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       This is an excerpt from Chapter 40 of "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" (AED) as Spoken Out Of The Glorious Mouth of The Most High, Himself, as indicated by the double quotes ("").  There can be neither question nor comment as to the accuracy of the content.  The FULL TEXT of The Great Curse of Noah Upon Canaan is published here and in the AED for the sole and exclusive purpose of delivering all the Rules, Terms and Conditions to the Black Races that they may be about the business of removing both this, and The Great Curse of The Most High Upon Cush, from themselves and their generations after them forever.
       Look at any Black Ghetto cum War Zone.  The fact is clear:  2,000 years of "praise Jesus" hasn't done a damned thing!  If anything doesn't work for 2,000 years, IT DOESN'T WORK!  Period!  In spite of the few crumbs thrown by the all-controlling Kak Jews to the street niggers who are ignorant, stupid and gutless enough to swallow them, the violence, crime, poverty, immorality, dirt, trash, filth and cess pool mindset and conditions are worse today than ever before - and degrading and degenerating as you read these very words (2008).  The contamination of The Great Curses have already infected and virtually destroyed the entire Youth of America and everywhere else they are advocated.  The best example being the entire Hispanic Communities; as The Great Curses clearly say they will do.
       The hope for the Black Community is NOT in some crackpot socialist con-game of 'equality' regardless of the promise or the disguise.  Forced integration by any name given it still doesn't work.  It doesn't work in 'open housing' or 'affordable (welfare) housing' because of White Flight leaving a once civilized community degenerating it into another Black Ghetto War Zone, expanding the problem.  It doesn't work in 'equal opportunity education' because the Kak Jew socialists constantly lower the educational standards to less than the Black Standards of all previously segregated schools.  Regardless of the rhetoric and rose-colored pictures, all these socialist scenarios, including racemixing, are and will remain abject total failures because they are DIVERSIONS from the real situation:  THE CURSES UPON THE BLACK RACES!

       Let's begin at the beginning.  First the Rules:

From Chapter 40, "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!"

7052      "Lo!  The Most High has been Blasphemed!
7053      "Lo!  The Most High Lord of Spirits has been profaned!
7054      "Lo!  The Most Ancient Creator has been defiled!
7055      "Lo!  The Damnation shall never depart from the House of Ham, neither off his tribes after him forever, and they shall not see The Face of The Most High!
7056      "Whosoever Curses Ham shall please The Most High!  (chalk one up for the supremacists!)
7057      "Whosoever blesses Ham shall be accursed of The Most High!"

7058      [INSERT:  Now chalk one against the racemixers, especially the genetic mutations of telegony!  "Telegony" is the genetic process whereby a female's genes become altered from a male's semen and especially by her first fetus.  Such male semen-produced genetic alteration often shows as a skin pallor change in the female.  First fetal produced telegony is that by which her subsequent children will have the characteristics of the father of that first child, even if they are fathered by a different male!
7059      Farmers and livestock breeders have known these things for untold ages, and spare no expense to prevent their prize females from being impregnated by any male, regardless of his bloodlines, not of the purebred stock of the female.
7060      Birds of a feather and wildlife to its own do not mix, unless they have first been mixed in domestication and then returned (or abandoned) to the wild (such as most dog packs).  By deliberate design the word "telegony" has been omitted from virtually every common dictionary, and where not omitted it is called a 'theory'.
7061      The Most High Lord of Spirits clearly says here that telegony is a fact!
7062      And because humans engage in intercourse just for pleasure, as opposed to animals and wildlife that for the most part breed only for reproduction, the effects of telegony from racemixing is far more damaging whether as a result of prostitution or immoral promiscuity.
7063      As for vegetation, cereal grains, fruit and produce, "hybridization" sounds like a 'big deal' because of the poundage per acre it produces.  But the fact is:  no hybrid will breed true; and all are short on seven to nine trace minerals that are vital to health and life; and none will pick up cobalt!  Natural cobalt prevents infectious abortion in livestock and humans!
7064      How many modern ailments such as heart, kidney and liver diseases, and cancers are caused just because we are being nutritionally starved to death by eating hybrid (racemixed) foods?  Then consider:  How many modern ailments, including birth defects and mental disorders, are the end result of mixed or polluted genes from inbreeding and racemixing?  Both are forbidden by Holy Law!]

