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October 12th, 2008

Only a justified Curse will work! Frivolous or silliness will not work. Properly invoked and duly justified Curses also apply to the generations of the offenders, and are maintained by those generations committing the same injustices and keeping the Curse upon their own heads.

The United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate have surrendered the Economic Sovereignty of the United States to the Federal Reserve System's NATIONAL BLACKMAIL via the reputed 'rescue' / 'bailout' legislation.

Each and every Representative and Senator who voted in favor of this NATIONAL EXTORTION should be indicted for HIGH TREASON and brought before a Court of NON-GOVERNMENT Citizens; tried under the few remaining statutes of The Constitution of the United States; and executed immediately upon conviction.  Since the above suggestion is as fanciful under our current SOCIALIST-DOMINATED government as TRUTH was from the mouths of all the 'rescue' / 'bailout' supporters, the only other alternative is to bring as much Hell down on the heads of the sellouts - and all their generations after them - in accordance with Holy Law.

Holy Law does not require 'belief' in any quantity whatsoever.  Organized religions require sufficient 'belief' and blame all such failures on the lack of 'belief'/'faith' whenever possible and 'the-will-of-God' when their own 'prey(ing)' doesn't work either.

Holy Law only requires exacting obedience.  Just do it correctly (exacting as possible under the circumstances).  Without going into a long and documentable history lesson, to apply the appropriate Curse upon the appropriate traitors the exact WHAT you need to know is almost as simple as the actual HOW - but one won't work without the other.

Invoking a Curse is the same process as invoking a Blessing, praying if you will, and for an equally justified reason.  When the BALANCE of a blessing overcomes the IMBALANCE of the situation, the Blessing is instantaneous - a seeming miracle.  In fact, it is nothing more than Holy Law in action doing what Holy Law does when applied properly.

1 - The Most High, Himself, will protect the Righteous (innocent) - so you don't need to waste time, provision or energy in that direction.
2 - The Most High, Himself, will permit you to be as stupid as you want to be and to bring as much pain, agony, misery, death and destruction down on your own head, and the heads of your friends, associates and family, as you wish; especially with respect to abuse from others.
3 - The Most High, Himself, will avenge all the innocent who prepare themselves and approach Him properly.
4 - The US Representatives and the US Senators who voted FOR this economic damnation KNEW exactly what they were doing - robbing the poor to pay the rich - and passing the debt on to YOU and yours for untold generations.  Example:  Did you know that in 1990 there were still 150 active Veterans Benefits Accounts from the CIVIL WAR?  135 YEARS after the war 'ended'
5 - Everything in Creation is a matter of energy, mass (material/matter) AND frequency.  Everything exists as no-less-than TWO of these applications.
6 - Holy Laws works on BALANCE, just like we see every day in nature.  Only man screws up the balance of nature, although everybody and everything suffers because of it.  When the BALANCE changes, or fulfills, the PENDULUM changes direction instantly!
7 - Holy Law provides the SAME set of BALANCES - Righteousness vs Evil - Iniquity (injustice) vs justice (vengeance) - and the list goes on.  These are the FOUR factors applicable here.

1 - Make up your mind that YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS CRAP, and that YOU want the conspirators and perpetrators and THEIR generations to suffer as much and as long as YOU and YOUR generations will.  Remember, The Most High will protect any Righteous/Innocent regardless of the sins of and Curses upon their ancestors.
2 - Make up your mind that this Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, H R 1424, is ABUSE - Economic High Treason is a far more accurate term - and YOU and YOURS are victims of the KNOWING CONSPIRACY AND PERPETRATION with malice aforethought by the perpetrators.
3 - Make up your mind that these KAK SOCIALISTS fully deserve the Justice you are about to deliver, and THEIR deeds and actions have brought YOUR WRATH and the WRATH OF THE MOST HIGH upon their own heads.

