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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
New Mexico Legislative District 14, Precinct 46
1826 Poplar Lane SW
Albuquerque, NM  87105  USA
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The Republican Party is a shambles from top to bottom, as it damned well should be.  It deserves each and every loss, and it deserves full public retaliation of liability for selling out the nation and letting the citizens down across the board.  True to form, the very 'leaders' who masterminded and engineered the massive house cleaning of the Republican Party, November 4th, 2008, are the same clowns crowing "what we need to do to restore the party" at full volume, with due socialist media support.  If their idiocies are so damned accurate, then WHY did the party get cleaned? where was all this 'expertise' during the past eight years and specifically during the past two-plus years of campaigning? and why wasn't it applied to our success and victory?

The answer to all three questions is:  IT'S POPPYCOCK!  Pure, socialist damnation poppycock mealy mouthed by dunderheads on direct orders from handlers who have the morality of a brick.

I resigned in protest from the Republican Party when one of the few truly honorable men in the state, Fernando C de Baca, was forced to resign from the Bernalillo County Party Chair for making an historically accurate statement that under today's socialist regime is considered politically incorrect.  That's right.  Historical TRUTH must now be politically correct regardless of the facts.  Instead of standing up against such morally and intellectually bereft nonsense, the Party Holier-Than-Thous screamed the loudest for his head.  The rest of us were supposed to be goody-goody little Republicans and wring our hands that Fernando had spoken some unspeakable that might offend two or three numb skulled liberals.

For years when I lit both the Bernalillo County Republican and New Mexico State Party Conventions with the fact the party was totally out of touch with rank and file voters and the country, I duly received a unanimous nodding in agreement, with the same intention and intelligence of the wobble-head donkey on a low-rider's dashboard.  Objection to, and debate of, the 'leaders' direction of the party, were ignored and summarily dismissed from the agenda.  Nobody in 'authority' wanted the party regulars to even discuss anything that did not fully endorse the candidate's self-appointed motives and agenda; nor to hold any candidate's feet to the fire for their glaring failures, damned lies and acts of outright treason.  The Komrades were to be approved and glorified, and that was that.  You were allowed to whine about issues as long as you didn't suggest any solutions other than the party line, which looks like plagiarism from Marx & Engels.  Rank and file voters were supposed to vote the party's 'choices' because they were told to.  Simple as that.

And this time we went right down the road to defeat.  Now the nation is not far behind.  Such is the Republican Party today.  The United States as a whole is politically center-right unless driven to either extreme by crackpot antics of whichever party is in power.  The Democrats didn't elect a full-blown Marxist to the White House and give him a Party Congress to endorse his every socialist whim, the Republicans did!  If party regulars and rank and file refuse to ship these bonehead 'leaders' into the eternal trash bin, the Republicans will have secured the Marxists a second term - if the nation survives long enough to hold that election.

Can the Republican Party be rebuilt?  Yes!  In time for the 2010 elections?  Yes!  And we have to start now.  Remember, we are Free Americans before we are Republicans and healing the party requires the same changes needed to heal the nation.

First, for the party:  de-idiot and de-socialist the entire leadership from top to bottom.  Hold Special Conventions from the precinct and wards up as soon as possible.  To hell with scheduled conventions, we need to act TODAY, not next year or worse yet, in the very few months of the so-called political season.  Delay is loss, total loss.  Again.  The nation's freedoms, liberties and Constitution cannot survive the Marxist onslaught in power for another eight years.  Within two years the nation will be an abject socialist disaster, within four we will be a fourth world country at best, and at the end of eight we will be a memory of what the world could, and should, have been.  Don't let appearances deceive you, even a house of cards looks solid from the outside.

First, for the nation:  restore the Constitution of the United States of America across the board.  Restore both responsibility and liability to those we elect and those the elected appoint.  Congress has spinelessly legislated most of its greatest responsibilities to either the Administration or the Judicial Branches, and such antics need to be called into account and stopped from further decay.  Don't let any whining socialist liar even suggest the restoration of the Constitution would put slavery back into effect or would deny any citizen the right to vote.  That is just so much socialist smoke screen diversion and the perpetrators damned well know it.  To accomplish this to any degree of competence, we must remove the only-lawyers-on-the-bench Judicial provisions that turned an entire third of our government, the Judicial Branch, over to one single educated class:  socialist attorneys.  We've been buried in 'crime' and socialist 'crime preventions' that only apply to non-government citizens ever since.

Second, eliminate the socialist-platform damage inflicted upon the nation since Wilson, starting with Bill Clinton's NAFTA that destroyed the production capability of the nation as it devastated our free enterprise economy.  Next is George W. & Company:  to wit, Homeland Security, Patriot Act, House Bill 1955/Senate Bill 1959:  Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 - better known as the THOUGHT POLICE ACT - the Military Commissions Act; North American Union and any and all such legislated enslavement bills and proposals.  And they are legion.  Social Security must be maintained until it can justifiably be phased out.

