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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
New Mexico Legislative District 14, Precinct 46
1826 Poplar Lane SW
Albuquerque, NM  87105  USA
Email:  The Colonel
Tel:    505-247-4843
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            With Republican, Democrat, US House, Senate, Supreme Court and Administration public approval ratings in the tank, where they deserve to be, there is considerable bluster.  Republicans chanting, "We've learned our lesson!" coupled with let's-damn-the-Democrats-for-the-mess-we've-both-created, and another 'Contract with America' damned lie of equally dubious credibility.  Democrats declaring "health care rights" with absolute power vested in unelected hands, enforced by the Internal Revenue Service who must also double as the firearm-confiscation agency, and ultimately US Military, as the supreme act of economic espionage sandwiched with legislated enslavement of each and every citizen and appointed "death panels" for all ages.
            Republicans are on par with the Democrats in deliberate lies and deceptions, starting with the reputed "180 Turn Around."  Even a cursory look shows the same collection of closet-socialists who promised the never-intended "Contract with America" doing most of the ranting and raving.  Liars then, liars now, liars tomorrow, liars come Primary, liars come General and liars come swearing in, if we're actually stupid enough to buy into their next layer of expanded socialism.
            The great Republican mantra "Republican core values" might have some credibility, until looking at the record and seeing the same damnations toward the Constitution of the United States, outright treason even if disguised as economic espionage, contempt for the constituency and in-plain-sight corruption so well known of the Democrats, clearly shows otherwise.  Yet, the rank-and-file voters, are supposed to be in appreciative awe and overwhelmed with gratitude about the 'big deals' and 'proposals' of that sorry gathering, and pour our money, support, selection and the future of our generations into 'their agenda' rather than where we can do the most good for our Country and its future Citizenry.
            Don't hold your breath, Republicans, Democrats, Marxists, Communists, Fascists, Socialists and Progressives of whatsoever stripe!  HIT-HAIN'T-A-WORKIN'!  Especially for you wannabe-again Ex-Incumbents.  There is smoke in the Freedom Forest, and where there is smoke, there is fire.  And this fire is doing a lot more than smoldering under complete control of the Campers.
            For those first-timer hat-in-the-ring wannabes, you're going to need something that is not repeat, not available:  Party SUPPORT!  Neither party has the credibility, nor the intention of making those necessary changes to regain credibility, to regain sufficient public financial support.
            Changes?  Yes, CHANGES!  Those who are currently in office are not REPEAT, NOT going to introduce legislation to do away with all this socialist poppycock, or attempt to restore so much as one comma of the Constitution to the people.  And right there both parties are dead in the water.  The fact is:  Democrats aren't going to propose anything other than the Marxist Manifesto, and Republicans aren't going to do anything about it except beg money to defeat Democrats come next election.  The Pox of Eternal Damnation on both their houses.  They can go whistle for monetary support of the public.
            For incumbent Republicans to introduce such legislations would be to admit they were not working for the people but for the elite manipulators just like the Democrats when they helped pass all these socialist damnations into law.  Neither are going to make any such attempts at nullification of Socialism or restoration of the Constitution.  If neither are going to do any part of this now, while there are still Incumbents to do so and BEFORE the next elections, they damned sure aren't going to do it AFTER the next elections, win or lose.
            Yes, Republican wannabes, party regulars and hangers-around, We, the People, have your number.  We know your damned lies, we know your treasons, and we know your abuses.  We also know returning any of you to public office is to cut off our own heads with our own hands.
            Democrats, take this same warning.  The Nation has had it with all your socialist damnations too.  You have ignored Vox Populi and the Will of We, The People.  The Primary Doomsdays are on the near horizon and your best repentance will be insufficient.  The final hammer will fall come General Doomsday.
            It is the decision of this Court that all current incumbents of all Parties whatsoever be removed from office in accordance with due process, to be replaced with qualified Constitutionalists in accordance with due process; and to elect any and all said replacements on the basis of proven and documentable efforts on behalf of the full and complete restoration of the Constitution of the United States of America.  And that requires a Nullification Party, at least in practice, to remove the uncounted Socialist Damnations from the statutes of these United States down to the very Citizen level of government.
            And a warning from this Court, ignore the infuriated Citizenry at your own risk.
Colonel Robert F. Cunningham (DTS)
US House District 1, Legislative District 14, Precinct 46
1826 Poplar Lane SW
Albuquerque, NM  87105
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Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

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