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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

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23 January 2010 - 8 Sh'vat 5770

Having taken all the Major Political Parties down for a real recognition, and several of the more prominent 'leaders' in the process, the Akurians just racked up our best effort since throwing the socialist Republicans in the sewer in 2008.  It was Akurians' Invocations of Testimony that brought the Tea Party initiatives out of the grass roots.  The energy was already there, the Akurians just directed it.  We have the Invocation Records (transcripts, names, times, dates and places), all duly dated along with the phone bills, et cetera, to prove it.  Our own people don't need the documentation as THEY were in on the processes, THEY wrote the scripts, THEY did the preparations, THEY did the administration and THEY did the Invocations!

One of our most-important handprints was SARAH PALIN coming out of the woodwork as John McCain's running mate for Vice President.  We have scads of knock-downs and exposιs, a few over-due exterminations, storm shifts, unexpected bumper crops, genetically-modified crop failures, and such to the point we didn't have time to press-release them all.  While the churches moaned to their nonexistent 'Jesus' the Akurians delivered.  Hallelujah halfwits 'prayed' about world affairs, the Akurians DID SOMETHING!  While our Righteous Powers and Holy Authorities are conditional upon obedience to Holy Law, we have not found that to be a deterrent nor a detriment, and we don't have to 'believe enough' to get results.  Obedience to Holy Law has nothing to do with booze, entertainment, music, dancing, et cetera, like the restrictives of hallelujah halfwit religions.  Holy Law forbids drunkenness to the deprivation of the family, but nowhere does Holy Law or the Bible say, "thou shalt not have a good, cold beer!"  Nor a cigarette, nor a night on the town.  Akurians obey Holy Law, and when we call up the Angels of the Presence or demon-laden Fires of Hell, they show up and do what we tell them.  Our track record is clear and fully documented.  It often takes some time, but delivery is never in question.

One prime example can be read at:



http://www.newsvine.com/_news/2010/01/15/3763233-cuba-cold-snap-kills-26-at-psychiatric-hospital; three reports that read pretty much the same.  YES, there were collateral deaths.  We were removing HEAT from the Tropics and applying it to weather patterns we wanted elsewhere.  Note the fact that Cuba has about a 50-degree temperature even during January and such cold as this is virtually unheard of.  The rest of the commentary about the quality of COMMUNIST-RUN 'health care' speaks for itself.

How did we do it?  The Akurians have the promise of rain in due season:

Leviticus 26:3-12: ""If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them; (4) Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. (5) And your threshing shall reach unto the vintage, and the vintage shall reach unto the sowing time:  and ye shall eat your bread to the full, and dwell in your land safely. (6) And I will give peace in the land, and ye shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid:  and I will rid evil beasts out of the land, neither shall the sword go through your land. (7) And ye shall chase your enemies, and they shall fall before you by the sword. (8) And five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight:  and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword. (9) For I will have respect unto you, and make you fruitful, and multiply you, and establish my covenant with you. (10) And ye shall eat old store, and bring forth the old because of the new. (11) And I will set my tabernacle among you:  and my soul shall not abhor you. (12) And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people.""

How did we do it?  We EARNED the Righteous Power and Holy Authority to call rain, or any other weather, when and where we want it.  The other points of Firepower are given in the same script, above.  Because as a People and a Nation we have NOT walked in the Holy Statutes as required, except for the Akurians, these are the things The Most High will TAKE from us – and He is doing exactly that!

1-5:  There are many, too many, hungry people in this land.  And in THIS land, that is not only inexcusable, it is both an abomination of our own doing, evidence of our disobedience and a Testimony AGAINST ourselves as a Nation!

6-8:  The land is filled with violence.  We haven't won a war since World War II, whether against any enemy in the Battle Fields of some distant land or social 'war' here at home.  That, in spite of the fact our Military has NEVER – as in NEVER – failed us at anytime, anywhere, against any enemy or obstacle.  Repeat, NEVER!  Yet as a Nation, we have squandered billions of dollars, thousands of lives and injuries, and we haven't accomplished a damned thing except layer upon layer of legislated enslavement.

