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23 January 2013
Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
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Albuquerque  NM  87190
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Part, the Seventh, continued:  One and Only Escape
Prophesied Friday, April 2nd, 1965 (GCAD)

Words of The Most High are in double quotes (""), numbers are paragraphs in "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!".

2078       ""Aku, Holy Son of Righteousness, Holy Son of Truth:  in that hour shall they scream unto you, Mine Anointed, and with much terror shall they come to you making all manner of concessions and submissions and with great pleadings!  But the door shall be shut against them and that door shall not be opened unto them!  And they shall not enter in, neither shall they receive the crumbs, for no crumbs shall be thrown out unto them!
2079       ""Aku, Holy Son of Abraham, Divine Son of Isaac, Honorable Son of Jacob, Righteous Son of Ishmael:  know that I will avenge myself upon all the houses of the pagans, even all the Christians, upon the whole earth for their silliness!  For Christians profane My Holy Statutes and pollute the blood of their lineage, conceiving children of those not of the blood as the blood of their fathers, in Mine Own Very Sight!  Lo!  Christians embarrass the wise and prudent with their rituals and their stupidities in the name of Mine Own Begotten, and they do these sickening things in My Name also!
2080       ""Do not the Christians say that I am My Son, and he is also me?  Can one be both himself and the offspring of his own loins?  Was Abraham both himself and Ishmael or Isaac?  Was Jacob also his sons of his generations, even the firstborn of the tribes thereof?  Not so!  Neither do any of Mine Own Holy Messengers come near to any such silly perversions nor near unto any practitioners thereof!  Christians call the ignorant to the Altar, but I ordained no such doings, neither have I sanctified any such place!  Christians receive crackers and grape juice as My Holy sacrament; but Mine Own use not the substances made evil, but unleavened bread and good wine!  Christians observe the rising of the sun; but Mine Own perform not this evil except to account the beginning of the day at the going down thereof!  On the first day of the week do the Christians gather to worship their father Lucifer and in My Name sing and make much ado!  But I am not there among them!  For I and My Own are already at work!  The Sabbath of Mine Own Ordination having ended at sundown the night before!  Such are the doings of evil, and such will be the death and destruction upon the people!
2081       ""Now hear, all the earth:  for this is Mine Own Anointed, even Mine Own Chosen to walk among you in this most evil of all generations!  This is My Own Holy One of Israel and My Own Holy One of Ishmael by his own earned right, even Mine Own Chosen to witness of all the good and evil deeds of This Generation of Fire in That Great Final Judgment!  This is the precious one of Abraham, even Mine Own Chosen, My Own Holy Son of Fire whom I have Commissioned with honor and with power and with authority to gather My Own Promised Elect Remnant from the far reaches of earth, that they be preserved against the Days of Holocaust and Years of Tribulation!
2082       ""Now hear, Aku, Mine Own Anointed, Holy One of Israel, Chief of Mine Elect:  for you are Mine Own Begotten, even Mine Own Commissioned to gather and preserve My Promised Elect Remnant of Abraham, Isaac and of Jacob!  And there is none else in all the earth with My Own Authority either in their hand or My Authority upon them!  Know that I am with you always!""

Epilog - The Anointed and The Akurians

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Contrary to all delusions, neither the Anointed of THIS Generation of Fire nor any of the Proven Knowers of The Great Testimony of The Most High, want anything from anybody.  We don't care who does or who does not 'believe' anything is this day and age of multi-national organization liars and propagandists.  We are neither side-walk arm-grabbers, over-blown and infinitely telephony televangelists, nor tin foil cappers thinking two gallons of water in the truck are sufficient to survive the hell about encompass earth's masses.

We are people, like you.  Same races, same wants of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness once accorded by our Constitution.  We live far more simply than most because we have nothing that needs great recognition.  Some of us have been in show-business - at least all of it we wanted - and found that it may provide a good living in spite of all its other emptiness, illusions and today's rampant immoralities.  We work everyday jobs, construction, computers, medicine, farming, et cetera, and in this instance, journalism.  We have families, businesses, properties and possessions, none are independently wealthy.  We are responsible for ourselves and don't need government to think for us or dictate our personal destinies.

Akurians do have our specialties, we hold The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights as Holy Documents for ourselves and all mankind.  We are neither conservative nor liberal, we are uncompromising and unapologetic Constitutionalists.  And we hold both our political parties, elected and appointed officials responsible, especially to their Oath of Office.  They jump the traces, we un-elect them.  And NEVER support them again.

Religiously, that we are not 'believers' in anything (we either KNOW or know we DON'T KNOW) absolutely infuriates all who are caught up in the ages-old congame of 'believe this or prepare to die' inherited from their ancestors; specifically but not limited to Catholicism and Islam.  Most of us were in that mold until we, as individuals, wanted to KNOW and experience delivery as a result of our religion and have totally rejected the 'waiting on the lord' (who never shows), 'suffering for the lord' (that never ends), 'you didn't believe enough' and 'it is your destiny' cop-outs and nonsense.  We had to re-learn Holy Law as it was given.  Then abide by it.  Anything we MUST endure that violates that Holy Law we endure as a Testimony AGAINST the instigators, manipulators and enforcers.

Akurians do not have or maintain any temples, fortifications or permanent places of worship.  We don't need them, especially to be slaughtered in.  We have legal Charters because they are required by law.  We are a Testimony OF this Generation of Fire and whether that is "for" or "against" depends on the conduct of said Generation of Fire.  We have our own direct and personal communication with The Most High (that designates the Proven Knowers) and travel both the Planes of Heaven, Depths of Hell and all Spiritual Realms.  And we do it without dying, or any influences of narcotics, alcohol or other such products.

About everything there is to know about the Anointed and the Akurians is in our main guide book, "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" (latest print Copyright 2006) free to read online and the only published work The Most High, Himself, will testify to anyone who will properly present themselves that each and every word, statement and claim therein absolute, irrevocable, infallible Truth.  No other religion has any of that.

- 30 -

If the TESTIMONY of The Most High, Himself, to you personally isn't sufficient,

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