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I am an unapologetic, hard core, uncompromising PRO-Constitutional ANTI-Communist. To myself and all Akurians the Constitution of the United States of America and Bill of Rights are Sacred and God-Given, and we will defend any citizen's exercise thereof through the Main Gates of Hell. All provisions and all Amendments: not part of them and not selective a'la Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-DA).

This world is headed for an all-out TRIBULATION (trouble) of Biblical proportions with unspeakable horrors and everyone with more brains than a retarded gnat already knows it. This Wrath of God will not 'just go away' if we 'praise Jesus' (who never existed – fully documented below); 'hail Mary' who is dead and buried on the Island of Patmos; 'Allahu Akbar' with enough dynamite to re-dig the Grand Canyon; or 'nam myoho renge kyo' laden with enough incense to match a total Himalayan forest fire. No amount of repeated ancient-mumblings, rituals or crafted symbols are going to suddenly begin working to mollify or restrain The Most High and HE is the one who said so! We, the humans, have simply not kept our part of His Terms of Promise.

As promised, the 'Jesus' question. Especially for those who aren't afraid to test that which they profess to love: The Letter "J" didn't even exist until 1349 A.D. and still doesn't in most Middle Eastern and scriptural languages. It didn't come into common use until about a hundred years later, therefore Immanuel (His Title and Rank of Office) never heard the name 'Jesus' during His Reign and does not answer to it. He never did. One may as well call Him Throckmorkalini because He won't answer to that either. His Name is pronounced: YOU-HOSH-YOU-WAH ben YOU-SEPH, as was the common identity at the time being translated since 1349 AD, Joshua, son of Joseph. The extension as to which Youseph would continue ben Nazaratti (Nazareth). The word "ben" translates as "son/daughter of" or "from" just as many English words can have two meanings.

That is not to say that all He attempted to teach was false! None of it was! Only later 'translations' (did I get enough contempt in that?) and deliberate distortions of and by the Roman Government in the process of becoming a 'religion' sold, broadsworded, burned and crucified into oblivion those True and Righteous Holy Powers given to His Disciples and followers. Immanuel was a Supreme Master of DISCERNMENT. He always knew things prior and as often, the intent, and end result either way the people chose. Yes, DISCERNMENT is a process also embedded in prophecy of which Immanuel remains mankind's foremost and undisputed Grand Master.

FACT: we were all born with the ability to DISCERN and been programmed out of it (for the most part) to prevent the common person from really KNOWING what is going on with them, about them, and most importantly: against them! High and Mighties regardless of 'calling' or 'circumstance' be they Royal or high-born do NOT want those under their 'guidance' to have any access to the REAL what-is-actually-going-on or WHY lest that populace string them to the nearest overhang. The TRUTH of that statement is going to become very apparent as our endeavor at learning to DISCERN is going to be your-choice celebrity.

Some of us still use as much of our God-Given DISCERNMENT as we could retain. Everybody retains some, with or without effort, and THAT is where those hunches-that-prove-accurate actually come from. Everybody has experiences of "knowing" something out of the blue! Not quite the same thing as déjà vu when you experience something familiar as though you are involved in a situation you've been through before, knowing you have not. It's so ingrained in the human entity that it even works for avowed atheists. It may be classed as a spiritual ability but in reality it's as natural as breath, only without the practice.

The only thing that cannot be DISCERNED by virtually anyone who wants to KNOW rather than 'believe' is The Most High, Himself. And why NOT The Most High? Because His Presence would destroy you: and He has put a protective barrier between Himself and everything else to prevent that destruction.

Everything else there is to be known can be known! The process is an exacting science and takes time and practice to master and more time to study. Everyone who will pay the dues of time and effort can do it. Practice constantly, never turning off your mental attention of DISCERNMENT, just change targets as life progresses. Within a few days you'll find yourself "knowing" details and facts that are NOT the norm, even if natural, and you'll be finding yourself to be accurate more than inaccurate.

Everything this side of His Great Veil can be DISCERNED! The most-distant reaches of space, Planes of Heaven and their many Realms, the Depths of Hell including those burning there, even the flying radioactive dust that left its star of origin.

