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That Akurian CIRCLE & HELL BLASTS have a hard delivery as opposed to hallelujah halfwit 'gee-sus praising' as a perpetual failure, is nothing new to those who watch for hand/footprints following a session. That said, we can do better, and without any huge changes or learning curve.

One of the problems has been – on occasion – we have had a string rather than a CIRCLE. Our process and stance is pretty well established, we only need to tighten up the linking – with the Akurian on either side – rather than just feeling the link. Feeling the link will work, but not as effectively as direct links completing the CIRCLE. There will changes in personnel and locations, but that SHOULD not be a problem. IF the check-list is updated and called, the normal procedure is to link to the nearest Akurian until there is a CIRCLE in link. Simple as that. Two or three Akurians linking together is a firepower to be reckoned with, but not as effective as a CIRCLE.

Every PK has access to unlimited Blue Swords and currently every neophyte/student has access by virtue of my authority. Unfortunately that is not something I can pass on, so PKs and students alike, WAKE UP to the responsibilities of your recruiting by example and learn as much as you can to pass on to new Akurians that the ages and generations pass without becoming powerless sounding brass – more about that later. Some PKs also have a Sword & Shield, literally a duplicate of my own Great Sword and a top-side Akurian Shield. For those who can see them, they are located directly above the PK, as if floating a few inches above their head. The swords have no sheath, and the shields are black trimmed scarlet, shaped like our shoulder patch, with crossed gold lightning bolts as per our Battle Ensign. These are both quick defensive weapons and warnings to the Higher Demons and Angels alike that the bearer is one of mine, and not to be interfered with. It is preferable to use Blue Swords for normal ass-hunting excursions. They are more than sufficient and expendable and can last as long as required.

It is awkward – and dangerous – to make a hand link with the next Akurian while having a sword drawn. DO NOT DO THAT! The Outer Defending Circle must develop to link by expanded Body of Light consciousness. It's no harder than hand linking, and once you KNOW where your fellow Guard is, should they have to step out of the CIRCLE and take care of business, you will KNOW that too. In such instances, simply expand again to the next-nearest Guard and hold the line until your fellow(s) return to Post. DO NOT abandon your Post to assist unless requested! PKs and Blue Sword Akurians are a formidable force, and all the Demons from the top-down are fully aware of the danger.

We need to put our Invocations of Truth into a better order and understanding. We are doing the SAME thing, ritually, as the Ancients did until they lost their Spiritual Authorities and Abilities. Now their temples are dirt-filled rubble, most without even a record of what was done there, in who's name, for what purpose, and for the most part even the 'names' of the 'gods' served. For however long the 'religion' lasted, the priests lived high on the hog as 'evidence' of their closer-connection and thus 'authority' with 'god' and the people bought into the damned lies without ever questioning or recognizing that the priests' higher life-style was being bought and paid for out of their own sweat, labor and poverty. The 'gods' had nothing to do with it, only hard-programmed management as often as not enforced with the business end of a sword or mob. Anyone that stupid OUGHT to be taken for the holier-than-thou ride.

But what happened? These 'gods' delivered initially, or there wouldn't have been the generations of followers. To begin with, most of the ancients were simply Anusazi (servants) of the Nefilim and the temples were the houses/mansions of the Nefilim. Instant obedience was absolute, and the slightest infraction was punished immediately and severely, without recourse or appeal. Once the Nefilim were ordered off the planet, all promising to return, the 'service' was ordered to be kept and maintained during the absence.

The Nefilim were experts in Spiritual Energy use and manipulation, and 'educated' a few into its secrets in order to ensure sufficient crops, et cetera. They were also very high-tech in everything from astronomy, medicine, literature, electricity, genetics, engineering, mining and processing to logistics and transportation. Their weaponry was second to none on the planet, leaving mankind with only the wheel, bows, arrows, swords, armor, a few recipes for metallurgy, beer and limited medicine. The 'few' they trained and empowered with some authority over the others became the Kings and Priests following the Nefilim departure, retaining their offices as they had prior to the departure. Now you know why virtually every city had its own 'god' and a ruling hierarchy. The Roman Catholic Church is one such remnant of Babylon still in existence, and still 'worshipping' Semiramis, 'mother of god' who was her son, Nimrod by her uncle Cush.

