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TRUTH is TREASON in the Land of Tyranny!

General Bobby Farrell,
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       National Rifle Association, NRA, as a gun-owner's and Second Amendment defender is as bogus as Bill Clinton's innocence, George Bush's patriotism and Hillary Clinton's honesty combined.  They are knowing liars because they are also knowing MIS and DIS-informationalists, of which the socialist GPOGP (God-Player-On-Government-Payroll) consume the vast majority of governmental costs.

       MIS and DIS information are the two single greatest cost-of-doing-business factors by all levels of government, and the NRA is a prime example of 'private sector' enterprise spewing the reputed other-side-of-the-coin of the One World Government legislated enslavement agenda.  That's right, the NRA.  Every socialist worth their salt knows a DISARMED citizenry is an ENSLAVED citizenry, and that includes the damned liars and socialist running the NRA.

       Look at the record.  Although founded by Union Civil War Colonel William C. Church and General George Wingate in 1871, the MIS and DIS-information order didn't start its open political agenda until 1934 with the Legislative Affairs Division (LAD), expanding the socialist disguise in 1975 with the institution of the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA).

       Think about that.  If the LAD wasn't working to the desired level, why the hell wasn't it?  Because the MIS and DIS-information NRA needed another socialist level of totally useless bureaucracy to give the appearance of progress, costing much more money to deliver only print/press/broadcast 'results' that never reached the court room on behalf of the UN-Constitutional violation of The Second Amendment against any citizen!

       Now think about this:  1934 to 2007 equals 73 years, 1975 to 2007 equals 32 years - and during that time there has been and expansion of gun-control laws until now there are over 20,000 on the books - where are the results?  20,000+ laws against ONE (1) Amendment provision of the Constitution?  If that's civil rights progress, the next level must be that all Negroes will have to carry FREED SLAVE cards!  It's BULL!  Pure and simple BULL!  Abject socialist poppycock BULL is a better term.

       And it's going to remain socialist poppycock BULL until the NRA membership requires their jackass leadership to ask this one question each and every time an atrocity, like Virginia Tech, Columbine, cowardly drive-by or some psychopath on a rampage, makes any local or national news:  "HOW MANY OF THE VICTIMS WERE UNARMED?"

       And then require the equally MIS and DIS-information media to carry the question in equal context and in equal coverage with the crackpot socialists they prefer.  The NRA is going to remain a BOGUS citizen's rights and gun lobby organization until they do.

       The perpetual answer "ALL OF THEM!" will soon wear thin on the average Citizen - and the KAK JEW socialists running the One World Government legislated enslavement agenda damned well know it.  You'll hear their whine even in the deepest dungeons; until they are shut down, thrown out of the media and courts, and required to live in a SAFE and SANE world of Citizens armed in their own SELF-DEFENSE, especially against the socialist's preferred murderous and out-of-control government.

       The KAK JEW socialist bastards would have you think that every law-abiding Citizen is a raging psychopath on a midnight rampage or plotting to slaughter everyone else and their children - and the only sensible 'crime preventative' is to make sure YOU are DISARMED when 'this criminal' makes their move.  If either is your mind set:  thinking such is true, or being a closet psychopath, be prepared to pass this world quickly if you dare to attempt either on any armed True American.

       And THAT is something neither the socialists nor the NRA want to see in this Greatest of all Nations:  A LEGALLY ARMED CITIZENRY!

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