics, priests, preachers and other liars.
       Second, our research need only satisfy ourselves, and therefore we need not include any other minds in our endeavors lest our search and findings be then and there infested, infected and poisoned beyond purification of such injected contaminations.  Since life and death are infinitely PERSONAL and to the extreme, nobody needs anyone else making such relevant decisions for themselves in any degree whatsoever.  Any adult mind jellyfish enough to even permit such intrusion has already failed at the outset and nothing they encounter will alleviate their concerns one iota.  And that is as it should be, for a coward dies a thousand deaths and the brave dies but one.
       Third, we must establish a priority and procedure of research, (1) where to begin, and (2) what to do with the information once we have any.  That simple two-part procedure will apply throughout each and every step and determine the NEXT course of action.

       (1)  Where to begin?
       The exact center of consciousness in the brain cannot be determined, as it acts in various places depending on the situation; but that does not indicate the location of consciousness, only that it is there and in some degree of command.  A dead brain has no detectable electrical energy, yet postmortem activity continues, shifts in hormones, reaction to organs that no longer receive instruction, et cetera.  It is now a documented fact that the brain always dies first.  Does that mean the brain IS the consciousness of life? or the seat of consciousness for howsoever long life continues in it?  We must determine which, if either, before we can determined what to do with the information once we have any.
       Kirlian (electrophotography, shortened to electrography), a photographic process using high voltage and high frequency, clearly shows an ACTIVE "aura" surrounding every LIVING thing, and the absence of such ACTIVITY surrounding anything DEAD or inanimate.  The key here being ACTIVITY.  All material (mass, matter) things have electrical activity of some sort at the atomic level depending on its make up, usually expressed in some vibratory (frequency) manifestation in addition to signal variations and strength.  Coal 'vibrates' at a different frequency than lead, lead is different than gold, gold is different than silver, silver is different than wood, wood is different than plastic, et cetera.  Living bodies are no different, they all have different frequencies even if in the same general frequency band while alive, the aura is ACTIVE; when dead, activity stops immediately in the aura as the electrical activity in the brain stops.
       (2)  What to do with the information?
       Is that evidence of a soul?  A detectable aura, a dramatic and instantaneous change upon cessation of electrical activity in the brain.  They seem to be connected, but if so, how?  A question seemingly out of order according to our set procedure, or is it an answer we have yet to decipher?
       Let's organize and find out the answers to both:
       A detectable aura.  Can it be detected by any other means than electrography?  Surprisingly, the answer is "Yes!" and anyone can do it.  In our main publication, "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" (AED) (free online, and available at all bookstores and major libraries world wide) in Chapter One there is instruction for INSTANT CLAIRVOYANCE, a must-read for all who to absolutely document these findings.  It's fast, simple, costs nothing, works for everybody, takes only a minute or two, and is far too wordy to reprint here.  The process teaches how to SEE your own and anyone else's (or anything's) aura to your own satisfaction.  With practice, a Clairvoyant can see an aura whether the person is dead or alive, and most can tell the difference giving rise to some credibility of a few of those psychics who assist police and families locate dead and missing persons.
       "Does that mean the brain IS the consciousness of life? or the seat of consciousness for howsoever long life continues in it?"  Obviously, if an aura can be detected following death and being free of the body, the brain cannot be but the operations center for consciousness and life manifestations while one is alive the seat of consciousness.  That the aura continues following death, and can be documented as acting and reacting to questions and requests, the consciousness cannot be limited to the brain whether living or dead.
       "Are the brain and the aura connected, and if so, how?"  Again, the obvious, the brain is the communications center for the living body through which the consciousness dictates the terms and conditions.  What the consciousness is doing or intends to do is revealed in the frequencies and their relevant colors of the aura.  It's a situation almost like being able to enjoy electricity without being wired directly into the generation and delivery system.
       Point to consider:  Individual colors are determined by frequency thus the electromagnetic spectrum.