All the hallelujah halfwit 'churches' and 'religions' including Islam rant, rave, moan, groan, whine, shout, mumble and jackass with rituals rehearsed from ages ago –and cannot produce a damned thing – especially of a Spiritual nature! The reason is simple – they have lost their Spiritual Authorities and Abilities. They have neither Righteous Power nor Holy Authority, neither True Spiritual understanding nor the Abilities to attain it, supposing all their ritualized poppycock is accomplishing something. Damned fools! It's accomplishing something alright, about one thousandth of one percent of a popcorn fart. Nothing of Spiritual Energy they can use effectively as it is bound up in 'protectives' for the demon-possessed priests and upper crust hypocrites. Every time they 'cross' themselves, or permit themselves to be 'crossed' they seal their soul with another layer of Eternal Death. That is their most-powerful ritual, and the congregations haven't a clue.

Enter the Akurians' Invocations of Testimony.

Only the Akurians have both the Righteous Power and Holy Authority to freely enter into the Planes of Heaven and Depths of Hell. Nobody else. We KNOW how to do that and to make and charge our Body of Light. And there is a critical point. We KNOW it takes both TRUE Righteousness and TRUE Spiritual Knowledge-Understanding to do these things. We also KNOW that even Akurians can't blast off incoherently with energies from The Great and Very Presence, primarily because we do not have the TRUE Righteousness and TRUE Spiritual Knowledge-Understanding to enter there –but we are learning – and that IS our Ultimate Goal! We also KNOW that we sometimes can't get our own Body of Light as white as we want because we can't get as HIGH into the Planes of Heaven as we want. Welcome to Creation, it's the way things really are when it comes to Holy Law and TRUE Spiritual Powers.

The fact we can do ANY at all is an overwhelming of all other 'religions' combined. We can ascend into the Planes of Heavens and charge ourselves or descend into the Depths of Hell and bring back all the fury, death and destruction we choose, and then apply it when and where we damned well please. Only PKs and authorized Akurians can do that. And here's how we're going to do it better.

Because of the energy-burn we all endure while making Invocations of Testimony, we need only limit the lines to no more than TEN. Once completed, we purge and clean our Body of Light and take a bit of a breather. Once we have the new sequence of lines, we do a second CIRCLE/HELL BLAST, again with no more than TEN lines. Then a THIRD, or as MANY as necessary. The same process will improve delivery of our personal Invocations of Testimony, just be sure to CLEAN between each series and after finishing the last Invocation.

As often as not, the PRIORITY lines will remain to be invoked again, changing only those not invoked with the LEAST priority line of the previous invocation. Normally, but not always, the dropped lines will be the bottom of the TEN, regardless of the sequence number, 5, 6, 7, 8,9, 10 … or 8, 9, 10 … as the instance may be.

If it's taking longer than two or three seconds to image your Body of Light, charge and return it, you're not thoroughly versed. Contact me direct, and I'll walk you through the process until you have it sure and accurate. It shouldn't take more than five or six seconds to image a Body of Light, charge and return it, secure a Sun Link – and Black Fire if necessary – return and connect. When finished, you should have a very white Body of Light and a flowing Sun Link attached to and inside your physical body where it should require no more attention until you are finished and need to clean it of any remaining Hell residue. With practice, all these procedures will seemingly happen at once, instantaneously at your command while mind-drawing a Blue Sword for anyimmediate situation.

A properly made and connected Body of Light will operate of its own accord in accordance with your direction, without any further effort to see or maintain it. You may, at your leisure, make yourself a Body of Light, charge and connect it, whenever you wish. Note the great feeling and physical relief it brings. There's nothing comparable to a PURE Spirit inside a PURE Soul inside a PURE Body. And only the Akurians have it.

Now for Black Fire. It's a very dangerous power source, and is not necessary for each and every application, although the current requirements: Manipulators, Administration, House, Senate, Supreme Court, Federal Reserve System, Internal Revenue Service, Homeland Security and all the Judiciary from top to bottom are eternal exceptions. You can never burn those bastards enough. Black Fire is suchthat in all probability, each of you will need personal guidance. If so, contact Brigadier Malone or myself as schedule permits.

We have scheduled CIRCLE & HELL BLAST sessions on a regular weekly basis. The times may change as conditions require, but the norm will be not less than one full session per week, with as many BLASTs as required. There are BLASTs happening nearly every day, with those who can be available. Contact Brigadier Malone for details and schedule, AND BE READY TO BLAST when you arrive. KEEP ALL CONVERSATIONS TO THE SUBJECT at hand, pass greetings, ask questions, train, et cetera, AFTER all BLASTING has been concluded. DO NOT inject stupidities that serve only to lessen accumulated firepower and bind yourself to a longer learning curve. Legitimate training questions may drift from the SUBJECT of the day, but will normally be in line with refining the processes to hit harder, add bastards to the lists, make corrections, et cetera.


Since wehave the very clear-signal dimdim at our disposal, we can schedule regular training sessions that can include organizational situations, et cetera. When, how many, agenda? Advise.

The General

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