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ALBUQUERQUE - 01 February 2014 - In the days of my childhood I was warned and re-warned of hell to come upon the whole world because of humanity's preference of 'sin' as opposed to Christianity (or any other so-called 'religion'). Like every other child in my day, I listened to and accepted the information given by adults; more as a result of their authority rather than seeing any actual evidence that what they claimed actually worked. Or held any TRUTH whatsoever. Nothing could have prepared me LESS for the reality of life on my own, and especially when I had to think-for-myself and live with the consequences even if that meant without food, shelter or comfort of any kind. Harsh reality is its own best educator and it is never concerned with appearances, only with results.

I remember well the evening ready-for-bed sessions. One of my favorite story subjects was organized crime boss Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone. His escapades, and news of his death, January 25th, 1947, caused an immediate surge in 'gangster-this gangster-that' in every media market.

Without knowing why, I didn't accept all those so-called facts. Within the privacy of myself I began to question both the 'facts' and 'source' of those 'facts'. What I came to understand proved to be far more accurate and verified time and again when I walked the same Chicago streets where "Big Al" paraded years before.

All delusions to the contrary, his downfall via "income tax evasion" was nothing compared to his and all other Mafioso gangs, families and organization's actual elimination make that "reduction in force." The source of that elimination was NOT law enforcement! They and the courts they worked under were as much of the crime syndicate problem, and in-on-the-money, as the hoodlums.

What actually happened?

Though the setting was generally centered in Chicago and built around bootleg booze, the Prohibition Era contribution to violence, illegal gambling, prostitution, car load thievery and protection rackets was as national as motion pictures, railroads, highways and radio. That organized crime also ran most elections, appointments to government office and jobs was not lost on the ever-growing dissatisfaction of the general populace.

Something had to be done. Attempting to use any governmental facility was simply attracting attention to one's own detriment. Giving the Bastards That Be all the necessary information to be used against the complainant on one hand and to exonerate the criminals on the other! Putting chickens in the wolf's lair for 'protection.' The situation today is even worse, and far more dangerous to any complaining or exposing, citizen.

Citizens had to act. And act on their own.

History clearly documents that morality and common sense were a lot more prevalent than today, coupled with a still-developing communications capability, groups of three to five citizens met together, identified and targeted both known criminals and political sell-outs. Then using the same tactics and mannerisms of organized criminals: executed those targets!

RULE ONE: nobody on government payroll, police, prosecutions, courts, clerks, janitors, post office and fire departments included, were ever to be a part of these Civilian Restoration teams! Any intelligence information a governmental entity might have was NOT worth the risk. It still isn't.

As opportunity presented, Citizen Restorers would execute someone from one gang, sometime later, execute another from a competitor gang and then get out of the way while both gangs tore each other apart! The process worked so well that neither criminals nor their paid stooges ever suspected 'innocent' and 'ignorant' citizens, and went after their competitors!

The St. Valentine's Day massacre, February 14th, 1929, 2122 North Clark Street, Lincoln Park on Chicago's North Side, that murdered seven members of George Clarence "Bugs" Moran's North Side Gang, reputedly: on orders from Al Capone, was the ultimate conclusion. The Citizen Restorer's finest hour that brought down many, but not enough, public officials and sent organized crime into the seeming shadows for years.

To be sure, organized crime still exists, primarily as unions and corporates, and control the vast majority of illegal activity from government-assisted illegal narcotics, to U.S. Treasury gold shipments out of the country, to the many wholesale murders of those intending to expose any part of government-political high crimes, misdemeanors and outright treasons. That most such conduct is now accomplished by tax-funded alphabet-soup government agencies does not change the fact that it's still crime and it's still organized. The list of patsies and crisis actors connected with FALSE FLAG after FALSE FLAG is more than prima facie evidence: it's the documented gene test! It doesn't take a genius to know government is both out of control and the greatest enemy to the citizenry at large!

Were Citizen Restorers to attempt public-cleanup today the only actual, workable SOLUTION to the criminal governmental situation they would have to play by today's technologies.

Citizen Restorers in Capone's day didn't have the luxury of absolute singular security either. With modern communications, the problem of total security is very difficult. DNA tests were unknown, and though gunpowder residue was known, it was primarily noted to determine distances of close-encounter firearm injuries. Today it can be detected from micro samples that normal firearms blast all over the place and identified as to type, manufacturer and even batch numbers.

Before anything else, Citizen Restorers need to RID THEMSELVES of any and all tin-foil-hat mentality, dress, regalia and associations except when necessary as cover for attaining hold-out supplies, equipment, firearms and ammunition. Such typical red-neck idiocies put one ON the radar despite intentions of showing patriotism. Citizen Restorers must fade into the crowd, NOT stand out in it!

Dedication must be absolute. Today's Citizen Restorer would have to keep absolute silence of their intentions and truly be as one acting alone, even when part of a three-to-five person team. They must be resigned to the fact nobody can come to their rescue should things go sour. And be prepared for just such situations. Selling out a team to save one's own hide is a sure and certain death sentence because exterminations will be asap and nobody, victim or killer, is going to court.

