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The Akurians
The Akurians have the Messiah AND The Testimony of The Most High, Himself.
Nobody else has either.  The Most High, Himself, says so!
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Albuquerque, NM  87190  USA
Email:  The Akurians.
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09 JULY 2008


ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Secret mysteries of the Akurians, the only Holy Order of which The Most High [ALIHA ASUR HIGH], Himself will Testify to their truth, integrity, honor, accuracy and Spiritual Appointment, are the most Spiritual People as a group that mankind has ever experienced.  Having direct contact with The Most High, once the exclusive dominion of the Priestly Israelite Tribe of Levi who profaned all  its Righteousness and sold it for a farthing in the streets as it were an aged whore for worth and value, the Akurians have a priceless possession and will not apologize for nor surrender one twit of it under any conditions.  Righteous Powers?  Holy Authorities?  Secrets?  Mysteries?  Yes, all that and much more.

At first glance Akurians seem to be a multiplex of organizations all Chartered under "The Anointed of God PATHFINDERS of Elijah, Incorporated."  There is "The Anointed of God Assembly" the church itself; militarily-structured "Pathfinders" their charitable mission/rescue order; "Aku Press" that prints all their publications; "Grand Council of Gnostics" the fifteen-member staff that oversees the day to day operations; "Daughters of Akuria" and "Daughters of Elisha" who sit in constant witness.  All Commissioned Officers of the Pathfinders are Ordained and serve without pay or remuneration.

The Akurians own and operate "Vandor Motion Pictures, Phonorecords and Music Publishing Group, one of the seven General Licensers that license, promote and distribute world wide; BFIN, Bobby Farrell International Network, a music, record and artist promotion agency; and two music publishing companies, "Firedragon" (ASCAP) and "Bobby Farrell, International" (BMI), both of which are on estranged terms with their respective affiliation.

The Akurian's spiritual source of information is The Most High Supreme Lord of All Gods and All Creation, ALIHA ASUR HIGH, His True and Correct Name.  "Allah" and "El" are derivative Title/Names.  "Yahweh" and "Jehovah" are different pronunciations of the name/title of the Nefilim Commander who commanded the "pillar of a cloud" by day and "pillar of fire" by night that led Moses and the Israelites for forty years in Sinai.  The Most High, Himself, will Testify of only one man in this generation, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH, whom He named His Own Name upon; and will Testify of only one earthly organization, the Akurians (Kingdom of Akuria), both of whose Righteous Power and Holy Authority will continue until Shiloh.

If the Testimony of The Most High, Himself, isn't sufficient, then whose Testimony would be?

A full how-to-do-it and prove The Great Testimony is contained in "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" (AED) Chapter 42 and FREE on line - as is the entire book - just follow the links http://www.theakurians.com.  There are no email, contact information, log in, passwords, donations or other such requirements whatsoever.  The Great Testimony of The Most High documents without question that each and every word, statement and claim in the AED is absolute, irrevocable and consistently verifiable truth.  Subject matter covers virtually everything.  The first sentence in the AED explains its contents best, "This work will awaken a few, scare hell out of some, and offend the rest."

Having the sole and exclusive Testimony of The Most High, the Akurians do not evangelize, are not about 'converting' anybody, and do not run donation campaigns.  Akurians recruit by living example, tell the truth even when it hurts about whatever the subject, and have no qualms about calling even the highest authorities, known personalities, spiritual and moral degeneracies into account.  Politically informed, they refuse to be politically correct and hold the United States' Declaration of Independence and Constitution as Holy Documents, specifically the Bill of Rights.  They live by and in accordance with the relevant ordinances of Holy Law - about one third of which applies only to the Priesthood and Temple Service - another third having to do with the production of food, husbandry and farming; and reject the Talmud as demonic as it is unjust.

