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The Akurians
The Akurians have the Messiah AND The Testimony of The Most High, Himself.
Nobody else has either.  The Most High, Himself, says so!
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Part The Second.

 Be advised that over forty percent (40%) of "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!"  (AED) are The Words of The Most High, Himself, whose Correct Name is ALIHA ASUR HIGH, translated into English directly out of Angelic, the language of the Heavens.  The Most High, Himself, will TESTIFY TO YOU PERSONALLY that each and every word, statement and claim in the AED is absolute, irrevocable, consistently verifiable TRUTH!  No other church, religion, doctrine or organization can make that statement.  The HOW TO and direct access information is in the AED.  With respect to the Great Curse of Noah upon Canaan, quoting from the AED, Chapter Forty (40):

7029      Before anyone can play the game, they must first know the rules!  That Great Harlot of Babylon at Rome, all her puppet governments, all her Harlot fallout 'christian' Daughters, whole of the House of Levi and the whole of the House of Judah have deliberately kept the truth of the Great Curse of The Anointed Noah (Noe) upon Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush from public knowledge, lest the Accurseds (and all Black Races whether under the Curse or not!), Accursed Canaanite and Accursed Cushite (Kushite) alike, learn the rules and change their losing streak into century after century of victories!
7030      Ages of deliberate psychological programming:  white = 'good' vs black = 'evil', 'black' magic, the Devil's 'darkness' vs God's 'light', et cetera, are only part of the grand scam to use the racial injustice as social resistance and violence instigation cards toward legislating total enslavement.  When enough becomes enough, people fight.  When they do, especially against the government at any level, those people become 'criminals'.  Then the controlled media plays the 'criminal' factor to justify government to enact more legislation.  Every time government passes any law or establishes any regulation, government instantly has that much more power and the citizens have that much less!  Therefore, That Great Babylonian Harlot at Rome needs a perpetual scapegoat someone to blame age after age until she achieves ultimate success in her Grand Plan of TOTAL Global Enslavement.  To be sure, just so things will not look too obvious, she must also throw other races and people to the wolves such as the Jews here, the Native Americans there, Croatians, Serbs, Muslims, et cetera.  You get the picture.
7031      Therefore the Black Races were the victims chosen by that vile Harlot of Babylon on which to practice and perfect the processes to achieve enslavement and the applications necessary to maintain slavery!  Three of the most critical factors are:  racial division, genealogical impurity, and programmed ignorance!  The Black Races were, and still are, the parade-leading victims of those three scenarios.  In the early days following Immanuel's Reign as Anointed, his Disciples and their followers were persecuted at every opportunity.  Because they were mostly Jews, it is incorrectly assumed that Rome persecuted ALL Jews, which is not the case!  The only Jews Rome persecuted were those who were the Early Christians, and BECAUSE they were True Christians, or those to whom Rome or some High Roman owed more money than they cared to pay.
7032      When you hear of Rome, the Monarchs of the several Kingdoms, or That Great Babylonian Harlot at Rome and Constantinople, the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Christian Church persecuting Jews, know for a fact it was over a hell of a lot of money and damned little to do with religion!  Those Jews then, and the House of Judah now, were playing the game of TOTAL control by economics (money); and they damned well intended then, and intend now, to rule the whole world.  To counter the established governments and Roman control of those governments, the House of Judah had to come up with a plan to deceive the people and take control of those governments.
7033      Keeping all the masses ignorant was not only part of the Grand Plan of TOTAL Global Enslavement by the One World Government, it was and still is the critical element.  How and why the Black Races become primary in this ages-long Grand Plan of TOTAL Global Enslavement has been hidden, forbidden to discuss, twisted and outright lied about since Lucifer made his boast that he could turn all men (which included the women) to him!  Remember, ignorance of the masses is critical to their being controlled and forbidding discussion to reveal the truth is the keel of that ship.
7034      And right here we're going to blow that ship out of the water!
7035      Let us set the stage:
7036      First, recognize the fact that Lucifer is an opportunist.  He'll take full advantage of any opportunity presented him and abandon it the very instant a better opportunity presents itself, regardless of how much energy he's invested in the previous opportunity.  Knowing that:  after he shot his mouth off, he waited.  It really wasn't very long.
7037      The Holy Scripts of All The Heavens and All The Earths reveal The Most High anointed Noah, and at his hand provided rescue of a select few of That Generation all of whom were pure in their generations (genealogy and lineage) and of whom The Most High would repopulate the earth with the pure generations of Ish.  The surviving Nefilim (Watchers) were still in the process of genetically improving the Adama work force since they still needed workers to mine gold and other minerals they needed to preserve the atmosphere of their own planet Nibiru (NA-BEER-OU):  as evidenced by their names, "  Ham"   meaning of the darker, indicating he was the father of all those of dark skins.  It was an adaptation to the environment where they were intended to live and work.  And which at the time didn't mean a damned thing more!
7038      Even so, Ham was a self-glorifying, overbearing, damned fool, and being "  the example"   to his children (as all parents should be!) his sons and daughters weren't much of an improvement for the most part.  And it was of that 'big deal' attitude that came the blunder of blunders upon mankind, the effects of which are still with us and which will not be removed until Noah himself removes it at Restoration, if then!  He damned sure doesn't have to remove it, and he hasn't seen fit to remove it as of this day!  All in accordance with Holy Law.  However:
