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2nd in the Series
John McCain/Sarah Palin - Barack Obama/Joseph Biden

       From the worst collection of potential Candidates for the Office of President of the United States of America ever to take a campaign offering, we finally end up with a soulless half-breed Accursed Canaanite - Barack Obama - tied to a Washington Veteran - Joseph Biden - who is as much responsible for the overall mess this Country is in as Marx, himself; against a none-too-honest but genuine War Hero - John McCain - paired with a homespun gal from the boondocks of the Great Dark North - Sarah Palin - AND THE ONLY INTELLIGENT CHOICE - political or otherwise - in this whole long-winded charade.
       But WHAT does The Most High have to say about all this?
       First and foremost - the Citizens really can't 'believe' any of the four!  Three are already well known for their "say anything to get elected and do as their One World Government handlers tell them" records; making the fourth, Sarah Palin, look like a sparkling spring of all-healing waters by comparison.  When measured in the REAL context of Vice President:  "to preside over the Senate"; she's such a vast improvement over all those of at least the past 140 years, she makes the lot of them look like amateur highwaymen. Which most of them were:  and Mondale, Bush, Quayle, Gore and Cheney still are.  Viewed in the context of Vice President and one-heart-beat away from the Presidency, she still outshines all the other potentials and pretenders combined; and with John McCain being 72 (2008) that eventuality is neither insignificant nor a point any True American should ignore come the General Election.  The fact is, Sarah Palin currently is the best choice in the entire pile of all those still vying for the Office, and will remain so until the One World Government KAK JEW SOCIALISTS take her aside and set their damnations upon her like they have every President since and including Theodore Roosevelt, the most cooperative of them all.
       As for Barack Obama, he would be better advised to be about the business of securing a SOUL which he was born without - and neither Jesus nor Muhammad can restore - thanks to his racemixing harlot mother.  The sad but Righteous Truth is, that racemixing is the most severe form of Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit of Truth - even more than outright lying - the UNFORGIVABLE sin that puts all offenders in grave danger of the Judgment.  Those unfortunate enough to be children of such damnable unions are born without souls; having only an innate and consciousness, of which the innate can burn and the consciousness be fully aware of it.  The big difference in an innate without a soul burning is there is a time limit of punishment according to the offenses; and a soul will burn forever if the offenses are not properly restituted.  Barack Obama is caught in that scenario, and putting him in the White House will put the entire Nation under the Great Curses of Noah upon Canaan and The Most High's Curse upon Cush!  If you want the entire American Dream to be squandered in the sewers of immorality that are the essence of Black Ghetto war zones, then by all means do your liberal-damnedest - for whatever 'reason' you can swallow - and vote Obama.  But you have been informed and are without excuse for all the damnations and war zone atrocities that will follow.
       John McCain isn't much of an improvement, especially when it comes to The Constitution of the United States, - which  The Most High who authored it holds as a Holy Document - as evidenced by his 'war-on-terrorism' votes that are as bogus as Hillary Clinton's war record.  To be sure, John McCain is the lesser of two evils, but the lesser of two evils IS STILL EVIL!
       A prime example of blatant and outright evil is the current bailout of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fiascoes - which John McCain will endorse and support until hell and your money freezes over.  That the bailout will only secure the finances of the KAK JEWS who engineered the con-game and devastate the borrowers who got sucked in to the bunko, leaving the KAK JEWS to run rampant again without so much as a 'call-them-down' just like the Savings and Loan scam a few years back, clearly shows John McCain is already bought and paid for by the One World Government KAK JEW SOCIALISTS who control just about everything else on the planet.  Even so, the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts were legislated under a Democrat Legislature, so don't let them pass the buck on to Puppet Bush.
       As for Joseph Biden, his legislative High Treasons are decades long and more in number, NATFA being one of the better at U.S. Economy destroying with the NAU (North American Union) gobbling like Behemoth and Leviathan just beyond the dawn.  Yet, that damned liar wants you to think all the lost jobs, devastated lives and careers, income-reductions and price-gouging are 'great' for America.  Only a KAK JEW PUPPET like Biden is stupid enough to think we can ship our jobs overseas and then bring the products back into the country to sell them to people that no longer have jobs or income!  Are you that stupid?  If so, you fully deserve Joe Biden and all the SOCIALIST damnations he and his ilk can cram in your ass!
       For instance:  Universal Heath Care?  SOCIALIZED MEDICINE that's bankrupted every country that's inflicted it upon their people.  Marx, pure and simple, to the ultimate control of everyone and everything by government's enforcement by wholesale murder.  The whining about how many people don't have insurance, be damned!  If it weren't for KAK JEW EXTORTIONS of insurance, medical treatment (AMA) and pharmaceuticals (FDA), there wouldn't be any 'health' crises, let alone a 'health care' crisis.