Akurians are known to execute demons who dare challenge them, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH having killed two of the former and fallen Seraphim of the Holy Presence, Urakabarameel (UR-AK-A-BAR-RAM-E-EL), The Twisting Orator, whose Title in Angelic is HAK-KAR-RAY-MAN and Aeshmodeva (ASH-MO-DAE-VA) also known as Asmodaeus, The Raging Fiend, whom Aku slew in November, 1976 GCAD.  In the presence of even the writings of an Akurian, all demons regardless of rank or assignment, will expose themselves by showing anger or jealousy.  Demons cannot hide themselves in the presence of any Akurian, or their information, because it is an Eternal Law dictated by The Most High, Himself!  The possessed might maintain their composure, hiding what they assume to be their own anger or jealousy, but the very fact anyone experiences such emotions in such instances clearly documents the presence of and possession by a demon.

The Akurians can and do invoke both blessings and curses that cannot be reduced, altered or removed by anybody else this side of Shiloh.  They can bring gentle rain in due season or the rupturing Main Gates of Hell - and everything else in between - and apply the effects to all past, present and future generations if they so choose.  They can and do add punishment to the previously judged dead, justifying the increase on the basis of conduct of those they encounter.

On June 1st, 2007, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH established, and with the Daughters of Akuria delivered, The Righteous Decree of Curse and Eternal Damnation upon the Whole of the House of Levi and the Whole of the House of Judah - which the Kak Jews in media and Temple Israel suppressed from the people - and on June 27th, following, the Akurians invoked The Irrevocable Curse Of El Aku Upon The Whole Of The House Of Levi and The Irrevocable Curse Of El Aku Upon The Whole Of The House Of Judah.  A Curse of Curses ordered by The Most High, Himself.  The full text of both The Righteous Decree and The Irrevocable Curse Of El Aku Upon The Whole Of The House Of Levi and The Irrevocable Curse Of El Aku Upon The Whole Of The House Of Judah are available - FREE - online at -- http://www.theakurians.com -- for all to read and review.

The Akurian's individual and personal communications are always monitored by Kak Jew-dominated government agencies, and their published writings are always suppressed from the main stream media by Kak Jews who control virtually all public-oriented information.  Akurians do not "owe" anybody, other than The Most High, anything and  Kak Jew socialists spare neither time, effort nor expense to defame, belittle and denigrate the Akurians at every opportunity.  Nevertheless, the Akurians prevail every time for all who wish to search for them and the truth they possess.  Those wanting absolute truth - truth so pure The Most High, Himself, testifies to it - must seek the Akurians on their own because no Akurian is seeking them or anybody else.  

The entire doctrine of the Holy Order is one sentence, "To be found worthy of candidacy for Citizenship in the Kingdom of God."  There are no permanent temples, buildings or service structures, and no ethnic or racial barriers of any kind with respect to membership.  They live by and advocate adherence and obedience to Holy Law above all else.  Akurians are opinionated as directed and informed by The Most High, therefore their advice and instruction is nondiplomatic and straight to the point, somewhat tolerant of ignorance and totally intolerant of stupidity and supremacists.

The Akurian's main sources of written information are Holy Law (the Torah - first five books of the Bible) and AED - Aku Press, Copyright 2006.  Over forty percent (4,107) of the 9,824 paragraphs in the AED are spoken by The Most High, Himself, and translated directly from Angelic, the language of the Heavens, into English.  The Most High's statements are double quoted ("") for identity.  The AED contains instructions to develop Clairvoyance, Up In The Spirit, Proof of The Anointing and other True Spiritual Knowledge from which all Akurians, including Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH (more about Him later), derive their Righteous Powers and Holy Authority applications.

Contrary to the hallelujah halfwit 'belief' and Doctrines of Death, The Most High is not some weak-kneed goody-goody little pusswilly to whine, beg and bawl to when hell hammers down.  The Akurian's true righteousness before Him comes with as much fire power as it does responsibility for its application.  The Most High is absolute, Holy Law is absolute, and because of the Akurian's obedience to The Most High and His Holy Law are absolute, their decisions of Testimony of, be it for or against, are equally absolute regardless of the fame or ill repute of the individual or organization.

