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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

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26 NOVEMBER 2007

       "KAK" means "infinitely unqualified, but not at lying."  KAK JEWS are all socialists, Marxists, Communists, Fascists, et cetera, whichever World Control scenario suits the moment ... make that the POWER and the MONEY as long as they maintain control over both and everything else in the downline including all information, public and private.  GOOGLE’s current algorithm restriction for placement on sites mentioning Jews in anything but a politically correct, god, law and gospel purified righteousness light for example.   KAK JEWs are a disgrace to all Creation, and on Earth, specifically but not limited to, Israel and especially all other Jews and Levites.

       The greatest Monument to KAK JEW’s Own Stupidity is socialism - that doesn't work because it can't work - despite being maintained and enforced only by government violence everywhere it exists.  And that brings us to one of KAK JEW socialism's most-damnable lies:  "gun control is a crime preventative", meaning everyone who is PRO-gun is "soft on crime".  The FACT is, gun controls CREATE CRIME!  As clearly shown in the current Washington D.C. socialist failure.  Therefore, politicians bantering gun control - soft on crime - and other such KAK JEW socialist sewage are actually telling the whole world THEY ARE KAK JEW CONTROLLED regardless of their 'party', 'platform' or 'record'.

       KAK JEWs and KAK JEW Controls equal the same bottom line for all victims regardless of the ethnicity of the fools who follow the KAK JEW 'line', of which the Washington D.C. 'crime preventative' gun control legislations are a globally acknowledged disaster.  Electing or appointing any person or Socialist into ANY position because they are of a given race or a Socialist is a PROBLEM, not a solution, especially when that person or Socialist is a criminal such as Marion Barry and his illegal narcotics collusions.  Such KAK JEW socialist scenarios are the foundation blocks of eventual accomplishment of the Grand Plan of TOTAL Global Enslavement.

       Claiming to be "in touch with the people" but in reality only having public support of the welfare wannabes and monetary support of KAK JEWs, the socialist idiots:  Sterling Tucker, Nadine Winters, Walter E. Washington, and local Gerstapa Chief Jerry Wilson, some of whom were bought into office when Washington D.C. became a city in its own right; established the most stringent gun control measures anywhere in the nation in spite of the blatant and obvious Constitutional violation.  The reputed 'survey' by Georgetown University claiming "three out of four" D.C. residents supported the gun ban, was as bogus as everything else from the Johnson Administration, and everybody but the public knew it - THANKS to a knowingly lying and KAK JEW-controlled media.

       How did they get away with it?  How does that work?

       Simple.  Set the stage of process:
             (a)  KAK JEWs assemble and appoint themselves to a 'committee' cum socialist organization to 'solve' some 'problem' they have created.  KAK JEWs in said 'organization' come up with any SOCIALIST idea regardless of how crackpot, intrusive or asinine - usually a brick in the Foundation of World Socialism as specified in "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" (despite all protests that such is a fake/forgery, NONE can explain why every tenant in it is NOW established in the United States);
             (b)  those KAK JEWs apply to other KAK JEWs in banking and finance and get funding to establish the organization and its network facilities;
             (c)  and present it to the KAK JEWs in media (which includes entertainment) who in their turn blast it to all ears while defaming any and all public protests;
             (d)  then on to the KAK JEWs in government (bureaucrats) who squander billions of tax dollars 'confirming' the hypothesis - like that phony Georgetown University poll;
             (e)  until the KAK JEWs in the various legislatures and law-making bodies get the NEVER-published full text of the damnable legislation and force their KAK JEW-controlled fellows to endorse the measure and sign it into law.  It's just a chain.  A KAK JEW SOCIALIST chain to be sure, but a chain nevertheless.  We call it the KAK JEW "circle of circumstance" for all those interested.

       Therefore, THAT is why the entire United States government from top (Federal) to bottom (State, Territory, County, Parish, City and Township) is KAK JEW-controlled.  And THAT is why the common Citizen can't get a damned thing done or recognized, government services and support of law being limited to Jew, KAK JEW or KAK JEW-controlled socialists and welfare wannabes.  Don't think so, TRY IT!  TEST IT for yourself!  Anywhere you want, any State County/Parish, and City in the nation ...

