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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham (R)
New Mexico Legislative District 14, Precinct 46
1826 Poplar Lane SW
Albuquerque, NM  87105  USA
Email:  The Colonel
Tel:    505-247-4843
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12 MAY 2008

       With John McCain, a veteran, having sold out all other veterans; Barack Obama lying though his teeth about NOT being a Muslim; and Communist Cunt Hillary Clinton selling Marx's Manifesto far better than he did; can you spell W-H-I-C-H  M-A-R-X-I-S-T?

       Let's look at the coming realities if ...

       John McCain:  More OWG nonsense without having to change too many already-in-place puppets.
       Barack Obama:  The nation of Kenya instantly on the U.S. welfare roles and the rest of the country turned into a ghetto war zone.
       Hillary Clinton:  The U.S. fully communized, no guns in private hands, and no individual security from government intrusion into their privacy.

       Great choices, don't you think?

       No HONORABLE veteran will vote for John McCain given any other choice!
       No INTELLIGENT citizen will vote for Barack Obama except those who want a bigger welfare check and for more generations!
       No TRUTHFUL citizen will vote for Hillary Clinton due to her many outright damned lies alone!
       No TRUE citizen will vote for Ralph Nader except to send a message of "NONE OF THE ABOVE" to the other three!

       Any other choices/alternatives?

       YOU'RE DAMNED RIGHT THERE ARE!  WRITE IN RON PAUL [UPDATE:  CHUCK BALDWIN IS THE LATEST CHOICE!] or LEAVE THE PRESIDENTIAL SECTION BLANK!  There may not be a write-in capability on most voting machines, so the sure and certain solution is to REQUEST AN ABSENTEE BALLOT which are paper and do the write-in.  True, it will require hand-counting, with the inevitable time delays, but those time delays ALWAYS make news.  Sending THAT kind of message to whoever is elected deprives them of a 'mandate mentality' and permits more citizen input across the board.

       Regardless of the LIES to the contrary, just because something is "on" a ballot does NOT mean you have to vote for/against it!  YOU CAN DAMNED WELL LEAVE ANY PART - AND AS MANY PARTS AS YOU WISH - BLANK!  It's YOUR VOTE and you do not have to waste it or spend it on anyone or for anything you don't fully approve.  Period.

       We can't get RON PAUL into a viable position to be nominated for either President, Vice President, or a solid Cabinet Office.  Therefore, let's raise a big barrel of hell demanding the IMMEDIATE and TOTAL RESTORATION OF THE CONSTITUTION!  That greatest document ever written needs to be restored in its entirety.  No "ifs", "ands", "buts" or "maybes" and not on some politician's 'promise' that will never be honored.

       Point to Consider:  The "secret courts" scenario Do you know WHO maintained "secret courts" resulting in the DISAPPEARANCE of many millions and the MURDERS of uncounted millions more?  Read the list:  Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo and Chairman Mao!  Need we count their atrocities?

       Homeland Security, The Patriot Act (which isn't), The Military Commissions Act (which abolishes habeas corpus meaning YOU can disappear without any accountability whatsoever), and Senate Bill 1959 (Thought Police) are ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT LEGISLATED ENSLAVEMENT already being enforced via "secret courts" as evidenced by the disappearance of U.S. Citizens who openly protest any of the above.  IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING, PEOPLE!  WAKE UP, GOD DAMN IT!

       REQUIRE THE BASTARDS CURRENTLY "IN OFFICE" - both State and Federal - to begin that process of TOTAL RESTORATION while they still can.  If the BASTARDS don't oblige immediately and without further adieu, VOTE THEIR VILE ASSES OUT OF OFFICE as an either/or warning to their replacements.  If the replacements don't act - IMMEDIATELY - RECALL THEIR EQUALLY WORTHLESS ASSES, REGARDLESS OF COST!

       What?  You can't do that?  THEN CAN YOU LEARN TO SPELL W-H-I-C-H  M-A-R-X-I-S-T?

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

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