7065      "For Ham is damned in the sight of his fathers, and damned in The Eye Of Him Who Created Us All!  Woe to Ham for his defecation upon Holy Things!  Woe to Ham and all his children after him, for he has abused (defamed, mocked) The Holy One!
7066      "The birthright of Ham shall be an Abomination!
7067      "The birthright of Ham shall be a Damnation upon all the heirs thereof!
7068      "The birthright of Ham shall be a Pollution unto all born unto it, and a Pollution unto all who shall defile themselves with it!  (You go Black, you don't go back!  Except to the most morally degenerate!)
7069      "The birthright of Ham is a Pollution of Pollutions, and all thereunder are a Damnation unto the land, a Damnation unto the people, a Damnation upon the nations, and a Damnation before The Most High Lord of Spirits!
7070      "The birthright of Ham is a Desecration upon the whole earth, and all who partake thereof shall become a Desecration unto their own soul!  (Racemixers lose the right to their own soul and their children are born without a soul!)
7071      "The birthright of Ham is a Desecration upon the whole world, and where a footprint of Ham is found shall become a sewer and a trash heap!  (Drive through any Black neighborhood of any city you choose and you'll see the truth of that invocation!)
7072      "The birthright of Ham is a Desecration under the whole of the Heavens, a vile thing to be hated and to be despised!"

7073      [INSERT:  It's not common knowledge beyond the Black Community, but a great proportion of Black People hate themselves to an extreme degree:  their color, their looks, their lives, the constant deprivations, et cetera.  With the enforcement of programmed ignorance and immorality by our so-called educational system and all other jackass "liberal" cum socialist proposals and programs, the problems within the Black Community are multiplied and compounded and then forced down the throat of everybody else, by law!]

7074      "Cursed be Canaan!  (Ham's firstborn and chief heir to his birthright!)
7075      "The Curse of Curses be upon Canaan and all his generations forever!  (The provision that ensures continuance upon all the deserving throughout the generations.)
7076      "Cursed be Canaan!
7077      "Canaan shall be a servant of servants to his brothers, and all their generations after them forever!
7078      "Cursed be Canaan!
7079      "Blessed be The Most High unto Shem; and Canaan shall serve Shem, that he eat bread:  and Shem be magnified in all the earth!
7080      "Cursed be Canaan!
7081      "Blessed be The Most High unto Japheth:  that he be exceedingly enriched; and though he dwell in the tents of Shem, Canaan shall be his servant and shall carry the dung of Japheth's servants!
7082      "Cursed be Canaan!
7083      "The Most High lift up his face unto Shem and unto Japheth and withhold forever His Countenance from Canaan; that Canaan suffer the Curse, and Shem and Japheth endure in Blessings and in comforts!
7084      "Cursed be Canaan!
7085      "Cursed be the seed of Canaan that the blood thereof be a vile pollution thereof and an abomination unto all thereof!
7086      "Cursed be Canaan!
7087      "Cursed be the wombs of Canaan, that all who emerge therefrom be a vile in The Sight of The Most High and a pollution of violence unto all the generations of Canaan forever!
7088      "Woe to (upon, all) the generations of Canaan!  (That is part of the Curse, not a comment about it!)
7089      "For whomsoever shall bless him (even an individual son or daughter of all Canaan's generations of descendants!) shall be damned in The Sight of The Most High Lord of Spirits and (shall) be an outcast from their own people!
7090      "Woe to the generations of Canaan!
7091      "For whomsoever shall comfort him shall be defiled in The Eye of The Most High and a pollution in His Sight forever!
7092      "Woe to the generations of Canaan!
7093      "For whomsoever shall come unto (have sexual relations with!) a Canaanite shall become even as the Canaanite before The Most High forever!
7094      "Woe to the generations of Canaan!
7095      "For whomsoever shall pollute themselves with a Canaanite shall become an abomination unto their fathers and unto The Most High Lord of Spirits!  (In spite of these two provisions Accursed Cush determined to intermarry with Canaan, and Canaan went along with it as did his harlot daughter Semiramis!)
7096      "Woe to the generations of Canaan!
7097      "For whomsoever mollifies (or even attempts to mollify, undo, relieve) the Curse from off Canaan shall offend The Most High and multiply the Curse upon Canaan and upon their own generations even as a Canaanite!"

7098      [INSERT:  If you don't think that provision is still in effect:  then try and carry on a conversation with just about anyone under the age of forty and see how many times you hear the words "man", "cool", et cetera, not to mention mannerisms that like such 'jive talk' words were once the domain of only the Black Community!
7099      Take a good, hard look at rampant illegal narcotics use:  until forced integration and forced open-housing, illegal narcotics trafficking and addiction were also primarily the dominion of the Black Community.]

