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03 February 2013
Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
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30 March 1966 - 9 Nisan 5726

       Regardless of hallelujah halfwit claims to the contrary, many have lived in fleshly form in times past.  Some have experienced several incarnations, both as males and females, while some have only been male OR female.  Currently (1066 GCAD) there are about 450± reported/claimed reincarnated Queen Cleopatras, at least that many Julius Caesars, and nobody has even bothered to count the Napoleon Bonapartes.  I dare to mention this to show just how jackass and idiotic some people can be.  Anyone who wants to check for themselves (YES, you can do that with Akurian Practices) can find the single-copy (THERE WAS ONLY ONE OF EACH) of all three in the Firepits of Perdition – where they belong.
       The general rule of TIME BETWEEN LIVES is that there isn't one.  Some have reincarnated within a few hours, others have taken decades and centuries.  All must start at just before conception by attaching to the AURA of the female.  Nobody takes over a body in the process of gestation, and nobody can be the reincarnation of someone who is still alive at the time of their own conception.  Currently, there's about fifty or so that claim to be the reincarnated Albert Einstein (who wouldn't like to be?) that were born prior to 1954 and Mr. Einstein died in 1955!
       Everybody was NOT a Pharaoh; everybody was NOT an Isaac Newton and everybody was NOT the 'queen' of where-the-hell ever.  But for those who are legitimate RE-Incarnates, everybody was SOMEBODY!
       There are hundreds of instances of proven and documented cases of reincarnation, but most are limited to memories almost like deja vu.  Too often parents ridicule and punish children who talk about "when I was big" or worse, restrict them from the subject altogether.  My own parents were that damnably stupid, until they needed my psychic abilities for one preventable idiocy or another.
       The HOW to find out WHO has some very desirable side-effects that surpass having been some 'somebody' and it works equally well for those who are in their one-and-only Incarnation.  Regardless of socialist lies to the contrary, that once established one's Intelligence Quotient (IQ) cannot or will not be changed more than a point to two, is proven to be as false as most of the rest of government and academic poppycock.  Done correctly – EXACTLY AS INSTRUCTED – one of the first benefits is a boost in IQ that is instantaneous even if it does take a few days to adapt to.  I took my own from a permanent eighty nine (89) on the high end of the Standard Deviation of 15± to 161 on the low end, making the whole IQ 'factor' something to accept only if you're in the minus-70 or below categories according to published terminology.

180-200 - Highest genius;
165-179 - High genius;
145-164 - Genius;
140 - Genius or almost genius;
135-144 - Very gifted;
125-134 - Gifted;
120-140 - Very superior intelligence;
115-124 - Above average;
110-119 - Superior intelligence;
90-109 - Average or normal intelligence;
80-89 - Dullness;
70-79 - Borderline deficiency in intelligence;
70 - Feeble-mindedness;
50-70 - Mild mental retardation;
35-50 - Moderate mental retardation;
20-35 - Severe mental retardation; and
20 - Profound mental retardation.

       You'll note the 'Standard Deviation' isn't standard at all, or if it is, it sure isn't apparent in this recently published list.  The fact is:  ANYBODY WHO WILL THINK WILL BECOME MORE INTELLIGENT!  And there's a big difference between THINKING and mental blundering.
       Everytime you run though this practice you will get an Intelligence Boost whether you've ever had a previous incarnation or not.  No exceptions.  For those KAKS, rednecks and street-kools who already know all about everything there won't be much improvement, due to their own mind-block further limiting their own stupidity.  The rest of us won't have that problem – unless we self-inflict it – by trying to perpetuate our many programmed lies and delusions.
       The Basics.  Everything that exists has its own 'signature' usually identified via FREQUENCY in some manner, sound, color, activity, et cetera.  The Mind-Brain-Consciousness we acquire at birth only has the addition of a Brain.  The rest is as old as from the time we were created.  Thus, 'bringing a soul into the world' is not as accurate as the Demon-Dominated religions would have us accept.  The process of procreation is NOT a process of Spiritual Existence creation, but only a means to earthly manifestation.  Because we generally come into this world WITHOUT much, if any, previous information, what we do and become in life is mostly determined by our parentage or lack of it.  That some of us have PREDETERMINED a lot of this life, primarily to LEARN by experience, is often lost in the process of living itself.  There are those we know are "old souls" and others we know should have been executed long ago or as immediately as practical.  There are also those who were BORN TO THIS END and cannot be diverted from that which we came to do or experience.  Then there are those who are so oblivious, we wonder if they even suspect they're fodder to people the scene and are less of a value to mankind than those who are just here to go along for the ride.
       Much to the chagrin of all socialists, nobody is born inherently good nor inherently evil.  Both are manifestations of what we, ourselves, determine in the course of life with very few Most High-Ordained exceptions.  And though the opportunity is there for all of us, few ever learn much from the mistakes and conduct of other people, even when we see the price paid as an ultimate outcome.  Within ourselves we all have the ability and capability to be a Seeker of Truth, Knower of Great Knowledge (Gnostic) and a practitioner of all Great Mysteries.  Consciously re-experiencing Past Lives, if any, is but one of those Great Excursions.  And best of all, we're learning from OURSELVES!
       The AURA of our being is an energy field that not only encapsulates WHO and WHAT we are, it possesses the links to all we have ever been.  The process of making a Body of Light, above, is but one application of our own AURA – our true Spirit Being – and it's that AURA and its many energies we are going to enter into because of its inherent ability to retain memory and experience.
       Read through this practice as many times as necessary to fully understand it, and make as many practice runs in your mind as it takes to DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME when you get down to actually attempting to make a Past Life Excursion.  Bracketed [] points are instructionals and must be adhered to as given.


