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13 December 2012
Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
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Part, the Third:  Warnings Ignored

Words of The Most High are in double quotes (""), numbers are paragraphs in "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!".

2000       ""And because they obeyed not, they have set forth many forces of My Own Hand that I will not stay:  that the iniquity upon those burning and those yet to burn shall be full; and their greater burning after The Judgment shall be fully justified!
2001       ""Son of Man, Aku, Mine Own Anointed, Holy One of Israel, Holy One of Ishmael:  I will cause Judah and the Muscovites [socialists] to bring famines and depressions upon the House of Joseph!  And those famines and depressions shall go forth unto all the Tribes of Israel and all the Children of Ishmael, and unto all the Tribes of Accursed Cush and of Accursed Canaan!  Because the leaders have profaned My Holy Statutes and the people have followed them!
2002       ""Son of Joseph, Aku, My Beloved Above All in the Earth:  know that I do this because it came from My Own Mouth that I would do this in their disobedience!  Because they have made My Holy Laws to none effect, I have decreed that the Houses of Joseph, even Israel, even Ephraim and Manasseh, shall be laid waste!  And war shall soon be upon every doorstep in the land!  First, from the heathen and the harlots within the gates who pollute the blood of My People; and second, from the very hands of those the people have chosen over them!  For those leaders act not on behalf of those who appointed them, but on Direct Orders from that great murdering Babylonian Harlot of Harlots at Rome!
2003       ""Son of Man, Aku, Mine Only Anointed of This Generation of Fire, Holiest Son of All Israel:  because the House of Joseph has desired it and not resisted it, either in the streets nor in the town halls, nor in the slaughter of the proponents of the degeneracies and the desecrations, I will cause those of lesser mind and lesser righteousness, even the harlots and harlotmongers of the House of Joseph, to lie with the heathen within the gates and raise up soulless children unto them!  And the blood of the House of Joseph shall be polluted, save for the Remnant, even The Elect!""

2004       [INSERT:  The House of Joseph are the two Israelite Tribes of Ephraim (United States) and Manasseh (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales of the United Kingdom; which includes Canada and Australia) upon whom Jacob named his name Israel when he passed the birthright to them.  Reuben, the firstborn, defiled himself by having sexual intercourse with one of Jacob's four wives, and therefore did not receive the birthright, which includes the unalterable promises of The Most High made to Abraham.
2005       Accursed Canaan was Cursed by Noah, The Anointed of His Generation.  Accursed Cush, also spelled Kush, means Black in the original Semitic languages, brought the Curse of Canaan upon his whole household in addition to the Curse upon Cush inflicted by The Most High as given in Chapter 40.  Muscovites (Moscow) are referred to herein as socialists, communists specifically, and are Gog of the Bible, Magog being the countries south of Russia and north of Israel.]

2006       ""Woe to the House of Joseph, terror upon Israel and the children of the birthright!  Woe to the heirs of Abraham and My Holy promises, for the children of Abraham shall not see my promises of paradise come to fruition in this vile and corrupt Generation!  Woe to the man whose children may not be sanctified by me as being pure as the blood of Noah!  Woe to the harlot who receives the seed of the heathen into her womb, for she has defiled the temple of her own body, and profaned her own living soul therein, and profaned the seed of her loins, and is a harlot and a mother of harlots and harlotmongers in her abominations!  Woe to the man who implants his seed in the womb of a woman not of the blood as the blood of his fathers, for he has profaned the temple of his body, and profaned his own living soul therein, and profaned the seed of his loins, and is a harlotmonger and a father of harlots and harlotmongers in his abominations!  Woe to the children of such union, for they are without souls!  And thus the blood of the House of Joseph is profaned with the blood of the House of Accursed Canaan and with the blood of the House of Accursed Cush!
2007       ""Son of Man, Aku, Mine Own Anointed Holy One of Israel, this is the manner by which I will abandon the House of Joseph to the Muscovites:  with much violence at the hands of those who preach peace and calmness from their offices of authority, even in the face of their own intended violence!  And the House of Joseph shall be a temporary possession, and immensely burdensome; for I will yet choose Israel and though I will not forget Ishmael, My Wrath shall not cease upon those who disobey My Holy Law and abuse Mine Own Chosen!
2008       ""I will cause the House of Joseph to be weakened for his listening to the lies of the socialist deceivers and their stooges of the House of Judah, until for weariness, Joseph shall surrender to obtain relief of the needless anxiousness over the supposed crises upon crises!
2009       ""I will not give these things upon the House of Joseph if the House of Joseph will remain pure, even by the edge of the sword, and will silence the warmongers with the same blade!  But if the House of Joseph will not remain pure and will not put the whoredoms and harlotries of Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush and Judah from him, and if Joseph will not surrender to the constant confusions and lies bellowed unto him by Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush and Judah, and if Joseph will not demand the publishings of the truth, then I will let the House of Joseph fall as was the fall of the Son of the Morning!
2010       ""For there is no reason to be weak of the knee or fearful in the intestines; for I, even I, have decreed both the Way of Destruction and the Way of Deliverance!
2011       ""Is it beyond the will of the House of Joseph to walk then the smooth path of Truth and Righteous Knowledge?
2012       ""Son of Man, Aku, Mine Own Anointed Holy Son of Israel, hold your peace from those with ears that they themselves have made deaf!  I have determined the value of your every breath, and I will not have it strewn before the self-aggrandizing fool who basks in his own conception of righteous wisdom, and thinks himself superior to My Will and to this that I have Ordained in My Anointed!
2013       ""Even so, that you be not ignorant, this is the manner of the secret operations within the House of Joseph that shall bring it down to destruction:  even the Days of Holocaust and the Years of Tribulation that shall soon consume the land!
2014       ""All the great exchanges and media of communications unto the public shall I give unto the vile and greedy hand of Judah!  And Judah shall commit great usury to dominate the municipalities in their support of the evil Muscovites!
2015       ""I shall weaken the blood of the House of Joseph by giving the sons and daughters of whosoever will not stand pure before me unto the harlotries and whoredoms of the sons and daughters of Accursed Canaan and Polluted Cush!  I shall mingle the blood of the profaned with the blood of the righteous until there is no righteous blood in the House of Joseph except the blood of those who will stand with My Own Holy Elect, each and every one being pure in their generations and repentant before me! ""

- 30 -

If the TESTIMONY of The Most High, Himself, to you personally isn't sufficient,

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