       When and if, we WAKE UP to all the KAK JEW circle of circumstance (KAK JEW to KAK JEW to KAK JEW, ad infinitus) beginning with the poisons in our water, the nutritionless 'hybrid' everything-in-sight, epidemic disease-causing and vital-organ-destroying 'additives' to all our processed food and all the other KAK JEW SCAMS for the sake of an immediate penny to buy a penny's worth of control, we might be able to turn the Nation and then the world into a more positive direction.  Certainly we'd have healthier minds and bodies to consider it with.
       And which of the four:  John McCain, Barack Obama, Joseph Biden and Sarah Palin are the most likely to begin such a massive restructuring of our government and KAK JEW-CONTROLLED political processes?  Sadly, only Sarah Palin, and she only until the KAK JEWS step in and change her direction for her - or else!
       And WHAT does  The Most High have to say to YOU about all this?  ""You have been given the truth on My Own Word, and I will hold you responsible.""  And He didn't say that today or yesterday, He said it ages ago in example after example that obedience to His Holy Law - which is NOT 'christianity' nor 'islam' - you would KNOW that He is God.  Eighty Eight times, Ninety Four if you consider paraphrases to the same effect, in the Old Testament alone.
       Think about it while you still have time.  Are YOU going to be one of those responsible for putting the Great Curses upon Canaan and Cush in the most powerful Executive Office on the planet?  Even if you're Black:  that isn't a very smart idea.  Are YOU going to be one of those who votes any party line because you buy into their damned lies and High Treasons?  Even if you're out of work, out of money, out of the pay-clique of welfare, out of the social elite of church and fraternal organizations, and out of patience with the status quo:  that isn't a very smart idea either.  Not voting at all is worse, as that is EXACTLY what the KAK JEW SOCIALISTS want you to do so their every agenda to lord all things over you DO NOT SUFFER YOUR RESISTANCE!
       The lesser of all the available evils?  John McCain and Sarah Palin:  and a TOTAL change in both the House and the Senate!
       That's right.  We could put Jesus, Joseph, Mary and Moses in the White House and NOT CHANGE A DAMNED THING with those perpetual KAK JEW-CONTROLLED SOCIALISTS who currently contaminate the Offices of U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.  Don't buy into their 'experience' and 'entrenchment' into positions of power smoozing:  if they've been there more than one term:  THEY'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM IF NOT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR!  All the socialist bastards need to go, from Nancy Pelosi and Robert Byrd right down to the wannabe second termers who also haven't done a damned thing except more layers of KAK JEW SOCIALISM!
       The KAK JEW DEMOCRATIC CONTROLLED CONGRESS took full advantage of the Republican God Playing and do-nothing except abolish the Constitution; rushed right to Washington blazing on all burners with their 100-Days Absolute-Irrevocable-Ironclad 'promise' in hand and managed to sputter out ONE "non-binding resolution" for all the nation to be amazed by!  POPPYCOCK!  ALL THE KAK JEW SOCIALIST, LYING, DO-NOTHING BASTARDS HAVE TO GO!
       Oh, yes,  The Most High will hold YOU responsible for that failure too.  Just like He will all your other violations and non-observances of Holy Law.  There's no place to run and there's no place to hide, and the Days of Holocaust and Years of Tribulation are now on the horizon and 'praying about it' won't make it go away nor delay it one split second.  Think about that too
       What a lousy set of choices for the greatest Country and People in the whole world.  McCain until Palin or Obama/Biden until total collapse.  That is unless the KAK JEW SOCIALISTS dispose of the People's Choice like they did James Vincent Forrestal, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Hale Boggs, Lawrence McDonald, all those in the Alfred P. Murrah building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, better known as "The American Reichstag" along with the thousands at the World Trade Center and hundreds upon hundreds of others.  With the KAK JEW to KAK JEW to KAK JEW circle of circumstance so well ensconced, we The People, must not only live with their choices of evils, but endure the horrors of their mass executions and civil atrocities when those choices even present the appearance of not towing the KAK JEW line.
       And WHAT does  The Most High have to say about all this?
       The short version is simple, He has sent someone to be a Witness OF and a Testimony AGAINST all offenders and FOR all the Righteous.  How that Testimony will go in YOUR case depends entirely on YOU!  The same applies to the current four Presidential and Vice Presidential hopefuls, McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden; and none have any exception to the Holy Rules.  All 'profess' religion, only Palin attempts to practice hers.  NONE are righteous in The Sight of The Most High.
       Then too, if YOU want to ask  The Most High yourself, complete information and instructions are free online at "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!"  If The Testimony of The Most High, Himself, isn't sufficient, then what do YOU suggest for a corrupt and dying world?  Who do YOU want in Office to bring the world into tomorrow for which YOU will be equally liable in The Sight of The Most High?


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