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       That mankind, Anusazi, were created for a slave role, has never entered the picture of crackpot socialist considerations.  The Nefilim needed slave workers, so they genetically created them, making a few blunders along the way.  The ideal was a slave who could, (1) reproduce themselves EXACTLY, in about equal amounts of males and females; (2) be able to support themselves via gathering, gardening and herding; (3) have sufficient intelligence for training in comparatively low-level technologies; (4) able to propagate and survive in the various weather and biological environments where the Nefilim chose to live or work; and (5) not be bright enough to start questioning about their origins or compensations for the hardships they endured.  In short, just like all socialist utopia, work when and where 'we' tell you, take what 'we' give because you're lucky to have it, keep your mouth shut and your mind closed – 'we' know better for you than you can ever know for yourself.  Sound familiar?
       Those with the upper levels of intelligence were given the personal-servant duties of running households, managing farms and even some technical training to operate and monitor the mining and manufacturing processes, a few probably even learned to fly.  These became the Priests, Kings and ruling classes once the Nefilim abandoned Earth.  There are existing painting of Priests handling a Tet or Djed 'pillar' of which all 'explanations' about it being the "backbone of Osiris" are pure and knowing poppycock.  Tomb paintings reveal Djeds with eyes, ears, mouths, et cetera; depicting its ever-present surveillance capabilities.  A piece of high-tech equipment, it was used to monitor – and punish immediately – with several versions capable of levitation, precision navigation, long-distance communication, et cetera, thus entrusted to only a qualified few Anusazi/Priests.
       The Lilith were tremendous at copulation and breeding, but did not have the intelligence to train, nor the strength for hard labor, were vulnerable to everything and incapable of caring for themselves.  The Neanderthals were strong, but their intelligence had some severe limits despite having large brains.  They were artisans, but could not build beyond stacking a few rocks; they could farm, but could not accomplish food preservation; they could organize to hunt, but were bereft of the logistics to build and maintain permanent villages or cities, let alone a trained army to police and defend it.  Until Adama (Man of Red Clay) the Nefilim genetic attempts were hit-and-miss, but the Adama crossed the mental line of questioning and demanding answers, the initial reason for the animosity and reproach between the Nefilim and the Anusazi.
       We're all aware of slavery in some form and to no surprise there are nations where slave owning – as opposed to socialist/communist government mandating – is still legal and practiced, the African country of Chad for example.  Among the Arab-Moslem areas, slavery is a long standing tradition and the buying and selling of slaves is as common as trading horses, camels, cattle, sheep, goats and donkeys.  And with about the same concern when it comes to care.
       As unjust as slavery sounds, its historical institution among mankind – after the Nefilim – was based on far more positive grounds.  In ancient times, prisoners of war – whether from the actual defenses or occupant of a captured city/area – were executed without further adieu.  When the Nefilim fought among themselves, Anusazi/Slave execution was one way of causing the greatest amount of damage to the defeated.  And the Nefilim, always being in a soap opera spew of some kind and being the most immoral of all living creatures, didn't want the Anusazi/Slaves of another as the genetics would certainly be different and mixing was not allowed among Anusazi, and there might be some faithfulness or regard for the previous Nefilim owner that might result in some degree of revenge.  Anusazi/Slaves had to be warriors too when the Nefilim went to war with one another.  They were cheap and expendable.
       It became the job of the Executioner to see to the slaughter including those of his own people who either failed in their duties, became too ill to treat or were severely injured.  It was considered a matter of justice and expediency, eliminating the burden of feeding and guarding those unfortunates.  Then during and following the Nefilim's departure, somebody had the idea that perfectly healthy bodies made excellent slaves!  They could work the hardest of jobs without compensation beyond food, water and a little raiment; and some were well trained in the trades.  And, the more able and attractive brought good prices at the market!  Another instance of MONEY talking louder than all other considerations.  Sounds like the US Congress today, rather than ancient history.
       With MONEY the Prime Motivation, clans began to overrun clans in the quest for wealth, which included the surviving humans right along with the livestock and possessions, and all this was well established long before the Neanderthals or minted coinage.  Wealth is wealth regardless of its form or manifestation.  As slave labor began to create classes of people among mankind, the owners and the owned, long-standing Birthright laws and practices as given and enforced by the Nefilim meant the child of a slave was also a slave and the property of the owner.
       Needless to say, after the departure of the main numbers of Nefilim, the wars of man became Wars of Conquest.  Suddenly we realize the Nefilim's prudent thinking in NOT giving all their technology and knowledge to the Adama.  Can you imagine an Egyptian Pharaoh with high velocity smart-bombs and rockets, machine guns and heavy artillery mounted tanks, precision radar and radio communications?  The crimes of the Roman Emperors would have been proportionately greater too had they been so equipped.  One such Roman, Mussolini, and his partners Hitler and Tojo managed to get fifty million people killed and lost the fight in the process.