7100      "Woe to the generations of Canaan!
7101      "With filth and squalor shall their minds be infected, and they shall walk in their own dung and sleep in their own piss and eat their own garbage!
7102      "Woe to the generations of Canaan!
7103      "For they shall know fear and shall understand terror and shall not serve The Most High Lord of Spirits forever!  (This part is not cursed upon Cush, except as mixing with Canaan requires, and is the escape clause for Cush as we shall see later!)
7104      "Woe to the whole world because of Canaan!
7105      "Wheresoever Canaan camps shall become a place of filth to be burned with fire unto repurification!
7106      "Woe to the whole world because of Canaan!
7107      "Wheresoever Canaan brings forth children shall become places of sewerage to be covered and filled over like rotting corpses!
7108      "Woe to the whole world because of Canaan!
7109      "Wheresoever Canaan ventures, he will pollute the children of that land in their minds and in their wombs until they are likened unto Canaan:  worthless and degenerate, profaned and diseased, ignorant and corrupt!  (See the INSERT, above!)
7110      "Woe to the whole world because of Canaan!
7111      "Wheresoever Canaan is welcomed shall come forth soulless children, vile and detestable upon the land and in The Sight of The Most High!
7112      "Woe to the whole world because of Canaan!
7113      "Wheresoever Canaan abides shall become a place of ignorance and of false gods unto destruction of all things Holy!
7114      "Woe to the whole world because of Canaan!
7115      "Wheresoever Canaan shall plant his own crops (human seed, not gardening) shall come the pestilences, the droughts, the plagues upon the land, and starvations shall consume them!"

7116      [INSERT:  The context of this invocation seems to concern farming, et cetera, but The Holy Scripts of All The Heavens and All The Earths show it to be social, educational, medical, and economic, and little if anything to do with agriculture!]

7117      "Woe to the whole world because of Canaan!
7118      "Wheresoever Canaan is, there shall shortly come:  the Wraths of The Most High, abominations by the peoples, (immoralities such as today's open harlotry especially among teenagers, narcotics abuse, drive-by murders by gangs of cowards, pornographic 'pop' music, et cetera) and Damnations (such as Legislated Enslavements!) within the land!
7119      "That which is worst shall befall Canaan first, and before any other!
7120      "That which is evil shall befall Canaan first, and more than any other!
7121      "That which is vile shall become Canaan first, and exceed any other!
7122      "That which is of the seed of Canaan is unto Damnation forever!
7123      "That which is of the wombs of Canaan is unto Damnation forever!
7124      "That which is polluted of Canaan is vile and defiled forever!
7125      "Canaan shall be an alien in his own land;
7126      "Canaan shall be a slave among his own people;
7127      "Canaanite shall consume Canaanite with their own hand;
7128      "Canaanite shall defile Canaanite and think it a glory;
7129      "Canaanite shall slay Canaanite and think it an honor;
7130      "Canaanite shall sacrifice Canaanite and think it Holy;
7131      "Canaan shall be damned, even in the eyes of Canaan!
7132      "And in That Day there shall be no more the Canaanite before the House of The Lord of Spirits forever!"


7133      And there it is!  Everything that's ever happened to the Black Races, most if not all of which is still happening to this very day, is in there somewhere:  and with all the penalties spelled out for trying to undo them by whatsoever and/or howsoever many processes we may think justified!  That Great Curse of Curses of The Anointed Noah upon the House of Ham and Accursed Canaan in all his generations cannot be undone by anybody but Noah himself:  and Noah clearly set the penalties for anyone stupid (or 'liberal') enough to try!


       Before anyone can do that THEY MUST HAVE AND UNDERSTAND ALL THE RULES!  Once the rules are known and understood, then comes the WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO that will eliminate both Curses and remove their ages-old punishments.
       Praising Jesus - or anyone else - WILL NOT WORK!
       Racemixing - regardless of the 'other' race - WILL NOT WORK!
       Maintaining the "Big Nigger" syndrome - WILL NOT WORK!
       Affirmative Action - regardless of the application - WILL NOT WORK!
       Quotas - regardless of the application - WILL NOT WORK!
       Integration - regardless of the application - WILL NOT WORK!
       Blaming anyone else - regardless of "who" - WILL NOT WORK!
       Marxism - whether communist or fascist - WILL NOT WORK!
       Generation after generation welfare - WILL NOT WORK!
       ABSOLUTE AND DIRECT OBEDIENCE TO HOLY LAW WILL WORK!  And it's the only thing that can!

       Cut and paste these URLs into your browser and be sure to read them all!

http://www.theakurians.com - just follow the links.
http://www.theakurians.com/Curse upon Levi and Judah 27JUN07.pdf - Canaan and Cush aren't the only people under Curses!
http://www.theanointedtheelectandthedamned.com - The entire book - read it FREE online.
http://www.theanointedtheelectandthedamned.com/chapter40.ht - The what, what to do and how to do it to eliminate the Great Curses forever.
http://www.theakurians.com/pictureofhell.htm - The Picture of Souls Burning in Hell - and not for the squeamish!

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