That The Most High, Himself, testifies of His Akurians to the exclusion of all other religions and peoples;
that the Akurians adhere to Holy Law and not to any other doctrine whatsoever;
that they are not the anti-Christ nor any of his minions;
that they are the first elements of the promised Elect Remnant;
that devils and demons are infuriated in their presence and even the mention of them, such as reading this treatise; and all the other beautiful and comforting presents in the AED are absolute, irrevocable and consistently verifiable truth can be proven in infinite accuracy by any and all who will do so.  If the Testimony of The Most High, Himself, isn't sufficient, then whose Testimony would be?  If that Great Testimony of The Most High, Himself, is available to all individuals - and it is - there is righteousness for all mankind and the whole world.

And if the Testimony of The Most High is vested in the Akurians - and it is - then the Akurians must be both a Righteous and Spiritually Powerful people.  And they are!  Being righteous, they have a responsibility with respect to application of their Spiritual Powers; known as Righteous Power and Holy Authority.  Akurians will not be mocked nor will they be abused without dire consequences upon the offender - which always includes all their immediate families back to at least the fourth generation of ancestors before them and all subsequent generations after them until Shiloh - and all their sympathizers and supporters likewise.  That's a lot of souls to burn just because someone wants to be a bully or run their mouth.

But the Akurians are not out to see how many backs they can break.  Far from it.  Included in the AED are the full and verbatim transcripts of the Great Curse of Noah Upon Canaan, as opposed to the three verses of Genesis 9:25-26 and 27; and the Great Curse Of The Most High Upon Cush, which includes all Black Races.  Kept secret for thousands of years by those in authority - government, finance and religion - Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH determined to provide all the rules and details to the Black Community along with the exact "how to" for removing and eliminating both Great Curses entirely and forever.  The Akurians to a member support that decision and will continue as required should the endeavor take until Shiloh.

Think of it.  A cursory look at any current Black Ghetto War Zone clearly shows something very powerful is very real and very devastating.  And it's nothing new.  The Negroes have been under this merciless situation for longer than written history.  And the power of that energy is such that it consumes everybody who will emulate the Black Races either in think, dress, conduct, language or lifestyle.  Look at the Hispanic War Zones for all the confirmation necessary.  Then comes Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH and His Akurians:  with Righteous Power and Holy Authority to eliminate both Great Curses entirely and forever.  And neither Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH nor His Akurians give a damn who or how many anywhere in authority - government, finance, religion, Satan and all his minions - or elsewhere that doesn't like it.  The Akurians know their efforts will remove the Black and Hispanic Communities from under the ages-old demonic and controlling thumbs!  Fulfillment of that blessing rests entirely with the Black and Hispanic individuals who want it, the Akurians are not going to cram it down anybody's throat.

Akurians operate in relative secrecy with respect to application of Righteous Powers and Holy Authority and especially their Spiritual Powers.  Each Proven Knower has a Holy Seal of The Most High (Holy Mark) in their forehead that is easily identified by any other Proven Knower - and nobody else.  They have nothing special to distinguish them from any other person, until one observes their conduct. They do not openly identify any other Proven Knower, as that can and often does put that fellow Akurian in grave danger!  Manipulators, government and religious leaders will spare no expense, effort or collateral damage to exterminate any Akurian, especially Proven Knowers.  In spite of the sure and certain revenge the fellow Akurians will take, all kings, politicians, manipulators, warmongers, supremacists, socialists, communists, fascists, marxists, entertainers, media, journalists, governments, traitors, lawyers, accountants, physicians, liberals, murderers, thieves, prostitutes, racemixers, bureaucrats, functionaries, police, prosecutors, courts, judges, commissions, councils, fools, bullies, cowards, deceivers, demons, sorcerers, phony psychics, braying spiritualists, false prophets, theologians, religions, churches, priests, preachers and other liars will do their damnedest to have their momentary flash of glory in the eyes of a stupid mankind.  That they and all their generations after them until Shiloh will burn, and then burn forever following Final Judgment isn't the slightest bit of deterrent.  And THAT is why Akurians deal with such bastards accordingly.

