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For all those who have asked and others who want to know:

YES! Any Proven Knower Akurian can discern any Spirit. It's a simple process that DOES NOT cross the line of conjuring (calling up) Demons. Our Righteous Power and Holy Authority is NOT for fools or the religiously deluded as there is a tremendous difference between discerning/detecting and conjuring of spirits and only one of True Righteousness can do either without interfering with, or involving the other.

YES! Anyone can INSTANTLY prove to themselves there is a Spiritual Realm, and they are a personal part of it. The process is simple and DOES NOT involve any 'spook' or 'witchcraft' idiocies. It only involves one's self and is totally nonintrusive. Anyone who can put the palms of their hands together can do this one, and it takes only about a minute. Hold your hands out, facing one another, and place the arms so the hands are about a foot apart at the solar plexus. For the totally uninitiated, that's about where the belly button is located. With both hands at the same level, facing one another, hold them in that position WITHOUT any other falderal/nonsense, and in less than one minute you'll feel both palms get warm! It's not a steak-frying burn, just a gentle and subtle warmth. What you're feeling is YOUR OWN Spirit energy. Nothing less, nothing more. The warmth is there, and a thermograph camera, like those used by ghost hunters, can which fully document 'something' being there!

You can learn INSTANT CLAIRVOYANCE in about the same amount of time, and it's the first step to full Spiritual Power. Instructions and much more are FREE ON-LINE at "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" or a printed copy available at all book stores. You also won't want to miss "THE PROTOCOLS TO ALL LIVING SOULS" given directly out of The Mouth of The Most High, Himself! Translated into English out of Angelic, the language of the heavens.


Robert David Sanders "Bob" Novak (February 26th, 1931 August 18th, 2009) Conservative Journalist, Syndicated Columnist and one very good man, went straight to Repose! Something unusual for Journalists, as they usually only recant the SOCIALIST version of the story, thinking their clientele are too stupid to see through the deliberate damned lies and will accept every word, statement and claim as god, law and gospel. Bob Novak was above all such yellow journalism, never 'talked down' to anybody who didn't have it coming and knew the facts before he put anything to the public.

Repose is a post-Judgment dream-like state where a soul rests and ponders their life experiences, comparing them for greater understanding in preparation for the next great venture. Repose is sometimes very hard as the soul must face all their experiences, regardless of how painful, of their just-previous life and the actual created results of their personal actions regardless of what was intended. In Bob Novak's instance, his tour in Repose will be more of watching a great performance again and again until he knows the roles better than the authors, actors and producers. A very pleasant and comfortable situation. And for Bob Novak, as it should be.


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Just don't waste our time with
porn, pills, gambling & crapola!

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