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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

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Only El Aku has The Personal Testimony of The Most High!
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       Just about everybody has heard the terms cum titles Anointed and Messiah.  Few are aware that in most cases they are exactly the same thing!  There are levels of responsibility that sometimes separate the two, an Anointed King may not be the Messiah - as in the case of Saul and David.  Until Saul's death, Saul was the King and David was the Messiah.  Following Saul's death David was both!

       To clarify the historical record, there were once Kings over all Israel, Saul, David and Solomon.  Then Solomon, who was also King and Anointed as was his father David until he too blew his righteousness, the Kingship was split between ten and one half of the Tribes of Israel and Judah and Levi with Benjamin being split between them with a half tribe in both.  That made a King over Israel and a King of Judah since Levi had no inheritance in Israel except the perpetual Priesthood.

       The title of King became necessary for some of the Anointeds following the fall of Judah that instigated the Exile and death of King Zedekiah and the end of the true pure-blood male lineage of Solomon as Monarchs of the House of Judah.  Appointed Kings thereafter were offices of political power and bereft of Holy Authority, such Holy Authority being vested in the Anointeds/Messiahs only.  RIGHT!  That means The Most High who alone selects, trains and incarnates His Anointeds/Messiahs actually made NON-Hebrews the Righteous Power and Holy Authority of "King" over the House of Israel AS A TESTIMONY AGAINST THEM.

       The fact the true pure-blood female lineage of Solomon as Monarchs of the House of Judah did not expire (Jeremiah 43) is evidenced in the living Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.  The true bloodline of David as Monarchs of the House of Israel had to be preserved in accordance with the Holy Promise (1st Chronicles 22:10) and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the present day fulfillment of that Holy Promise.

       Now to separate the seeming conflict.  In Immanuel's (whom the pagans call "Jesus") Reign the appointed King of Judah was Herod, a soulless half-breed.  Thus the title "King of the Jews" upon Immanuel that actually resulted in His murder.  And do not forget, there were still Levites - the Priest Tribe - active in the land and the Temple who came under Immanuel's Righteous Power and Holy Authority in accordance with the Holy Promise handed down by Jacob (Israel) to Judah (Genesis 49:10).

       There is a living true bloodline Monarch of the Throne of David, Queen Elizabeth II, and a SPIRITUAL Monarch as became necessary because the whole of the Tribe of Levi "sold the Righteousness (of Direct Communication with The Most High via the Ark of the Covenant/Testimony) for a farthing in the streets as it were an aged whore for worth and value."

       And what has all this got to do with an Anointed cum Messiah?  Everything.  First, it establishes the true bloodline of King David, as promised.  Second, it establishes the LIABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY for the Fall of Israel and promised destruction (TRIBULATION) upon the correct heads.  Third, it establishes a Divine Office to be witness and a testimony OF - neither "for" nor "against" except as TRUTH dictates - whether governmental and/or religious right down to the individual.

       Over the ages/generations there have been either an Anointed, or those of ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE of The Holy Appointment of the Anointed, since Adam to this day.  There are those PROVEN KNOWERS of The Anointed of THIS Generation of Fire who will continue the witness and testimony until Shiloh.

       Proven Knowers?  Yes, those who have corrected their lives and lifestyle to the point of Righteousness that The Most High, Himself, TESTIFIED within their own souls concerning His Holy Anointing upon the Anointed/Messiah alive in this Generation.  PROVEN KNOWERS, not 'believers'  That door is open anyone and everyone.  The HOW TO is given in explicit detail in Chapter Forty-Two of "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" and free online at http://www.theakurians.com along with a lot of other very relevant and interesting information.

       The Anointeds/Messiahs have full Righteous Power and Holy Authority over the entire planet, which includes all kings, politicians, manipulators, warmongers, supremacists, socialists, communists, fascists, marxists, entertainers, media, journalists, governments, traitors, lawyers, accountants, physicians, liberals, murderers, thieves, prostitutes, racemixers, bureaucrats, functionaries, police, prosecutors, courts, judges, commissions, councils, fools, bullies, cowards, deceivers, demons, sorcerers, phony psychics, braying spiritualists, false prophets, theologians, religions, churches, priests, preachers and other liars.  To list a few.  The Anointeds/Messiahs can and do call any/all the above into account for any violation of Holy Law.  That doesn't make them popular, especially among those with any power of influence. The KAK JEW-controlled media, for instance.

       In the dreaded Days of Judgment the Anointeds/Messiahs and their Disciples (Proven Knowers) will be called to TESTIFY about everything that happened during their Reign and Experience, WHAT WAS DONE or NOT DONE THAT SHOULD - OR SHOULDN'T - HAVE BEEN DONE and WHO DID or DIDN'T DO IT!  Who stood by and DID NOT call the atrocities into account - Which peons voted the same corrupt Patron back into office time and again - Who failed to call the socialists and their enslavement agenda by their right name or supported them in their ignorance cum stupidity - and most important of all, who violated Holy Law on "what-the-preacher-said" regardless of Holy Script to the contrary.

       Each of the Anointeds/Messiahs of the Generations of Ish (Adam) have/had a different PROOF of their Holy Appointment.  King Cyrus of Persia was called by name and title about 150 years before the events happened as predicted by a previous Anointed/Messiah Isaiah.  Isaiah 45:1-3 and continuing.  A rare situation where several same incidents documented the Holy Appointment of both.  John, the Baptist gave instant spiritual insight and Immanuel had the powers of miracles from making wine instantly out of water to raising the proven dead.

       The Anointed/Messiah of THIS Generation of Fire - El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH - has the absolute Proof of Anointing:  THE DIRECT PERSONAL TESTIMONY OF THE MOST HIGH, HIMSELF!

       If the TESTIMONY OF THE MOST HIGH, HIMSELF, isn't sufficient, guess 'who' has the problem?

The Akurians.

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