       Correct.  And with a phenomenon not explainable by electrical physics, and expressed only in the realms of light.  Mixing physical colors of paint will eventually make BLACK, while mixing physical colors of light will eventually make WHITE!  Math can calculate the paint, but cannot even approach the same manifestation with light.  Since the aura is made of light, we cannot exclude light's properties in our research.  One of which is the property of existing in the same place at the same time without room or space effect.  Focus two or three lights at the same location and you'll understand it far more than any amount of words.  Use different color lights, and the addition of each will cause the combined color to approach white which is the combination of ALL colors of light.  Regardless of how many lights are involved, there are no more room or space requirements.  Not so with physical paint, or physical anything else.
       An aura, being made of light, is still only a physical manifestation.  That's right, light is a physical substance.  Different to be sure, but no more different than room temperature water and iron; one a fluid and the other a solid, but both physical substances.
       Is the aura also the spirit? Soul?  It certainly is a manifestation of the spirit, and to a lesser degree also a manifestation of the consciousness of life itself.  The first mention of a soul is in the Holy Bible book of Genesis, 2:7: " and man became a living soul."  The first life and death account on record is given in Genesis 35:18 of the death of Rachel "as her soul was in departing" which could equally mean as her breathing stopped.  Some earlier translations said "her spirit" or "her ghost" and that would have required something visible to see it leaving her body.  Therefore we may assume the aura is not only a manifestation of the spirit/soul/ghost, but some part of it as well.
       And what is the difference between "spirit," "soul," and "ghost?"  The word "spirit" in its original Greek means the ability to live or move, so "spirit" is more of a quality than a physical substance.  "Soul," even in the earliest languages means a conscious entity, something physical that knows and knows itself.  "Ghost" is a living combination of a spirit and a soul but without a necessary physical container.  All are close, and today all three are used interchangeably, often to our detriment of being able to understand completely.
       All three have auras to some degree, although the aura manifests differently between the earthly physical and the higher frequency "spiritual."  Even so, we can conclude that seeing any aura is seeing a manifestation of that object's ENERGY regardless of how it's manifesting at the moment.

       Correct again.  Everything, without exception, is some form of energy.  The only exception is The Most High, Himself, and that only because we really don't know and He hasn't said one way or the other.  He has declared Himself to have a SOUL!   Isaiah 1:14: "" your appointed feasts my soul hateth"" quoting The Most High, but that does not permit the assumption that His Soul is made of anything our knowledge of physics can understand.  Nor can we dismiss the possibility; we simply don't know and that single exception of knowledge does not change any facts for the rest of us.
       Can we assume our own aura has a detectable energy as well as a visionable quality?  Again the answer is a resounding "Yes!"  And anyone can detect their own in about one minute and without any 'prayer' or other such nonsense.  It's a simple and self-satisfying procedure.  Bend your arms at the elbows, face the palms toward one another, and hold them about a foot apart directly in front of your solar plexus (belly button).  In about one minute, or less, you'll feel a slight warmth in both hands.  That is your own living spirit energy a true soul will be warm, a soulless consciousness will be slightly cool and the aura you see in a mirror following the same exercise given in The AED's instructions for Instant Clairvoyance.  Nothing to it, and remember, you only have to know for your own satisfaction.  You don't have to 'prove' anything to anybody else.

       Now what do we do with the information?  First, be relieved that you now KNOW you have a soul or should have and you can detect it again anytime you need the reinforcement.  I you're a soulless consciousness you can gain a soul, full instructions are in the AED.  Second, prepare yourself to find out about death and what happens after.