The HOW:
1 - It takes ENERGY to BALANCE energy, so you need a SOURCE of energy in addition to your own.  When mass/matter burns, whether a cigarette, gas cooking flame, charcoal smoldering, incense burning, or a lit candle:  MASS/MATTER IS BEING TURNED INTO ENERGY!  If you don't smoke, get a supply of ANY of the above.
2 - All you need do AFTER the above preparation is DIRECT the ENERGY being produced in the ABSOLUTE WORST CURSE AND DAMNATION YOU CAN CREATE toward those US Representatives, Senators and their MANIPULATORS - which will include George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney and THEIR Puppet Masters -  who concocted this fiscal fiasco.  Remember, none of them had thought or consideration for the poverty, starvations, ill health, et cetera, their collusions are certain to bring upon YOU and YOURS, so stick it to THEM and THEIR generations accordingly.
3 - Done with a proper FURY and as OFTEN as possible - invoking when someone lights a cigarette - The Most High will direct your JUSTICE toward THEIR INJUSTICE and when their iniquity gets full:  Hell itself will boil over THEM, all their possessions (so they can't enjoy any of the stolen money) and all THEIR GENERATIONS until Judgment.  The Most High is an EXACTING SCIENTIST so there will not be any exceptions and no escapes!  Then eternal hell awaits their passing
4 - Simply BURN something and speak your invocation to the MATTER AND THE ENERGY it is changing into.  Use your own words, name the names if you want to as it directs your curse toward THAT individual.  If you form a group/gathering, write out the invocation - keeping it as simple (few words) as possible - and invoke in UNISON to multiply the power as two people invoking deliver the power of three, always about a fifty percent (50%) increase.  Just don't waste your time with jackass mentalities.
5 - Don't worry about THEM or any of their crackpot 'supporters' invoking a blessing to counter your curse.  The Most High, Himself, will intervene because they will be knowingly blessing EVIL, and that is something The Most High will not tolerate.

1 - You have a great deal of support - the many millions of other victims who are just as victimized as you are!  COMBINE THE ENERGY OF THE WRATH OF THEIR CURSES WITH YOURS and hell itself clearly sits on the horizon of all the conspirators, manipulators and perpetrators regardless of their Mantles of 'honor'.  You just have to do it - and do it correctly.
2 - When the ENERGY invoked against the SOCIALIST BASTARDS begins to equal the energy of their abominations, their success rate will begin to falter, their health and the health of their associates and families will begin to deteriorate, and everything they encounter will be an irrevocable road to horror and oblivion until they lie dead, and they are rotting and burning in hell where the lot of them belong.
3 - There will be IMMEDIATE effects as THE WRATH OF YOUR CURSE begins to contaminate their very bodies.  Those in close proximity will feel discomfort; those hearing them will note FALSITY in their voice; those SEEING them, even on television, will detect their EVIL.  They can rant, rave and mock all they want, but NOTHING is going to save them from YOUR WRATH except UNDOING all their SOCIALIST DAMNATIONS - ALL OF THEM IN FULL REPENTANCE - and making FULL RESTITUTION to all those they have harmed in any manner.
4 - When their INIQUITY is full - BALANCED BY THE WRATH OF YOUR CURSE - they will begin to experience all manner of personal horrors so severe that death would be a welcome relief were it not for the First Judgment HELL awaiting them - all of them.

1 - Consider all the MAJOR MEDIA who spared no effort to help perpetrate this H R 1424 damnation by NOT telling the whole truth to the people YEARS AGO when the legislative and economic preparations were being implemented - and YES, they knew the whole scam from start to finish.
2 - Consider all the MAJOR MEDIA who are still sparing no effort to SELL THE SOCIALIST AGENDA OF BARACK OBAMA because it's a greater evil than the SLOWER SOCIALIST AGENDA OF JOHN MCCAIN.  The deliberately FALSE and knowing MISinformation from all networks and cable news services is obvious to anybody who THINKS FOR THEMSELVES and pays even the slightest attention.

The Akurians

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