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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

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       Imagine yourself at the lowest point in your life.  Set whatever rules you want on that point except the ability to think and reason.  The legal system, along with the rest of government, has failed and is in fact a major part of your low point.  Religion, along with all the churches from top to bottom has failed and is less than a zero in delivery.  No friends and no family that can help, no in-hand resources, singled out by government and church staffs for direct and intentional abuse - because 'they' know something you don't - and that "something" is about you!
       Between the government and its allied church staffs, you are blocked and stonewalled at every turn; held incommunicado until the injuries of their forced 'confession' heals, denying you any communications even paper and pen.  'They' have you at 'their' nonexistent mercy and 'they have every intention and all the resources necessary to keep you.  Governments and churches NEVER spend their own money, only that of those they can extort:  taxpayers and tithing fools.  Any such resource you might have had has long been 'confiscated' under any pretense the gutless citizens will accept or dare not challenge, and their 'acceptance' and 'silence' is then and there construed as approval.  Every point the government and/or church staffs wants to smear against you is shouted from the housetops by every Kak Jew-controlled media stream available, with NOTHING, not one word from YOU or in your defense.  Government lies heralded as absolute god-law-and-gospel even in the face of absolute impossibility.
       Yes.  I've been there.
       And with a lot of others just like me in the same boat.  We were all just supposed to be goody-goody little criminals and endorse all the atrocities against us as true, fair and impartial justice, as if were our divinely endowed stations in life.  I suppose by the same 'divinity' that appointed all those lying bastards to power over us; you know, the god-player-on-government-payroll (GPOGP) and hallelujah halfwits with their "holier than thou" 'religions.'  After all, they've gotten away with their god-playing for so long they've actually deluded themselves into thinking they WERE (and STILL ARE) some sort of supreme being.  Today's current crop of socialist bastards live under the same delusion.
       Then the fun began.
       Nobody was more surprised than me.  Nobody.  I'd been around the world a time or two, but what happened to me right in the middle of this unholy and morally bereft mess of dispicables was beyond anything I had even heard of, let alone expected.  And it came without a hint of warning, without one bit of prequel fanfare and caught everybody, including me, flatfooted and totally unprepared.  The element of surprise is a vital consideration in any situation, and this was a Master Piece.  The government bastards were caught red-handed with nowhere to run or hide, the hallelujah halfwits were required to deliver - put-up or shut-up - and their 'Jesus' failed on all terms and conditions as 'he' always does.  Nothing new there in either instance, except this time 'they' were no longer in control and the VICTIMS of their many atrocities had a Champion that could not be intimidated and could not be bought out.  The fat was in the fire without a skillet!
       It's still anybody's guess "who" began to suck up the quickest, the Masonic Lodge or the Knights of Columbus.  Both began attempting to entice me into letting the 'always-right,-pure-and-honest' government, and especially their own asses, off the hook for their atrocities and damnations.  Although NONE of them could 'do-anything-about-my-situation' as if I were stupid enough to believe or accept such poppycock.  They had all the power, authorities and resources necessary to railroad me in, they had all the power, authorities and resources necessary to railroad me out!  But THAT would have upset the GRAFT MACHINE and no Kak Jew can have that!
       A quick injection of dead and dying bodies - without even raising an eyelash and against which there was neither escape nor defense - and having THEM for an ironclad alibi changed all their god-playing and brought their down-their-nose attitudes to a screeching Satanic stop.  The Keys to Hell and Death were in the hands of someone who 'they' had made into an Eternally Mortal Enemy; who not only had the power and authority to kill the body, but also the power and authority to burn both the body and soul in hell!  You guessed it, the WRONG person to make an enemy of, let alone giving him justified cause to go on a Righteous Rampage.
       And just WHAT was this great event that suddenly changed whose hands the delivery of hell was in?
       The Anointing as Holy Witness of (neither "for" nor "against" except as conduct dictates) THIS Generation of Fire by THE MOST HIGH LORD GOD OF ALL CREATION, HIMSELF!  Proof of The Anointing also known as "The Great Testimony" is available to individuals - just like you - without 'believing' enough, 'advance' donations, buying anything nor other hallelujah halfwit nonsense of any kind.  No 'accepting Jesus' or anybody else, no eye of newt boiled at midnight in the north end of an abandoned outhouse during the new moon, no Mars being trine jackass or any other such nitwilly 'requirements' of divine, occult or satanic ritualizations.
       Just YOU and THE MOST HIGH!
       Being the Supreme Judge of Supreme Judges is a lot of firepower to be vested in anyone; and being a victim of all the Black Robed Bastards on the various benches at the time; I did not spare any of them!  NONE!  I still don't.  I haven't found so much as ONE who would deserve such consideration.  They ALL - without exception - protect, defend and enforce the infamous Blue Wall of the various police departments and agencies.  No exceptions found there either!  My Holy Commission comes with eternal consequences for all such bastards, and I have no qualms about burning those I don't kill myself nor killing those who deserve death across the board and THEN burning them until Second Judgment when The Most High, Himself, will turn up the burners:  for He knows my judgement is true.  But that is only the Beginning of the Misery.  The worthless bastards get to roast until the Third and FINAL JUDGEMENT when Lucifer and all his minions get permanent occupancy in the deepest and hottest Firepits of Hell!
       Do I also sit in Judgement of politicians, manipulators, war mongers, socialists, child molesters, murderers, thieves, ministers, imams, priests, preachers and other liars?  YES INDEED I DO!  Right long with all the KNOWING and LYING journalists and the owners, operators and financiers of their many publishing sources; radio, television, internet and print!  As the Supreme Judge of Supreme Judges my jurisdiction and authority is absolute.  And my decision is final.  There is no appeal before The Most High!  If I determine to burn:  THEY BURN!
       If you want to know more about all these things, the information is free-to-read online at http://www.theakurians.com
       The same MOST HIGH who made me the Supreme Judge of Supreme Judges, and endowed me with a lot of other equally astounding Righteous Powers and Holy Authorities.  The same MOST HIGH of Adam (ish), Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, all the Prophets in their day including Immanuel (whom the programmed ignorant call "Jesus" in spite of the fact the letter "J" didn't exist until 1349!), Muhammad and many others.
       The same MOST HIGH will Testify to YOU personally - on HIS terms and not yours - that all these things are absolute, irrevocable, consistently verifiable truth.
       Complete information and instructions are contained in Chapters FIVE (5) and FORTY-TWO (42) of "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" free-to-read online at - http://www.theakurians.com - just follow the links.
       IF THE TESTIMONY OF THE MOST HIGH, HIMSELF, isn't sufficient, then what do YOU suggest to rescue a doomed civilization and dying planet?


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