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1st in the Series

       One of the greatest hypocrisies of all hallelujah halfwit churches, from That Great Babylonian Harlot at Rome to the newest fallout harlot daughter bellowing on the street corner, is that 'god' can talk to anybody at anytime (in ancient times) but CAN'T talk to 'you' (today - you're not 'ancient') because He DOESN'T talk to 'them' - regardless of how much they 'believe' in Jesus (IMMANUEL existed, 'gee-sus' did not!).  They're all bellowing 'god' and 'Jesus is god' all over the landscape, raving about the immense 'powers' - none of which 'they' can deliver - right along with all their other blasphemes, knowing damned lies, doctrines of death, demonisms and abominations.  Remember, God CAN'T talk to you because 'the preacher' doesn't 'believe' it, and only a demon or some 'evil' spirit would talk to YOU.  Despite the fact that manifestation of ANY spirit scares the hell out of them; God MUST talk to 'the preacher' FIRST and then get it 'approved' by the church council.  Don't think so, raise the question to any theologian, minister, priest, preacher or other liar!
       Their denials and 'explanations' be damned, ask them to provide you with Direct Communication that WORKS, the first time, every time, all the time, for everybody, without 'believing' enough; then stand by to watch the squirming because BOTH OF YOU know for a fact:  THEY CANNOT DELIVER!  Regardless of the amount of 'belief' - Period.  BOTH OF YOU also know for a fact that all the hullabaloo of 'Jesus' DOESN'T WORK EITHER!  Never did.  Never will.  Because it can't.
       From the Pope down, they're all alike.  If you'll waste the time to listen, they're all 'called' to the service, ministry, cloth, et cetera, without so much as one angel feather getting in the way.  You can separate the wannabes from the true know-hows by their 'this ministry' broken record of begging money to continue 'this ministry' that does nothing but beg money to continue 'this ministry' ; and the true know-hows by whatever 'the lord put on their hearts' that is certain to be taken out of the congregation's ass.  The lot of them, including the Pope and all his child-molesting and child-murdering subordinates, will see anyone and everyone else in hell if there's even a suggestion of another 'this ministry' or any other endeavor ("it certainly can't be 'the lord's work' or he would have put it on OUR hearts") and the rage gets to earthquake and tsunami proportions if anyone claims The Most High has communicated personally with anybody other than 'them!'
       Let the heathen rage, The Most High doesn't play by 'their' rules, only His Own!
       The Most High speaks only in Angelic - what we call the Language of the Heavens in English.  YES, even you can understand it when/if The Most High speaks directly:  because Angelic is the innate language of all minds, spirits and souls with even a grain of Righteousness or a grain of want-to-be Righteous.
       And THAT is why neither the Pope, his Babylonian Bastards nor any hallelujah halfwits can either HEAR or UNDERSTAND when The Most High does say something.  Those who supposedly have 'received the holy ghost' and equally supposedly can 'talk in tongues' are NEVER blue eyed people.  If you look deep you'll see BROWN because they're all full of condensed owl s**t right up to their eyebrows!  If they had so much as a nit of either truth, spirit, righteousness or knowledge - let alone all this 'belief' in a documentally nonexistent 'Jesus' and 'mother of god' who was actually a Babylonian racemixing incestuous harlot, Semiramis - they WOULD NOT be breaking the True Sabbath and Blaspheming The Holy Spirit of Truth by celebrating a FALSE Sabbath on Sunday and spewing their knowing damned lies about said nonexistent 'Jesus' and his equally nonexistent 'salvation.'  YES!  All Testified to by The Most High, Himself, and documented in "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" (AED) free to read online for all who want to KNOW instead of 'believe.'
       Translating Angelic, which is similar to the ancient Nefilim lingo from where we got Akkadian, Aramaic, Arabic and Hebrew along with a smattering of other languages and dialects; can take some doing and especially into English.  Even in ancient times - when God was allowed by the theologians, ministers, priests, preachers and other liars to talk to man - translating an ACCURATE record was a chore and the cost of writing materials was far more substantial than today.  The ACCURACY chore is no less today than in the most ancient times when languages were a lot closer together.  Difficult?, yes; impossible? NO!  Just over forty percent (40%) of the entire contents of "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" (AED) are Direct from The Most Highand translated out of Angelic into English with His Approval when we had to use colloquial terms to ensure understanding in THIS day and age.
       And just WHAT has all this got to do with being able to COMMUNICATE WITH THE MOST HIGH?
