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U.S. Government supported and sponsored KAK JEW THIEVERY
of billions of U.S. Taxpayer's dollars.
KAK JEWS stealing the Nation's Wealth with the force of KAK JEW LAW!
KAK JEW MEDIA saying nothing, KAK JEW GOVERNMENT doing less.

The Voice of the White House

Posted for TBRNews.org

WASHINGTON, DC -- "There is a very serious aspect to the current economic collapse that no one wants to discuss, neither the economic pundits, the media or the scared politicians.  This concerns an aspect of the subprime scams and, basically and stripped of euphemistic words and propaganda phrases, is that very large amounts of money from various banks and financial institutions and the owners and controllers thereof were, and are being, sent outside this country to a secure area.  I am speaking most specifically of American business frantically sending, electronically, huge amounts of money to banks in Israel.

The three banks that are getting most of the stolen money are: Hapoalim group, Bank Leumi group, Discount Bank group.  It is not necessary to mention that the senders are all Jewish and it should be noted that Israeli banking concerns practice strict banking security (see their Protection of Privacy Law, 1981 [PPL]) Under the PPL, "an infringement of privacy is, inter alia, a violation of an obligation to maintain secrecy regarding a person's private affairs, established by explicit or implicit agreement." The bank's obligation of secrecy extends not only to the details of the client's account but also to all transactions related to the account.  In other words, if the US authorities want to know about this, they can bend over while the Israeli bankers drive them home.

And if the sticky-fingered ones decide to make a quick flight to Israel ahead of FBI investigators, like their new accounts, they are entirely safe.  Note here that Israel does not extradite its citizens.  But it does allow prosecutions in its own courts for crimes committed abroad.  None of this information is really secret but is well-known to investigative bodies such as the Department of State and the FBI.  Currently,U.S. law-enforcement personnel and prosecutors, who fear that Israeli-oriented economic criminals will use the Jewish state as a refuge.

Lehman Brothers Shipped Off $400B Just Before Bankruptcy - Nice!
By Linda Sandler
September 27, 2008

Bloomberg --  Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.'s brokerage unit, in the months before its parent filed for bankruptcy protection, lost more than $400 billion in assets, according to the trustee overseeing customer accounts.

Lehman's holding company filed for bankruptcy Sept. 15 claiming $639 billion in assets, using four-month-old data.  The wholly owned brokerage unit shrank to less than $100 billion in assets from $500 billion "a few months ago," according to a Sept. 19 court statement by James Giddens, the trustee overseeing the settling of Lehman brokerage customer accounts by the Securities Investor Protection Corp.

The loss in value was caused by "changes in the market," according to Giddens, a partner at law firm Hughes Hubbard & Reed, who spoke at a bankruptcy court hearing in Manhattan.  The runoff may indicate Lehman's customers, including many hedge funds, canceled and closed out trades as they began to doubt the firm's ability to navigate the credit crunch, bankruptcy analysts and lawyers said.

"There was the proverbial run on the bank" at Lehman, said Martin Bienenstock of the law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf, who is advising clients including Walt Disney Co. on recovering their money from Lehman.  There was a similar capital flight from Bear Stearns earlier this year, he said.

Most of Lehman's pre-bankruptcy assets were securities, according to its balance sheets.  Lehman said on Sept. 10 that the consolidated gross assets of the firm stood at $600 billion and net assets at $311 billion.  The difference between net and gross is the so-called matched book, which is overnight lending or securities pledged for overnight borrowing.


THE SITUATION:  $400 Billion (USC) Dollars of investor's money is stolen by Lehman Brothers and transferred to Israel amid false claims of 'market changes' (losses) followed by notification of 'bankruptcy' that sent the Wall Street thieves into a Kak Jew-Controlled grab-government-money (while there is some) as planned, endorsed and perpetrated - with malice and economic espionage against the United States aforethought - by the very agencies established and empowered to PREVENT this kind of blatant criminal activity:  The Fed, SEC, IRS, ITC, and scads of 'administrative oversight' layers of bureaucracy, bank examiners, FHA, insurance commissioners, and the list is all but endless.

The FED led the parade of BLACKMAIL with its threats of dark consequences lest there be an immediate payment of the EXTORTION - in full with no strings attached - bantered at $700/800 Billion Dollars knowing the actual thievery from investors was about $2-Trillion Dollars which would 'require' some $8-Trillion Dollars to 'cure' or the entire U.S. (and World) economy would collapse within the next few microseconds.

Duly delivered by our Kak Jew-Controlled Congress, exactly as OUR OWN GOVERNMENT EXTORTIONISTS demanded, whereupon the banks and insurance companies now had TAXPAYER'S MONEY and the 'assets' they had swindled the programmed ignorant (dumbed down) victims into knowingly unpayable variable-rate debt.  Although presented by the Kak Jew Media as a "buy out" of those mortgages from the lenders - which SHOULD have gotten the victims out from under their mortgage loan obligations - the bankers, lenders and insurance companies went on a spree of buying up other financial institutions with what money they didn't put in their own off-shore pockets.

And HOW do these Kak Jew thieves get away with it?  By what we call the Kak Jew to Kak Jew to Kak Jew Circle of Circumstance.  A Kak Jew thief steals under the watchful eye of a Kak Jew who sees 'nothing' and reports to another Kak Jew to make sure that should anyone 'report' or 'complain' about their missing money or property, that 'report/complain' is delivered to another Kak Jew who will take more time than Creation itself to 'investigate' and find nothing either.  Should the heat be up sufficient to gain public suspicion or action, then the layer after layer of Kak Jew protection relies on the Kak Jew Media to dispense the 'all is well' news by another series of Kak Jews or Kak Jew Puppets.  Where ever it comes from and where ever it goes, from the source to the finish, it's an endless circle of Kak Jews protecting Kak Jews with the force of law.

For those of you who lost your share of that $400 Bill via Lehman Brothers - the &8 Trillion to come and all the rest - look for it to be buried under layer after layer of hook noses.  Finding it won't help.  None of that money will ever be returned to any legitimate victim, nor will any of the thieves see one minute of jail time or restitution.  Don't kid yourself, Mr. Madoff isn't an example that we are wrong; he is at death's door and the money he stole is well hidden for his family.  Bank on it

The Akurians.

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