       Given that we now have and can directly experience for ourselves a soul or a consciousness energy, and knowing in time death exists for all things, what about death? what is it? and what happens to the soul or consciousness at, or following, death?
       Unlike the physical body of flesh, blood and bone, that begins to deteriorate immediately at death, the soul or consciousness doesn't because they are made of entirely different frequency material.  First, let's separate the soul from the consciousness simply because they are not the same thing.  Both soul and consciousness have a profound and irrevocable effect on the physical body, and vise versa, some with eternal consequences.  And this will be one of the hardest researches to accept, and one of the most enlightening once mentally digested.
       There is a huge and irrevocable difference between a life consciousness and a living soul.  The two can be, and often are, combined in a joint manifestation, but either one can exist without the other.  The consciousness is the part of our life energies that makes us AWARE of ourselves, and provides us with analytical thought and all our other at-will considerations.  The brain/neuro system accomplishes a great deal with the consciousness life force energies, programming itself to make us breathe, our heart to beat, to digest food and water, tell us when we are ill or injured, and the business of healing ourselves from growing up until old age.  And that same consciousness life force can continue after death and pay for its crimes against Holy Law just like a soul can, but with one major difference we shall explore later.
       A living consciousness may or may not consider moral and/or ethical values, but generally has no conscience other than rote of conduct.  A soul cannot escape conscience, even if ignoring it when desire gets in the way.
       In either case the INNATE, the foundation of all life, spirit, soul, mind, consciousness, cognizance, awareness, curiosity, comprehension, knowledge, intelligence, understanding, wisdom, morality, ethics, et cetera although not necessarily in that order is that portion of our being that gives us psychic flashes and insight in addition to all spiritual gifts of Deja Vu, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, prophecy and discernment.  It is also the seat of conscience, for those who are moral enough to observe.
       How does one become a living consciousness without having a living soul?
       The most common is being born to someone father OR mother, BOTH are not necessary that either doesn't have a soul themselves, or lost the right to their own soul as result of their conduct.  That Holy Law still visits the sins of the fathers (and mothers) to the third and fourth generations they produce, has now given us a generation of soulless, the vast majority of whom are bi-racial and the races doesn't matter!  Holy Law FORBIDS RACEMIXING Genesis 34, noting that  Shechem took Jacob's daughter, Dinah to bed " saw her, he took her, and lay with her, and defiled her," and note specifically verse seven, "because he (Shechem) had wrought folly in Israel in lying with Jacob's daughter; which thing ought not to be done."  Ezra 9:1-15, Nehemiah 10:30 and Nehemiah 13:25 make it abundantly clear The Most High, His Commandments and Holy Law have severe penalties for racemixing.  The Akurians were as surprised as everybody else when we were informed by The Most High that such is the case:  racemixed children do not have souls, and their parents and all interracial fornicators lost the right to theirs!  Racemixing is one of the most severe forms of Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit of Truth (The Holy Ghost) and is an unforgivable offense putting the offender in permanent danger of the Judgment.  The "Why?" of that makes more sense when it is realized that racemixing defiles the Body Temple.
       A living consciousness is automatically destined to burn, because The Most High demands souls in their generations not entities whose spirituality cannot increase generation after generation which a soul can and a living consciousness cannot.  And that is why the innate only communicates with a living soul through the spiritual level of the mind, it does not communicate with a living consciousness except by its nature to demand a return to purity.  Thus the agonizing confusion of biracials in trying to find out "who" they really are.  A horrible and generations-long situation that need not exist to begin with simply by obeying Holy Law.  Even approving of interracial relationships is a violation of Holy Law and comes with the same penalties as the relationship itself.  Deuteronomy 23:2: "A bastard shall not enter into the Congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the Congregation of the Lord."  In other words, "NEVER!" until they have repented and returned to Holy Law, gained a soul and are no longer producing soulless children.  Much more detail about that in the AED for your researches.
       With all the advantages of having a soul, there is one horrific fact most people either do not know or ignore to their own peril:  though structured to live forever, a soul can die!  Read Ezekiel 18:4 and 18:20: " the soul that sinneth, it shall die," in both instances.  That Hell is considered eternal DEATH is the only confusing point here.  A soul burning in an everlasting Hell (Yes, the AED shows you how to go look, and see for yourself!) would really prefer the reputed painless oblivion of death; or better still, infinite nonexistence.  A living consciousness that does not perpetuate the abominations of its parentage, simply evaporates at death; but one sin upon it, and it stands Judgment just like every other living soul.