Communications would be the Citizen Restorers first logistical consideration. Telephone, internet, Citizen Band and other such public communications have audiences of government 'monitors' that exceed listeners of many local broadcasters. Radio silence would be as critical as in any previous war or engagement. Monitoring is one thing, broadcasting is another.

Citizen Restorers would have to select their targets, and in preparation determine what resources would be necessary or expedient for that target's elimination. Then carefully plan both the strike and non-attention-attracting evacuation to safety in the utmost detail. Those plans and resources must be well-hidden until needed, even during familiarization, rehearsals and trial-runs to locate in-presence obstacles, security guards, surveillance cameras, pedestrians, barriers, traffic lights, traffic bottlenecks, et cetera, in-and-during normal conditions. Weather could be both an ally and detriment.

Once Citizen Restorers have the target and established the target's routines, including out-of-metro possibilities, without carrying any strike-logistics whatsoever other than monitor-radios they should make DRY rehearsal runs as routine: paying attention to unforeseens like road repair, traffic accidents, pedestrian gatherings, failed lights, etcetera. Citizen Restorers should NEVER make written notes including route-maps of any kind, relying on their own GOOD and REHEARSED memory.

Following the strike, successful or otherwise, Citizen Restorers must evacuate the area as calmly and unobtrusively as possible, doing NOTHING to attract attention. If driving, make sure the tank is full, tires and vehicle are fully serviceable, all licenses and registration are current; available water WITHOUT leaving containers behind; and obey all traffic laws. Where there are phone-while-driving laws, obey them. They are really common sense. Citizen Restorers should NOT stop anywhere during escape except as their normal routine, nor pick up any hitch-hikers. Don't buy any ads and nobody will come to that dance. Or even know there was one.

Once sure and certain execution, unannounced and out of nowhere is on the table, all Bastards That Be will sing an entirely different tune and dance to an entirely different step! Regrettably, nothing else is going to accomplish a damned thing for the Nation, Constitution, Bill of Rights, citizens or mankind. It is abundantly obvious, all public political falderal is totally worthless except to the Bastards That Be. Stating this FACT will have me 'eliminated' forthwith.

Consider. A Bastard That Be, male or female, bites the dust and the Restorer evaporates leaving nothing behind, no shell casings, no DNA, no powder residue, nor anything of uncommon marking including the vehicle, if one. Media hype about 'this criminal' would floodgate just as it does with all other current FALSE FLAG, misinformation and diversion attempts.

Only the Restorer knows the actual who, what, when and where: while everybody, including all surviving Bastards That Be know the WHY! The Restorer goes about their normal business, shaking their head in feigned disgust when hearing the news or someone else talking about it. Silence is golden and victory is sweet. But each and every Bastard That Be has been put on notice: "the days of damnation have also arrived upon the perpetrators!"

Keeping a good thought, two, three, (fill in the number) Bastards That Be around the Nation get this true justice on the same day or within the same week! While media and other Bastards That Be are bellowing their heads off, government instituting as much martial law as they dare, authorities railroading anyone and everyone in sight: and another batch of Civilian Restorers take down more of the swarm in equal retaliation? Especially if "that day" happens to be the date of enforcement of some socialist governmental intrusion or interference?

A very clear and present situation comes to the fore in such situations. Government backs off and pretends to reinstate 'freedom' and 'liberty' to 'the people' because of ONE irreversible fact: Bastards That Be must be ALIVE to enjoy any power or spend the graft! Including politicians, bureaucrats, corporate and union manipulators, police, prosecutors, judges, media reporters, priests, preachers and other liars.

With such Civilian Restorers, the possibilities are endless. There would be MORE than a few executions OF Bastards That Be BY Bastards That Be fighting among themselves thinking they can blame 'domestic terrorists' who are 'taking-the-law-into-their-own-hands.' Common sense clearly shows THAT is exactly what we, the citizens need, and in massive numbers! Just like the Caponios, let them exterminate one another! THEY have governmental resources on your money to cover their own tracks: and it could not be better spent in this day and age!

Could all this restoration be accomplished civilly? via our electoral process? Of course! And WHEN is that going to start? Anybody seen so much as one comma of restoration of the Constitution or Bill of Rights over the past 100+ years?

The TRUE answer is: our Republic, Constitution and Bill of Rights will be restored the same way they were established. The only differences will be quality of powder, caliber of shot, and numbers of dead and injured. This will not be a Civil War, it will be a War of Restoration by Citizens overthrowing via extermination as many corrupt, murderous politicians, bureaucrats, educators, courts, police and media liars as necessary.

The FACT is: when corrupt Bastards That Be fully understand they CAN and probably ARE going to be next, the bull will STOP! Person by person, property by property, town by town, city by city, county by county, state by state, court by court, department by department, and Party by Party: the bull will STOP! Especially when it becomes irrevocably obvious that Citizen Restorers aren't going to stop until all the socialist BULL does. All of it. From top to bottom.

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