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25 October 2013
Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
Post Office Box 3456
Albuquerque  NM  87190
505 796 4651


ALBUQUERQUE, NM - The original (reported) 2,500+/- page and falsely named Affordable Health Care Act HR 3962 is now well over 20,000 pages of contradictory content and growing into its portion of the Grand Plan of TOTAL Global Enslavement as defined in "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" (free to read on-line) with each and every previously programmed addition.  A landmark of World Communism at its best.

Enter the systems supposedly to 'administer' this 30-300%+/- cost increasing insult-to-intelligence (at least to mentalities from earthworms to head lice) to 'expedite' the process, HR 3962 is divided into about 50 separate but overlapping sections, each section assigned to a given 'programmer' contractor (about 50 of those too) with the mandate to make their section work when opened to the public as a whole of the whole make that HOLE  Those LEGAL contradictions as DATA contradictions did what they were expected to do:  NOTHING; but garner headlines for as much distraction as possible from other equally UN-Constitutional activities.

The ONE thing that cannot be tolerated is for ANY contradiction in the law to confuse itself (there's an average of ONE on every page) and cause any delay or misinterpretation - something a computer cannot do!  With even the most-complex system, it's either an "ON" (a 1 digital) or an "OFF" (a 0 digital) regardless of the length of the string, that ultimately produces another "ON-or-OFF" (1 or 0) in whatever sequence required until the final conclusion whether it be an alphabetical letter or punctuation of this very script or the ultimate sum of a multi-complex numerical query or or or

Then the Idiots That Be had all this contradictory HR 3962 via all this equally inoperable data chains of computereeze force-fed into an obsolete system.  Each 'part' of the total program instantly went into conflict with all the other parts.  There were no exceptions, the system and data were at least THAT capable.  Instantly the Idiots That Be jumped into their well-rehearsed "it's-really-nothing" verbiage make that GARBAGE as a distraction from the abject financial and economic disaster they've created, both of HR 3962 and the electronic system that is supposed to handle and enforce all its gobbledygook.

One thing about government, if it decides to defecate in the royal pantaloons they don't spare the smell.

Affordable Health Care Act - neither affordable nor anything to do with health care except as a legalized intrusion into every facet of privacy, but it IS an "act."  It wouldn't last through opening night off Broadway even if billed as a TAX COMEDY and played by every crack-pot wannabe member of the Associated Actors and Artistes of America and Screen Actors Guild combined.  And all duly tax-payer funded lies to the contrary, it's loaded with Death Panels and more KGB/Gerstapa agents and 'administrators' than medical personnel.

And 'why' all this show-and-tell publicity at this stage of the game?  The TRUTH:  diversion from the growing demands of expose and full accounting of the HIGH TREASONS of and by government from before Ruby Ridge to the Boston Marathon including Benghazi, FALSE FLAGS and all!  Yes.  That means each and every so-called Main Stream Media, network and cable, are knowingly complicit right down to local scandal sheets posing as news outlets, both print and broadcast.  That's correct, "knowingly complicit" and YES, you may quote me.

And 'where' may we ask, are all the supposed TEA Party (caucus) and OathKeeper 'officials' and candidates?  Conspicuous in their SILENCE!  Not one word of actual TRUTH out of the lot of them.  None.  REPEAT:  NONE!  Mealy mouth for radio and tainted smiles for television but NOT ONE DAMNED WORD in voice, copy or otherwise on the House or Senate Floor to abolish these atrocities or call anybody on government payroll into account for their open and obvious illegalities or HIGH TREASONS!  Zero.  There are abandoned tombs that look like victory parties by comparison to the silence on Capitol Hill, State Capitols and Legislatures, County and local governments.

And 'what' is the solution to all this nation-destroying nonsense?  The citizens, you personally, MUST get politically active!  Join the parties; which party doesn't matter as they're all corrupt from top to bottom, back to front and side to side with too few voices of truth or intelligence to have any actual effect in their current state.  Your presence can and will change that.  Attend the conventions, become local officers, get on the County and State Central Committees, show up and raise hell!  Call the Idiots That Be by their right names IN those conventions.  REFUSE to be silent!  If you MUST be forcibly removed, make damned sure your arrest makes the news, slanted as it is.  Prepare to raise havoc and DO IT!  Weak-kneed, namby-pamby whining is your Death Warrant.  It's only a matter of time

For those of any religious bent, consider THIS of Holy Law:  by NOT making your objections a matter of common knowledge by your actions, you are an accessory to and after the fact of the injustices, treasons and wholesale murders instigated and committed by those you refuse to challenge and bring to justice!  A True and Righteous God cannot judge otherwise.  A hypocrite can, a True and Righteous God, or soul, cannot.  As any Akurian will tell you, "it's better to burn the Bastards That Be than burn FOR them!"  And that includes journalists and editors.

Was this so-called 'government computer failure' a matter of happenstance?  Not by a long shot!  Anyone with more brains than a brick or intelligence above the aforesaid earthworms and/or head lice cannot accept such 'expertise' as being so infinitely incompetent.  Certainly those of us not confined to dormitories of the totally mentally deficient, group homes and insane asylums can't buy that load of dung.  Those of us with any morality above a gang-bang cannot look at ourselves as being that gullible.  Just like those well-prepared placards posted at national parks and cemeteries, including those overseas, within hours of the much-heralded government 'shut-down' since government hadn't 'shut-down' in 17 YEARS (where the hell did they come from?); we're supposed to accept as god, law and gospel any and everything out of government.  If you're stupid enough to do that, be my guest!

This so-called 'government computer failure' just like the sham 'shut-down' were all planned and prepared well in advance:  and I submit each and every member of the Administration Staff, both Houses of Congress and the Supreme SOCIALIST Court from the top-down were all well aware of both!  No exceptions.  All of them.  Perhaps a few at the fringes didn't have the full monty, but naked is naked even to the totally bereft.  THAT fiasco became obvious when those furloughed were still paid!  Why weren't they called back to work?  Perhaps because stupidity has its price and taxpayers are always stuck with the tab.

And 'why' would all the Idiots That Be even consider such an obvious series of knowing blunders?  Four letters:  MARX!  Only the deluded and lame-brained see Marx as anything other than complete governmental murderous stupidity; regardless of the "in thing" mentalities (or infinite lack thereof) that expound it over the murdered millions of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and amateurs-by-comparison, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and the Cuban Castro Brothers.  Wholesale murder is wholesale murder and cannot be mollified with any lesser atrocious name.  That unrestrained wholesale murder is now part and parcel of the United States Government is well established:  and the same Bastards That Be who perpetrated the FALSE FLAG 'shut-down' and ObamaCare computer 'failure' are the same list that perpetrated every other aforementioned atrocity above.

And so the River of Deepening Dung on which only the corrupt can stay afloat flows onward in full flood

- 30 -

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