9:  We have lost all respect of The Most High because of our DISOBEDIENCE.  He keeps His Promises to Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael and Jacob, or we wouldn't be this well off!  We'd be worse than the Infidel and lower than the sewers of Perdition were it not for those unconditional – and unalterable – Promises given to our Patriarch Fathers by The Most High as REWARD FOR THEIR OBEDIENCE!

10:  The Most High can, and will, provide for us from the very dregs of the field and make it the choicest of provisions while we address our repentance and turn toward Holy Law.

11:  He has made me, wherever I am, to be His Living Temple/Tabernacle that whoever shall face toward me in their absolutions (I'm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA) He will hear them; as He once did the Temple at Jerusalem and the Mosque at Mecca.  Read Chapter 14, Paragraph 1814:

""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach with pure respect and open fear:  for I hear each and every thing that approaches his ears and I see each and every thing that approaches his eyes.  Therefore, if you will face toward him wherever he may be, and speak unto me I will hear you though you be far from him; and if you are Righteous Before Me, I will consider your petition!  Nay, I am sad of heart that I have long ago ceased to hear even one word of supplication from Jerusalem (which includes the Wailing Wall) or from Mecca and from all the other high places!  Yea, since the day of their complete defilement of My Holy Law (about 1,000 A.D.) given by My Own Holy Anointeds have I turned a deaf ear, and I hear them not.  Yea, for when you approach unto My Beloved Son of Righteousness and Rescue of My Holy Elect Remnant, you approach not a man of flesh and blood as much as you approach me:  and I am The Most Holy One!  Yea, you can approach My Son of Fire in perfect safety from My Presence which would destroy you, but you cannot approach My Anointed Witness in perfect safety from My Wrath if you profane his presence with your approach!  Therefore, approach him not to stand at a distance and speak constantly that he might hear you in his own ears; for such is a desecration of My Holy Purposes, and I will burn all who so defame.  Yea, know that I am not limited by time or space, Realm nor Dimension, and to me an infinite reach is nothing:  therefore, beware! lest your superiority destroy you!""

-- and He again restores a Promise, ""and my soul shall not abhor you,"" and continues:

12:  ""And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people.""  I ask all of you, "what could be better than that?"  He certainly knows how to put the ball in our court, doesn't He?  Even so, He delivers!

We have been taking ForceEnergies from wherever it happens to be and applying it wherever we determine it should go, doing with it as we deem necessary or appropriate.  The winter storm that shut down all Europe beginning at the Global Climate Conference SellOut was the result of Generals Malone, Meinke, Budagher and relative new-comer Gareld Riggs, P.K., determining to show the world the truth about global 'warming.'  When they did a full-blown HELL BLAST and the freeze and wind were on in all their fury.  We watched most of it via Internet Satellite photos.  What we can't deliver, The Most High can, and He does!  But it wasn't a gathering of 'praise the lord' nonsense.

Here is some background and information:

General Rosalind Clark asked for me to establish a new Grand Council of Gnostics.  We had three additional WOMEN:  D. Chylon Budagher, Jean Marie Bridge and Diane D. Meinke; who were both qualified and endorsed General Clark's petition, and no other men who could be available at the time.  Those four women became the newest Daughters of Akuria and Members of the Grand Council of Gnostics, Jean Marie Bridge as Senior Colonel due to longevity.  General Clark lived in Maryland, some distance from Albuquerque, and we overcame her absent training with a few Spiritual Abilities ordained by The Most High and very careful information via open communications.  Though I trained Budagher, Bridge and Meinke at every opportunity, General Clark became equally knowledgeable and efficient in the span of two days during a visit to Albuquerque.  And this before we had the AED in printed or internet publication.