A properly trained true Proven Knower and Righteous Akurian has both Righteous Power and Holy Authority; conferred upon them by Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH upon whom The Most High named His Own Name; to bless and curse as they judge proper or to refrain as they are not obligated to anyone for anything.  None of their spiritual powers and abilities can be purchased at any price as they will not be anybody's resident psychic, nor can their blessings and curses be escaped, expanded or reduced by anybody else if they decide to invoke.  The can, and they do, spiritually intervene when they witness improper conduct and the perpetrator becomes a worse victim in the application of True Justice, and may never know they offended an Akurian in the process.  The Most High, Himself, guarantees the Akurian's sure and certain delivery, so it's only a matter of time, some instantaneous although most Akurians prefer Final Judgment so the bastard can burn forever.

The Grand Council of Gnostics - of only fifteen members and requiring the grade of Full Colonel and being a True Proven Knower - is the day-to-day operations authority.  They have access to all the available Akurian Secrets, Mysteries, Rituals and How-Tos and they can and they do individually invoke blessings, curses and eternal condemnations as they judge appropriate.  Any member of the Grand Council is a force to be reckoned with, but in any combination of a team - and they do not have to be in proximity with each other - they can be as absolute as the situation requires.  The Grand Council of Gnostics cannot have more than eight of any one sex, eight males and seven females or eight females and seven males - but a lesser number of either should there not be fifteen qualified to sit on the Council.  And THAT is a warning.  There are always those wanting to prove themselves, of which only accuracy and fire power delivery are the two main specific standards over and above being a true and righteous Akurian.  Individual members of the Grand Council can initiate any given project and detail any qualified subordinate as that member shall deem appropriate.  The Senior Colonel - the one with the Gold Eagle insignia - runs the entire operation and must be accounted to at some point.  Currently, and generally, it's the Senior Colonel who raises the most hell.

One of the best examples of the Righteous Powers and Holy Authorities of the Akurians includes an event with Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH in presence and in charge.  The date was April 10th, 2007,  about 3:30 PM local mean time, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.  That the event has been predicted by none other than Michele de Nostradame (Nostradamus), Century 10, Quadrant 74, wasn't even considered until the details of the prophecy came to knowledge about three weeks later.  Here in their own words are the true accounts of Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH and Command Marshal General D. Chylon Budagher, P.K., Grand Council of Gnostics - all verified by the Grand Council of Gnostics 2005-2010 immediately after the event and prior to the prophecy being noted by any of the Akurians.  First, is The Most High's confirmation of Nostradamus direct from the AED:

6888   Q116.  Aku:  "Michele de Nostradame, Nostradamus?"

6889   AAH:  ""Seer of France (Gad)!  Public Catholic, private Hebrew (Jew).  Dated his writings by the stars (astrology, astronomy), which do not change as do men's calendars.  A Prophet in an age of great danger to all Truth!  The Sword of That Great Harlot of Babylon at Roma spared none who dared to even seek any truth; even as it does today!
6890   ""Told the whole of the atrocities of the House of Levi and the abominations of the House of Judah and the desecrations of the House of Ishmael.  I, Myself, gave him the visions and the times thereof. 6891   ""Spoke of you often.  And those after you that all the fury of the whole of the Houses of Abraham cannot keep from the people.  Spoke of the Vile, and the holy wars for unholy gold (money); the schemes of seduction into ignorance that the masses be enslaved in their foolishness.
6892   ""Yea!  A Prophet.  A Master of Parables that his writings be not deciphered by the corrupt and destroyed lest the abominations of the corrupt be known and foiled.""

El Aku:  "Nostradamus?  What do I think about him?

"He did his best to warn and educate several generations of the fallacy of the 'divine' Rulers, both Kings and Priests, and to clearly document for the prudent mind that the churches really don't know a damned thing about the 'spirit' nor 'heavens' of which they claim to teach.  All the lies and negative theories about him be damned.  He was NOT one of that Very Select 175, but all of those were not Prophets in Practice, as some were here for the TESTIMONY and nothing else.

