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21 October 2009 - 3 Cheshvan 5770

To Your Own Detriment If You Please

       Everything need not be a Curse or a Destruction, Blessings and Protectives are equally viable accomplishments.  The same process works, regardless of the intent, once you know how to perform them.

       Wannabe Spiritualists, Metaphysicians and Occultists from the earliest days of 'priesthood' following the departure of the Nefilim (Divine Watchers) have sought the Holy Grail of being able to INVOKE and DELIVER instant – magic, healing, destruction, hell, love, protection, et cetera – on demand.  Motion Picture special effects make it look easy and Magicians (Illusionists) often show a remarkable skill, both producing the apparent impossible.  Are all such wants and desires limited to the realms of fantasy, if not outright delusion?
       Virtually all religions are built on such 'miracles' by a Divine Somebody, of which the Christian's Jesus (correct Name is "Immanuel") leads at least the publicity parade.  Generations of Witches have both been accused and practiced various rituals with very limited results, or so many of them wouldn't have been burned at the stake, executed by hanging, or had their bodies disposed of or mangled with equally useless ritualistic procedures.  Nobody practices more rituals than the churches, and nobody has a greater rate of abject failure.
       But "why" the endless failures is the God they reputedly serve did all kinds of miracles, including perfect prophecy, and promised the faithful they could do all the same things?  "Why" the endless string of total failures for thousands of years?  Somebody didn't 'believe' enough?  We are supposed to assume that of millions of people, over hundreds of generations, there wasn't ONE who 'believed' enough to bring such a common desire as World Peace, or end to hunger, eliminate disease or ignorance?  THAT is the problem?  NOBODY 'believed' enough?

       POPPYCRAP!  If you're stupid enough to buy that set of Emperor's New Clothes, the Akurians know where we can still get you that one hell of a deal on a matched set of Pyramids.

       If there were no God, all the above excuses would have some very hard and fast viability.  But even a cursory look at the myriad of life forms from micro-microscopic to the huge and unimaginable, and all perfectly adapted to where they live in nature and what they do as beings, preempts the stupidity of happenstance and clearly documents Divine Origin.  For the sake of this conversation, let's call that Divinity – regardless of all relevant or irrelevant considerations with respect thereto – by the Title of "God."
       According to all the earliest scripts and legends the NAME of a Divinity, and eventually even of a King or Queen had great authority, the Name of God being an absolute of authority, power, knowledge, wisdom, understanding – and the list goes on – and ultimately with respect to DELIVERY!  Invoke something in the Name of a True God, and it was going to happen, often immediately as in then and there.  Those same scripts and legends also reveal that while the Name of a Divine Entity was powerful and not to be taken lightly, it was not exposed to even faithful servants except on rare occasions.  Moses knew of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but had to ask for the correct Name to be able to identify to the Israelites – who didn't know either – who gave him the Authority of Office to bring down even the Pharaoh of Egypt.  Of late we accord the same level of authority – and too often 'reverence' and 'honor' – to government and government agencies, specifically but not limited to the various police departments and courts.  Endowing them with trust simply because they are 'government' of some kind.
       Can we assume then that invocations that WORK must be the relegated domain of some High Entity?  And is it also a necessity that such a High Entity be of a spirit or some other composition which might also include flesh like, or similar to, humans?  Or will any name work equally as well regardless of the composition of the entity?  There is certainly something to names, or Jacob – who had been renamed "Israel" – wouldn't have named his own name and the names of his fathers upon Joseph's two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh!  But note Jacob did NOT name the Name of God upon Israel, nor upon Ephraim and Manasseh, only the Promise of Blessing from that God as part and parcel of the Birthright since Abraham, and then upon condition of obedience.  Power in a name?  Yep, there still is power in a name.
       Moses called up the East Wind, twice, Exodus 10:13  "And Moses stretched forth his rod over the land of Egypt, and the LORD brought an East Wind upon the land all that day, and all that night; and when it was morning, the East Wind brought the locusts," and Exodus 14:21  "And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong East Wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided," though the translators didn't have a clue of the East Wind's name, or the name of the East Wind's Ruling Angel.  FYI, there are eight Winds of Creation with twelve Ruling Angels who must be invoked properly to get any results at all.

       Didn't Immanuel poo-poo such doings in Matthew 6:27: Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? and Luke 12:25: And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit?
       Not really.  He didn't say it couldn't be done, just that none of those present could do it.  Immanuel's proof of his Title, Messiah – Anointed of His Generation – was His ability to perform all manner of miracles from running off a batch of wine at Cana, scads of healings, casting out demons to raising the proven dead.  That said, the 'name' of "Jesus" is totally worthless, as IMMANUEL doesn't answer to that 'name' and never did and never will!  The letter "J" didn't even exist until 1349, so that 'name' is a con-job by preachers and other liars who have absolutely no True or Righteous Authority whatsoever before The Most High, and a deception upon all those ignorant or foolish enough to accept it.  Try the 'name' in any invocation or prayer you want, and watch it fail every time.

       Doesn't all such practices require association with Satan, or the Devil?
       Only for politicians, priests, preachers and other liars.  Phony 'psychics' can't call up the smell off dung, let alone a Demon of Quality they can handle.  Calling up, or associating with anybody, isn't necessary to set Forces and Energies in motion toward a given objective.  Just as it isn't necessary to use a 155mm Howitzer to open a can of soup, every situation doesn’t require the entire Commandry of God to accomplish.

       But doesn't applied physics require some source of energy and material?
       Sure does, and Creation is overflowing with both, there's no shortage of either.

       Isn't telekinesis (mind over matter) impossible?
       Only to those who can't do it.

       Want more information?  It's FREE online, copy and paste, to your heart's content.  The links below contain a working Curse happening right now to those deserving.  Read them, study them, and take your best shot and doing invocations that will work for you too.

A Short Course in
That needs doing!

The Curse Upon The Traitors!
One complete process, on our BB/Message Board.
You're welcome to register, post and ask questions.
Not the only process, just a damned good applied example.
With another copy for downloading at:
Our News Room and Akurian Information page.
You can comment here too, no registration required.

The Great Curse On Levi & Judah (pdf)
A shocking Revelation against the Whole of the Tribes of Levi and Judah!
Tried, convicted and Damned for their Abominations against Holy Law.

The Great Curse Of Noah Upon Canaan
The Great Curse Of The Most High Upon Cush (Kush)
Mercy For All Mixed Race People
The Process Of Restoration Of Purification

The Great Curses of Noah and The Most High
with the EXACT process to remove them and their effects forever!
Chapter Forty (40) in the AED

       There is much to learn about Invocations and Spiritual Powers, and a great place to start are the Audiences Before The Most High and the Invocation transcripts – exactly as pronounced – and minutes of the Council of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, all linked below.  These are not 'theories' or fiction, but actual accounts of actual events.  The process and procedures are in their correct and exacting order, along with proper cautions.  Akurian invocations are not parlor games!  And only fools consider them as such.
       These articles have vital information.  Use it wisely.

Audience Before The Most High At The Full Moon!
Audience Of The New Moon – 20 August 2009-1 Elul 5769!
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Council of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse!
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