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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

Proven Knower
Only The Akurians have The Testimony of The Most High!
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       Everybody has heard about God.  The problem is, NOBODY really knows very much about Him.  Especially those who profess to have been 'called' to His service, starting with the Catholic Church at Rome and Istanbul, including all the fallout Christian daughter churches of the Protestants, and ending with Levi, Judah and Ishmael of the Nation of Islam.  None.  Not a twit of hard and accurate information, only 'belief' that is as phony as a Hillary Clinton promise (and her combat record clearly exceeds that of John McCain!).

       Everybody KNOWS for a fact there is a very real Devil, duly evidenced by the amount of open evil in the world.  Therefore, everybody KNOWS the source of that evil, and in some cases the actual perpetrators, but virtually nothing - as in zero for the most part - about anyone or anything that can be done about it.  What is WRONG with that picture?

       Hallelujah halfwits 'pray about it' and psychopath Muslims die with their last words of "Allah is Great!" with the exact same ZERO end result as far as expanding the 'will of god' anywhere on the planet.  The "you didn't 'believe' enough" nonsense of hallelujah halfwits to explain away their non-existent success, is no less disastrous than dead bodies of the innocents slain by Muslims with respect to proclaiming the 'glory' and the 'greatness' of any 'god' in whose name such blasphemes are committed.  The failure of the former to deliver, and the anger at God for permitting the atrocities of the later, are equal in damnation in the eyes of any prudent mind.  We are not qualified to even guess how God, Himself, - if there is one - must feel about both.

       In court, we swear (affirm if Jewish) to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; and as jurists then sit through lies compounded upon lies by prosecution and defense alike with the 'court' layering its own damned lies on the pile, usually on the side of the prosecution come hell or high water.  Again, we are not qualified to even guess how God, Himself, - if there is one - must feel about such damnations against justice.

       The list of examples like those above is virtually endless.  And we are all aware that such is not the case with respect to time for mankind.  We all KNOW that time is running out for this so-called 'civilized' civilization.  We all KNOW it for a fact.  Even those too stupid to understand that Immanuel (whom the idiot elements call "Jesus") is NOT going to come until AFTER the Tribulations in spite of 'what-the-preacher-said' (Matthew 24:29 & 30; Mark 13:24-28; Luke 21:24-28) are fully aware that humanity is on a very close clock.  We are all also fully cognizant that "IF" the world is going to be bailed out of this fully deserved mess, it's going to take a VERY REAL GOD to do it!

       A VERY REAL GOD!  Now there's a point to ponder WITHOUT our programmed stupidity intact.  Could such an all-knowing, all-powerful entity even exist?  If not, let's see ANYBODY explain the origins of life in such terms that can't be taken apart in five seconds by any prudent eight year old!  Nothing in science relative thereto stand up under even minor scrutiny.  Nothing.  Just because science can't explain it doesn't mean there isn't a scientific basis for it, only that we have no idea what that basis actually is.  The failure of science to explain the origins of life do not then and there prove the existence of God, or Gods as the case may be.

       A VERY REAL GOD!  All the totally useless 'belief' the sum total of mankind could muster still does not A VERY REAL GOD! make.  Humans are capable of 'believing' anything!  Hell, there's still a Flat Earth Society:  http://www.theflatearthsociety.org - with an impressive, if deluded, and growing membership.  The statement, "IN GOD! WE TRUST" that adorns our currency only serves to imply there is a God, and the non-existent soundness of our money certainly does nothing to endorse the existence of a Divine Entity.

       With mankind's obvious limitations, where should we look and how should we inquire as to the existence of A VERY REAL GOD, and do so without angering such a Presence should we find He really does exist?  The answer is obvious.  To THAT Very Entity Itself and with GREAT CAUTION!  If we permit all the documented unexplainables to be assigned to God, we will certainly offend Him because the Devil we KNOW exists is more than capable of producing many unexplainables.  So THAT is a landmine we don't need to step on.  Are there any other guidelines?  Do we have any known and documented elements in our possession that (1) will not offend, and (2) cannot be from any other entity except The Most High Lord God of All Creation?

       YES, WE DO!

       Let's start with Holy Law, given in its entirety as it applies to mankind (Anusazi) and inhabited on this planet.  Every word of it is contained in the first FIVE (5) books of the Old Testament and called in its original language of Hebrew, "The Torah" and there for all to read and understand.  Do not confuse the "Talmud" with being Holy Law, IT IS NOT, never was and never will be.  Once through the Torah, which is mixed in with a lot of history, we have a perspective that about a third applies only to the Levite Priesthood, a third to farmers and husbanders for the production of food, and the rest for the whole of the population regardless.

       Now that we have someplace to start, is there a process by which we as individuals can approach this Most High God without offending, to have sure and certain KNOWLEDGE that He exists beyond any question and in spite of our glaring weaknesses?

       YES, THERE IS!  There always has been since the creation of Adam (Adama, man of red clay/Ish, the first) by the direct Proof of each Anointed Witness in their respective generation, and WIDE OPEN ACCESS TO THE HEAVENS since Immanuel that the 'churches' have programmed us out of by force of law when the Catholic Church was still the Roman Empire - and ever since via sword, stake and dungeon.  Today, with The Great Testimony, also known as The Proof of The Anointing, we have absolute, irrevocable and consistently verifiable KNOWLEDGE and that forbidden ACCESS to the Heavens by Direct Appointment of and Testimony by The Most High, Himself!

       The screams of organized religions, suppressions of KAK JEWS and LEVITES, rants and rages of the heathen be damned:  The Most High Lord God of All Creation, Himself, will TESTIFY to YOU personally!  Complete information and instructions are contained in Chapters Five (5) and Forty-Two (42) of "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" available free online.  There are no special trappings, gold, wine, incense, et cetera, no 'donations' in advance or other such hallelujah halfwit nonsense required.  Preparation can take as little as reading time and you can make your presentation anywhere you want, even in the bathroom if that is where you can secure privacy.  Experiencing The Great Testimony is SACRED GROUND and absolutely MUST be performed in private - no other minds involved - as in ZERO!

       Once you've received The Great Testimony you will have become a Proven Knower, like me.  Having TRUE KNOWLEDGE is a different lifestyle than struggling along with all the fears, agonies and damnations of 'belief' and it the Greatest of All Gifts to any living being.  Can you even begin to imagine what having

       And WHERE is all this information accessible?  The main link that has a lot of other information too, is -- http://www.theakurians.com -- and you'll want to bookmark it.

Proven Knower.

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