       Wars of Conquest not only include territory, but all the property improvements and surviving people.  SLAVES!  Whether in a household, nearby fields, fishing, mining or manufacturing, slavery is still slavery even for the professional and merchant classes.  Buying and selling slaves in wholesale quantities is traced back to all the ancient civilizations, and anybody and everybody could be a slave regardless of nationality, culture or race.  It wasn't until the Arab Muslims established a slave trading post in Zanzibar about 700 A.D. that things began to shift toward Black slaves even though "bondage" against debt was still to continue.  Until the Arab/Moslem intrusions into Black Africa on slave gathering missions, the African Negro was about on par with the Neanderthals, living off the land and building temporary housing out of available materials.  They had tribal kings who sold their own people into slavery in exchange for whatever trade goods the Arab/Moslems had.  Even though sale and trading of slaves was common between Christians and Moslems, only the African Negroes sold their own people, including family members, into the European and American slave markets.
       The Asian markets were not quite so limited during this time in history, Arab/Moslem slave traders often sold their own people to their own people, especially virgin females, following the ages old practices of earlier Asians from Japan to the Bosporus.  Today such is still the case.  Trafficking in human beings – white slaves, mail order brides, children of all races and laborers – is a global atrocity, practiced world wide as financing sources for virtually every socialist organization and agenda in the book.  The income is on par with illegal narcotics, and is drawing many cartel leaders into the trade.  Carloads to busloads to boatloads of Asians, Hispanics and (preferably blond) Americans can be had for the right price from the right people.  Amazingly, nobody is looking at the Catholic Church – long known for child abductions and rape – as a suspect in the epidemic of missing-children, who also make excellent slave investments!  Is everybody too programmed-stupid to see these vile perpetrations being practiced openly in plain sight of all law enforcement, government agencies and the public at large?  If so, we deserve the enslavement coming upon all of us.
       The first recorded sale of African slaves by Europeans happened in the mid-15th Century at Lagos, Portugal.  Within about forty years Portugal established slave trading posts in what is now the Gold Coast, and maintained their hold on the market with the Americas until the Dutch entered the game in 1619.  Did you get that?  The first successful permanent colony in the United States was in 1620 at Plymouth Rock, and the slave trade had been in full swing for a hundred years!  It wasn't until Portugal fell from grace, due to mixing with its own African slaves, and Holland took over that the Dutch entered slave trading on a grand scale.  By 1700 the trade has shifted to England and by 1800 a British slave ship left for Africa every other day, even though only half of the cargo would survive the voyage to America.

Piero Scaruffi has an excellent site of about the slave trade
that fits very close to the Akashic Records.  It is a must-read
for all those who want the facts instead of socialist fluff.

       An even greater question is, "where did the money come from to construct specially designed slave-carrying ships as opposed to cargo carriers?"  Nobody builds a ship of such logistical requirements out-of-pocket, even Kings, Queens and governments build on borrowed money relegated back to the tax-payer.  Private enterprise does not have the infinite resources and eternal credit of taxpayers.  Then comes the front money for the expeditions.  Personnel, armament, food, water and logistics for months at sea are neither free nor perpetual; the expendables must be replaced at whatever port is available – and the money must not be questionable.  Next comes the slave sale to the buyer/consumer.  Slaves in good health aren't cheap, especially with a fifty percent average mortality rate in transportation alone, it takes some high finance to afford them.  Whence came such 'financing' and long-term credit?  The existing records are clear, from ship construction, expeditions for in-quantity slave purchases, transportation to markets and individual sales right down to the names of suppliers.  And those records clearly show the vast majority of any and all such financing, legal documentations and insurances in case of disaster came from one primary element of people – all duly announcing their opposition to such an abomination as slavery – Levites and Jews!  Note the many 'loans' and conditions from operating synagogues, Levite/Jewish owned financing and insurance companies.  Those facts do not lie.
       We've already explained the "why" of slavery, and the "why" slavery among the Europeans and Americans eventually applied mainly only to Black people.  It should be noted that there were Black slaveholders of Black slaves, and during the Civil War there were Black Military Units in the Confederate forces, all clearly recorded in the Akashic Records , bits and pieces of muster rolls and combat reports from the Civil War, and Confederate Pension records showing payments to Black Confederate soldiers.  Discrimination against Blacks has taken its toll right up to this day, and will continue for years to come, just as it did before, during and since the Revolutionary War.  The "why" is really not a mystery when the whole Truth about Canaan, Cush and the Ancient Curses on them are known.