We started with re-establishing the Grand Council of Gnostics and initiating Circle Blasts.  Politicians were the first recipients of our attention.  In this interim we were joined by Patrique Siler and the return of Kathryn A. Malone, expanding the count to six women.  When the Daughters of Akuria achieved sufficient Spiritual acumen, The Most High permitted me to increase both their Firepower and Authority to use it.  Then we lost Jean Marie Bridge.  Our muster continued to increase, bringing a Spiritual Expansion, the Sons of Akuria and Blue Swords for everyone.  The Grand Council now consists of three males and five females with seven seats still vacant and awaiting qualified Akurian Spiritualists.

Those armed with Blue Swords are known as Swords of El Aku, and the males now stand guard at the Outer Circle to defend against any and all intrusion against the women who generally direct the Blast.  All active Akurians have been instructed in the Body of Light process to enter into the Planes of Heaven, purify themselves, enter down into the Depths of Hell and bring back ForceEnergies from either or both levels and apply it upon whomsoever they Judge to be deserving.  We have refined the Sun Link capabilities and all active Akurians are capable of using Black Fire, Dark Matter and Dark Energy in all Invocations of Testimony.  It has taken a while, but we are recruiting new members, some coming out of the ages-past woodwork after years of remembering what I taught them and seeing themselves eye-ball deep in it today.

Once an Akurian becomes a Proven Knower, they qualify to become a Son or Daughter of Akuria, warriors in every sense.  Upon achieving sufficient experience, that opens the Gates to become a Sword of El Aku or a Daughter of Elisha, having and using Bodies of Light, entering and returning from the Planes of Heaven or Depths of Hell at will, and having and using an infinite supply of Blue Swords for whatever purpose or target happens to be necessary at the time.  The Akurians are not a bunch of crackpot 'believers' who hope, we are an Elite Corps of KNOWERS who can and does deliver!  From blessing the helpful and necessary insects in the field along with their food supplies, babies, puppies, kittens and all other newborns, wildlife on land, in the air or water, people of good intent and Truth Seekers; to pouring Hell Itself upon all the deserving regardless of how much public esteem they may have; the Akurians can deliver.  And we do!

We put protectives around Sarah Palin, her family, colleagues and employees and rained Hell Itself upon socialists from US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, President Pro-Tem Senator Robert Byrd, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, illegal President Barack Hussein Obama, the entire Presidential Cabinet and US Supreme Court to the entire US House of Representatives, US Senate, State Governors and Legislatures, all the so-called "Czars" and Main Stream Media.  We even beat up Fox News over their abomination against Ron Paul, and THEY GOT THE MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR!  When Fox News got OFF the media's ingrained-socialist kick and started reporting the TRUTH, they became the number one News and Information network – with more listeners/viewers than all other networks combined – and have avoided Akurian Testimony AGAINST them for the most part.  There's a lesson in that statement:  left-wingers, communists, fascists, socialists, pay attention!

Our latest Victory is two-fold, (1) to delay passage of COMMUNIST-RUN 'health care' until the politicos would have to run for re-election, starting with the primaries, and face the fury of their constituents; and (2) the election of Scott Brown (R) in the Massachusetts special Senatorial Election via the FURY OF THE PEOPLE demonstration.  Our strategy was to infuriate the populace AGAINST all this socialist-come-communist 'legislation' and specifically AGAINST all elected officials.  It worked like the perfect plan it still is!  Kommrade Pelosi declared – 21 January 2010/6 Sh'vat 5770 – that there were not sufficient votes to pass COMMUNIST-RUN 'health care' specifically for the House to rubber-stamp the Senate version.  All the socialist bastards took hard note of the Scott Brown victory, crunched the numbers, and ran for cover like all socialists bastards do when THEY have to face the fury themselves.  Now THAT is a Victory for the Akurians, even if we did do it with OPM (Other People's Money) and on-the-scene activists, making it a Victory for all parties concerned.  Akurians love those kind of Victories.

Take a look at that one for a minute.  Massachusetts is the BLUEST of all Blue States, actually more left-wing liberal than California per-capita, and it went Conservative Republican by a swath that can best be described as a landslide!  Our Invocations of Testimony took this weak link to a galloping boil-over and put out a socialist near-eternal fire in the process.  The message was not lost on the remaining socialist bastards in Washington DC.  The ground-shaking is still being felt in all the State Capitols and County Seats across the Nation.  THAT is what the Akurians damned well intended and what the Akurians damned well accomplished, and we aren't any ways near finished.  We are hammering for a total THROW-OUT of each and every incumbent, regardless of party and regardless of office, for their own collusions, damnations and contributions to the mess our Nation is in.