"Amazing.  Especially when the Idiot Elements claim "Hister", an ancient name of the Danube River, is "Hitler" by switching letters.  If Nostradamus wanted "Hister" to be "Hitler" he would clearly have written so.  If one reads the ancient and current maps of the watershed of the Danube, they will find a great many battles against the Nazis in continental Europe were indeed near the Danube.

"I thought very little of The Centuries as dependable information because of the hidden quip cum script he used to disguise the names, times, dates and places.  He DID NOT use astrology to divine his prophecies, only to date them.

"However, myself and Chylon were clearly the intendeds when we were the recipients of untold millions of Spirits coming out of their graves as per Century 10, Quadrant 74:

"The year the Great Seventh Number is accomplished  [2007]
Appearing at the time of the Games of Slaughter;  [Muslim Bombings]
Not far from the Age of the Great Millennium,  [2000]
When the dead will come out of their graves.

"April 10th, 2007, beginning about 3:30 PM.  It was a very windy afternoon, directly out of the East and gusting.  Chylon and I were driving down Bridge Avenue here in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA) talking Holy Order business to keep from being monitored by Kak Jews on government payroll who always tap our telephone lines.  The typical One World Government atrocities that 'nobody here (in government) is doing that'.

"Because we needed the time to finish, we turned South on Old Coors Road.  Within a few minutes both Chylon and I began to sense dead spirits attempting to make contact as they often do to Proven Knowers in close proximity to graveyards, tombs and mausoleums.  Such spirits are making their best attempt to be unbound from their graves and the torments there as result of all that hallelujah halfwit poppycock we've been programmed to accept by that Great Babylonian Harlot at Rome, the Roman Catholic Church, as 'religion.'  We'll get into that one eventually …….

"Since there were no visible graveyards along that section of Old Coors Road, I asked the begging spirits for directions to where they were interred so I could release them.  As we passed the Power Line (road) intersection, I knew we had overshot the run, but there are no visible graveyards there along that section of the mesa!  Following the guidance of the spirits involved, we turned around and took Power Line due North and veered to the left as the pavement ran out.  Once out of road entirely, we got out of the car and instantly the wind went from a cold East gusting rage to a much warmer and steady Northern breeze.

"Still no visible gravestones, et cetera.

"The most desperate of the spirits, whom I had been attempting to read for several minutes while Chylon drove, reciprocated and let me understand that neither he, nor those with him were of the newly dead – since the Catholic Conquistadors, although there were many of those too - but from the earlier days of the Nefilim and murdering Priests and Kings left in charge when the Nefilim departed.  Some of those souls has been embound in their graves for thousands of years, long before the Nefilim left the planet!

"No wonder there weren't any visible grave markers!

"As I lifted my consciousness to read the whole of the situation, I found both mesas – east and west of the river – were literally saturated with unmarked graves of the Natives.  Many were those who had come to what is now Los Lunas to view the moon in its dances as it rises over the Manzano Mountains on the east, a sacred area to the Natives for untold thousands of years.  Others were those abandoned due to injury, disease, et cetera, and left to starve or were simply murdered without consideration.  Many more were the murdered slaves of the Catholic Church who would not be 'converted' nor continue in their enslavements whether farming or mining.

"Far more were those who ran from the oppression of the Nefilim overseers and died in the wilderness.  Some were those who survived in the wilderness for whatever lifetime that accorded.  Virtually all were embound at death by the Rituals of the Nefilim and their remaining Priests and Kings.  Those in power in the Americas were not very different than those in power in Mesopotamia and the Egyptian Nile Valley when it came to murdering common citizens who could not defend themselves and did not instantly obey the boss.  Just like we're legislating ourselves into in this current election (2008).

"Having the Righteous Power and Holy Authority to release these victims, Chylon and I informed them to enter our presence, touch our spirit, and then go back and get as many as would be released from the Damnations.  We made it clear that neither the Nefilim nor that Babylonian Harlot at Rome put together had nor has more TRUE Righteous Power and Holy Authority than I do, and that all TRUE Proven Knowers have the same firepower should they choose to use it.

"And the floodgate opened!