       We understand bodily death, everything stops except the decomposing until there is nothing left to decompose.  That decomposition can be delayed to some degree does not infer there is still life to come to the corpse.  That's a promised hope of most religions, but in fact achieving Heaven or Hell at death is a foregone, cut-and-dried situation that none of the world's religions can alter one iota.  A dead body may be cloned, but it cannot be resurrected in the same manner a soul can be reborn into a new body.  When death shuts down the physical body, the higher frequency elements soul or consciousness are immediately released from it, never to return unless invoked back via demonic sorceries as practiced by virtually all religions.  Near death is just that, near death, the real thing is irrevocable other than as just described.  A few so-called Eastern Religions dispose of the corpse in such manner as to insure the necessity of a new and gestated body, whether burning it to end the reincarnation cycle or leaving it to the carnivores and scavengers of the wild.
       There is no such thing as any religious ritual or cultural practice that can preempt the Righteous Power or Holy Authority of any Anointed or any True and Righteous Proven Knower.  They, and they alone, have the ability and firepower to both kill a body and then burn that body and its soul in Hell!  A body and soul sentenced to burn in Hell cannot be retrieved by anybody except the Anointed or Disciple who delivered the penalty.  In Immanuel's own words, Matthew 10:28: "And fear not, them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul:  but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell;" and again, Luke 12:5: "But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear:  Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him."  And much to the chagrin of hallelujah halfwits, priests, preachers and other liars, there is no mention of that power being restricted to The Most High!  On Earth, it is vested solely in the Anointeds and their Disciples.
       A more complete explanation is given in the AED, but suffice in the short term to understand the sequence of events at death.  All electrical (life force) energy ceases within a few minutes, and the soul or living consciousness leaves the body, being for a short time existent in the lowest heavenly, Etheric Plane and highest Depth of Hell, Deros, which overlap each other about eighty percent of their frequency range with the Earth Plane in the middle of the two.  Expanding on that for better understanding:
       The First Heaven is the Etheric Plane, HATH-THOR in Angelic.  From this Etheric Plane you can see everything that exists on earth, and the spiritual entities that are the souls of every living thing from microscopic to the giant sequoia.  This Etheric Plane is about as high as most psychics can 'see', and accounts for most of their blivit-headed, asinine and generally inaccurate predictions.  The problem is with the scientist and not the science.  The next lower Plane is this Earth Level, and we hope you are familiar with it as some people aren't!  The first Depth of Hell below the Earth is the Deros (DEE-ROS) and is where the consciousness descends at death when influenced by drugs, narcotics, or a soap-opera suicide.  From this Level of Hell come most Oui-Ja board communications, but certainly not all of them!  The material of both the Etheric Plane and the Deros Depth can be seen easily from the Earth Plane and are usually the manifestations experienced by those people who return from 'clinical' deaths poo-pooed as near death experiences by the medical community.  The Earth Plane takes up about fifty percent of the middle of the overlapping Etheric Heaven and Deros Depth.
       Extended stays here are rare, but are not totally unknown as this is the Realm of those bound to or near their places of death experienced and detected via 'hauntings.'  Most haunting spirits are bound there of their own desire, using the energy of the trauma of their deaths to so bind themselves, and some are bound there by hallelujah halfwit 'rituals.'  Some are sentenced to such binding at First Judgment due to the nature of their lives, while others are there for no other reason than they want to be and have no great penalties upon themselves to pay for elsewhere.  Such hauntings are uncommon compared to the number of deaths due to the fact that most souls and consciousnesses are adjudicated to either to full access to the Heavens, Repose where they spiritually digest their just-previous life in a near dream-like state, or sent directly to Hell for their abominations.  Very few survive to go haunt some place.


       The First Judgment, of all the souls of earth (Generations of Ish/Adam) are judged by Righteous Abel (Adam's son who was killed by his brother Cain); even the highest and the mightiest.  Any and all, high or low, may appeal unto the Four Great Judges (The Great Four Horsemen of Apocalypse).  All those, especially the high and mighty, who appeal to one or more of The Great Horsemen are saying, in effect, that Righteous Abel's determination is not just and righteous.  But in all the Generations of Ish, Righteous Abel has never been overruled by the Four Great Judges, nor has his imposed sentence been reduced so much as one iota by those Mighty Horsemen.  Not even once!  The First Judgment is usually within seventy-two (72) to one hundred sixty (160) hours following death, and is for the determination as to whether a soul should burn until the age of the loosening of Lucifer for a little season, or whether a soul should repose and review itself and all its deeds since its creation, or to sojourn embound near unto its deeds or the place of its death.
       The Second Judgment is the Final Judgment of all the earth, and will follow the Holocaust and Tribulation and establish the Thousand (1,000) Generations of Peace.  There will be those who shall burn until the loosening and there will be those who shall return some in spirit, some in flesh, and some in both to do restitution for all they did and they must restitute it all in full.  Following the Thousand Generations of Peace, Lucifer will be loosened for a little season, and then shall come the Great and Final Review of Judgment of all the Heavens, and all the spirits, and all the souls, and all the tribes, and all the peoples, and all the nations, and all the Earths which includes other worlds.  And this only is the manner of those three Great Judgments; all other 'theologies' are absolute demonic-generated poppycock.
       There are two Judgments and one Final Review.  Those of misdeed, except the raping or injury or murder of the innocent and children including the racemixing pollution of their own bodies and the bodies of their generations after them, shall have consideration for repentance and restoration.  But those who have Blasphemed The Holy Spirit of Truth, the most severe form of which is racemixing shall never be forgiven and shall burn without ceasing and without hope of any rescue or relief lest they repent, and even then they remain in danger of The Great Judgment.

       Full instructions as to how you can verify all these things is presented in the AED free on line and available at all bookstores and major libraries world wide:  search "The Akurians" as authors or the full title "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" or the Second Printing publisher, AuthorHouse.
       What you do with this information and the finding of your researches is entirely up to you.

The Akurians.

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