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29 November 2012
Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
Post Office Box 3456
Albuquerque  NM  87190
505 796 4651


ALBUQUERQUE, NM December 21st, 2012, 11:11 UTC.  Time and date of the actual end of the Mayan Calendar, a 5,125-year Long Count Cycle.  Earth axis shift?  End of the world?  Fall of Civilization?  None of the above?

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) airs Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) radio signals accurate to neither lose nor gain one second in more than 100-Million years.  WWV, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA and WWVH, Kokole Point, Hawaii, at 2.5Mhz, 5.0Mhz, 10.0Mhz and 15.0Mhz, broadcast extremely precision time-clicks and tones.  That should give every shortwaver, ham operator and those who tune in via computer an excellent chance to be a part of history by just being present during it.  There are several free 'countdown-to-dooms-day' scripts available online, and uncounted sites with the same information for lesser-techs.  There really isn't any 'technical' reason for anybody to miss being a part of this historical point that's been recorded and noted for several hundred years.

The bigger part of the blubber-basket for this momentous occasion is split about equally between the panic-at-every-gnat brigades and those who feed on ignorants they've so carefully programmed.  Those humans leftover are scrounged up like pig-swill in the main trough by both media and clergy of all stripes.  Then spewed like cess from a ruptured sewer main with exacting incompetence.  Facts are few and far between; with TRUTH being distorted to fit whatever grand purpose is behind the spewer's actual agenda.

Time will tell.  This time it will also tell-on!  In our day and our age.  This isn't a far-distant, vague generalization 'prophecy' we can let future victims worry about.  This one is on the doorstep and about to knock.  Therefore, without any concern for being inaccurate, this is what is going to happen as relevant energies read now:  Nothing of any great happenstance as result of the Mayan Calendar ending.

The Great Day will mark the end of one era and the beginning of another without much, if any, natural fanfare.  The minute and hour will pass, as will the day, with little to note its passing except just-prior wailing and rampaging by those of ulterior motive who are about to be embarrassed by that long-awaited 'event' make that non-event.  Those of us who have observed birthdays, solstices, eclipses, changing of seasons and years are in for another episode.  And with about the same level of difference.  That should come as no surprise to anyone with more intelligence than a hammer handle.

With each point in the cosmos, we proceed into the future with whatever changes, be they bad or good, we bring upon ourselves.  The potential Holocaust on the Horizon of our own making is a prime example.

Nuclear threat has been known world wide since August 6th, 1945 when Colonel Paul Tibbets, Jr., 509th Composite Group flew the bombing raid on Hiroshima, Japan, and brought an unimaginable hell of the First Magnitude upon that city and all the inhabitants thereof.  Three days later, August 9th, 1945, the 509th's Major Charles W. Sweeney brought an equal layer of unspeakable horror on Nagasaki.  Though bringing an end to World War II, that World War I was supposed to prevent, neither incident has taught us the real value of human life nor how to spot a liar even when caught with the evidence.  Both Houses of the United States Congress, Supreme Court and Administration being four of the world's foremost and long-standing guilty parties.

Will 11:11 AM UCT, December 21st, 2012, be the day of the Great Earth Axis shift?  Not according to any known or detectable energies or planetary indications.

Will 11:11 AM UCT, December 21st, 2012, be the day of the End of the World?  As much as some agree mankind should be exterminated from the face of the earth for our abominations, the end of the Mayan Calendar isn't going to either mark or trigger that event.

Will 11:11 AM UCT, December 21st, 2012, be the day of the Fall of Civilization?  Moral Civilization has been falling for centuries (if it ever existed at all) and the Winter Solstice marked by the Mayan Calendar is neither going to cease nor accelerate our well-deserved demise.

None of the above?  Right.  None of the above.

Then why all the hullabaloo?  The truth is the simplest answer, and the simple answer is:  Kings, Queens, Reining Monarchs, Financiers, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Police Officers, Court Judges, Journalists, Priests, Preachers and other liars are always quick to expound anything that serves to enhance their personal agendas.  Note I did not mention advertising agents or automobile salespeople who can skirt facts closer than a painted-on suit.

Just as with any port in a storm, any 'event' that presents more sides than a boxcar of rhinestones is excellent fodder, especially for purposes of public distraction.  Sky-Pilots of every denomination are on both sides of the ain't-never-gonna-happen 'rapture' just to exploit the deliberately-deluded.  Manipulators who own and control virtually every financial institution and all the politicians will multiply their fortunes by keeping their opinions private, that after the nonevent, they can retain some degree of credibility and increase control over those who didn't keep their opinions private and ended with faces laden with mostly rotten eggs.

Why a distraction?  To keep the fools as ignorant as possible.  Ignorant people are easier to program.  And easier to deceive.  Ignorant people are easier to lead to their own destruction.  And THAT is the ultimate goal of the Manipulators:  to destroy as much of mankind as they deem necessary; by disease, starvation, genocide and war.  The Georgia Guide Stones infer a global population of 500-Million, so obviously the numbers have changed since Henry Kissinger conceived the idea of food genocide to control world population in 1974.

Distraction?  United States and Canadian investigators discovered a United Nations plan, the Codex Alimentarius (Book of Food) Commission (1963) to murder as many as THREE BILLION people by starvation  alone!  Monsanto's absolutely-will-not-reproduce-itself seed being hyped and enforced with every force at their disposal is planned famine at its most effective.  Add those casualties to the several (Avian/Swine Flu) pandemics; and as-yet-unknown effects of strontium and barium CHEMTRAILS binding with fluoride and chloride in the atmosphere and blanketing the ground.  In the periodic table strontium, barium, calcium and magnesium are all in the same column, all bond easily, absorb and radiate radioactivity with equal abandon.

The ramifications of these murderous, government-funded atrocities need all the distraction they can get!

There are many dots in this Grand Plan of TOTAL Global Enslavement photo, but the Mayan Calendar ending only marks the end of one era with its own history of atrocities and the beginning of another with even worse horrors now this side of the Horizon and upon every doorstep.

Call me a liar any time the afternoon or evening of December 21st, or even December 22nd, 2012, if I'm still alive.  (The readable energies are unclear about that.)  Call me a liar any time in the next thousand or so years we know are between now and Shiloh.

- 30 -

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