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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

General Bobby Farrell,
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      Socialism, from it's very earliest days, does not need support from knowingly lying media or disguised treason from politicians to establish or enhance its blatantly obvious stupidity, massive and horrendous failures.  Unfortunately, it has both.

      The latest blitz toward Global Socialism being the issuance of Driver's Licenses to illegal aliens.  THAT crackpot idea isn't an isolated issue of the equally crackpot socialist agenda, it's only one paragraph in the Grand Plan of TOTAL Global Enslavement and on an equal footing with Crackpot Clinton's 'universal health care,' NAFTA and the North American Union (NAU) toward the destruction of the U.S. economy.

      The fact all media knows this (or SHOULD know it) and only hammers the 'socialist correct' political view - being then and there knowing liars by omission of the truth - irrevocably adds them to the knowingly lying column.  Our 'fourth estate' has become the state of outright treason by it's MIS and DIS information.

      The public needs no repetition of any politician's versions of the 'issues' or their respective 'answers' - national or local - since we're already neck deep in both THANKS to a knowingly lying media.

      The public is fully aware that NOT ONE incumbent is innocent of socialist high treason - selling out the United States top-to-bottom, side-to-side and front-to back - from legislating the Constitution into oblivion; to the deliberate destruction of our ONCE free enterprise economy; to the elimination of education in our over-priced, totally worthless, morally bereft, drug-infested war-zone schools; to infinitely corrupt courts and law enforcement.

      The socialist failure-and-disaster list, as with their never-ending 'solutions' to their self-created problems, grows and perpetuates with every breath of the current crop of incumbent and wannabe political traitors who are guaranteed full coverage and support of the knowingly lying media.

      Next on the world socialist agenda is the UNIFICATION of Marxist Mexico, the United Socialist States and Communist Canada (North American Union, NAU) - enforced by MARTIAL LAW, instigated by some government-induced/perpetuated 'terrorist' fiasco as evidenced by recent and planned U.S. military maneuvers and the national rehearsals in Venezuela, Georgia, Myannamar and Pakistan - unless we, the people, remove each and every incumbent from each and every legislature, national and local - and immediately recall their bastardly replacements at their slightest failure to restore the Constitution and the nation.

      Is there non-socialist rescue for the United States, Mexico, Canada and the whole world?  YES!  But like this news release, the knowingly lying media won't publish that either.

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