And that brings us to the Haiti earthquake – Magnitude 7.0 @ 18.45N x 72.53W 13 Kilometers deep on 01 January 2010 21:53:10 GMT – and the several questions as to its actual origin.

YES!  It was a HAARP instigated quake.  The HAARP system can't directly target a specific point on the globe and shake its timbers (YET!), but they CAN and JUST DID do a Global EarthInjection and the weakest link (as with all forces and energies) was in the southeastern peninsula of Haiti, about 15 miles from Port-Au-Prince.  You'll note that since the Haitian shaker, that entire fault line all the way eastward to Guatemala has been active with abnormally heavy quake activity.  True, the entire Caribbean Chain, which includes Cuba, is one long string of volcanoes, evidencing the fault line caused by the subduction zone of the North and South American Plates.  And don't let the Kak Jews fool you, all of Haiti isn't demolished, just those areas within about forty miles from the epicenters.  It doesn't take much to tear down a mud or clapboard hut, and the few roads of any worth in the area have been damaged to be sure.  But all the begging for Haitian Relief is one more congame, just like the Hanukkah Baskets of food scam featuring all those bawling women reputedly in Russia.

HAARP is using the information gained by this quake to refine their abilities to target just about anywhere they want.  HAARP was on the verge of being able to do this a few years back, when there were only six HAARP units on the planet.  But somebody decided a better use would be people-tracking, knowing within a few dozen, if not tens, how many people were in a given area – and within a few feet – so that when they wanted to send THEIR message they could kill as many or as few wherever they wanted.  I personally melted down two of the units, and established and implemented the formula to disrupt the other four!  Even so, HAARP units are really pretty simple to copy and repair these days; and there are at least two surviving units in China:  the underground and most-power unit having been destroyed in the 8.0 Kathryn Malone-Borne quake a few years back; one in Alaska, one in the UK, four in Europe, three in Russia, two in Africa and three in South America. There are at least EIGHT more under construction around the world as of this date.  That's a lot of HAARP for a band without a bass fiddle.

The most disgusting part of that Total Socialist Government paragraph is the racial-specific agenda.  As with New Orleans and Katrina, and Florida a few years earlier, the objective was to QUOTE – de-nigger – UNQUOTE the coastal areas so Kak Jews could have them for their own recreation and economic endeavors.  An example of that manipulation was that Orlando, Florida, suffering directs hit by FOUR hurricanes in the same season!  The Black and Hispanic populations reduced themselves considerably as soon thereafter as they could relocate.  Another example was the communications SHUT DOWN when the 9.0 quake off Sumatra, 26 December 2004, sent a Tsunami all the way to India and Africa – that took hours to arrive – and those on the beaches and lowlands weren't warned!  Did all the cell-phones and satellite communications go to hell in the same instant and stay down until the Kak Jews began to beg for money to 'help' those victims?  It doesn't work both ways!

The fact is that Haiti, and most of the Caribbean doesn't produce much of anything except AIDS and government-dependent people, and those by the thousands, some sixty percent (60%) of Haiti's population are either HIV-Positive or have full-blown AIDS, and the Dominican Republic right next door isn't far behind.  Then US President, Bill Clinton, handed Haiti to a socialist government, mostly dictatorial and totally irresponsible, and now wifey, US Secretary of the Socialist State, Hillary is hell-bent on bringing ALL the refugees to the US as if there were no other countries available.  Cuba damned sure doesn't want a new influx of disease, dope and crime, the other Caribbean, Central and South American countries have more than enough room, but can't afford the sure and certain influx of disease, dope and crime either.  Watch the immigration legislations on this one, as they will all be applied to the illegal Marxist Refugees from Mexico as the socialist abominations march on.

