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25 April 2012
Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
Post Office Box 3456
Albuquerque  NM  87190
505 796 4651


ALBUQUERQUE, NM, USA First, make no mistake that I am a hard core, uncompromising U.S. Constitutionalist and equally adamant about the Bill of Rights.  As such, I did not, and will not, surrender anything to 'political correctness' or my right to question and comment regardless of who/what that offends.

Somebody, a lot of somebodies in fact, got their prayers answered by the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the Office of President of these United States, along with a lot of Kommrade Marxists, Communists, Fascists, Socialists, Progressives and other wholesale murdering liars.

QUESTION:  What happened to the prayers of the other somebodies, whether for McCain or Johnson?  Of those who 'believe' at all, is it a case that Republicans, Libertarians, defecting Democrats, so-called conservatives, independents and TEA Partiers combined didn't 'believe' enough and the Accursed Canaanites (Genesis 9:25, 26 and 27.) and their followers did?  Something is very Spiritually WRONG with that assumption!

That the United States has been falling away from morality for decades isn't the best-kept secret of history.  Nor is the willful selection of an Accursed Canaanite to "preserve, protect and defend" the Constitution and Rule the Nation; not once, but twice!  The fact is, we the people have brought the Curse of Canaan upon our own houses and upon our own Nation.  The Constitutional requirement of birth isn't as obvious in all its rampaging as the factor of Accursed Canaanite.  Neither are going to go away without some serious action on the part of the Citizenry.

First, by full repentance before The Most High for the damnations we have brought upon ourselves.  And remember, if "Hail, Mary," "Allahu Akbar" or "Praise Jesus" worked, we wouldn't be in this sewer pit damnation to begin with.

Second, by holding ALL our elected and appointed officials into personal account for each and every comma of law, administration and enforcement in violation of, or counter to the Constitution; starting with each and every Judicial Bench being again available to honest citizens instead of the sole and exclusive domain of attorneys-at-law.

Third, demand the immediate riddance of uncounted offices, centers, boards, committees and authorities that do nothing but perpetuate uncounted offices, centers, boards, committees and authorities that serve no purpose than to advocate, protect and defend uncounted offices, centers, boards, committees and authorities other than to cost citizens untold billions of dollars for which the citizens-at-large receive an absolute zero except the debt.

Failing these three elements, in whole or in part, in time will deprive you personally, the Nation and world entirely of even the semblance of the Rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  In fact, that horror is well this side of the horizon and is even now upon the doorstep.  The United States, the Ancient Israelite House of Ephraim of the Tribe of Joseph, was once the hope and the envy of mankind.  Now we are an abomination even in our own eyes, wading the sewers of our own dung, savoring even the stench of our own draught, at our own hand and upon our own head.

Now the rule book has been trash-canned and the stakes are immeasurably high.  The Nation's authorities from top to bottom can no longer be trusted to act in the best interests of those they represent, or those authorities wouldn't be so adamant about stripping the citizenry of the means of self-defense and retaliation against those same authority's illegal, abusive and murderous activities.  As already documented, 'praying about it' is a waste of all effort, time and energy and an act of supreme what-never-did-work idiocy.

TO WIT:  Where are the churches? the religious community?  They bellow loud and long about praise-this, worship-that, doctrine, morality and all the other totally worthless falderal, and between them can't deliver one solitary 'miracle' or even an expression of common sense.  Singing a hymn, passing the plate, nibbling leavenless altar bread and sipping rot-gut wine is NOT a dependable delivery system; even if done in the name of and for the personage of an all-powerful, or we wouldn't be in this fiscal, moral and political mess that is festering out of control.

TO WIT:  Where are the citizens? the rank and file who bear all the costs of these political atrocities?  They whine; post on every bulletin board this side of the moon; gripe to everyone who can't do anything about the problems either; write worthless letters to officials who never read them but note their receipt via form letters posted by some must-hire; and then vote for the same do-nothing-except-for-themselves again and again.

Those of us who can and will think know for a fact:  our Rights, Constitution and Nation will be restored the same way they were established.  The only differences will be quality of powder and caliber of shot.  Until the Days of Hell are upon us, the programmed-stupid citizens can wallow in their delusions and can't-deliver religions can 'pray about it' until the both of them are consumed by those 'authorities' they empowered to accomplish this impending destruction.

The rest of us will present ourselves before The Most High in full obedience to His Holy Law as required; arm and provision ourselves in defiance of all statutes and regulations to the contrary; train, plan and prepare ourselves and our families against the sure and certain Days of Abominations; become and remain a TESTIMONY against all religious and governmental abominations until Shiloh.  And nothing shall dissuade us from this Sacred Endeavor though the Main Gates of Hell shall attempt to bar the way.

- 30 -

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