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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

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20 JUL 2008

       That these United States and our Constitution have been under legal and economic attack for decades by socialists - some elected, some appointed, most invisible - is apparent to all but those with less brains than a brick.  Regardless of how asinine and economically destructive or how blatantly UN-Constitutional, the socialists behind every door in government, the pulpit and major media spare no effort to program those citizens stupid enough to permit it, that all is well with this 'minor' intrusion and the end results are the equivalent to permanent entry through the Great Gates of All Paradise.  Whether the citizens get a vote on the proposal or not is never considered as those same socialists can and do railroad the atrocities into law via a previously prepared affidavit and previously selected socialist already ensconced for that purpose.  And we, The People, who are the government according to the Constitution, are to blame in all instances.

       Everybody KNOWS the problem - and nobody with any media access HAS the solution.  Look at the news and information whether in-house, church or government generated:  whine/PROBLEM, whine/problem, WHINE/problem NEVER a solution other than one more layer of SOCIALIST CONTROL and never-did-work hallelujah halfwit poppycock.  Anyone that DOES have a solution will be ostracized from all credible coverage and access.  The current media for instance: hundreds and thousands of 'interviews' with citizens are produced to be gleaned to insure FIRST:  the preferred 'opinion' is expressed and SECOND:  the interviewee presents the preferred image for the suckers listening in; pro Constitutionalists are virtually always a stereotyped skid row red neck talking off the top of their head while pro socialists are always well-scripted and immaculately dressed as Royal Court executives!  Reputed 'holy' men and women get the same treatment; agree with the socialists and media is a floodgate, disagree and you're an instant Satanist or worse.  The list of such programming tricks and scams is endless.

       Therefore, before we can take action against such non-access to major media and force-of-law organizations of government - whether they are official or not - with any effect other than being portrayed as a blithering idiot, branded a 'cultist' or (left/right)wing psychopath/sociopath, we must first locate and penetrate the chinks in the enemy's armor.  Not nearly as hard as it looks once there is a grasp of the REAL condition:  the National and Global situations are as much RELIGIOUS as they are POLITICAL and as much POLITICAL as they are RELIGIOUS.  Socialists, hallelujah halfwits and crackpot media insist on separating the two that the slightest hint of either in script of the other ELIMINATES the script from consideration!  Try it.  Put any political comment in any otherwise religious mention and watch it be ignored.  Then reverse the script - religion into a political comment - and watch it disappear again.  Works every time, EXCEPT when the socialists in media, approved hallelujah halfwits or government want to defame somebody or inflict another layer of Marxist enslavement.

       Now, since the deliberately planned Petraeus-Betray us/New York Times incident, media has much more leverage with respect to advertising and script content; the real purpose of the ad in the first place, like all other such set-up 'coverages.'  And THAT is armor, not a chink in it.

       And WHAT do we, The People, have to combat such overwhelming force-of-law fortifications?  We have FIVE (5) at the outset alone:  TRUTH, ORGANIZATION, our LIVES, our FORTUNES and OUR SACRED HONOR!  These are not in-order, they are ALL number ones.  For our purposes they ARE one.  This, we The People, can bring to the table effective immediately.

       TRUTH!  Neither governments, socialists, marxists, communists, fascists, politicians, legislators, elected officials, bureaucrats, traitors; conspirators, manipulators, war mongerers, profiteers, corrupters, accountants; railroaders, judges, prosecutors, attorneys, police officers; child abusers, child molesters, child rapists; journalists, physicians, pharmacists; entertainers, smugglers, drug addicts, manufacturers, dealers, financiers, importers, exporters, money launderers; thieves, murderers, adulterers, racial supremacists, bullies, street punks, pimps, harlots, racemixers, homosexual perpetrators; hallelujah halfwits, Christians, Muslims, Canaanites, Cushites, Levites, Jews, Gentiles, Infidels, Heathen, Pagans, blasphemers, false prophets, deceivers, braying spiritualists, sorcerers, witches, satanists, the evil, the vile, the wicked, the corrupt, the vain, the fools, the ignorant, the stupid, the demonic deluded, the demon possessed, demon worshipers along side 'holier than thou' sidewalk-arm-grabbers, members of false churches, storefront religions, programmed idiots, crackpot healers, phony psychics, teachers, instructors, theologians, rabbis, imams, clerics, ministers, priests, preachers and other liars - all of whom are glorified to no end by controlled media - have one twit of TRUTH in them anywhere.  A point here and there?  Not by a long shot!  A HALF-TRUTH is still a WHOLE LIE!  Chink in their armor #1.

       ORGANIZATION:  That the socialist traitors who own and control both our government and major media are well financed - on taxpayer's money - and organized is obvious.  That we, The People, are not is equally obvious.  And therein is the biggest chink in OUR armor, and one of the easiest to cure.  First, everybody wants to run everything.  And that won't work.  We simply need to ORGANIZE our organizations to KEEP EACH OTHER INFORMED!  Each of us and our little organizations have a great deal we can offer, much of it very specific and equally important as it is specific.  Our respective contact lists - that must be guarded at all costs - when combined in a password-protected network that instantly emails, faxes, and updates everybody there is a much bigger hammer than most news media networks.  To prevent abuse, someone will have to do a "permissions" check, avoiding spam, pornography, idiot tangents, et cetera.  Needless to say, if an abuse occurs, there is no option except to delete the offender's access.  Such episodes aside, look at the MASS of expert information everybody - including our enemies (yes, they will infilter) - will have WITHOUT the time expended to look for it, its possible solutions or actions required!

       Let's clarify that one a bit further:  "I" don't need to be 'in charge' of any more than I already am; but "I" do need a circle of experts to keep me advised, to support and be supported by.  Their respective information - active or proactive - is the first line of their support to me.  To pass their information along to our 60,000+ contact list is the first line of my support to them.  Chink in their armor #2.

       To do that we are already investing our LIVES, our FORTUNES and OUR SACRED HONOR!  It requires TIME out of our lives, it requires investment to pay the bills just to be able to do it, and with each of us standing hard and merciless against our enemies we, each of us, live up to the Pledge of OUR SACRED HONOR!  Chinks in their armor #3, #4 and #5.

       And what about the religious aspect?  Simple.  RETURN TO HOLY LAW!  No 'doctrine,' no hallelujah halfwit nonsense, no psychopathic suicidal stupidities, and it's all there in the first FIVE (5) books (Torah) of the Old Testament of the Holy Bible - Ordinances of Moses 613 mixed in with some ancient history.

       Do not confuse the Torah with the Talmud.  The Torah is >UNCHANGED the Talmud is Satanism at its worst.  About a third of the Torah applies only to the Priestly Tribe of Levi - who blew it beyond description; a second third has to do with food and food production, mainly farmers and husbandry; and the remainder applies across the board to everybody except for the spelled-out Levite exemptions.  No 'secret agendas,' no special trappings or regalia, no contact information requirements, no socialists monitoring, just plain written words of HOLY LAW that is, and will remain, UNCHANGED until the Judgments.  Chink in their armor #6.

       And what do The Akurians. bring to the table?  THE TESTIMONY OF THE MOST HIGH, HIMSELF!  If the Testimony of The Most High, Himself, isn't sufficient, then invest in asbestos burial garb and tomb chambers as the hell you're about to bring down on your own soul and the whole world around you is horrendous beyond description, real and waiting.  To get a glimpse, http://www.theakurians.com/pictureofhell.htm is worth viewing.  Chink in their armor #7.

       Suddenly, the enemy's 'armor' has more holes and a cheap sieve.

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The Akurians.

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