       First, you need someplace where you will NOT be disturbed.  If – REPEAT – IF you have a companion who is as sincere about these things as you are, practicing together isn't any detriment whatever, as long as your are NOT touching one another; as that short-circuits the required mental state and concentration.
       Second, it's best to be in a prone position for starters, but with practice you will be able to recall any time, any place and under any conditions as you please.  Lay flat on your back, elevated if you need be (some of us can't breathe lying on our back) and if your alternative is a chair, recline it as much as possible.  Loosen any clothing that distracts, and do NOT permit pets, children or anybody else to be in contact.  The distraction will cause you to fail.
       Third, relax, letting every muscle be as limp as possible.
       Now comes the hardest parts:  put the index finger of either hand at the base of your forehead on the top of the bridge of your nose.  At the same time you place your other hand, palm flat on your solar plexus, at or just above the navel.  Begin breathing deeply, holding your breath a few seconds on the intake and breathing back in immediately on the outtake – never leaving your lungs empty.  Get into a rhythm – breathe in, hold it, breathe out and back in, hold it, et cetera.  Do not rush, you don't need any more breath than you would normally, only the process of rhythm and deep breathing.
       In a minute or two you will feel a slight warmth in the palm of your hand over your solar plexus.  This is a normal process as given above, but THIS warmth will be a bit different and unstable.  Some may feel a bit of lightheadedness.  This is NOT caused by hyperventilation but by the energies going into your Brain from your fingertip between your eyes.  The combination of those energies and those you will feel in the palm of your hand over the solar plexus ARE BOTH REQUIRED to achieve Past Life Recall.
       Now for the ride of your life.  Begin to make the energies in the palm of your hand over your solar plexus SPIN COUNTER CLOCKWISE!  Slowly expand it as if viewing a tornado, getting larger as you proceed, OUTWARD more than UPWARD, and mentally repeat the time of SEVENTY SEVEN (77) YEARS AGO, even if you're older than that.  Take your time, speed is of no importance, just don't let it take forever to get one rotation.  Spin outward and upward in a smooth rhythm with your breathing.
       Initially you will begin to REMEMBER long-forgotten things, school lessons, people, even parts of conversations from ages ago.  It is this process of RE-AWAKENING your memories that produces the increase in your Intelligence.  And so far, you're still in THIS life.  Some people are shaken awake by sparks, static, et cetera, before they ever get to any past life.  This will take a few sessions, as very few get Past Life Recalls with the first attempt.

       This Past Life Recall process isn't as easy as some of the other lessons, and it will require both effort and dedication.  But once you experience the KNOWING INCREASE in your metal capability, there will be neither doubt nor question of the Truth and Firepower contained herein.
       There is no limit to the number of times one may practice this process.  There are no side-effects other than an increased Intelligence.  There are also no open doors for Demons or their minions to enter or interfere:  UNLESS YOU JACKASS by 'praying,' 'Jesus praising,' 'white (or any other color) lighting' and such nonsense.  If it isn't required, DON'T INJECT IT!
       Note, other than some PLACE to work, this practice, like all the others, doesn't require a damned thing beyond a clear and dedicated mind of and by the Seeker of Truth.  Conspicuous by their absence are any and all 'protectives' and/or 'recognitions' of any kind.  Each and every failure I've encountered over the years has always – without exception – been as the end result of some idiotic and never-did-work piece of programmed 'belief' or 'feel good' recitation.  And that doesn't only apply to Past Life Recalls, but includes each and every True Spiritual endeavor.

       For those over the age of seventy-seven, you will grow into a state of understanding as to how many years you should apply –but not at the outset.  And just because you do this process doesn't mean you're going to achieve a Past Life Recall, because you may NOT have had a previous incarnation.

- 30 -

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