       That those two Great Curses fell upon the Black Races is a matter clearly documentable by anyone who has occasion to venture into any Ghetto War Zone.  The Biblical references are accurate other than being incomplete, on Orders of The Most High.  Divine Direction isn't limited to the Great Curses, as given in Daniel 12:4:  "… to shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end," and Revelation 22:10:  "…Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book:  for the time is at hand."  There are no existing records showing The Most High ordered a sealing up of the Great Curses Upon Canaan or Cush.  Moses gave a short but accurate account of Noah's Curse on Canaan in Genesis 9:22-27, and since everybody knew the whole context by hearing it repeated for generations, there was no need to copy chapter and verse of every conversation and family detail of the Patriarchs.  And along history's way those remembered accounts fell from disuse and into the forgotten.  The Akurians took it upon themselves to gather and publish the entire contents of both The Great Curse of Noah upon Canaan and The Great Curse of The Most High upon Cush – translated into English directly out of the Angelic of the Akashic Records.  The entire history is there in the Akashic Records for all to review, and instructions of HOW TO DO IT are contained in "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" (AED) – free online and available in print at all book outlets.
       Noah was rightly furious at Ham and put his Curse on Canaan, Ham's firstborn and Birthright heir.  Cush, Canaan's brother had an extreme case of the hots for Semiramis, Canaan's infinite-slut daughter, and came up with a plan that the two brothers should marry into each other's family across the board so that God wouldn't be able to tell the Accursed Canaanites from the non-Cursed Cushites.  Sounded good, and it would give Cush access to Semiramis, at least for a one night stand, and the orgy was on in all its fury.  Everybody, except Cush's daughter, Amberia Angelene, who refused to have any part of those vile damnations.  Without telling her Grandfather Noah what was going on behind his back, she pleaded for the Tribe of Cush, knowing it was only a matter of time before hell itself would boil over the landscape.  Once having some concession for Cush she informed Noah what was happening, departed from him and killed herself off a cliff of Agri Dagi in the Chain of Kardo.
       As promised, Noah didn't lay another Curse on Cush, he let The Most High do it for him.  If you didn't get the picture yet, Cush's idea, like all grand-sounding socialist idiocies and 'reasonings,' omitted one very important fact:  The Most High wouldn't need to know which was Canaan and which was Cush, because The Most High put a Curse on BOTH of them!  In reading the text, initially the Great Curse of Noah Upon Canaan sounds competent and severe in all its details.  When reading the Great Curse of The Most High upon Cush, Noah's Curse sounds like an unprepared attempt by comparison, as The Most High's is a masterpiece of chapter and verse.  It's all there in Chapter Forty of the AED, along with HOW TO DO IT removal of both Curses permanently, and what the biracials have to do to gain a soul and a Seal of The Most High.
       Slavery today?  It's all around us.  And getting worse with every dit and dottle in each and every piece of legislation passed into law.  The most horrendous of all facts is:  whatever the socialist bastards can do to the Nation and the world, they're going to do it first to the Black Communities!  Long before the Nefilim return on a mission of mass murder, killing all the mixed breeds regardless of stripe, the Black Races are going to see a pure hell of suppression, wholesale murder and deprivation.  The world's government tit-suckers are going to be the first to go, primarily to rid the planet of the uselessness of all those who do little but breed, addict themselves to narcotics, racemix, neglect their own, darker/lighter abuse as is common in the Black Community yet today, and all their crime, filth and squalor.  It will not be pretty.
       The slaughter of mixed-breeds won't be limited to Blacks and Whites, but will include every manner of impures, Asians, Aborigines, Arabs, et cetera in any and all combinations.  Ten generations isn't enough to purify the Races sufficiently to satisfy The Most High, but thankfully, obeying Holy Law receives the same reward regardless of Race.  A Holy Seal will protect anybody, including those biracials and multiracials who are about the business of Holy Law and restoring the purity of their respective Races.  Normally, a Race is purified by breeding back into the Race of the father, but NOT when it comes to Israel!  Mother or father, Israelite or not, if there is any other Race involved, without exception, that is the Race required to be bred back into:  Israelite-Black breeds to Black, Israelite-Asian breeds to Asian, et cetera.  Only a pure Israelite is allowed to breed with pure Israelites, and that is going to reduce their presumed numbers by a great swath.