Following sound advisory from General Rosalind Clark, I hereby inform all Akurians and Akurian wannabes to pay very close attention to the destruction and rescue mess in Haiti.  It’s a damned good example of what we are going to see just about everywhere else as the Hell I've unleashed gains momentum.  I was ordered to take peace from the earth, and I did it.  The fact I added a few of my own embellishments – aimed mostly at manipulators, socialists, hallelujah halfwits and perpetual government-tit suckers – will not reduce the Terrors and Horrors of Tribulation one iota.  That Hell is already on the doorstep, so those who want aboard had damned well better present a ticket while this Conductor is still on the platform.  We need a lot of support to PREVENT this socialist takeover, and accomplishing that, I will withdraw the Furies.  Failing that, I am duty bound to increase the Wrath of The Most High to the point that eventually only His Own intervention can save mankind.  I assure you, I have no qualms about doing either.

Make sure you understand, the HAARP and like projects are NOT limited to atmospheric study and manipulation, nor are their antics limited to geophysics.  Gene-specific epidemics and supposed 'cures' are in the same bucket and accompanied with genetically-altered food and food production in a grand effort to famine-control the world's population:  hybrids won't breed true and genetically-modifieds won't breed at all, leaving future crops from self-grown seed out of the question.  Therefore, when you are appalled at the Akurians deliberately invoking executions, remember just how 'moral' the HAARP and related bastards are, and be comforted that only a very few people, all Akurians and beginning with me, have the Righteous Power and Holy Authority to not only kill the body but to also burn the body and soul in Hell!  And we do.

Now for the immediate future:

Our battle plan remains on course, the absolute restoration of Holy Law and the Constitution of the United States, and the absolute removal of all socialists to ensure that restoration.  That we are the Witnesses and Judges of this Generation of Fire does not change that objective.  We cannot restore the Constitution and Holy Law as separate entities.  They are pages of the same Holy Book and cannot be divided from one another.  Priority is equally arguable both ways:  restore the Constitution so we can peacefully and legally restore Holy Law; or restore Holy Law that the Constitution will stand of its own Righteousness.  The Akurians will take either one we can get, in either order, as long as the immediate circumstance requiring one is not neglected on the altar of the other.  Such jackassing is a sure and certain Death Warrant to both – and the socialists know it!  Do not be deceived when they try you with their Kak Jew attempts.

When I said "absolute removal of all socialists" I meant ABSOLUTE REMOVAL OF ALL SOCIALISTS from government, media, finance, industry, transportation, farming, food production, law enforcement including prosecuting attorneys and the courts, publishing, entertainment, internet, military, science and education for starters.  You'll note I did not mention "religions" as the Truth and Requirement of Delivery will eliminate any and all socialists and demonics without much effort from the Akurians at all.

With respect to the absolute restoration of the Constitution of the United States, not only will all gun control 'laws' be eliminated along with current penalties with respect thereto, we require the total abolition of the Federal Reserve System, Internal Revenue Service, any and all UNequal taxes and taxation, any and all "special group protection/exemption" 'laws' starting with so-called 'hate crimes' and elimination of any and all Foreign Aid except in times of natural crisis.  To be exact, I gave just such an account before The Most High, 10 December 2009 - 23 Kislev 5770, dated the 16th of December, last:

""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, My Beloved Avenger in all the Earth, I am not bound to destroy the repentant, and I would have you declare suitable and acceptable repentance of these Great Vile Six Hundred and all their fellows that you erase your testimony against them.""

I answered, "Sir!

"First, that I see immediate legislation at all levels of government abolishing all these past enacted socialisms!  The total denial of welfare, license and Social Security to all illegal aliens; and the phasing out of Social Security in a time frame to avoid destitution of the current and near-future recipients.

"Second, that I see immediate legislation to restore the entire Constitution, starting with the Bill of Rights.

"Third, that I see immediate legislation abolishing the Federal Reserve System and all its false and illegal debts, making all government spending completely accountable to the Citizens.  And the prosecution and incarceration of those in and out of government who have perpetrated this massive monetary extortion and swindle of the Nation's resources.

