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16 January 2013
Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
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Part, the Seventh:  One and Only Escape
Prophesied Friday, April 2nd, 1965 (GCAD)

Words of The Most High are in double quotes (""), numbers are paragraphs in "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!".

2064       ""Therefore, Son of Fire, know that Mine Elect will I try!  Yea, I will perfect them in the fire and prove them like ingots of pure gold!  But in their Holy Chambers, will I not permit them to experience evil!  Neither will I permit to come near them the horrors of the Holocaust nor the terrors of the Tribulation that I shall bring upon the House of Joseph, even Israel and upon the whole world!  For My Holy Elect Remnant shall see and hear, but shall not suffer!  And in the hour that they know of the terrors, they shall not mourn!  Neither will they grieve for the afflicted but shall rejoice that they are with Mine Own Anointed, and are honored guests at the Wedding Feast by direct invitation of the Great Bridegroom!
2065       ""Aku, Mine Own Anointed, My Only Holy One of Israel, Mine Own Beloved of Ishmael, Chief of Mine Own Holy Elect:  upon your head have I placed The Chosen, and at your hand will I require them!  At the pleasure of the masses will I account their comfort and upon the masses will I avenge their wantings!  Upon all the churches shall I pile hot coals for the cravings of The Elect!  At the hands of the shepherds shall I account the sheep:  and upon those who will go forth in My Name, and yet not receive Mine Own Anointed, will I accomplish My Greater Wrath!  Of you shall I require The Elect, but of the people will I avenge everything else, notwithstanding!
2066       ""Aku, Mine Beloved Son of My Great Vengeance, Holy Son of the Generation of Fire; therefore, have no fear of this that I have placed upon you!  For whosoever offends you, offends me:  and the wrath of me is not to be incurred lightly!  As you yourself are true witness!  Whosoever reviles you, reviles me; but he that restrains you attempts to bind me, and that is a greater abomination because of you, and My Wrath shall not cease upon whomsoever shall restrain you; neither shall I remove My Curse upon their unrepentant generations after them forever!
2067       ""Woe to the fool and all the children of the fool and all those around and near unto the fool, and all those around and near unto the children of the fool, who shall incur My Wrath!
2068       ""Aku, Mine Own Anointed, Holy Flame of Israel, Chief of Mine Elect, despair not that but few shall accept this that you shall say to them!  For they are the children of evil who hear not these things!  For the children of evil reject all I send them!  And these things they will reject because I have sent them!  They will reject because I have of Mine Own Self chosen you, and not chosen them!  This then is a reproof of them:  that I am against them for their weakness, for their ignorance of My Holy Statutes, for their profaning of My Holy Sabbaths, and for their vast unrighteousness!  All these things are a rebuke upon them because I have not chosen them, nor any of their Congregations of the Damned!
2069       ""Aku, Son of Power, Mine Only Commissioned Authority in All the Earth:  know that I, Myself, searched all the earth, even the whole world with good diligence, looking for any other heart to beat pure before me, looking for any other soul to stand pure before me, that if there should have been any other than you I might have considered them in your stead!  But I found none worthy save that which I did have born for this cause, even you, My Beloved Avenger!
2070       ""Aku, King of Justice, Lord of War and My Great Vengeance:  know that I, Myself, searched the whole of the Heavens with all good diligence, looking for any among all the souls of men and of spirits and of angels to stand before me in purity and do this final offering of My Hand before My Wrath spoils all the monuments upon the earth!  But I found none worthy save that which have already served in their generations, even Mine Anointed Ones before you, and he whom I did avow for this generation:  even you, My Standard Bearer!
2071       ""Therefore did I not choose one among the vile nor among the degenerate, for in that hour would that denomination either have rejected My Chosen from their midst or they would have limited his righteousness and his doctrine to their own!  Neither of which I would have tolerated!
2071       ""Therefore did I not choose one among the vile nor among the degenerate, for in that hour would that denomination either have rejected My Chosen from their midst or they would have limited his righteousness and his doctrine to their own!  Neither of which I would have tolerated!
2072       ""Even so, only The Elect will listen and observe and see these things and these signs that I of ancient times did foretell and promise!  However, I will permit for a season, those who will serve with The Elect to achieve their own ends:  but in the proof and trial by fire, I shall remove them and strengthen the metal of Mine Own Chosen!  That they may be counted worthy to eat the Wedding Feast of the Bridegroom while the rest of the world dies the death too long delayed!
2073       ""If the House of Joseph would hear and do these things:  to put the treasonous out from their high offices; to put usury out from their exchanges; to put the practice of impure blood out from among the peoples; to stand firm in their liberties; and remove from before My Face the Muscovite [socialist] and the Muscovite sympathizer, I would restrict this horror from their cities and from their fields and from their wilderness places, and avenge My Fury upon the heathen, upon the communist and upon the fascist!  And all Israel and all Ishmael would worship me in My Holy Mountain, even these Very Planes of Heaven!
2074       ""Yea, I would return the children of Accursed Canaan and Polluted Cush to the great lands to which I abandoned them, and run it afresh with water, good grass, and fruit abundantly, and make of them a pure people in their generations!  I would make them again to be proud, without terror, without disease, and full of the goodnesses of creation!  I would restore unto them a glory they have never known, greater than that of Egypt which they claim but had no part of, except its pollution and decline; and make an establishment unto them of peace, comfort, and justice!  And there would be no hunger in all their land!
2075       ""Yea, even for all Israel, Ishmael, Accursed Canaan, and Accursed Cush would I accomplish it!  And for the other gentiles also would I make the whole world a paradise!  And their homes would be safe from all evil!  There would be no war in the land, and their wives and little ones would not know hunger, even in the midnight hours!  I would make the gray hairs of their elders an honored insignia, and there would be no terror of the mighty nor fear of the darkness!  And under your hand:  demons and devils would I give them for servants, and Mine Own Holy Angels for overseers!
2076       ""But woe to Israel, Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush!  And grief upon the houses of Ishmael by the forced pollutions of Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush!  Yea, great woe upon Israel, Accursed Canaan, and Accursed Cush, for they will not adopt My Holy Statutes, neither will they heed My Voice nor do these things!  Neither will they accept Mine Own Testimony of My Own Anointed Witness among them!  Neither will they put away these detestable things, nor the evil these detestable things bring that must surely follow!  For theirs is a foolish and self-aggrandizing heart!  Israel follows That Great Harlot of Babylon at Rome; Ishmael honors not Mine Anointed alive in their own Generation; Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush practice racemixing and overbearingness, thinking that the wombs of the harlot daughters of Israel shall bear them a Holy and uncursed generation!  Therefore, I will destroy them in the fire, pursue them with the sword of war, and enslave them under the whip of the evil and hard taskmaster who neither knows nor understands moderation or mercy!
2077       ""Aku, Chief Prince of My Holy Princes, My Only Ordained of My Authority:  know that I will take a remnant unto myself from among the whole earth, and gather them to My Own Feast, and protect them under Mine Own Wings while I flood the whole remainder of the earth with fury, evil, war and condemnation!  Therefore, be not anxious, My Holy Son of Fire, for these things will offend many, and they will not remove from themselves all these detestable things, but will perfect their practices of them in defiance of me and justify their evil with the doctrines of man, even the Doctrines of Death, until the Very Day of the Holocaust!""

(Part, the Seventh, continued:)

- 30 -

If the TESTIMONY of The Most High, Himself, to you personally isn't sufficient,

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