7039      Genesis 9 gives the account of Noah getting drunk on his own wine and being passed out in his tent where Ham saw him asleep, and naked.  Instead of covering up his father and going on about his business with his stupid mouth shut, he had to 'big deal' it and blab it all over the place in a vain and stupid attempt to 'put The Anointed down'.  Evidently like all stupid rednecks, niggers, kak-jews and other such morally worthless elements, he thought he could 'put himself up' in the process.  And just like the end results of similar efforts by said stupid rednecks, niggers, kak-jews and other such worthless elements, it backfired!  All he managed to do in that blatant bit of perfect stupidity was to bring hell itself down on himself and all his children!
7040      Noah awoke, and being subject to contemptible service instead of setting his goblet and utensils properly, quietly and correctly; giggling disrespect, mostly within his hearing and as often as not, whispering and gestures within his sight; he demanded to know what in the hell was going on and why his instructions and orders were now something that could be ignored at the whim of whichever 'superior' fool wanted to ignore them!
7041      Fortunately, there were still a few in Noah's company with sufficient intelligence not to be a party to such damnable stupidities or to withhold any facts from The Most High Lord of Spirit's Anointed Elect One!  When Noah learned what had happened he blew a fully justified, first magnitude gasket!  His anger was exceeded only by The Most High's fury, and the Curse Noah prepared and spoke against Accursed Canaan both in the ears of the people and in The Holy Presence before The Most High stopped all the 'superiorities', disrespect, giggling, mockings, 'put downs', stupidities and all the other idiocies in damned short order!
7042      A Curse of an Anointed is nothing to be laughed at, especially by stupid rednecks, niggers, kak-jews and other such moral slime elements whether in elected office, paganistic pulpits, or big business, or not!  If you don't think so, read the complete transcript of Noah's Great Curse on Accursed Canaan, below, and then take a damned good, hard look at the condition of all the Black Races throughout history and yet today!  Then for those of you who are so 'self-superior' as to be stupid at all costs:  you are welcome to try your gutless idiocies on The Anointed Witness of This Generation of Fire:  Lord El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH!  Just make sure you leave instructions as to where you want your head sent, because your ass is doomed!  And so are your half-baked offspring and all your whore and harlot-element partners.
7043      Even so, there are a couple of points you will want to know prior to reading the Great Curse.
7044      First, the Curse could have been served in its entirety during the lifetimes of Accursed Canaan and not more than four of his following generations!  By Holy Law:  not more than four generations unless those generations deserve continuance!  Then a Curse can last as long as there are descendants to endure and suffer it; thus the statement that Curses of The Anointeds are eternal.  They damned well can be!
7045      Second, that regardless of how many generations are victims whether by deliberate rebellion or ignorance for any reason the Curse can be nullified in its entirety within not more than four continuous generations, at least upon the descendants of those who will adhere to Holy Law and rid themselves of the Curse!  Did you get that?  No Curse is perpetual unless it's deserved!  Even The Most High only delivers punishment to the third and fourth generations, unless the lineage deserves to suffer longer!  The longer a Curse continues the more justified it becomes.  But even an Anointed can't place a perpetual Curse on righteous people or just for the hell of it.  In accordance with Holy Law the perpetual provision of a Curse is contingent upon the Accurseds maintaining the justification(s) for the Curse!  The fact The Most High knows who will and will not continue the justifications of a Curse is beside the point.  And if they will maintain those justifications, a Curse can last until a fully frozen-over hell has re-melted and is again in full blaze!
7046      However, anyone can bring the Curse down on themselves by becoming a party with the accursed!  And there is no limit to how many times descendants can rejoin the herd.  Now, get that too!  If a series of generations absolve themselves from a Curse regardless of how many generations remain pure and some damned fool descendant wants to crawl back in bed with someone still under the Curse, they can damned sure do so and take that same Curse right back upon themselves in that very instant!  Now, it's apparent why Noah's Curse on Accursed Canaan still prevails:  in spite of some Black People's efforts, their descendants crawl back in bed of degeneracies with those still under the Curse and perpetuate the justifications, again and again.
7047      And until now, with very few exceptions over the ages, that is exactly what the Black Races have done:  maintained the justifications!  That has got to stop if Accursed Cush is ever going to come out of Accursed Canaan.  And it has got to stop if Accursed Canaan is ever going to fulfill the Curse and end it once and for all.  The fact it will take a concerted effort by all Black People is beside the point.  It can still be done!
7048      Third, there is no other escape from the Curse!  A true spiritual nullification of the Curse will take only four generations at which time the children of racemixed parentage will again be born with souls.  But because of Accursed Canaan's and Accursed Cush's racemixings:  the Curse will remain until all the Black People under the Curse are pure bred back to being pure Black and that will take ten generations of absolute obedience to Holy Law; and they will again be able to enter into the Temple.  The reason is simple:  The Most High is a God of purity, perfection and cleanliness!  That means no pollutions whatsoever:  neither in thought, nor in deed, nor in mind, nor in spirit, nor in body!
7049      You can rant and rave against Racial Purists and Separatists all you damned well please, but in that:  they are Infinitely Righteous in The Sight of The Most High in full accordance with His Holy Law!  Absolute obedience to Holy Law eliminates any and all racemixing and the elimination of a myriad of other sins as well.  However, racial purity does not justify or condone racial supremacy!  The Anointed Witness of This Generation of Fire has flatly declared, and The Most High has fully endorsed his declaration that there is no such thing as a supreme race!  Period.
7050      In the beginning The Most High made all living creatures pure and to remain pure in all their generations, including mankind, and pure in their generations he will require them in That Day!  He made them pure; he did not make one 'supreme' over any other.  And the sooner we stop the 'supremacy' nonsense and institute the purity of true righteousness, even if by separation, the better!

Part The Third, the full transcript of the Great Curse of Noah upon Canaan

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