"Fourth, that I see immediate legislation abolishing the Internal Revenue Service and all its false and illegal determinations, stripping any and all powers and authorities of relevant Internal Revenue Service statutes, legislations and determinations from the all the books of law of the land.

"Fifth, that I see immediate legislation abolishing the Department of Homeland Security and all its intrusive damnations along with the elimination of all other such governmental departments until an operational minimum has been achieved.

"Sixth, that I see immediate legislation abolishing the Central Intelligence Agency and all reputed information-gathering organizations attached thereto along with the outlawing of private sector contracting of intelligence gathering, specifically against lawful citizens; and immediate elimination of illegal narcotics manufacture, importing and money laundering for which the CIA has become famous throughout the world.

"Seventh, that I see immediate legislation abolishing the Food and Drug Administration and deprivation of all its secret powers and collusions against the general health of the Nation which must include the elimination of any and all water poisoning via fluoridation, excess and non-removed chlorine, hybrid and genetically engineered food, livestock, grain, fruit, produce, seasoning, deliberately poisoned produce and livestock via insecticides, growth hormones, aspartame, fructose and high fructose syrup, all artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, monosodium glutamate; methyl and wood alcohols, ethylenes in all categories, propyls and isopropyls used in mouthwashes, perfumes and cosmetics.

"Eighth, that I see immediate legislation abolishing the Center for Disease Control and all its perpetuations of epidemics and pandemics upon the Nation and the world.  Between the Center for Disease Control and the National Science Foundation, it's virtually impossible to determine which is the biggest liar and governmental scam office.

"Ninth, that I see immediate legislation abolishing any and all foreign aid regardless of its disguise. In instances of natural disasters, we can provide any and all available assistance, but we do not need to take entire countries and their welfare-dependent populations to raise.  Taxing the our own poor to finance the foreign rich is not only an abomination, it is economic espionage against our own people.

"Tenth, that I see immediate legislation abolishing the assignment of US Military Forces to any country other than required Embassy and Consulate Security and Attache' duties except in times of duly and Constitutionally Declared War; and an immediate end to private sector contracting of any and all food and logistics services, returning both to the military direct.

"Eleventh, that I see immediate legislation abolishing the socialist dumbing down agenda in all educational institutions.  Children can't read, write or count because they are not taught to read, write or count; and become harlots, whoremongers and dope-addicts because they are taught to become harlots, whoremongers and dope-addicts by our current educational systems.

"Twelfth, that I see immediate legislation abolishing perpetual excuses and exemptions for personal irresponsibility.  And that includes any and all 'special' laws for homosexuals, deviates, illegal aliens and any and all so-called 'hate' crimes whatsoever.

"I want them all, and I want them all now!

"Father, my list is much more extensive, but these will suffice for the beginning signs of repentance and restitution, when and if I see them."

""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, My Beloved Avenger in all the Earth, you have not required unreasonably.  Thus you have required Before Me, and thus shall I require Before Me.

""Son of Fire, Son of Fire, My Beloved Avenger in all the Earth, you are dismissed.  Go in peace.""

Replace my "I" with "the Akurians" and there it is!  The priorities are given a bit different, due to the nature of the US National situation today, and those are just for starters.  The absolute restoration of the Constitution will accomplish all the remaining eleven in one clean sweep and put all other such jackass agencies and statutes on the front burner for elimination.  Repentance can be a bit of an ordeal, especially when the repentant really wants everything on their own terms, most of which violate Holy Law.  That said, the Akurians agenda is not about delivering or accepting repentance – that isn't going to happen – it's about slamming these socialist bastards into the Deepest Firepits of Hell and as quickly as possible.

And THAT, we can do!

The public is absolutely infuriated with US Government pretty well across the board.  The Akurians have every intention of taking full advantage of that anger and directing it to remove each and every incumbent from office regardless of party or lack of one.  There are no exceptions.  None.  Each and every one of them are to some degree responsible, and therefore liable, for the damnations inflicted upon this Nation, its Constitution and the Citizenry for more than a century.  The fact none of them were alive prior to nor in 1900 does not excuse the fact NONE of them have done one damned thing to REMOVE any of those uncounted legislative abominations!  And THAT is prima facie evidence of their approval thereof, then and there constituting HIGH TREASON sufficient to fully justify their total extermination and Eternal burning.