How? All Creation is either energy or matter which in turn is compressed energy. Compression makes some apparent changes depending on the frequencies of the energies involved, but that does NOT change the FACT that everything is either energy or matter. Since all energies radiate, it's a situation of letting those radiating energies reveal themselves: both as to their origin and their nature.

PREPARATION: The three-part process is simple. (1) GO NEUTRAL, (2) think of anything or anyone and (3) let the energies tell you. First, DO NOT use any rituals of any kind for any reason! You DO NOT need any oils, sacraments or mumbo-jumbo idiocies. Never-did-work religious claims to the contrary. Inject such a stupidity and you've just defeated yourself and your failure is guaranteed.

The three-part process is simple, but takes practice. Exacting practice. True Spiritual practices, processes and procedures just like chemical and laws of physics, are >exacting
The process of DISCERNMENT is really GOING NEUTRAL, choosing any given target, and observing what the energies of that target are radiating: and letting the energies tell you. You can't start jumping to conclusions while reading the radiations; hear them out, then make your decisions.


Clear your mind of all current considerations, remove all preconceptions and emotional preferences. Everything you already suppose about that target is a detriment if you insist on retaining it. Neither energy nor matter can lie. They cannot scheme nor deceive. They are WHAT they are and FROM the source they are FROM: let the energies tell you.

DO NOT dictate what you want to find. If you dictate you're talking to yourself! The energies won't be lying to you, you'll be lying to yourself. DO NOT pre-determine anything and DO NOT reject anything because you don't like it. If you haven't pre-determined anything and you're letting the energies of that target tell you you're reading something that's there somewhere! Energies and matter can be applied for good or evil, they do not think, they do not reason: they act and they re-act; virtually endlessly until matter wears out and becomes energy again over its existence.


When selecting a target, anything or anyone in all Creation except The Most High, Himself, is available. Any other object (a lamp is as good as a chair that is as good as a table that is as good as …), person, plant, pet or wildlife will do. The closer-the-better initially as proximity permits some degree of examination for verification. Targeting is as easy as using your memory! A remembered image or essence works just as well as having the target in hand. An image, photograph or electronic, will work just as well as seeing the target in person.

Let the energies of that target tell you: what it's really made of?, how many different materials?, where those materials came from?, how were they processed?, assembled?, packaged?, with what? Don't form questions, those energies are already radiating and have been since they were created. Let those energies tell you everything about themselves by their radiations.

DISCERNMENT is infinitely unlimited with respect to frequencies of both energy and matter. So how do you let the energies tell you?

Now your first hard test:

Mentally select anyone in the news. Newspaper, radio, television, internet; doesn't matter. IGNORE what they are selling at the moment and let their energies tell you the real truth about them. Are they presenting actual facts without any 'omissions' to spin the truth? If not, why not? Almost instantly you'll read energies you don't understand, something hidden, as if possibly the target isn't aware of those hidden energies either. Get more neutral and read the energies of WHAT is being presented. Target whatever is being hidden and let those energies tell you and you'll KNOW what is behind all that show-and-tell.

Broadcast is overflowing with politicians, some previous office holders, some current and some wannabes, bureaucrats, manipulators, police, prosecutors, judges, media, priests, preachers and other liars. Do not let the fact most are deliberate and knowing damned liars divert you. Target your pick, let their energies tell you and within one minute you'll have a read on them they'd sell their grandmother's soul to keep hidden!

You won't like most of what you'll discover; as most of this world is filled with wholesale murdering liars, manipulators and deliberately scheming injustices. Raging sewers are more preferable than most public 'leaders' because at least a sewer is a sewer without hypocrisy. Remember: everything this side of The Most High is open.

All Creation and all its many mysteries are here for you to study and learn and eventually know. And THAT is why politicians, bureaucrats, manipulators, police, prosecutors, judges, media, priests, preachers and other liars spare nothing, including wholesale murder, to keep you ignorant and powerless. Your ignorance is their power over you.

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