       Should there be a protest, the KAK JEWs in media make sure all PRO advocates are sharp, well versed in public exposure and with as much 'academics' as KAK JEW money can buy; while all CON advocates are always some working stiff, without much formal education (because THANKS to KAK JEWs they couldn't afford it), without a dress suit (again, THANKS to KAK JEWs they can't afford one of those either), few if any 'video class' social graces and as raunchy in appearance as possible (they video tape as many as it takes to get the one perfect hick) to ensure the programmed-stupid public will reject those farm-boy common sense and patriotic protests.

       Should there be a law suit, the case must be presented to a KAK JEW or KAK JEW-controlled 'court' where the KAK JEW/Socialist 'defense' is always right and all Citizens are always WRONG regardless of Constitutional law!  The current 'appeal' of Parker vs District of Columbia is an excellent example of taking a LOWER court case to a HIGHER court so the already-determined outcome falls under "the HIGHEST law of the land MUST be recognized" provision; in this case to eventually DISARM each and every citizen - or as many as possible - BEFORE the Declaration of Martial Law and the total abolition of the Constitution as result of some government-concocted-and-perpetrated 'terrorist' episode.  Robert A. Levy, Attorney for the Plaintiff, has a current Los Angeles Times article, while all very clean with little or no "oh, whine" elements, is accompanied with a cartoon of an automatic surrounded by SIX comments of 'statistics' ... make that outright knowing KAK JEW damned lies ... AGAINST home/private ownership of guns!  Get that, LEVY who certainly isn't Chinese, is 'defending' the Parker side of this 'case', and advocating the District of Columbia's position of GUN CONTROL!

       Parker vs District of Columbia is in the courts due to the failure of Washington D.C.'s gun control 'crime prevention'.  The current KAK JEW whine in 'justification' is spewed by Attorney General Linda Singer, "how many lives were saved" as result of the ban, while everybody else is openly admitting they hoped for a NATIONAL ban, in explanation:  A DIS-ARMED and DEFENSELESS CITIZENRY that can be easily enslaved by more such legislation ("legislated enslavement" as condemned by The Most High, Himself, "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!", Paragraph 1652)!

       Prime Answer:  again, the suggestion of "saving lives" is a knowing KAK JEW damned lie:  To Wit:  HOW MANY LIVES WERE LOST BECAUSE THE VICTIM WAS UNARMED AND INCAPABLE OF SELF-DEFENSE?

       You'll note that NONE of the KAK JEWs nor any of the KAK JEW-controlled dare to present THAT side of the problem, either in the media nor before that KAK JEW/KAK JEW-controlled US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and especially before the fully communist United States Supreme Court.  The decision to uphold all KAK JEW gun control statutes in the face of their blatant and obvious UN-Constitutional standing and illegality was made long ago in the Grand Plan of TOTAL Global Enslavement.  Therefore, 'presenting' anything of a Constitutional nature - except to destroy it - before any 'court' anywhere in these United States or anyplace we have already legislated surrender to - is nothing more than a KAK JEW media farce.

       Just like the KAK JEW-controlled media will boycott this news release, the KAK JEW-controlled courts and government will ignore the abject failure of their socialist agenda for Washington, D.C., this nation and everywhere else the whole world ... until Shiloh ... when The Most High, Himself, will JUSTIFIABLY burn more KAK JEWs than Hitler and Cronies even imagined existed.  Even so, the KAK JEW Socialist opinion of these presents do NOT change the fact The Most High, Himself, will TESTIFY to any and all True Righteous that each and every word, statement, claim and/or inference herein is absolute TRUTH!

- - - - - - -

       The Communist U.S. Supreme Court struck down the private possession by citizens provision of the Washington D.C. gun control failure:  AND DIDN'T DO A DAMNED THING ABOUT THE EQUALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND SOCIALIST AGENDA "GUN REGISTRATION" PROVISIONS!

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