Our primary objective is not war nor a world dripping with honey.  OUR PRIMARY OBJECTIVE IS OBEDIENCE TO HOLY LAW!  That opens a lot of doors.  Anyone, of any Race, soulless biracials included, can become an Akurian, a Proven Knower, Son or Daughter of Akuria, gain a soul if they don't have one and RECEIVE THE HOLY SEAL OF GOD IN THEIR FOREHEAD!  And make no mistake:  First, there is no other process of obtaining a HOLY SEAL OF GOD anywhere else in Creation; Second, 'praising Jesus' or anybody else isn't going to work either; and Third, come Hell Day, you are going to have one or the other – Holy Seal of God or Mark of the Beast – with the appropriate protectives or penalties.  The Mark of the Beast is being forced as you read these words, just like the predictions in the AED of years ago said they would.

Once becoming a Proven Knower, there is an immediate life change.  Within hours, a few days at most, you no longer fear death in any form or presentation.  You find yourself barely tolerant of ignorance and totally intolerant of stupidity.  You become aware of the real world around you, and how much of it is by deliberate and demonic manipulation, WHO the manipulators are and the true nature of their agenda.

It’s a bit more trying for biracials as they have to adapt to having a soul in addition to learning how to live as a Proven Knower.  The sudden recognition The Most High is a racial-purist to the point of separatist as opposed to a racial supremacist – and that across the board – just takes a bit of DE-programming from the well-sold but totally erroneous idea of total racial integration.  Being under the Curses upon Canaan and Cush is set aside and the new Black or Black-biracial Proven Knower is then and there a Cushite, thanks to the intervention of Amberia Angelene as documented in the AED.  That too takes a bit of growing into as does determining toward racial purity of all other biracials regardless of the racial mix.

It's great to be an Akurian, especially a Proven Knower, as we are the FINAL WORD on any and all mankinds' doings regardless of their rank, station, wealth, education, public acclaim or lack of it.  We are the JUDGES and the TRUE TESTIMONY.  Nothing can be hidden from us for very long, and there is nowhere in all of Creation to run or hide when we unload on the deserving bastards.

We are about the business of totally eliminating socialism in all its forms from mankind, followed closely by all crackpot 'religions' along with all the miseries and depravations both incur.  It is clear that atrocities must come – for the time being – but we can fight them, resist them and remove them from our generations.  We can teach our generations to keep the abominations out of their lives and the lives of their generations, ad infinitum.

For the True Seeker of God and Truth, it begins with Akuria.  We recruit by example and there are no sidewalk arm-grabbers 'bringing' you anything.  We don't even broach the subject unless asked or a party to the conversation.  If you don't want the answers, then don't involve an Akurian.  We have the habit of laying things on the line without any qualms or political correctness of any kind.  The invitation to become an Akurian is wide open and always has been, it's just not hammered into the walls nor shouted from the rooftops.  Main Stream Media won't give us the wrong time of day, and we're a Testimony AGAINST them because of it.  And so it is with Akurians and the world.

For those already in the fight it continues with the damnation and removal of all socialists – Democrat, Republican, Progressive, Independent and other.  There are massive conspiracies being perpetrated this very instant and many more being released with still more being planned and set into motion.  HAARP is only one Black-Ops weapon in the OWG arsenal, and legislated enslavement is alive and well in every legislative body on the planet.

We cannot wait until sometime more convenient.  It is written, and the title of one of my favorite songs, "NOW IS THE HOUR!"  Only the Akurians are not saying "goodbye."  We're here, and we're going to STAY here.  We're the Akurians and the very foundations of the Gates of Hell tremble at our approach.  Guess 'who' we're taking notice of for a closer observation … You wouldn't want to miss out on that, would you?

The Anointed Witness of THIS Generation of Fire

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