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27 December 2013
Dr Orly Taitz ESQ
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Attorney Orly Taitz contacted Administrative Court of Colorado to check on her complaint. She originally talked to the supervising clerk Donna who stated that the Chief Judge Mathew Azer got her complaint and that if Taitz wants to talk to the judge, he is willing to talk to her. Taitz was extremely surprised as she never had a situation where a Chief Judge is willing to talk to a member of the public. The complaint is here at link.

Judge Azer was very courteous and spent nearly an hour talking to Taitz.

He advised her that he is concerned that the decision by Judge Spencer in regards the baker  Mr. Jack Phillips and Masterpiece cakes was misreported in the media and there is a backlash due to misunderstanding.

Complaint pdf

The decision was only in relation to the civil rights statutes of the state of Colorado. He states that it is at 24-34-301 at seq. which states that if you provide services to the public, you have to accommodate all members of the public and cannot discriminate against people of different races, gender, religion and recently sexual orientation was added as a protected group.

Taitz advised Judge Azer that there is a difference between discrimination in denying services in general and baking a cake for a gay wedding, which is an act that is so closely intertwined with religious beliefs.

Taitz brought an example. She stated that she has 3 children and often ordered cakes for their birthdays. If a baker refuses to bake a cake for a child's birthday because a kid happened to be black or Jewish or gay, that is a discrimination against a member of a protected minority, as it does not go against the religious beliefs. However, when a baker refuses to make a cake with 2 grooms on the top of the cake or 2 brides, that involves his religious beliefs because a gay marriage is a sin in his religion and pretty much every religion and this involves his religious beliefs.

Additionally, this violates existing Colorado law because gay marriages are banned in the state of Colorado and by and through this decision the administrative court of Colorado is aiding and abetting an unlawful conduct.

Originally Judge Azer tried to state that selling a wedding cake is not aiding and abetting an unlawful conduct because one can order a birthday cake even though it is not his birthday, so one can order a wedding cake without getting married.

Taitz responded that this is splitting hairs similar to Clinton's what "is" is and not dealing with the issue at hand. It is presumed that when one is ordering a birthday cake, it is for a birthday and when one is ordering a wedding cake, it is for a wedding.

Taitz questioned Azer if there is a way to find a middle ground in preventing a flagrant discrimination while at the same time avoiding violation of one's first amendment right of Freedom of Religion. Taitz questioned whether Judge Spencer or Judge Azer, as a Chief Judge, would be willing to issue a statement, whereby if one cannot deny services and deny selling a product, a baker would simply sell a cake, 'A CAKE', without having to adorn a cake with a figurine of 2 grooms or 2 brides and writing the names of 2 brides or 2 grooms, which indicate that this is a gay wedding, which is against his religious beliefs. Judge Azer agreed to this and stated that indeed he wants the public to understand that he does not want "Activist Judges", that he will write a response to the complaint by Taitz clarifying to the public that all the baker has to do is sell the gay couples the same product as he sells others. Mr. Phillips does not have to place a figurine of 2 gay men on the top of the cake, he does not have to write the names of 2 grooms. Chief Judge Azer believes that if a judge tells a baker, HOW to make a cake and what to place on top of the cake, then it is an activist judge and he will not allow this.

So, in the future, if a gay or lesbian couple comes to Masterpiece bakery, Mr. Phillips only has to sell them the same product that he sells others, but he does not have to adorn it in a way that violate his religious beliefs and he will not be sanctioned. Judge Azer stated that he will write his letter of response shortly.

This is a step in the right direction towards a compromise without violating the First Amendment right of Freedom of religion.

In regards to Phil Robertson, Taitz is asking residents of LA, who are members and supporters of Defend Our Freedoms Foundation, to send her the PDF and links to the civil rights commission and administrative court of LA, where Phil Robertson resides and she will review them and will advise the members and supporters what can be done.

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