       There are extreme penalties for racemixing – regardless of how popular it is today – because a pure soul cannot be brought forth from an impure body!  The severest form of the UNFORGIVABLE SIN, Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit of Truth, is racemixing as it instantly pollutes both bodies:  the Temple of the Soul!  And THAT puts all including:  Black-White, Asian-White, Asian-Black, Spanish-Asian, and all other mixing participants in danger of the Judgment even AFTER repentance.  The soulless children of racemixing aren't in any better situation, because they shouldn't exist to begin with.  The Most High even frowns on intertribal mixing within the Twelve Tribes and Thirteen Houses of Israel – which are NOT just Levi and Judah as educators, religious idiots and media try to enforce – and adds a lot of penalty even when it's necessary to save a tribe such as the case with Benjamin as given in Judges, Chapters twenty and twenty-one.
       Racial Purity being the ideal, does not give excuse for Racial abuse.  The Most High further condemned Moab and Ammon for not being considerate of other's hardships:  Deuteronomy 23:3:  An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to their tenth generation  shall they not enter into the congregation of the Lord forever:  (4)  Because they met you not with bread and with water in the way, when ye came forth out of Egypt; and because they hired against thee Balaam the son of Beor of Pethor of Mesopotamia, to curse thee.  These were of the same Racial stock as the Israelites, descendants of Abraham's nephew, Lot, via his two daughters.  Had they followed The Most High, they would have been purified, even of their incestuous beginnings, but they did not.  They set themselves above the afflicted Israelites and paid the supreme penalty for it.  In another instance, The Most High accomplished Jeremiah's prophecy upon Babylon and the whole land of the Chaldese, Jeremiah 50:10:  And Chaldea shall be a spoil:  all that spoil her shall be satisfied,  saith the Lord. (11)  Because ye were glad, because ye rejoiced, O ye destroyers of mine heritage, because ye are grown fat as the heifer at grass, and bellow as bulls; (12)  Your mother shall be sore confounded; she that bore you shall be ashamed:  behold, the hindmost of the nations shall be a wilderness, a dry land, and a desert. (13)  Because of the wrath of the Lord it shall not be inhabited, but it shall be wholly desolate:  every one that goeth by Babylon shall be astonished, and hiss at all her plagues.
       That doesn't mean anyone must fall all over themselves because of the Black Races' affliction, nor does anyone need to tolerate overbearingness or abuse from their direction or anybody else's.  And nobody but they, themselves, can breed themselves out of their inherited Curses.  Even the True and Righteous Akurians can't dismiss or remove those Great Curses from the Black Races.  Individuals, YES!  There are Black and biracial Akurians who are True and Righteous Proven Knowers of The Great Testimony with beautiful Holy Seals in their foreheads.  They are Cushites who have come out of Canaan, they are Akurians first and in compliance with Holy Law.  That said and done, a bigot on the basis of Race alone is just that, a bigot.  Like government at all levels, Black Races aren't disliked and not trusted because somebody went to the trouble and expense of smear campaigns against them. They both earned every bit of those animosities by their own actions and conduct.  Canaan and Cush are Cursed and ages of abuse and suppression have programmed hate and ignorance to an extreme degree, but there is no excuse for government.
       Will Racial Purity eliminate slavery and human trafficking?  Not as long as there is a profit to be made, whether by the traffickers or the financiers.  At Shiloh all these atrocities must be accounted, from the trafficking to profiteering to rape to murder to racemixing to, to, to, to.  That First Judgment isn't going to be adjudicated by our previous, current and future crop of Black Robed Bastards who endorse, protect and perpetuate these atrocities.  THEY will be among those standing trial, not only for their knowing and deliberate collusions behind the scenes, but their direct involvement in the same trafficking, legalizing money laundering and profiteering they'd put anybody else in jail for.
       Economic slavery is just as much slavery and just as harsh as embonded body-owning slavery.  Are there any TRUE investigations into the wholesale National Extortion of the multi-billion dollar bailouts or those who deliberately brought about their own firm's 'failure' and 'bankruptcy' such as Lehman Brothers, who spent nearly a year transferring some $400-Billion in US assets to three Israeli Banks and declaring bankruptcy FIVE DAYS later?  Not a one.  And why not?  The perpetrators and the so-called 'investigators' are partners into the world's greatest slave trade ever!  Their economic espionage is but one step in their Grand Plan of TOTAL Global Enslavement; and the Black, Hispanic and Asian poor – the most abused and programmed-stupid of all peoples – are scrambling to stand in line to support the socialist bastards at every turn.  From having a 'Black' and a 'Hispanic' Marxist/Communist on the US Supreme Court instead of a CONSTITUTIONALIST to endorsing every dit, dottle and damned lie of impossible-to-work 'stimulus packages' to "cap and trade" to "health care reform" to "IRS-mandated gun control" to eventual oblivion.
       Perhaps it's time to ask, "What is taking those god-damned Nefilim so long?"

The Anointed Witness of THIS Generation of Fire


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