       As promised ages ago, The Most High has fulfilled His Promise to communicate directly with each and every person, eliminating both a necessity for Messiahs and their Disciples in their respective generations:  and all ministers, priests, preachers and other liars across the board!  TODAY anyone who will can prepare themselves - no trappings, 'accepting' anyone or other such damnations required - can receive DIRECT COMMUNICATION FROM THE MOST HIGH, HIMSELF!
       Initially to set His Holy Law and all relevant terms and conditions, in preparation against the Days of Holocaust and Years of Tribulation now so clearly on the immediate horizon; to RESTORE access to all the Planes of Heaven as bought and paid for by Immanuel and suppressed BY LAW ever since (II Corinthians 12:1-4); to prepare the True Seeker and their families and associates against First Judgment; and in cases where necessary, to restore the Right to one's soul or create a new soul in the soulless as result of racemixing, the most severe form of Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit Of Truth.  One spark of The Most High contains more than all the words in all the languages, including Angelic, can contain or explain.  First Hand Experience is about as close as we're going to get towards an explanation.
       But can anyone do it?  YES!  If they're about TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS instead of their crack pot 'belief' regardless of HOW LONG it's been around or HOW MANY others buy into its abject nonsense, obvious demonisms, direct and abject violations of Holy Law.
       The FIRST thing The Most High says to everybody is, "WILL YOU TALK TO ME BEFORE I HAVE TO TALK TO YOU?"  And that is as much an invitation as it is a clear threat!
       And it clearly shows The Most High WILL TALK TO YOU, THE INDIVIDUAL, without any 'permission' or injected blasphemes and stupidities from hallelujah halfwits or anybody else!
       Hallelujah halfwits don't like that because it clearly shows them to be the damned liars The Akurians have always said they are; and it tears down their centuries-old 'praise Jesus, just send us all your money and 'the lord' will surely bless you for it' congame of 'religion' and their death-trap of 'your' sins and iniquities.  Anyone who follows them will Die the Death and Damnations with them.
       KAK JEWS, which includes the Levites, don't like that because it clearly shows them to be the damned liars The Akurians have always said they are; and exposes the fact THEY once had all the Righteous Power and Holy Authority to be the Spiritual Leader of all Israel and eventually the whole world:  AND SOLD IT FOR A FARTHING IN THE STREETS AS IT WERE AN AGED WHORE FOR WORTH AND VALUE!  And, it documents the fact the Whole of The House of Levi and the Whole of The House of Judah HAVE BEEN CURSED by The Most High, Himself, and their greedy, conspiring and treasonous asses will not escape from it UNTIL they are in full repentance and return to the Righteous Administration of Holy Law UNDER the absolute Hand of The Anointed/Messiah of THIS Generation of Fire!  Anyone who follows them will Die the Death and Damnations with them.
       Socialists - communists or fascists - don't like that because it clearly creams their godless asses when anyone KNOWS THE TRUTH OF THE MOST HIGH and the abject murderous stupidities of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Roosevelt, Rockefeller, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Mau, Eisenhower, Johnson, Fonda, Streisand, Baez, Nixon, Ford, Kissinger, Carter, Brzezinski, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Bush and Bush, et cetera.  One solitary instant with The Most High reveals all the above mentioneds and all their ilk to be worthy only of the Deepest Firepits of Hell on their best days and hotter pits as the days wear on.  Their world-dripping-with-honey liberalisms prove to be as jackass and phony as their truth-is-the-state damnations.  Their sure and certain Road to Hell is exposed in all its devastating horrors.  Anyone who follows them will Die the Death and Damnations with them.
       It boils down to this:  you can 'believe' in one hand and defecate in the other and see which one gets full the quickest; OR you can STOP THE NONSENSE across the board, starting with 'what' mom and pop thought (or still think) and KNOW FOR YOURSELF!  If The Akurians are the liars about all this, we've given the whole world the exact process and the means to prove it.  If The Akurians didn't have the DIRECT ORDERS FROM THE MOST HIGH, HIMSELF, to make these claims, we certainly wouldn't be stupid enough to present such an issue, let alone enforce it in the eyes and ears of the whole world.  Period.
       Therefore, THUS SAITH THE MOST HIGH is something only the damnedest of fools will ignore and only the TRUE RIGHTEOUS will observe.
       The invitation is open to everyone.  No exceptions.  ANYONE CAN DO IT! (Unless you're hung up in jackass!)  The exact instructions are FREE ONLINE contained in "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" (AED) for everybody and anybody to review in their own privacy.  The Great Testimony is there for all, just like Holy Law, and just as infallible as The Most High, Himself.


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