Third, strip the President of the right to instigate and continue wars with little or no accountability other than socialist media coverage.  Restructure our Constitution to remove the foreign-treaties-are-law-of-the-land provisions that constantly require more military expense than the end political results, especially our own security, justify.  The Military, which has nothing to do with the Second Amendment except in times of crisis when local Militia/National Guard may be called to duty, must be kept at maximum strength for the United States' interests and not the interests of any other foreign political agenda.  Refurbish and reequip our military and eliminate as many civilian contracts from the military as possible, starting with food and medical services.

Fourth, return to the States those issues that belong to the States:  education, marriage, abortion, driver's licenses, birth and death accountability, et cetera; and remove such issues as voter registration and election standards from the states to ensure:   (1) an accounting system that has a paper trail; (2) results are not released until each machine has been proven to vote the voter's choices rather than some other digital pre-set; and (3) results are not released until the last poll of the nation has been closed and results have been verified.  Put sufficient teeth in voter fraud statutes and enforcement.  None of this is as expensive as the socialists will whine nor as difficult as vote frauders will claim.  Interstate infrastructure, ecology, waterways, watersheds, highways, railroads, energy and transport must be considered in a national perspective without turning local police authority into a police state.

Fifth, call a spade a spade.  Massive illegal immigration into the United States from Mexico being a prime example.  The problem is as simple as the cure.  Problem:  Mexico has a Marxist economic system.  The millions of illegals aren't hard core criminals under flight to avoid prosecution, they are victims trying NOT to starve to death!  Cure:  shut down Mexico's Marxist economic system; and with our own Wall Street-Cleaning (next on the list) perhaps we can document once-and-for-all that neither Marxism nor any of its socialist fallout scenarios are viable options except at the point of a government gun in the face of an unarmed citizen victim.

Sixth, put our own economic house in order beginning with the lobbyists.  A severe Wall Street-cleaning is an absolute must beginning with extermination of the privately-owned Federal Reserve System.  The 'bailout' must be changed to a "bail in" in favor of taxpayers and free enterprise system that made us the world leader - until we Marxed, Engeled and Socialized it into oblivion.  Hard on the heels of that change in public and private policy, eliminate the greatest source of organized crime in the nation:  the Internal Revenue Service, by redefining and restructuring the nation's tax codes from start to finish; and eliminate the 'revenue sharing' nonsense that permits Federal blackmail of States, Counties and local governments.  As for the private sector, we must abolish the practice of making more money from stock manipulation than sales of products or services of the company; and "derivatives" in both banking and lending institutions must be abolished entirely.  Health Care and insurance companies must be forced to compete in an open Free Enterprise Market and do so without special interest legislated loopholes to rob this client and deny the next.

Seventh, focus of the phony war on drugs must be redirected toward importers and bank money launderers.  Disease epidemics, including the annual flu scam, must be abolished by breaking the stranglehold on both information and practices of totally incompetent government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration and reputedly private American Medical Association.  Natural and nutritional treatments and cures must have purity and content standards, with severe penalties, that cannot be bought out of criminal litigation as was done with the L-Tryptophan murders and the now never-publicly-mentioned Chinese melamine murders.

Eighth, bring government back under control of the People as prescribed in the Constitution and eliminate any and all out-of-control agencies and operations, prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law that would apply to any non-government citizen, all those who were/are involved with such covert and overt activities:  to wit, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, WTC, the Kennedy and King murders and their respective cover-ups among others.  Unless we clean government house including the front and back door steps and put the manipulators, corrupt, and liars in those many prisons our all-lawyer 'courts' have required, we shall never have any government at any level that can be trusted farther than one can kick the Rock of Gibraltar.

If the Republican Party fails to set this agenda, and fails to do it while we have limited time, the Republican Party must assume the responsibility, liability and the blame for the irrevocable fall of the United States the fully Marxist Democrat party is hell bent on.  Restructuring and redirection of the Republican Party cannot be accomplished from the top down.  It must be done point by point from the bottom up.  Registered Republican voters attending ward and precinct meetings to vote changes and select local officers; then attending the County and State Conventions to hold ward and precinct officer's feet to the fire, who in turn must hold County, State and National officer's tootsies to the toast, is the one and only solution.  Being mad - and loud - helps tremendously regardless of the socialist's preferences of calm, quiet, weak-kneed obedience.  Be mad and stay mad until you personally experience the government guaranteed by the Constitution, free of corruption, free from abuse, and the nation debt free from generations of socialist bondage.

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

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