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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

General Bobby Farrell,
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JULY 11th, 2007

       As predicted, 1974, using a Thermo-Nuclear example, "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" http://www.theakurians.com Chapter 36, Paragraph 4406:  Unless you can show us "personalized incoming missile detectors" that also have "launch origination" capabilities, the citizens at Ground Zeroes will not even know their Death Warrants have been launched by their own 'government,' and those who 'survive' will suspect the Russians OR WHOEVER IS ON OUR 'ENEMY' LIST AT THE MOMENT. expanded and verified in Paragraphs 5842-5852, Question 13, by The Most High, Himself.

       Current One World Government (OWG) thinking dictates, BEFORE the Bush Administration gets impeached, cancels its own ticket, or immediately AFTER the 2008 elections as expediently as possible, there will be attempts to deliberately perpetrate 'terrorist' attacks within the continental United States instigated and perpetrated by elements of our own government as 'cause' to declare martial law with no other intent than to abolish, and never return to, what extremely little is left of our Constitution.  TOTAL enslavement of the United States will simply be 'legislated' and is already far advanced.

       'Attack(s)' on military installation(s) or primary-but-expendable targets will initially be blamed on some 'terrorist' group or "axis of evil" country, then and there to become sufficient 'cause' to shut down major sections of the United States, including communications and travel in/out, to/from, the affected areas and ultimately even from state-to-state, city-to-city and home-to-anywhere the bastards dictate.

       Additional concocted 'incidents' as necessary will follow, timed and programmed to incite sympathy of the American Gutless to surrender all their rights, means of self-defense, stores and supplies including all firearms, ammunition, potable water, water sources, precious metals (for reputed financial uses), et cetera to 'authorities' appointed by said OWG that already controls our Nation.

       Following the atrocities, ELECTED, APPOINTED and SURVIVING WANNABE public puppets will lead the surrender-parade with all mouths blazing their approval and 'necessity' of such legalized strangulation and legislated enslavement, or be victims themselves 'fallen for the Nation' in subsequent incidents.  The OWG has no qualms about slaughtering as many people or destroying whatever facilities and infrastructure they deem necessary, anywhere at any time, as long as the atrocity instigates as many layers of legislated enslavement and citizen restrictions as their treasonous puppets can enact or court-precedent.

       How to prevent it?  (1) Demand the immediate - and full - restoration of The Constitution of the United States. (2) Make sure everybody knows we, the Citizens, are going to investigate, publicly expose the TRUTH of such 'incidents,' punish those responsible, and will NOT surrender so much as one twit of anything to anybody.  (3) Make sure all local, state, federal authorities and OWG-controlled media understand loud and clear.  And (4) return to TRUE Holy Law that hasn't changed since it was created, ages before the advent of mankind.

       And HOW do we do that?  By voting AGAINST each and every incumbent that does NOT present legislation to ABOLISH all this SOCIALIST High Treason we've been subjected to since the Civil War!  No exceptions.  They do it - they PASS it - OR THEY GET VOTED OUT!  Permanently.

       Have YOU got the guts to do that?  If not, you're as much a part of the problem as the rest of the SOCIALIST BASTARDS!

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