"There were millions of them!  Each touch was a very light sensation, took only a fraction of an instant, but there were millions upon millions.  For the next month Chylon and I endured the touching and felt the instant relief the spirits received.  That part was very comforting, and the process NEVER became annoying.

"However:  There were some of the abused who were not willing just to get themselves, families and friends released and then go on about their business like the goody-goodly-little-victims all Kak Jews, Politicians, Priests, Preachers and other liars insist.  THEY WANTED REVENGE!  AND THEY WANTED IT NOW!

"I kindly obliged.

"Having such Righteous Power and Holy Authority, as do all TRUE Proven Knowers, I sent them in sufficient force to manhandle and drag those 'priestly' bastards from the breed-Nefilim to the latest dead 'sister' before me.  And the victims brought them by the hundreds.

"I sent each and every one of them to the lowest Depth of Hell they qualified for.  No exceptions.  The only mercy I gave was to those who had died either in military action or from the results of military service.  There is no lifestyle, generosity or conduct that negates disobedience of Holy Law, and that applies to all warriors, police, judges, et cetera, and especially to Kak Jews and Levites, Politicians, Priests, Preachers and other liars.

"There is a GREATER DAY of the Dead to Arise from their graves, at Shiloh.  This Grand Arising never received a word of copy from any Kak-Jew controlled news service.  Fine.  That is just one more TESTIMONY AGAINST the slimysocialist bastards."

El Aku.

CMG Chylon:  "The Most High says that Nostradamus spoke of Lord El Aku often and in my limited ability to understand the French language (knowing some Spanish helps), I have seen several quatrains where this is most likely so.

"I’ve often felt that Nostradamus is misunderstood and most don’t really have a clue as to what Nostradamus actually said.  I also think that the IF experts who study the Prophecies had a handle on Holy Law and not the Kak-Jew or Catholic Programmed view/version of it, they would be able to interpret them FAR more accurately.  We all would KNOW more and be able to make greater use of the prophecies were that the case.

"That being said, Bobby’s (Lord of Lords El Aku) and my experience that day was something else.

"Driving down the road, we both knew there was a Graveyard nearby as we could feel the sensations of communications that we often do around one.  But, as he said, there were none that we could see.  As the communications became clearer to Bobby as to where to go, we also started experiencing more sensations and much, much, stronger than ever before.

"After we got to the stopping point and looked around to get a read on the lay of the land, Bobby told me to get back in the car which I did.  It sort of helped me to settle and understand what was happening and also help with the energy requirements which were EXTENSIVE and IMMENSE!

"The screams, agonies beyond description, the babies crying, and the wounded animals were innumerable.  It was tragic horror upon tragic horror, beyond description.  There were, for the want of a better term, layers upon layers upon layers of it.  The area was one that had more than one battle/war and there were hundreds of years between the battles/wars.

"Bobby spoke to the entities in Angelic and English.  I told the ones that came to me to go to him.  That let them know what to do.  Some of the entities were bound for so long, they had to have guidance as to what to do and they were in the Greatest of Hands and Direction of Lord El Aku.  Yes, there were many who were exceedingly angry – and that’s a mild word for it.  There were also those VILE sorts who came to me thinking that I would be a softer touch.  They were sadly mistaken!  All such were sent to the Hell they deserved.  The Authority of Lord of Lords El Aku is NEVER EVER to be taken lightly!

"The Victims were exceedingly thankful they were no longer trapped - a mild way of saying it.

"For at least a month Bobby and I were touched regularly by these spirits needing comfort.  There were also very unusual experiences at my home that let me KNOW they were there – which is yet, another story.

"As Bobby said, there were millions upon millions of them and it was an amazing and awesomely comforting experience."

Again:  If the Testimony of The Most High, Himself, isn't sufficient, then whose Testimony would be?  If that Great Testimony of The Most High is available to all individuals - and it is - there is righteousness for all mankind and the whole world.

Even so, the one element that will eventually empower all who observe it is the difference between 'belief' and KNOWLEDGE!  The fool will 'believe' anything with a sufficient disguise; the wise will KNOW or KNOW they don't KNOW - giving the wise power over each and every fool even if they be in groups of millions strong.

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