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17 NOV 2007

The name registers everywhere on the planet.  Reported details of 'the crimes' are equally well known.  As are the Judicial atrocities associated with both, that NONE of the Kak-Jew cum Kak-Jew-Socialist controlled media dare mention, even in righteous indignation!

Judicial atrocities?  You're damned right!  Let's look at the 'first' trial of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, and look at a few 'facts' exposed as 'not in evidence', outright bogus and/or manufactured.

1st, NOT ONE drop of Ronald Goldman's blood was found anywhere on O.J. Simpson or his clothing during the initial scouring for evidence.

2nd, NOT ONE drop of Nicole Simpson's blood was found anywhere - including the famed white Bronco - on or near O.J. Simpson during the initial scouring for evidence.

3rd, Ronald Goldman was NOT a weak-kneed namby-pamby his knuckles were freshly damaged, showing he had hit someone very hard in his fight for his life, but no such marks were found anywhere on O.J. Simpson. Clue:  Remember the former 14-year Los Angeles Police Officer who was now the O.J. Simpson Clan (and other's) COCAINE/DOPE supplier

4th, The famed socks with Nicole's blood so rabidly re-played and re-played by the Kak-Jew controlled media: a: Were NOT in the initial police evidence photographs of the bed room; b: The blood stains were on BOTH sides of the socks in such pattern as only laying the socks flat and dropping blood on them can produce - such pattern being IMPOSSIBLE if the socks were being worn at the time they were spattered; c: The blood reputed found on those socks contained EDTA, the PRESERVATIVE used in the vials and containers used for storing blood samples!

IRREVOCABLE CONCLUSION:  Both the socks and the blood 'evidence' were manufactured, planted by the Police Officers in charge of the on-scene investigation!  Period.

ACTION OF THE COURT/PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE AGAINST THE RESPONSIBLE OFFICERS?  NONE!  Not even a mention of falsified evidence, documents, affidavits or perjury.  Not one mention.  Not one action even accusing the perpetrators.  Nothing.  Just one more episode of Kak-Jew controls to 'get' the racemixing nigger the Kak-Jews manipulated and changed laws to permit and enforce racemixing.  Simple as that.

The list of Kak-Jew judicial atrocities in the Simpson murder trial is damned near endless considering the length of the trial.  Far too many to list here.

Now his second 'crime' ...  let's set the stage properly ...

O.J. Simpson is the victim of thievery/burglary of some of his remaining sports trophies.  He 'finds' some of his property is going to be sold out of a hotel room in Las Vegas.  Law Enforcement are notified, and "are not interested" although the value of the booty is considerable.

Who is O.J. supposed to call, the Fire Department?

Then the setup gets into full swing.  O.J. says no firearms and no violence, just surprise and sufficient muscle to reclaim his property.

Enter the hip-howitzers - and the raiding party WITH ALL MICROPHONES AND CAMERAS RUNNING!  Did anybody remember to call for "LIGHTS" or make up?  What?  The Director was downstairs taking a piss to ensure an alibi?  Anyone who is stupid, gullible or gutless enough to buy the government's presentations on this one DESERVES to be enslaved by the socialist bastards.

Sweat it not, the Black Robed Bastards and their thoroughly "uninterested" police will get their national and international television exposure to show themselves for future name recognition and to 'explain' all their damnations.  Already Kak-Jew guaranteed, right along with a NON-FULLY INFORMED and duly police-intimated 'jury' that were they FULLY INFORMED and not police-intimidated could determine "THE LAW (in question of being violated) DOES NOT APPLY!

Don't hold your breath, this case is ALREADY DECIDED by the 'authorities', and even the Dream Team can't change the outcome of this one anymore than they could demand asshole tax for the evidence-manufacturing bastards of the previous 'trial'.

So saith this Akurian this 17th Day of November, 2007.  Call me a liar when this expose rips the ass off all the government officials and Kak-Jew controlled media involved.

General Bobby Farrell

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